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Found 4 results

  1. Hi folks, I'm about to buy a motorbike. I've learned a few things possibly worth sharing, and have a few questions. Firstly - I found the bike on bikesales.com.au. Decent site, seems de-facto standard for buying/selling, and I went to view a Honda Blackbird on Saturday. The guy and bike both seemed to check out OK, the bike felt really good, and I placed a deposit. First tip is: use that site Second tip is: check the location. They only go as granular as the state, and AU states are a lot larger than UK counties, of course. They had 27 Blackbirds in NSW, but 12 of those were more than 2 hours' drive. I was flabbergasted twice by my insurance checks. The first was when I checked 3rd-party insurance rates: Around $120-160 for a 200mph superbike, third party! It would have cost a grand at home, so seemed really cheap. The second time was when I actually figured out how insurance works, and suddenly it was a lot more expensive. That quote doesn't include 3rd-party liability to people (injuries, deaths) - which is the compulsory green slip (CTP). For that, I had to look at the official site, pretend it was up for renewal, and discover the next renewal would cost me $800 a year, for starters! Add to that my optional insurance of $160 (third party property/car/etc damage) or $800 (Fully Comp), and yes, it is around a grand a year (£). That's an unmodified bike, no claims, points, etc. I didn't try to use my UK No Claims Bonus - but I tried quotes with and without claiming previous insurance/NCB, and there seemed to be no real difference. There also seems to be no Third Party Fire & Theft - or at least, it's a less common option than it is in the UK. They also a few different questions. Previous accidents, licence and years riding, etc. are there, but employment type is not asked for or considered. You can check the current reg and insurance on the bike on a NSW Gov Site, and pay for a full history check on another official NSW Gov database, price $18. Then you can check for outstanding finance for another $14 on the Revs site. As for paying: you can use a bank transfer like "Pay anyone", which may be instant if you're both with the same bank, but overnight if not; Westpac have a $10k limit on that. Or you can get a Bankers' Cheque (Draft) in-branch, instantly, for a reasonable fee. You apparently also need a customer number; this is in advance of an NSW Driving licence, and is a unique reference number for you, for life, that allows you to register a vehicle in your name. I picked one up in an RTA office in half an hour, with proof of ID, address, etc. etc. Finally - I took the bike for a test ride. I was.. amazed.. that the guy let me take it for a spin without giving him any ID, proof of bike licence, or arranging any insurance (although I guess the Green Slip covers that). The only reference was "You break it, you pay for it. OK?". Good on him! So - where I could do with some advice is: - Am I going to have any issues getting insurance on a UK licence? Some of the larger sites state in their initial assumptions that I have an Aussie licence, and I've said "Yes" to get to the quote. Should I be wary of any issues? - What docs should I ask the seller for (Green slip, Bike reg, I guess)? - What other steps do I need to take? Many thanks! Damo
  2. Hello Poms! After 7 years in Sydney, I'm moving back to London and am in the process of getting my shipping sorted. I'm thinking of using OSS Worldwide Movers for a $3000 move.... but wondering if anyone has found a good insurer here in Oz charging around 1%. I know we have Letton Percival in the UK... but is there an equivalent here in Sydney? Can't seem to find anything about that online. I'd be extremely grateful for any advice as I'm shipping my car too and don't want to pay a huge amount of insurance. Thank you! Kitty
  3. Guest

    Aussie Insurers Anyone?

    Hi Everyone, Has anybody any experience of using an Aussie insurer for the removals. These seem much cheaper, and they will also be in the same country as me if my family silver is nicked by the Somalian pirates. Has anyone come to grief by choosing this option? Nick
  4. just bought a car but will need full comp insurance can you recomend any companies for the Brisbane area or national?