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Found 9 results

  1. Hello there I was hoping someone may be able to help. We submitted our skills assessment with AIM (Australian Institute of Management) three weeks ago. On the website it states it will take up to 4 weeks to get back to you with a result. When we submitted the application we filled out the page asking for credit card details so that we could pay the fee. The four weeks is up next Tuesday and AIM hasn’t acknowledged our application (although I know it has been delivered as we tracked it with the courier) and they haven’t deducted the fee from the credit card yet. I wanted to check if anyone had submitted an application for a skills assessment with AIM and if this was normal or whether we should have submitted an alternative way to pay? Also does anyone know if there is a delay in processing skills assessments with AIM? Any info anyone could provide would be appreciated. Thanks C
  2. Hi Folks, In the ACS result letter, they have recognised a 6 months' full time IT course I did as equivalent to Australian Bachelors with minor in IT. There's no mention of my non-IT engineering degree or Masters degree. The problem now is that the institute from where I did that 6 months' course no longer exists. All I have are the identity card, marksheets and the holographed certificate. Now if DIAC tries to contact the institute they wouldn't be able to. That could engender doubts in their minds. I was hoping that they would recognise my IT experience but would not recognise my qualification(non-IT engineering degree). Then I could have got my non-IT engineering degree assessed by VETASSESS and claimed the qualification points. My degree and Masters institutes are well known and very much alive - so DIAC verification wouldn't have been a problem. I am now thinking of - 1) either going for ACS assessment again without mentioning the 6 months' IT course. 2) or enquire ACS about this apparent oversight. 3) or apply for 175 and take a chance with my hard earned 3000 $. Please let me know your thoughts. Regards, Joy
  3. John Gilfillan

    Migration Institute fighting our corner

    Read this on the MIA website. It shows common sense. This is the most honest statement I have read for a while. Hope it gives some people hope to know that there are people fighting our corner. A Better Migration Program is Not Built on Empty Promises and Hollow Threats As politicians sharpen their focus on refugees in boats and arbitrary caps and targets designed for short term political gain, Australia’s migration program remains unbalanced, mismanaged and confusing for current and potential migrants and sponsors and for the general public. The true migration issues that need to be dealt with are about skills shortages and Australia’s reputation abroad, but Government and the Opposition remain locked in an absurd and short-sighted contest to see who can have the fewest boat arrivals and the smallest migration program. The Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) urges all politicians to leave aside their tired talking points and address this essential issue with honesty, clarity and good faith. Hundreds of thousands of migrants and potential migrants have been negatively affected by the oscillating, overcooked changes to Australia’s migration program over the past six months, only to face an election campaign that threatens further cuts and besmirches the positive social and economic roles they play in communities across Australia. "It should not be too much to ask for our leading politicians to acknowledge that any migration policy must meet skills needs, value family unification and honour international humanitarian obligations," said MIA CEO Maurene Horder. "To claim otherwise fundamentally misleads the voting public." The Migration Program is complex and has a wide-ranging effect across public policy, so treating it with care and diligence requires a political cooperation that is undermined by the distracting and dispiriting political debate on refugee arrivals. "The real issues facing Australian migration concern the skills and people we need for growth and prosperity, especially as our humanitarian intake represents a tiny fraction of the overall Migration Program," Horder said. "Politicians should resist emotional language in conversations about refugees and make it clear that, regardless of method of arrival or country of origin, it is not illegal to come to Australia in search of humanitarian entry."
  4. The Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) is proud to announce it has signed a major annual sponsorship deal with leading commercial foreign exchange company, Moneycorp. “Our partnership with Moneycorp will have a positive impact on our members and their clients.” said MIA CEO, Maurene Horder. The Moneycorp commitment ensures MIA members and their clients have access to a foreign exchange service that will save them time and money. The MIA and Moneycorp both agree on how important it is to get the right advice from a dedicated team of experts. “We offer a range of innovative products and services to assist companies and individuals make overseas currency transfers at the best possible exchange rates. With a dramatic increase in exchange rate volatility since the advent of the global financial crisis, good advice from a foreign exchange specialist is more important than ever.” said Andrew Franklin, Moneycorp’s Country Manager. Moneycorp has more than 30 years experience of providing foreign exchange services to both private and corporate customers, with offices in the United Kingdom, Europe, North America and Australia. “It is through support from sponsors such as Moneycorp that we can be sure MIA member Registered Migration Agents are well supported as they assist people to live, work and study in Australia.” said Ms Horder. http://mia.org.au/latest-news/Moneycorp-sponsors-MIA-319.html
  5. Has anyone out there gone down the AIM route? In particular Engineering Manager 1221-11? In my last job ( company went into admin in Aug ) I was the next in command ( so to speak ) after the 2 Directors. The company wasn't big, and this is what concerns me, as AIM are looking for Senior Managers from `big` companies employing hundreds of people. Our firm only had around 25 employees. I don't have a degree ( just a HND ) but was classed as a Senior Manager within the company. If anyone has any experiences with AIM and what they expect or check, then please let me know. Ta
  6. Hi, I really need more info regarding the above agency. I registered on their site, spoked with the Agent, paid the fee, upon completing the form it was mentioned that they will get back to me after 7 working days, to let me know on the next step procedure. It's been 3 weeks and no feedback heard yet, even after sending several follow-up queries on their Support Agents. Then, finally they email me, apologizing for the delay and said that they are having trouble with their system which will be rectify soon and will get back to me asap. I'd like to remain positive on this, though I read some sad opinion from other people. Appreciate your feedback. Catline
  7. By the time I move to Aus (either Queensland or Melbourne) I would have be a fellow of ILEX, as a Legal Executive. If I was staying in the UK I would continue to train as a Solicitor, but I am unsure as to: A) If I can used my ILEX qualifications and 10 years experience as a fee earner to gain employment as a Legal Exec in Aus? B) Can I train as a solicitor in Aus with ILEX qualifiations? C) Could I start studying for my Australian qualifications in the UK before I live and work in Aus? As you've guessed I want to continue my legal career as I would have in the UK and would just like to know if anyone can help. I'll be 34 by the time I come and live in Aus, thanks.
  8. Guest

    Institute of immigration

    Good morning just wondering if anyone has used the Australia institute of Immigration for there visa and how did you get on with them good or bad ps; I hope it is warmer where you are cause it is very cold here in cyprus even for a scotsman steve
  9. Hi Guys I'm hoping to get the 175 skills visa, mainly due to my occupation as an Accountant (I knew it would come in useful one day!!) For the skills assessment I need to get true & certified copies of my institute certificates signed off by a 'Notary Public' or 'Commissioner for Oaths' - does anyone have any idea of who/what these people are??! Has anyone else had to provide similar certificates for their application - who did they get to sign them? Many thanks! Tom