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Found 3 results

  1. Mr Lemmings thread about what we dont understand has prompted me to open up this discussion, I dont know if anyone will find the subject interesting but lets give it a go & see if a discussion evolves....:eek: The Individual & the Stereotype..... This is something that's often on my mind & does affect how I'm perceived as a person, I've " belonged" to various non-mainstream groups either by look or more importantly lifestyle. I think Society is essentially a tribal culture, complicated by varied factors, but essentially there will always be either conflicts or the ever present misconceptions about persons who embrace a particular lifestyle.The stereotypes inform of us that an individual fits into this tribe or that one. & the media or other social commentators " inform" us what the beliefs, the looks & the behaviour of individuals belonging to that group are most likely to be. Obviously some of the traits are true that's why they are things that become notable to comment about. I read things about differing sub-cultures all the time, not just the ones i'm part of. Sometimes there are really zealous over the top articles proclaiming the virtues of a particular sub-culture & the can be really annoying & as bad as articles condemning certain lifestyles. this thread is about any form of stereotypes you wish to include as an example. I've just read an article concerning outside perceptions of Gothic lifestyle & besides vexing me to a somewhat overwrought state.I found it very insulting & misinformed. Now I didn't make it all these years if I were a sad, self-harming , self -indulgent, suicide waiting to happen, shock horror I'm not depressive. & do have a sense of humour. ( BTW I'm paraphrasing based on generalisations no offence to anyone genuinely battling with the mentioned issues ) Personally as an intelligent individual I can quite adequately pick, choose & sample aspects of a lifestyle & know what's hype or not for me. Now Goth may be dark in nature however it's deep introspection opens doors to a very rich vein of culture that leads the individual not only to discover aspects of the self but opens up a whole underground of decadent knowledge, history, poetry literatture, taste & style, alternative beliefs etc, yes it can be as theatrical & OTT as one can conceive but it doesn't dull the enquiring mind, there are levels of sophistication and depth lacking in mundane everyday society. I've never been into self harm, I think it's a complicated subject & it's too easy to say kids who are Goth or Emo are in danger of becoming self -harmers or prey to "dangerous" elder Goths who lead unwary innocents to Darkness & Doom,& Worse... form an orderly queue if your suddenly strangely drawn LOL, I may be the kind of person parents are advised to warn their kids about, though funnily enough I've never harmed or abused a child or teenager or used their brains for them, I've taught a few that's being different is ok & looking at the world around you & making your own decisions isn't a crime or that Words can Rock even if it's called poetry. but I've never put a child in such a bad place that they seek relief in Bloodletting, as some parents invariably do by their practices , standards & attitudes. In contrast to some of the other societal social clubs I'd rather celebrate Decadent Dark Romantic Culture persuing my own growth & expanding my knowledge & sharing what I can .Unfortunately members of other tribes say this is very wrong & by my age I should have at least four grandchildren Beyonce,Britney,Becks & Channel children of my twins Dolce & Gabbana , see the stereotypes crossing the great divide there :lol: So does your individuality matter to you ? There are many forms of non conformity not all outwardly obvious but still valid & personally important. Do you get lumped into a bunch of stereotypes ? Or perhaps you've learnt something about individuals or stereotypes you'd like to share. Anyway these were just some rambling thoughts before I sign off for the night My wordsmithery is not at it's best right now :laugh: Perhaps this thread will sink like a stone but I'm interested in what others have to say.....:wubclub:
  2. Hi I have seen this question asked in other threads before but couldn't seem to get a clear answer. My partner (who is English) and I are applying for the de-facto spouse visa. We have got all our documents now and are in the process of writing the relationship statement that details how we met, how the relationship blossomed, our future plans etc. My question is: Do we have to to write two separate statements each or can we write a single joint statement of our love story? We are applying on-shore in Sydney, Australia. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
  3. Hi Everyone I'm new to this, hopefully someone can help me out with some tips. My husband recently got a 457 Visa and he did all his applications within Australia as he was already there on a multiple entry visa. He now wants to add me on to his visa as a spouse. We have all our documents in place, marriage certificates etc. So now we are ready to apply for me to be added on to the visa as well. What we were wondering though is that is it more efficient to use a migration agent to lodge my application? Or can i do it myself online? Are there any disadvantages to doing it individually? Also, won't it take more time to process if i do it by myself? We are hoping it will be approved soon. Our funds are not permitting at the moment for us to use the agent which is why we want to find out if an online application done individually is effective. I am currently leaving outside of Australia. Thank you Nessa