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Found 10 results

  1. I realise bringing a bbq TO Australia might be the most extreme example of shipping coals to Newcastle of all time, but I've a much loved Big Green Egg bbq that I would be reluctant to leave behind when we move from Dublin- Australia later this year. I am a bit nervous about it making it through customs/agri inspection though. Has anyone managed to get anything similar in successfully? I suppose the answer is just to scrub it as clean as can get it and keep fingers crossed, but any tips would be very welcome.
  2. Hi All, I'm looking to move back to Brisbane shortly, after having a few years in England. I'd like to ship my motorbike over, but I'm a bit confused by the whole process. I've read loads about what to do, but I have no real concrete informaton which is what concerns me. The bike is 27 years old and I will be applying for a personal import permit soon (I've almost owned the bike a year). I'll need to get a crated, door-to-door service. Could anyone give me some advice on what happens when it gets to Oz? The model of bike is available there, so it's my understanding that it will just need a personal import plate as it should already be compliant? Would it need to be inspected by an engineer for $1000's or would it just need a basic inspection to get the purple import plate and then a rwc? Any information would be appreciated! Thanks, Ross
  3. Hi Everyone, We had an email from the Australian shipment company handling our goods this end. They want us to pay $168 for an AQIS Inspection to them, but our goods haven't arrived at the docks yet. I have queried why we should pay an inspection fee when we haven't been inspected, and from what I've read, nobody knows the cost of the inspection except AQIS, who haven't inspected anything yet. We only have a partial container with about 18 boxes, and I presumed the money we paid for the service included everything, as we were quoted on a door to door service. Has anybody else had any experience with this? Thanks Jord
  4. Just following a couple of concerns after a previous thread. we have moved our migration date forward to the summer and our excitement is getting tinged with a few nerves. recent 'big' purchases of imac, big lcd tv, xbox, dining suite, washing machine and fridge freezer will all be less than one year old at point of entry. figured the less we have to buy over there - it is expensive enough without factoring in 1.65 to the pound!!! - the better just how enthusiastic are the australian teams who open the crates coming in from Europe and start mooching. ikea flat pack desks are half price here in germany so was going to build them on arrival for the study and kids rooms. however the prospect of a gigantic tax bill to whisk away all of the savings is concerning me. please re-assure. if you can't re-assure - just lie!!!!! Cheers
  5. I am soooooo confused! AQIS have said the following are charged on a per consignment basis but anyone have any idea what a consignment is??? documentation fee - $40 (covered by my shipping company) lodgement fee - $15 (covered by my shipping company) inspection fee - $90 per half hour We are flying out 1 box of tools weighing about 30kg.
  6. mr luvpants

    Quarantine inspection fee?

    Hi all I have just received an invoice from PSS's agents in Oz who have invoiced me for a "Quarantine inspection fee". Is this normal as I thought I would only get an invoice from AQIS if they needed to clean something? JOHN
  7. Phoenix16

    Rental Inspection

    Hi! I would really appreciate it if anyone out there who has rented in Australia could share their experiences of the rental inspection! I am due my first rental inspection tomorrow, we have lived in the house for 4 months and the letter I received gave 'tips' on how to 'successfully pass' the inspection. It suggests that walls are washed down, windows cleaned, floors mopped, work surfaces wiped, sinks polished...the list goes on.... Now don't get me wrong I keep the house as immaculate as I can and give it a good bottoming every week but we do have to actually live in it and I have a 3 year old who as soon as I polish the windows puts her sticky little paws on them etc. Im just getting really nervous now that the littlest spec of dust or 1 smudge on the window etc will give us a black mark and we will be threatened with eviction etc. Im possibly over-reacting here but I rent a couple of houses out back in the Uk and they are inspected every 6 months by the agent but not to the degree they seem to be here, I know my tenants don't get issued with a list suggesting they polish the windows and wipe the work tops etc!! At the end of the day, we keep the house as immaculate as we can, we havn't hung any pictures up (we daren't!!) its virtually exactly as we moved in, we pay the rent bang on time (and its not cheap either!!) In fact Id love tenants like us as mine are always paying late and messing me about!! Sorry to harp on!! What Im really hoping for is some re-assurance or some forewarning!! Thank you in advance!!
  8. Hello! Is it worth having the AQIS costs included in the quote from the shipping companies? I've been told that there is no way of knowing how much you will get charged for, which is why most shipping companies don't include it.:unsure: I've been told that AQIS costs can range from $150 - $600.... Crown seem to be the only shipping agent I've come across who have included it in their quote. Is it worth having it included? What do you think? thanks in advance! laulau
  9. Hi all Just a quick question for those of you out there who shipped over a few boxes by sea freight. Did any of you have to pay the Quarantine inspection fee!!! I just received a letter from the company who is handling my good when they arrive in Sydney telling me I must pay the Quarantine inspection fee. I was under the impression that not all shipments had to pay the Quarantine inspection fee, that what I got from my shipping company in the UK. I have being screw over by my shipping company and this is now the nail in the coffin and I still don't have my goods yet. I have being feed nothing but lies from the shipping company. I will not get into it as it will just make my blood boil.. D
  10. Hello all, Hope you can help! We had a building inspection done on a property we are planning to buy. Of course nowhere is perfect but...Bad news, there's a termite problem. Trouble is, with termites you don't know how serious the problem is until you start taking the scenery to bits. So clearly we need to ask for money off, but how do we find out how much? Who do we call out? We're totally lost and today we've spoken to the realtor, solicitor, and the building inspector and we still don't know what to do? Any pointers or advice appreciated. Emigrating is never dull, is it??!!