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Found 8 results

  1. Guest

    The In-Laws Dilema

    Long story cut short.. The in laws are now discussing moving over to Aus on one of the numerous parents Visas....5 year plan and all that. The father in law has a drink driving charge his record (For the record he wasnt drunk driving just in the drivers side drunk with no keys, Police did him for it.) Anyway will this stop him obtaining a visa. Thoughts really welcome. D>
  2. I have a 6 month old baby who initially had terrible colic. I am talking screaming from the minute my partner went to work at 0645 til he came home at 5.30pm with a few breaks in between for short naps and then of course more in the evening. I know it sounds like I am exaggerating. I of course was going absolutely mad and it lasted until she was 4 months old. Obviously there were better days and worse days. When she was born she went into the special care unit and stayed there for 2 days. The only person who visited me was my partner (and his mother came once for half an hour). I have become extremely upset and mildly obsessed that the only person who helped me through this was my mother when she came to visit for 4 weeks. My parents inlaw brother and sister in law all live here. I can say that I didn't really have any friends whom I could call on to help and my inlaws know this. They are not old people and this is their first grandchild. Anyway i ended up falling out with them over this and I am very angry. Is it unreasonable to expect help from them? Even the smallest peace of help even once a week or something. I know there are people in worse situations. I am being made to feel unreasonable and I was wondering what others think. Obviously you can only get this side of the story but I guarantee you they never came to see me once when I was at home with a screaming baby.
  3. markandcat

    Taking the In-Laws

    Hiya all hoping thats someone can help with my In-laws?! We have lodged our application for 176 skilled migrant and my wifes parents would love to come aswell. Unfortunatly the dont fit into the parent visa catagory yet as she hasnt got 50% of her children there until we get there. She would love to come with us and was looking at coming on a 12 month holiday visa but how would she stand? If she came out there for 12 months is there any restrictions on how long until she can return back to OZ? Is there any other options she might have?
  4. Well we are in the last stages of our visa, police checks being done in SA and UK ones just about to be posted - getting the house ready to put on the Market as soon as we get the visa, I am planning to go out at the end of the school holidays in early September, so my Daughter doesn't have to start a new school year here in UK. (provided we get visas but everything is happening so quickly I have no doubt) :biggrin: So my father in law phones last night...tells us he is arriving on the 3rd of September (the day School starts) Staying with us for a few days, heading off to Italy then coming back around the 10th or so for his 60th birthday, tickets booked and non refundable.:mad: What is the point of coming to see the Kids when we will all be at work and school after a long 6 week holiday!!! OK so he wants to be here from his birthday - but surely it just doesn't make sense!! So now I feel obliged to stick around cos lets face it, it will be a long long time til he sees us all again. But then My Daughter will have to start year 2 ( for a month) and I won't be able to resign when I want to ( I work term time only and was hoping to resign when the kids I look after go to big school ) and even though its not the end of the world its SO annoying when people don't consult you on your plans!!! we may have sold the house by then - then what?:arghh: Still fuming
  5. beastmaster2452

    Brother in-laws daughter

    G-Day POMSINOZ, Well, my family and I have been in OZ (Wagga Wagga NSW) for 18 months now and we are still living the dream, we may be moving to Townsville in January 2011 (OZ Army and we can only hope). My question is that my brother in-law came to OZ October 09 on a 12 month tourist visa to live with his partner (be together since January 09). Then had a baby daughter March this year and I was wondering what type of visa he could apply for having been with his misses for more than 12 months and having a daughter born in OZ with his surname on the birth certificate. Any help would be very much appreciated. Hope you all had a great easter and you are enjoying the bank holiday. Matt & family :cool:
  6. To start off - Sorry i havent been on line much since returning from our three month trip to Oz but life has been manic. Not much has progressed since we got back, we are still waiting for a formal offer of employment for Hubs and before that happens we cant start the visa application process. Anyway, last night we decided to tell my in-laws our plans to move to Oz and to be honest it didnt go down very well. There was a lot of tears and upset and to be honest its made me feel really uncomfortable about our decision. Has anyone else gone through this? Did you get this responce but then in time people felt easier about it or does it get harder. I know i should of expected this kind of responce but for some reason i didnt. I thought that they may already asume what we were going to do after our trip in Oct - Dec. Has anyway gone through this and changed their plans because of close family reactions? Please someone tell me it will get easier as I dont want to change our plans but i also cant cope with upsetting those i love so much. Sorry to have gone on lol Emma x
  7. Please help!!!!!!! I am an Aussie and my partner is a Pom. His parents are here with us for 3 months (2 down, 1 to go)......
  8. Guest

    problems with inlaws

    well not a problem really , mother in law is id 50s and a fully qualified 30 plus years served nurse and lives with us, father in law came in october 2007 to aussie for 5 weeks and loves it mid 5s no qualifications but owns his own house, [ there long term divorced but freindly ] problem is before we start applications my wife only wants to continue if her parents can come to aussie to live with us , need any advice as to how this could be possible, i do property maintenance ,plumbing,drainage, decorating, flooring, plastering,drylining, all for 15 - 20 yrs on and off sometimes, had 7 years school in aussie age 10 to 17, but no qualifications as such appart from crane licences, willing to do crash courses in a few of the above jobs to get ticket, just need to get advice and get started, thanx neil:arghh: