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Found 87 results

  1. Its OFFICIAL!! I'm always hearing the PIO poms and "aussies" whinging about their broadband. Now I understand why.
  2. NewYearNewLife

    Landline and Broadband providers QLD

    Hi We are just about to move to the Gold Coast and have a couple of questions about finding a good broadband and home phone provider. We've bought a house with an existing landline which is probably no longer connected. Do we have to get Telstra to hook us up or as the house is apparently within an NBN area can we just go with a new provider for Broadband and home phone? Do you even need a landline anymore? Here in the UK we have had everything (phone,broadband,mobile and TV) through Sky but I'm not sure if there is as much benefit over there. FOXTEL seems expensive and with Netflix and Amazon Prime available we can probably get what we need, TV wise, from those. But would anyone recommend a company that do phone, mobile and broadband as a package? Ideally we'd find a company that did a family plan for mobile so we could share the data across several phones.Is that possible? All help and advice gratefully received. Cheers in advance!
  3. Hi there Can you help? I am living in Perth in WA. I am trying to explain to my Father in England how to dial Australia cheaply as I know there are some cheap pre-dialing numbers/prefix numbers to keep call costs down. Trouble is some of these pre-dialing prefixes listed on the internet don't seem to work anymore. He has been dialing me from a BT phone line and it is outrageously expensive. As my father is in his eighties he is slightly confused. Can anyone offer any advice on dialing Australia from England with these pre-fix numbers. Has anyone used a prefix dialing code so that it tried and tested and works? All your help is appreciated. Sulac :yes:
  4. Hi All I'm moving into a unfurnished unit in January and want to source the best electric company and the best internet company. I want an electric company that has good customer service as well as being cheap - do any do scheme where they give u money back if you haven't used a lot etc (or something like that)? I know you can't have it all but I will have a damn good try!!!! For the wifi internet - I need really good internet connections. I'm not to sure about having television - digital or otherwise. I've managed to live without a tv for the last few months and its quite nice. However I thought it may be useful to have a 'landline' telephone as well as internet. Also I have seven working days to do the house checks etc when I move in. I've been around twice and already noted damage, wear and tear but how do i keep good records of this - I thought a video would be good but then how do I store it and give the agents/landlord a copy - disc? Anyhow any ideas, tips, or not so helpful advice I will be pleased to receive. BEGal - presently waiting to get out of the current landlady's clutches. p.s. I'm sure she's gonna stiff me for my 4 weeks 'bond' as I am a lodger and we don't have many rights. p.p.s comments appreciated on house contents insurance too?
  5. xxlornaxx

    home internet in nsw..need help..

    We really want internet at home now but cant find any good deals...everything seems so expensive for what u get n then I just get all confused and dont know what the providers are talking about! (Doesnt take much!) I used sky in uk n they were great £23 a month for unlimited wireless n phoneline too with free calls off peak.. anything like that here? We dont need a home phone or any package like that as we dont call anyone regularly n get enough from our mobile contracts. ..would like unlimited broadband or ay least alot..not 5gb or sumthin..we're in sydney n think we would get good signal wth most providers...but which one? ? Anybody any recommendations or advice would be much appreciated.. i will research the rest myself if someone can give me bit of starting point or their own experience. Telstra advised us not to use them as they wouldnt be value for money for us..which I thought was nice n honest of them. Thanks xx
  6. milliem

    Surely it isn't as hard as this

    Okay for the last week i have been scrambling around trying to find an internet / broadband provider and finally signed up with the only one who does service here. I am away on the install date they gave me so after 6 hours on hold or on the phone to various departments we have established that the earliest alternative connection date is July. Even then they are unable to give me a date as yet. I desperately need the internet for my work. I have tried everyone but Santa Claus and even offered to pay a premium for the connection but no one is able to help me. I guess if one company has a monopoly there is no rush. :dull: I am so p'd off to be stuck with this rotten dongle that loads about 6Kb per second and takes ages to load each page and constantly loses connection. :cry: The previous internet provider in the other house was no better. That never worked and I had to go through trading standards to get the contract cancelled and my money refunded. :frown: I think it's time that I concede defeat on this one and admit that it will probably never happen. :no:Roll on 2015 and the national broadband network. :arghh:
  7. LadyMc

    Broadband in Darwin

    Hi We are looking to relocate to Darwin in August, but need to try and find some info out about broadband as it may be a deal breaker if we can't get it, it is too slow or is limited in download. I need a good speed and lots of download as I skype with my mother every single day for about an hour so she can see my 1 year old twins. When my husband was last in Darwin 9 years ago he could only have dial up!! I am assuming that broadband is now available but wondered if someone could confirm if it is widely available. I've checked sites like Telstra and can't establish coverage. I do note the max download of 500gb and then speed slows to a crawl. Does anyone have unlimited data download? Finally is it a big deal to get it installed in a rental property Thanks in advance
  8. Guest

    internet / dongles

    Hi there i'm back on again asking my questions!!! we are due to fly ot 3 rd april to darwin just wondered if i bort a vodafone dongle (pay as you go ) for my laptop if it would work when i was in darwin and would i be able to get it credited again, when looking at the mobile phones in big w i see some are vodaphone supported that it why i said about vodaphone, please could someone advise. many thanks julie
  9. The Pom Queen

    Pathological Internet Misuse

    I'm sorry but no 13 yr old son of mine would get away with this, I would sell their pc/consoles first http://www.cairns.com.au/article/2011/11/28/193561_local-news.html
  10. Guest

    Most addictive internet games

    http://www.miniclip.com/games/anagram-magic/en/ Search for user Guest3197961 to play with me...
  11. We avoid Australian TV in our house, as I'm sure many of you do, and have happily existed watching only DVDs this year. (Breaking Bad was a real highlight - highly recommend). However, I'm keen to expand our horizons and start downloading TV. Where I get a little fuzzy on the process is that I want to watch the show that I've downloaded on my TV (actually just a large computer monitor) in the lounge rather than on an iPAD or at the computer desk. Does anyone use Apple TV or any other gadget to route the internet content to TV? If so, is it any good? I'm not interested in Fetch TV or any other devices that would also bring regular TV back into our home. I just want to play what we've downloaded but I'm concerned that some of the devices, such as Apple TV, might be restricted to iTunes only content or that it would take an aeon to route the program from computer to TV. I hope there is someone out there in PIO world that can give advice in 'normal-speak' as I'm (clearly) technologically-challenged. Thanks.
  12. simonwilliams


    hi hope someone can answer this thread for me, my husband and i are in a holiday rental for 2months in december but it has no internet , but we need internet for looking for a unfurnished rental and keeping in touch with our children in uk any advice would be great thanks suzanne
  13. Trust me the only thing that will get stacy of the thing is chocs or the opposite to sleep lol :biglaugh: Hows about you?
  14. 1. If you build it, they can come. Instead of simply posting your résumé on a Web site, take it one step further and design an easily-navigable Web site or online portfolio where recruiters can view your body of work, read about your goals and obtain contact information. 2. Check yourself to make sure you haven’t wrecked yourself. Google yourself to see what comes up and what potential employers will see if they do the same. If you don’t like what you find, it’s time to do damage control. 3. Narrow your options. Many job boards offer filters to help users refine their search results more quickly. You should have the option to narrow your job search by region, industry and duration, and, oftentimes, you can narrow it even more by keywords, company names, experience needed and salary. 4. Go directly to the source. Instead of just applying for the posted job opening, one of the best strategies to finding a job is to first figure out where you want to work, target that company or industry and then contact the hiring manager. Also, many employers’ career pages invite visitors to fill out candidate profiles, describing their background, jobs of interest, salary requirements and other preferences. 5. Find your niche with industry Web sites. Refine your search even more by visiting your industry’s national or regional Web site, where you can find jobs in your field that might not appear on a national job board. More and more employers are advertising jobs on these sites in hopes of getting a bigger pool of qualified applicants. 6. Try online recruiters. Recruiters will help match you with jobs that meet your specific skills and needs. Not sure where to start? Sites such as recruiterlink.com, onlinerecruitersdirectory.com, searchfirm.com and i-recruit.com provide links to online headhunters for job seekers. 7. Utilize video résumés. Video résumés are just one more way to stand out to employers. Intended as supplements to not replacements for traditional résumés, video résumés allow job seekers to showcase a little bit of their personalities and highlight one or two points of interest on their résumés. 8. Run queries. You run searches on everything else, from your high school sweetheart to low-fat recipes, so why not jobs? Enter a query that describes the exact kind of job you’re seeking and you may find more resources you wouldn’t find otherwise (but be prepared to do some sorting). 9. Utilize job alerts. Most job boards have features that allow you to sign up to receive e-mail alerts about newly available jobs that match your chosen criteria. Or go a step further and arrange an RSS (really simple syndication) feed from one of these job sites to appear on your customized Internet homepage or your PC’s news-reader software. 10. Get connected. How many times have you been told that it’s not what you know, but who you know? Thanks to the emergence of professional networking sites like LinkedIn.com, job seekers no longer have to rely on the old standby of exchanging business cards with strangers. These sites are composed of millions of industry professionals and allow you to connect with people you know and the people they know and so forth. (A word of caution: When you sign up for online social networking sites, you are in a public domain. Unless you are able to put a filter on some of your information, nothing is private, and it can be difficult to erase once it is posted.)
  15. EasyTyler

    "State wide" Internet Outages (Dodo)

    Just a word of warning - if you hear this from Dodo - the whole internet is not down across Victoria - it's them. And it's been going on for the last two days at least. I was told I wouldn't get compensation/refund. I'd have to monitor how long it was down myself and make a claim. :arghh:Shocking service.:mad:
  16. gaz n family

    Getting Internet and FOXTEL

    A couple of questions if you dont mind. We are about to move into a semi permanent rental and are now considering having FOXTEL installed (already have permission to have it installed). We are in SA and wondering 1 Typically how long it takes and how we should go about getting it installed? 2 Can we state where the antenna must go? No internet, again not sure how long this will take, so if you could please help. 3 How long from contacting them to having it ready to go? 4 Any recommendations?
  17. OK, looking for suggestions on an internet provider for the northern beaches area of Sydney. We are internet heavy in our household so a suggestion on a company with unlimited data useage would be good.
  18. MazPaul

    Pre Paid Internet Dongles

    Hi just looking for some advice and info on getting pre paid internet dongle once we land in Melbourne. Also if we are just checking emails and looking at housing what sort of data usage will that use up. I have seen them with 3gb on them is that easily used up just browsing.:biggrin:
  19. Guest

    Kallangur or Redcliffe

    Hello Everybody...:rolleyes: We're (me, wife and 4 year old daughter) looking at Kallangur as one option to move to in June form the UK. Looking at some rental properties on Realestate.com.au you seem to get more for your $ compared to Redcliffe / Woody Point which we are also looking at. Any tips or suggestions about areas to look at renting in Kallangur oh and what about the internet? Do you get it everywhere cause we've heard how North Lakes have internet issues!!! What about mozzies at night and those cane toads folks have been mentioning (do they taste nice on the barbie??) Oh and cant forget shopping - many shops and restaurants / carry outs? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Jamie
  20. Cadas

    Internet & Phone Connection

    Hi, Have any other new arrivals had difficulty getting internet & phone connections? I´ve just taken a let on a property and going through the process of getting utilities connected, all going ok so far, until got to internet. Evidently I keep failing the credit checks! Hardly surprising as I´ve only been in the country a couple of weeks!
  21. furkew

    Engin VOIP & internet special

    If anybody out there is looking at getting a VOIP based phone line or internet etc, then I would suggest looking at www.engin.com.au as well as the other mainstream providers. We have been with them for nearly 4 years now, and we have a package which gives us unlimited free calls to 8 countries (including UK) free local & national calls all for $19.95 per month. We have always found them excellent, and at the moment they are running a promo at the moment which gives you $25.00 off your bills if you sign up plus the usual free modem etc. Might be worth looking at if you are unsure as to which provider to choose. To get the $25.00 discount you need to ring 1300 761 242. You also need to mention our account number to get the discount (we also get a discount on our next bill :wink:) PM me if you are interested and I will PM you our account number. I admit this is a plug for Engin, but we have found them excellent and if you are looking for a cheap deal for calls to the UK, then its defintely worth looking at.
  22. swifty99

    internet on sanctuary lakes

    hi hoping someone can help us, next week we are due to move onto Sanctuary Lakes, wanted your advice on who to use regarding internet providers and phone also Thanks :wink:
  23. Guest

    Internet Providers

    Hi all I'm moving out to Peth in November but need to set up internet pretty quickly as I work online, could anyone tell me which are the most reliable providers and how good is the cover. also how quickly would I be able to get it installed???? thanks in advance Marg xx
  24. cass73

    internet in tasmania

    hi to all you helpfull poms in tas i was just wondering what the internet is like there and on line shopping such as amazon? also do you have skype and how good is it as its something i would hope to use alot to talk to my family back home and in botswana. we have heard that shopping is awfull in tas but we are not to bothered it didnt seem that bad to us when we were there as where we live in leatherhead you have hairdressers, charity shops or estate agents thanks Cass and the family
  25. fluffyhead

    Travel Agent or Internet

    We are thinking of going on a reccie/holiday in August. We don't know whether to go to an agent eg Thomas Cook and ask for them to organise flights & accomadation. Or should we book flights, hotels and transfers ouselves? We would like to maybe go to Sydney for a week, then fly to Brisbane for a week, then possibly Cairns for a week. Any help would be appreciated Thanks