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Found 22 results

  1. Hi all i have had to get a new email address as my old one stopped me loggin on a week ago and the help line really werent very helpful so have also had to redo everything else lol, i normally am on here as Nadjez, am currently here in oz on temp spouse visa after being on a prospective marriage visa would like to know the best way to inform immi is it the form to do with notice of change or something and also where do i send to? i loddged that one from perth in 2010 . i also have to inform that that i have had a baby 6 months ago although she is ozzie born in ozzie and her dad is Australian : ) any ideas be great thanks : )
  2. Hi :wubclub: My 176 skilled state sponsored was granted on 07 Nov 2011. I was sponsored by Queensland government. Should I inform Queensland immigration team of my visa grant ? Regards REZA:wubclub::cute:
  3. Hi Good day I have managed to bring my wife to my existing living country (not my home land) on a family visa ( 1 year stamped on her passport) She has been given a civil ID as well. Should I inform my CO of her family visa ? Regards:wubclub::cute:
  4. Hi All, I applied for 175 visa in Sep 2010. In my application I mentioned Past Employment is from 2005.6 to 2010.4, and attached valid ACS assessment result. Now I have started a new job (same area) since Aug 2010 and probation just passed. The question is, do I need to tell DIAC (e.g. by 1022 form?) about this change? I'm a little worrying about getting such working reference will make people know I'm leaving the company, which makes following days in work become awkward. Actually the information I had provided to DIAC is not 'incorrect', so I'm wondering if it is ok not to tell DIAC about this new job?
  5. i have just renewed my ten year passport. applied for a 175 visa in august 2009. catagory 3. no co yet. just wondered do i have to contact anyone about my new passport or do i wait until im assigned a co many thanks nicola
  6. Hi All, Appreciate any help from others who came before me. Stated as an obligation on the visa:keep the State or Territory government informed of changes in address details before and after arrival I reckon it involves informing them as well when I intend to go downunder. Who do I notify in WA before arriving there? and after? Shall I inform my CO as well of my ETA and whereabout I'll be? Thanks.:arghh:
  7. Dear Friends, I am 176 State sponsored applicant,got CO on 30th Nov 2010 and asked me for some additional docs including form 80. i submitted all requested docs and forms 80 for both PA and SA and on 18th Jan 2011 my online status for all docs showing to met except ''Evidence of Specific Work Experience' as received and PCC and medical are showing as required.I think internal checking or external checking or job verification are being done and then CO might ask for PCC and medical. . Now i came to know that my wife got pregnant(By the Grace of God) recently now few questions are coming in mind can you people please give your valuable advice on the following questions. 1)Should i fill form 1022 for this change? 2)Is it good to inform CO now or wait for PCC and medical?bcoz i have 8-9 months left in baby delivery? 3)If application take more time for visa grant decision so in this case will CO hold my application process till the baby born? Please advise and i am from HR country. Best regards Ozguy
  8. My company phone number has changed and the number I mentioned in my visa application is no longer valid How would I inform my CO ? by filling form 1022 or just sending as email to CO ? Regards
  9. Hi All! I was granted SS from Queensland last Dec. 1, 2010 and filed my visa application last December 10, 2010. Do I have to inform Queensland about my TRN so they can forward 1100 or is it the case officer the requests from Queensland my form 1100? Any reply would be greatly appreciated :biggrin: :biggrin:
  10. Hi All, I applied for 176 VISA application on 11-Vov-2010. Recently my current job position has been changed . As per DIAC, i have to fill up 1022 form. After fillup the form 1022, How will I inform DIAC. Do i need to email only / or Mail them / or upload the Scan copy to the application. BR, Morshed
  11. Hi, We like many are possible going down the renting our home in UK out route as market so rubbish. My question to anyone out there in the know is....rental agents like to hear that you have informed your mortgage lender that you are renting your house out. Is this a legal requirement or is it really none of their business??? We dont want to change mortgage really and think if the bank knew we were renting they would insist we go on a buy to let. Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  12. How to inform CO about Job Switching, either Change in Circumstances form is enough or Form 80/1221 needs to be re-submitted .
  13. Hi, I applied for my brother under subclass 175. At the time of working, he was working on a govt run project for 4 years. The project has expired on Jan 2010. Now, he has to look for another job. Do I have inform DIAC about this status? Thanks.
  14. hi all I have something to ask and request you to pls let me know.. I am cat5 applicant about to receive my visa anytime sooner.. I also got a new job and when should I let diac know about this??I have already submitted my change of circumstance letter regarding resigning my previeous job and also said "i am currently un emloyed".now, I am about to join only on coming monday. I still had not received any appointment letter - which I may get it in person on monday or coming week, I cannot give reference! (as I had not said about my immi plans to anyone in this new company) my designation needs me at a new different place from where my head office is,Which I may shift after a three week training, so, I still dont know wheere my new temperory address will be??? so after collecting documents that includes the appontment letter, new address, pay slip and to let diac know about my change of circumstance will take atleast another 30-45 days minimum.. what if diac makes an enquiry in-between and find it??? will it be a trouble??? how shallI go about it??? or to first inform DIAC about the new job through Change of circumstance form and later add details one-by-one???? or anyother better way???? suggestions pls......
  15. Hi everyone, I have just lodged my application online last week and attached all the required documents as well. My subclass is 885, occupation is Accountant with IELTS 7. Do I need to write an email to Brisbane team to inform them about my case as the prioritise group or they will automatically put me in the CSL? Anyone in the situation, please help to advise? It would appreciate if anyone could give me the draf timeline for my application? Thanks so much for your help. Cheers
  16. I'm looking for some advise: How can I inform the DIAC that I'm in Australia on a Touristvisa, while I'm waiting for a skilled visa, and do I have to inform the DIAC every 3 months when I go offshore and onshore the same day to extend my Touristvisa for another 3 months?
  17. Hi, Just got word that achieved 8.5 in IELTS:biggrin:. How do you go about informing DIAC? What do you need to send, hard copy results or scanned copy? As I'm an accountant, this moves me on to CSL. I've seen some comments before on PIO that you need to specifically request move from MODL to CSL? Thanks for help.
  18. Guest

    who do you inform????

    Hi All, Just a quick question is there any goverment bodies we need to advise that we are leaving the UK or any official forms we need to complete prior to our move. thank you. Karan.:wink:
  19. Hi everyone, Can any one tell me please that when it is required to inform Immigration dept about the ""pregnancy information"", as i have applied 175 visa on 27 Jan 09, no CO yet, but this is the week for pregnancy (by the will of GOD). Or it will be better to send them complete information along with child's passport copy & birth certificate after birth. please advise me if anyone have experience. many thanks
  20. gilliantay

    Do I have to inform Dimia ?

    Working my last two shifts in Acute Medical Ward this weekend then take up new post in Dermatology Outpatient Treament Centre on Monday 17th. I will still be a Registered Nurse, working over the stated 20 hours per week....working for the same trust in the same hospital but in another department do I have to inform Dimia ???? Anyone any ideas ????? Gill
  21. Hi all, Not posted for a while but been reading all the goings on. We have been up to our mecks decorating everything that moved and loads and loads of visits to the tip to get the house put on the market this week. We have our medicals tommorrow--- Feel sick with worry--- we are fit and healthy but what lies beneath???:unsure: We will see tommorrow. Anyway looking forward who do you tell you are going ??? Paul is self employed so the Tax office i suppose and what do we do about next april tax return ??? What abour child benefit, doctors, dentist etc or do we just go and sod them all:biglaugh: Yvonne :cool:
  22. Guest

    To Inform or Not

    Hi When the time comes to our new life down under are we supposed to inform any one official that we have emigrated or do you just get the hell out of here, any help please. thats provided the house sells this is proving to be a nightmare, thought this would happen before we got the visas but no . Still the market seems to be picking up and hopefully we'll be there in a few months time. Thanks Karen, Nigel and boys :lol: