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Found 17 results

  1. Budz

    bridging visa A

    Hi, Good day, I have some questions about my bridging visa A. What are the benefits of bridging visa A, it is allowed to study, work and it is eligible to get medicare. Budz
  2. shaigi

    Inquiry about the IELTS

    hi guys , I would like to have the skill assessment so i will send all the documents related to my working experience which is one year overseas as well as my degree . I have my IELTS result which i go 6 in all bands. Can i send my papers for skills assessment with my IELTS result and sit again for the test to get a higher mark (I need 8) while processing and apply for 175 visa with the new result ?
  3. Is it normal to not see the police check requirement along with medicals when you log into e-business? Just wondering if sometimes it's not required or whether it's just not listed.
  4. Queensland's Floods Inquiry will continue its final days of public hearings in Brisbane today as it races to complete its report by the February deadline. The Commission has just 14 days of hearings to go before it adjourns to prepare its final report. Complaints about insurance companies and confusion over terms used to describe a property's flood risk have dominated the second round of sittings. The Inquiry has heard evidence from many disaster victims who did not understand their property's flood risk when they purchased it. Other witnesses have complained about delays they experienced waiting for their insurance claims to be processed. More evidence on town planning is expected today as the Commission considers whether changes to building guidelines are needed.
  5. Hi all, I already gathered the necessary requirements and obtain the qualifications needed (as per my understanding on the PASA guidelines). But im still not that certain if i really indeed obtained the qualications/requirements that they need and thats why Before i lodge my ACS assessment application online I would like it to be pre-asssed by you my friends just to be sure i did not miss something out. Any opinions or suggestions will be highly appriciated! So, here is the details of my assement application: ========================= Assessment details ========================= skill type: 261312 (Developer Programmer) Target Assessment group criteria: Group A or B =========================== Documents requirements =========================== 1) Completed Online Application form 2) certified true copy of the following: a) detailed and descriptive employer references b) academic transcripts c) academic qualification certificates d) Passport (for proof of identity purposes) =========================== Work Experience =========================== 1) total of 5 years work experience (to 3 diffrent companies. all of which still exists up to now) in ICT-related fields. specifically, as a software developer / programmer mainly on web-based and desktop-based applications. =========================== Certifications awarded =========================== 1) Certified Microsoft Technology Specialist (MCTS / MCP) =========================== Educational Attainment =========================== Im not a bachelors degree holder (BS,BA etc..) , but instead i only hold a professional graduate diploma in ICT-related courses that i've completed in 2 years of study in an ICT institute. Thank you in advance...
  6. Guest

    visa inquiry with my niece

    hi there i want to migrate to oz, i have my two children who will be going with me, how ever my 16 old niece wants to come with me, would it be possible for her to come on my visa or would it be best for me to wait till she is 18 then go together. would appreciate any ideas as i'm thinking of delaying things for 2 years until she hits 18
  7. Hi all, i have a general job inquiry i hope someone maybe able to help with. Me & the missus are hoping to relocate to Geraldton , we're coming on a 176 visa, I'm a bricklayer so hopefully work will not be to much of a issue ? my missus is a Rehabillitation Assistant working for a private care home ,specialising in care of clients with brain injuries or mental heath problems. She has worked in this position for 3 years and has gained a NVQ Level 2 in Health & Social Care. Basically is it likely she could obtain employment in this field or a closely related job ,& are her qualifications relavant or would she have to re-train. Any info would be greatly appriecated. cheers Shaun p
  8. Guest

    Online inquiry ?

    I have applied for visa sub487 I everyday check for an Online status I am just confused about that when my visa will be granted what my Online status will say at this time it's says processing commenced Please help if some one know about it will be thankful
  9. Why is it that between 8am -5 pm Australia time, the electronic application inquiry system is always down? I have been trying to access it for the last 4 hours without any success. This happened last week as well. I was only able to log in later that evening. Is this happening because too many applicants are trying to access the system at once putting pressure on the server or is it because the DIAC officers are updating information in the system or could it be because of routine system maintenance or failure? It is happening too often now and it is quite frustrating to be honest.
  10. Guest

    paper application inquiry

    HI CAN ANY ONE HELP ME ,I made a paper application for a 176 state sponser visa, I understand that the are not as fast as online, how long does it take for them to confirm that they have received my application and give me a file no so that I can give it to my sponsers (queensland state) so that they can send the correct form to confirm my sponserhip with them.
  11. Guest

    Confused about Job inquiry

    Hi i applied for 475 visa in 2009 without workexperience. I have just shown experience for TRA but i nevery get any points for my application on experience. Now i am confused that DIAC will do my job verification or not as i spoken to my agent he just said it depends on your CO:unsure:. Anyone can please give me some idea about this:confused:. Thanks.
  12. Student visa program under review - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) "...The Government says the inquiry will look at ways to reduce the abuse of the student visa program and consider the possibility of introducing visa categories for different education sectors..."
  13. Guest

    Visa Capping - Senate Inquiry

    Hi all, I have been following this forum for a long time and now that things are getting even more crazy and stressful than they already are, I wanted to post a snippet of a newsletter I receive frequently on the Aussie Immigration Policy. It's very important we all speak up NOW before our futures and dreams are all shattered.. Please see below: As mentioned earlier today DIAC intend to enact legislation that will allow them to AXE many 1000s of applications from people who have been waiting patiently for substantial periods of time already. This is unfair in so many ways and is the most draconian piece of legislation I have seen in 17 years in the industry. It eats at the core of Australian fairness for all those people who have sacrificed so much in making sure they meet Australia's requirements, lodged perfectly good applications, and then had to wait patiently whilst their applications and lives have been put on hold an inordinate amount of time. Note this is not the fault of the department of immigration (DIAC), they only follow what they are told to do. This legislation is the responsibility of the minister for immigration and ultimately the PM. This legislation is close to passing and I would suggest that if you feel this is unfair and wrong, that you make contact with not just your local MP urgently but also contact the other people below of influence. Tell them how much you have spent in time, money and emotional toil and how much you trusted Australia to stand by their own laws. Minister for Immigration : Senator Chris Evans minister@immi.gov.au Prime Minister: The Hon Kevin Rudd Email your Prime Minister | Prime Minister of Australia (you need to fill a form on his website) Deputy Prime Minister: The Hon Julia Gillard dpm@dpm.gov.au Leader of Opposition: The Hon Tony Abbott Tony.Abbott.MP@aph.gov.au If you are potentially affected by this axing because you currently have a general skilled migration application with DIAC (475, 487, 175, 176, 885, 886 or 887 visa categories) then it is important that you advise the senate enquiry as to how unfair you think this. You should explain how much time, money and turmoil you have gone through and why you think it unfair. As well as politicians emails addresses, the senate have a page to except submissions here .. http://www.aph.gov.au/senate/committee/legcon_ctte/migration_amendment_visa_capping/info.htm . You should send it them as well through details below. And the full text of this page is here .. you only have until the 4th JUNE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Migration Amendment (Visa Capping) Bill 2010 Information about the Inquiry On 26 May 2010 the Senate referred the following matter to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee for inquiry and report. The Migration Amendment (Visa Capping) Bill 2010 (the Bill) seeks to amend the Migration Act 1958 to enable the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship (the Minister) to cap visa grants and terminate visa applications based on the class or classes of applicant applying for the visa. In particular, the Bill would enable the Minister to make a legislative instrument to determine the maximum number of visas of a specified class or classes that may be granted in a financial year to visa applicants with specified characteristics, and treat outstanding applications for the capped visa as never having been made. The proposed amendments are intended to address issues relating to the General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa program. Submissions should be received by 04 June 2010. The reporting date is 15 June 2010. The Committee is seeking written submissions from interested individuals and organisations preferably in electronic form submitted online or sent by email to legcon.sen@aph.gov.au as an attached Adobe PDF or MS Word format document. The email must include full postal address and contact details. Alternatively, written submissions may be sent to: Committee Secretary Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee PO Box 6100 Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600 Australia
  14. Guest

    Inquiry on DRC

    I spoke with my agent to send DRC for my 885 visa application, but I was told that I need to have my degree award certificate apart from academic transcript and completion letter to submit the DRC. Can we just send DRC with academic transcript and completion letter? PLS HELP?:eek:
  15. Guest

    ENS 856 Inquiry

    Hi to all, Is it necessary that the Main applicant be in Australia at the time 856 visa is lodged? I am a bit worried 'coz I am going on a long holiday soon and if I need to be in Australia upon lodgement, I will not buy my tickets yet. I know that upon visa grant, I should be onshore. thanks
  16. Hello Since managing to lodge our visa on Friday, we have advised our Agent that we lodged online ourselves and they are now going to check our app and upload the docs that we posted to them. Our agent is now asking for the following: Electronic Application/Record of Responses (it is a record of the entire application as completed by you and Peter last Friday) From what we can work out, we can log into the Electronic Application Status Enquiry system and check the status (i.e. documents required, etc & see a checklist and our receipt). Does anyone know how we can see a record of the entire application as we completed it? If we had the time on Friday we would have probably done some screen shots for our records but the clock was ticking. Thanks Claire
  17. Guest

    HELP = Inquiry with subclass 496

    Hello. I have an inquiry which you might be able to help. My husband has a visa subclass 496 holder and now in Australia. He still doesn’t have his PR due to lack of years stay. In the immi.gov.au website, it says I can accompany him by filing up form 47ST. Im not sure what documents to submit aside from the form itself. Does anyone tried this? (me as spouse to accompany my husband as primary applicant ) Hope you can help. - Honey :confused: