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Found 9 results

  1. Guest

    Living inland pros and cons

    Hi all, Just want to know wot everyone think about living in land away from the coast. Wot living costs, quality of life and are there as much to do inland as there is on the coast? Nice to hear from people living inland maybe near or in towns like moranbah. All information and your views welcome.
  2. hi guyz! newbie here..my hubby granted a regional skilled sponsored of NSW-northern inland 30 may 2011.. we lodged the 475 visa application 29 june 2011..a day before new points test implemented...we sent email message on July 5 to Northern Inland council for our TRN. unfortunately, until this date we haven't heard/received any advice from them if they already forwarded form 1100 to DIAC. sent another message to them regarding the nomination status..but still, no news from the body...sigh...:arghh:...usually for how long will the nominating body forwarded the 1100 to DIAC? should i wait...and..wait...? or do call them up? or send the TRN thru post???? still no assigned CO...
  3. We are moving to Adelaide by the end of the year and I am just doing our checklist of who we need to inform. Inland Revenue is clearly on the list, I was wondering if we would be entitled to any tax back? Think your PAYE code docks tax on the expectation that you will continue to be employed in similar salary level going forward. I remember when I took out a one year unpaid sabbatical a few years back the IR gave me over £3000... Was wondering if this might still be the case? Does anyone know?
  4. Guest

    Inland revenue

    Hi Can anyone tell me what checks are made to the inland revenue regarding self employed status and what information is given by them My OH has been self employed for approx 15years firstly in a partnership then when that finished he became a self employed taxidriver for a number of years before gong back to his trade as a sole trader, would just like to know what information is passes on to either TRA or visa application Thanks
  5. Hi guys, am bouncing round with joy at the arrival of our visa's - esp was worried about proving our de facto status. Our case mgr at immigration was brilliant though & kept us up to date by email ( my fella got sponsored e457 as engineer) so after weeks of uploading & emailing photo's to her we finally got the answer 2 days ago. Gald I am not getting left behind! Does anyone know if you need to bring along original taxation documents from UK for registering with emp agy? Couldn't see this anywhere so if I am a big wally & missed it on this site pl tell me ;-) Hello to all the Irish in melbourne .. another one on the way ;_) All the best & thanks in advance. Happy Karen ;-):chatterbox:
  6. Guest

    Inland revenue

    Hi All, Just wondering about telling the tax that we are emigrating, I have been on the inland revenue web site to find out what to do about it, it says we need to fill out a form P85 on this form they want to know the ins and outs of a bears rearend. Does anyone know when you fill out this form that:- 1. Does the national insurance office get told from this form. 2. Council tax, does that stop or do you have to tell them as well. 3. how do you find out if you are entitled to a rebate cos on the form it says about your P45, but let say that my last day at work would be Oct 31st and we fly out on 4th Nov how would I give them my p45 cos I dont know when you actually get given p45 when ya leave work. There are millions of Q`s that I need answering but cant think of them right now so if anyone who has allready emigrated could you pls let me know exactly what you did regarding this. Cheers.
  7. HELP:sad: I have been on the inland revenue website and there is a form that people can complete when they are moving abroad. Does anyone know if I need to complete these because I am currently claiming child benefit and child tax (or whatever it is). Does the OH need to complete one or not bother?
  8. Hello there, We are in the process of gathering all our information and have most of the things we need. The thing is my husband's old Accountant just will not respond to our request for a reference despite asking a few times by phone and letter. You don't want to pester do you in these circumstances? My husband has been a Self Employed Bricklayer for 20 years and this reference is really important to our assessment. What can we do? I know he hasn't moved, may be it's because we have a new Accountant but they parted on good terms so I can't see that as a real issue. Anyway, so now I look to the Inland Revenue to ask them to confirm that my husband has filed accounts for all of these years and is registered. What else would I need to ask them to confirm? what else would Vetassess want from them? Many thanks, Nora Any help would be greatly appreciated guys...
  9. Guest

    Contacting the Inland Revenue

    Hi Everyone Can anyone tell me the best way to get their self-employment history from the Inland Revenue please? I saw a post on here not too long ago....but do you think I can find it?! All help much appreciated!! xx