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Found 9 results

  1. (My partner has been offered a trainee Healthcare position in Perth and the visa application is currently in progress. She really wants me to go with her however I have several major concerns, not least regarding work opportunities there for myself. I am a British IT professional with a relevant degree and approximately 10 years of experience in the field. I currently work as a DevOps/Application Engineer for a software company. We do have an Australian office however I haven't really been with the business long enough for an international transfer, their setup and structure is completely different and the office is in a different Australian state anyway. I have been listed as an accompanying spouse on her visa application (407) however my understanding is that I can only work part-time, should the application even be accepted. Can anyone provide any info regarding the current employment market there and also whether or not there is the possibility to secure a full-time position under such an arrangement, presumably with local employer sponsorship? Thanks in advance.
  2. I wonder whether anyone would be able to provide some initial advice? Myself and my wife would like to migrate permanently to Australia with our 9 month old baby. Computer Support Technician is on the SOL. However, for the last two and a half years I have been undertaking a lot more than just support. I wondered whether my skills would qualify under the (NEC) category. (I think I would need 8 years experience so I don't think this would be an option for us). However, I understand that for either category my skills would have to be assessed and therefore I need qualifications. I am about to commence an NVQ3 in IT. I understand that under Computer Support Technician, TRA would assess my skills. However, I understand that the NVQ qualification is not recognised in Australia - the equivalent being AQF III and TRA do not accept NVQs. How can I go about finding an RTO in England to help me? Any advise would be appreciated. I have little other qualifications. I do have ITIL and also am about to undertake an MCP. I wonder whether these are classed as trade certificates? I am very experienced already, working in the IT industry for over 10 years. I am desperate for some advice in the best way into Australia. If it means going under a tempory visa to begin with then that is fine as long as I have a good chance of getting a permanent visa after. Also my wife would need to be able to work part time under my visa. I think I have read that TRA need a 3 year apprenticeship. However, this would be a backward step for me. I am already highly experienced. Also, I wasn't sure whether if I can obtain a sponser and I can get a tempory work visa, I can then also study towards an AQF whilst working so that after I would be able to gain a permanent visa? Do you think this is a viable option? I hope someone can help as we need to know which way to go as it all seems so confusing.
  3. Hi All, I am planning to move to Australia in 2015 and would like to know how to get jobs in Information Security/IT security? which state in Australia has demands in this field ? Any comments suggestions for me to get job in this field is most welcome. I am from India and have also Studied and worked in the UK , currently in India but will be moving to Australia next year. Please let me know your experiences if any. thanks
  4. lovejarora

    Need help with getting my ACS

    Hi Everybody, I need to get my skill assessment done but i am a lil bit confused about things. * I persued my graduation from Melbourne three and half a years ago in Information Technology * Since, then i have been working in India in IT Industry in networking. * My joined my first job as a Network Engineer later on i was promoted to Network Specialist. From 06/2010 till 10/2012 * Since then i have been working as a Senior Specialist. Confussion: Need ACS against "Computer Network and Systems Engineer" * I have a total of 3 + years of exprience but i have been told by an agent that when i would file my ACS they would knock off the first two years of my exprience as the exprience after it meets the ACS criteria gets counted. So, i would get my skill assessment but no points for exp. * I have been told that the jobs n responsiblities listed for "Computer Network and Systems Engineer" should match to my jobs n responsibilities atleast 80% of them. I have attached both of the Reference letters, could someone please advise if they qualify or not. Much Appericiated. Regards, Lovej
  5. Dave321

    Staying Longer???

    Hey im heading over to oz in august with a working holiday visa and by that stage i will have completed 4 years of college stydying Information Technology. I will be going there to start my career and not a holiday. I was just wondering what my best options are in order to be able to stay longer then the year? i know all about getting the second working visa but im hoping to move there indefinatly. Like is it common to get sponsored when over there with the working visa. Sorry about this but looking on http://www.immi.gov.au/ is a bit of a nightmare.... any help would be great thanks!!!
  6. Hi, I'm a recent graduate and I'm thinking of applying for the Skilled Recognised Graduate 476 visa, for which I am eligible, to go to Sydney. Until October, I will be working as an engineering contractor in London in a worldwide recognised software company. That being said, I have not been able to save up too much money (I just graduated last year). My question is: how probable do you guys think it is to get offered a position in the IT industry before moving over, given the fact that no sponsorship would be required? Is it impossible or just a bit harder? Will being a recent graduate work against me? I've started saving as much money as possible, but I don't think I could survive more than 2 or 3 months in Sydney without working. Thanks!
  7. Hello dear PIO fellows, Just a simple (and short, for a change ) question: is IT or computer science, or informatics or whatever you call it, part of the australian secondary school curriculum ? I did a basic research but just found this field–design and technology– which seems not to be quite the same. Thanks in advance for you help. Cedric.
  8. Guest

    Sponsorship IT

    How do we get sponsorship? We are looking into sponsorship for my OH and was hoping for a bit of advice. He's in IT (MCSE, CCNA, AVAYA etc) should we just send cv's to as many companies as possible? Should he apply for jobs and then ask for sponsorship? Anyone used Catapult People? What should we be doing? Any tips/advice gratefully accepted! Please help!! :wink:
  9. Hi All, Due to the PR Oz Visa re-shuffle on the 23rd September, I have decided to get a job in Sydney (am an experienced investment banking IT Project Manager) on a 457 visa, rather than wait the 2/3 years for my PR Visa to go through. If I am unable to secure a job from the UK, I plan to visit Oz for 2 weeks in February to try and get a job, and then, move the family over...Has anybody done this approach and/or could offer any advice about good IT agencies etc? I have been told my skills are in demand, but am finding it hard to secure OZ roles from the UK. Any advise or your experiences would be welcomed? Thanks Nick