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Found 27 results

  1. hi there just wondering if anybody can help me on this- i understand internal auditor is on the SOL and that vetassess do the skills assesment. having looked at the site- i see that they require an equivalent qualification to bachelor's degree. Can anbody tell me if a uk bachelors degree in law (LLB) and 5 years on the job traianing and work experience as internal auditor would fit the bill or if formal accounting qualifications are needed. If the work experience plus llb degree is sufficient then what documents does the employer need to produce to prove the work experience? Thanks guys!
  2. http://news.discovery.com/autos/new-car-engine-sends-shockwaves-through-auto-industry-110405.html Again, this is the kind of innovations a carbon tax could theoretically promote...... if the industry had a serious will to play along and consumers put an appropriate pressure...
  3. Hi there I work as an Internal Auditor here in the UK and was wondering whether there was anyone on the forum who is an Auditor in Perth, if so, what's the employment market like at the moment? Any tips for perhaps trying to track down a job prior to arriving in Perth? Suggestions, tips and advice will be gratefully received. Kind regards Ed:v_SPIN:
  4. Hi my CO says "All required internal checks have been initiated, however the timing for the completion of these checks varies from one case to another depending on individual circumstances. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide you with a definitive timeframe for finalisation of your application as cases take many months to finalise." Does this mean that my security checks also started and my form 80 been sent to ASIO for international checks ? What are internal checks ? Regards
  5. Hi there guys, I do need some advice from others who have applied for the Land Economist or Internal Auditors nomination to Vetassess. Pls read below my situation and advice.. As per my education background, I have a Bachelors Degree (major in Economics and Finance) and a Masters of Applied Finance undertaken at RMIT and Monash University in Melbourne for the duration of 3 and 1 years respectively. For a nomination as an Internal Auditor - I have about 1 plus years working experience doing accounting work for a small textile trading company - preparing accounts, lodging returns etc in Singapore. This was some years ago and I am wondering what evidence is required to proof that I have worked for the company? More importantly, because my majors in my education background has not been Accounting, would I still be able to qualify as an Internal Auditor? I have done accounting modules however, around 3-4 during my entire education history. So I am wondering if this would still qualify me, please advice. For a nomination as an Land Economist - I have an education background (Bachelors with majors in Economics and Finance), would this put be in a better position having done economics in university and applying for a land economist position. Also with this position, if I own an office space and have rented it out, would this add further value if I can document ownership etc?? Please provide any advice here. Also in general, do people out there who have been assessed by Vetassess find them to be quite strict or lenient? I am trying to apply for a 485 TR visa for australia. many thanks guys!
  6. Can anyone recommend a good website to book cheal flights to Cairns from Sydney and accomodation in Sydney for 4 nights, just going to have a quick break when we come over in August :biggrin:
  7. Hi I have been working in Dubai for last 5 yrs on Pakistani passport. Recently, I got an offer from Adelaide as Engineer in a big company and my sponsor has lodged the application for 457 visa through a RMA in australia. Now I have been told to submit a form 1221 for internal checks; RMA has informed that there is no timeframe when the internal checks will complete, so that the further visa processing would start. Can somebody tell me how long it takes for the internal checks normally?
  8. nickyc88

    Unaccompanied internal flights?

    Hi, does anyone know who would collect from Sydney Quarantine and put our cats on a flight to Brisbane? It would be an unaccompanied flight but we need someone to transport them to the airport. Any help much appreciated! Nicky x
  9. Hi can anyone advise me when is the best time of year to look for internal flights. I have two daughters living in Brisbane and I would like to start flying over twice a year if possible with my 9 year old sun. Its a bit difficult looking on the websites because they ask for specific dates and I just want the cheapest really. So Perth to Brisbane, direct no stops and we are easy with the dates. Is it best to just wait and get a last minute booking do you think? Any advice would be greatfully received :wubclub:
  10. Guest

    Internal Check, What is it?

    Hi, i know there are many applicants are going through with this internal check. I would really appreciate if you guys could write your experience here on this issue. Thanks.
  11. Hi, Can anyone pls tell me which state(s) was previously sponsoring internal auditors and does anyone have a rough idea which state might be sponsoring it now? Thanks
  12. I have a CSL application, since Sep 2009, it has been under internal check, just wondering if someone went thru this, how long does it take.
  13. hi, hoping someone can help - I will be flying two cats over to Sydney from London, and they will spend a month in quarantine at Eastern Creek. After they are released, I'd like to fly them on to Brisbane or Maroochydoore. Anyone flown cats / dogs on internal flights? Is it easy enough to arrange? Do I need special permits, etc to do it? any insight much appreciated, cheers sg
  14. I've searched for this in the forum but not turned anything up. I'm struggling to understand how Long Service Leave will effect me. So I work for a multinational in the UK. I currently get 23 days standard PTO plus 5 days extra holiday for five years of being with the company (5 is the maximum). I'm being offered an internal transfer to Australia. Will my length of service be counted as the time I have already worked for the company (5 years) or only the time from starting in Australia? Big difference. Also I have been googling this and trying to understand how much long service leave I could potentially get. According to this page 5 years would be Working out long service leave would 4.333 weeks. Is this on top of the statutory 4 weeks?
  15. Guest

    Internal Checks in Progress

    I am a Cat 5 applicant. My CO was assigned on 5 Aug, 2009 but unfortunately, I got stuck up with 23 Sep, 2009 changes. Now my CO has been reassigned in Dec, 2009. This thread is for those who have a CO reassigned (Cat 5) and INTERNAL CHECKS are awaited.
  16. Hi all, Is there any good news from the internal secret meeting between the states and DIAC scheduled on 7 Nov 2009? Many thanks! Best Regards. JUSTIN
  17. Guest

    Dogs - internal lfights

    Hi guys, My dog 'Chance' will be getting 'bail' from Melbourne detention centre, sorry quarantine towards the end of October. I then have the choice to drive down to collect her (from Adelaide) or to fly her up to us. I favour the flight to save on the drive. I have had a very reasonably quote from 'Dogtainers' but wanted to compare it to any others you could recommend. Many thanks
  18. Hi, I know that Jetstar do internal flights from Adelaide into Melbourne Tullamarine. Do Virgin Blue fly into Tullamarine from Adelaide? I have had a look on their website and its not entirely clear. I would hate to book a flight on line and find it flies into Avalon instead!:unsure:
  19. dougierh

    Internal Flights

    Has anyone got any reccomendations as to who best to use for internal flights?:confused:
  20. Georgie

    Getting internal flights with dog

    Can anyone advise on this? We need to fly from London to Leeds or Manchester with the dog. In Australia we booked flights from Perth to Melbourne and she just came with us as excess baggage. Can she come as excess baggage on a Brish flight? Jetpets will charge me $900 to get her by road from London to manchester and i would like to avoid that charge if possible. So if anyone has any experience with this and can help i will be grateful
  21. To cut a l-o-n-g story short..... We booked an internal flight with Qantas (Perth - Sunshine Coast) and had to cancel it - so I got it credited so I could use it within a year - it expires 04 December 2008. We won't be able to get to use it before it expires (should be in Oz March 2009!). Does anyone know...if I 'book' to use our seats before they expire...then cancel them and have them as 'credit' again...will I get another year's credit to be able to use them? What I'm trying to do is postpone my tickets, so they are valid when we land in March 2009?! I've spoke to them and they won't let me do this as a request...but didn't know if you could 'baffle' the system as it was all done visa the internet and their website. If not...then that's just the way it is...but thought I'd ask anyway Thanks in advance Jenny
  22. Guest

    Internal aus flights

    Hi all, can anyone help!!! We're traveling from Perth to Melbourne in late january. Can anyone recommend how/where to book dirt cheap flights and also does anyone know how much baggage allowance you are allowed flying internally within Aus. Thanks in advance Philpot
  23. Hi All Got this from a girl i work with so though i would pass it on she has moved over to the uk from Sydney Must do: Have chips with chicken salt (in Australia crisps are also called chips - so when going to chippy ask for hot chips!) Eat every flavour of tim tam (best ever chocolate biscuits) Try: - Cherry Ripe (Choccy Bar) Jatz (nothing quite like them here - Ritz comes the closest, but is a huge dissapointment compared to Jatz) eucyalptus lollies (sweets = lollies) Jaffas (round hard shell choccies) beef burger from chip shop (totally not the same as a UK one) Woolworths Mud Cake - yummy! Rosella Tomato soup is best tomato soup on the market. Bega Cheese is best normal (chedder like) cheese. Hug a koala ( but watch out for the claws) Be warned no square sausages in Oz no orange cheese milk etc is in mls - no pints distance in kms - no miles cans of soft drink are bigger - 375 mls - compared to UK's 330 mls! Weekend away info Hunter Valley (lots of wine tasting) Cessnock is good (bout 2 - 2.5 hrs from Sydney) Darling Harbour, the Rocks, the Opera House (the usual) Try not to hit any Kangaroos - they do a lot of damage to your car if they hit you! Buying a Car - try the trading post (online and also in paper form from newsagents). Further afield trips - drive up to the Gold Coast and Brisbane and then onto the Glass Mountains at Marocydore - stop at Coffs Harbour overnight - is good halfway point - Opal Cove Resort is very nice - at Coffs as a tourist you have to go to the big banana - but that is rather sad! There is also the Jetty strip which has nice cafes etc and good beach - then heading north there is Byron Bay - great surf, rather new agey community - lots of backpackers as well - big tourist place, then keep going north to Gold Coast - great for shopping - then up to the Sunshine Coast - tourists must stop at the Big Pineapple and Big Macadamia Nut! Harvey Bay is very scenic and nice, further north still is Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef - that you really do have to go and have a dive in and spend some time there - very lovely - you can also go across to the Whitsunday islands - again very pretty. Further afield requires flying! Canberra you can drive to - though not much there - a big merino and nice roundabouts - roundabouts with water in them - but pretty much a concrete city - but if you want some colder weather head there - or much closer to Sydney and much prettier is Katoomba - which has the three sisters to look at! Some nice mountains and it does snow - if you are missing the cold and the snow - book a few days away at Thredbo Ski Resort! Melbourne - Luna Park, trams... And loads of shops - and off course the Melbourne Cup (horse race). Ayers Rock - well it does look pretty awesome - but it is basically a big red rock in the middle of nowhere - about 2 hrs away is Kakadu national park which is supposedly very good (I've never been). Budget Airlines http://www.jetstar.com/au/index.html and http://www.virginblue.com.au/ are your two budget airlines - which at the moment have some really good flight prices - £30 each way to Melbourne from Sydney. Standard beer for NSW is Tooheys, and Four X. supermarkets and shops Coles = Sainsburys Woolworths = Tescos Franklins = Asda None of these do the tv/electricals like they do here. Big W has cheep clothes and a variety of stuff at reasonable prices - bedding etc, as does Target. There is no postal service on a Saturday.
  24. Hya: :jiggy: How does the Baggage Allowance work once you arrive in Oz & then have to fly on to your destination - say from Melbourne to Hobart?? Anyone experience of this, advice most gratefully received... Trying to plan The Great New Year's Escape!! & Can't do it without help from the informed underground, Down under! :notworthy::biglaugh: Cheers, Herbster XX
  25. Guest

    tra internal review

    I hadn't heard about the tra trouble until this afternoon. We recieved a letter from them last week saying we have been unsuccesful. We have put together the information that they have requested and sent it back for an internal review. Do you think this will be sent back to us or will it be dealt with because the applcation has already started? god what a nightmare, i feel like the bubble has burst and the dream is all over !:sad: