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Found 19 results

  1. Guest

    which visa please help !

    :huh: basically me and my partner are doing qualifications in the uk to hopefully fulfill our dream to live in australia. i am doing hairdressing and he is doing a plumbing. we are not sponsered. ppl have told us to just go for the independant visa but will we guarenteed to get it? how lomg does it take? we have 2 children. i am 26 he is 32. all healthy. good honest and friendly replies greatful :biggrin: thank you
  2. Hi All, Myself & Hubbie as ACCA qualified (I am FCCA) and are going to apply for the 175 perm visa, however when I read through the details , it appears that we have to apply to CPA (not sure if the other 2 bodies accept ACCA) to access our qual's and see if they recognise our ACCA,degree etc and then when accessed we can then apply for the Visa. Has anyone gone down this road and will being ACCA qualified be enough to be able to get membership of CPA or do we have to do any further study/courses etc.. Hopefully it will just be a matter of filling in the online application form and sending copies of the qual's. Can you tell me how long it took for this to be sorted also? Thanks in advance :confused: AM
  3. Hello, Forum newbie here , hoping for someone to give me the benefit of their wisdom out of the kindness of their hearts! After much google searching and the purchase of 'Living and Working in Australia' I still have a couple of questions.... My current plan is to visit Sydney, Melbourne and Perth in February before making a Skilled Indpendant Migrant 175 application . Because I know this will very likely take >18months (and I want to live and work in OZ asap!), I plan to immediately lodge a working holiday visa application. Once in Oz on the WHV visa, I want to do the 3 months 'Regional' work done (and out the way!) so as to qualify for the 2nd year WHV , so that I should be able to work as an accountant from that point on in Oz uninterupted (albeit on temporary <6month contracts whilst on WHV). My 1st question is - does anyone forsee a problem with the above? Is it possible to apply and have a 1st and 2nd WHV whilst my 175 is being processed? I understand the WHV is supposed to be for people primarily there to holiday, so I might not be looked upon favourably...... My 2nd question is more difficult - does anyone know how you go about getting assessed by a state, if say I wanted to go down the route of state sponsored? I believe the cost is the same but you get greater priority for processing? One of the things driving me to leave is there is not much work / opportunity for me in North West England, and I know Western Australia has had huge growth because of the mining / construction boom. Even though I'd Ideally like to move to Sydney, if its was easier / cheaper / better job prospects getting visa and work somewhere in Western Oz, then I will definately consider that. But I've no idea how to go about finding out if any state would be interested in my profession, can't find it on the immi.gov.au on any agents sites.... As relevant background info: I am from Liverpool UK, 28, qualified Management Accountant since June 09, been working for the same FTSE 100 UK insurance company (RSA) for the last 6 years. I'm therefore on the current SOL under management accountant. I have no kids/spouse/other dependants (its just me!) and I have no immediate relatives in Oz. The (brief) online assessments tell me I have enough points to be accepted under the Independant Skilled Migrant Visa because of age/english ability/my skill on the SOL/ number of years work experience. - as per above paragraph. I am aware of the change upcoming 1st July so if I'm gonna do this at all I need to apply asap after Feb visit! Very grateful for any help with any of the above - Sorry its so long! Mike
  4. Hi I'm sure there are some wise members of the forum out there who may be able to help. Me, my OH & 2 children (12 & 14) are hoping to migrate to Perth. I've been told that as an experienced Midwife I should be able to secure employer sponsorship to get to Perth sooner than the whole independant visa route. Im not sure though wether I should start the whole independant/state sponsorship route just in case employer sponsorship doesn't happen. I know there are considerable costs associated with an independant visa which have the money to pay for but will I loose it if I end up getting a sponsor midway through the process.? Am confused, any help or people who have had similar experiences would really appreciate your input. Kind regards Kirstie
  5. Hi everyone, Luckily i got my visa in on the deadline day 7th at 10am so far so good, no refund and my agent said they lodged it and it went through, so fingers crossed but can anyone please tell me how long they usually take from this moment onwards as i cant seem to get a straight answer from my agent :wacko: My skill is Welder/Fabricator (boilermaker) and my mrs has an aunte in oz who been there since 1961 £10 pom thingy. Rob
  6. Can anyone recommend an independant financial advisor in Melbourne. I need to discuss: - UK Pension transfer - is it worth it? - Superannuation and potential funds
  7. I've been searching the site for the answer to this but there is just so much info it's hard to pin point the right info. I am looking into 2 visas, the standard independant skilled migration and the ENS. I have an employer who would be willing to sponsor me, they continually have positions come up in my field. But if that doesn't come about I'm looking at the regular visa. My question is, what is the exact cost for each of these visas? I'm getting confused about the 2nd installment bit which says it is for dependants 18 or over with less than functional English. So does this mean that the application will only be $2575 and not $6050. Because for a long time I thought it was $6050, and that was a stepping stone I couldn't get up to. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Can anybody please give me a direct or even indirect answer. I am moving from SA to Brisbane in January and have been given a limited relocation package. Wanting to make the most of the offer, and having little in the way of spare cash, I need to know how much it would save me to pack the container at my house, and unpack at the other end. Fortunately I have a friend up there who is helping us find a place to go straight into so hoping to be able to just transfer the container door to door. Who offers this sort of service (company names ideal but otherwise types of organisations), and what is the difference in cost? Many thanks Seabird.
  9. DaveS

    Independant or not...

    I recently started a new relationship with an Australian on a working-holiday visa here in the UK. Her VISA expires May 2011, which coincides quite nicely with when I was hoping to get out to Aus! While it is early days - I have looked into the partner visa options. It seems that it pretty quick, a lot cheaper, wont involve any of the skills assessment and is much less liable to change! Is all the above correct? And what happens if we break up after migrating to Aus? Is it going to be safer for me to remain independent? She is also eager to earn her British passport so she can return whenever she likes in the future, this process seems pretty long-winded, I wonder if anyone has any knowledge of how long it might take? Thanks for reading
  10. Guest

    457 to Independant PR

    Hey Guys, OK, I'm on a 457 as an Electrical Design Engineer at present and I am changing jobs. After much wrangling my new employer won't go with the Employer Nominated Scheme (ENS) for 'PR' and is instead just sponsoring me on a new 457 visa. My issue is that myself and my defacto-partner want to get PR soon-ish. We've been here longer than 2 years now and we'd rather not be beholden to an employer. However, as my new employer won't sponsor me that means the ENS method then this option is out. I'd like to go for independent PR but the only Visa I know of that applies to my circumstance would be the 175. The problem is that it is an 'Offshore' Visa and I've been told by some people that going from 457 to 175 whilst working in Australia isn't allowed as there is no provision for a bridging visa (Since the 175 is and Offshore' visa). What's more I have also been told that as soon as you apply your 457 is cancelled and if you left the country you couldn't get back in. I've been told by others that it is perfectly acceptable method and that all that happens is you must leave the country when your decision is pending and present yourself at an Australian Consulate in another country. Is any of the above correct? If any of you have been though a similar situation I'd appreciate your comments. Thanks
  11. Skilled Independant Migrant Visa (Subclass 175) Could anybody tell me when i fill this in on-line when/ how do i pay the 1st installment. When is the second installment to be paid by. Many thanks.
  12. Hi all, Not sure if this will help anyone but thought I'd post it anyway. Our visa app was lodged on line last week by our agent and we received a confirmation letter with various details of how to track it. He also advised that the processing time is taking approx 6 - 10 months.:yes: It has helped us in terms of knowing that we only have approx 1 year to wait & 1 more miserable winter to endure!!
  13. Hi me again as im trying to explore all avenues to see if its possible to get residency in Oz pr long term visa and i have been looking at the possiblity of Skilled Independant Regional Visa and Skilled - Regional Sponsored Visa in the Northern territoy. I noticed on their list of skills shortages they have Dissablity support worker which seems to fit the bill of what i do as i have many years experience of caring for the elderly and currently i work with adult with learing dissabilities and i have a GNVQ in health and social care and NVQ in care. I was wondering if this is a possiblity? And if it was what is the northern teritory like. I expect my chances r slim but any advice would be great thanks
  14. Guest

    Class 175 skilled independant

    Calling all joiners/carpenters in Oz or applying. Can u give me as much info bout the skills assess in Accrington for carpenters as i'm about to start my application and going for Vetassess in April. Plus it seems to me that I should nominate myself as a carpenter not a joiner as in Oz this seems to be more metalwork,formwork and cladding.I'm a 1st,2nd and final fix timberman only. Do I need to be aware of any special criteria at the Vetassess site. Any info would be gratefully received. Cheers Iain.
  15. Guest

    visa :skilled independant 136

    :shock: Please help anyone out there,in the process of filling out the visa application form, for which i am the main applicant and have come to the part where it asks you about your points and your spouses points, :? All very confused because didnt think that he needed to get his skills assessed .What do i put for him or do i leave it blank help :!: :shock: Thought things where going tooooo well.Any advise would be greatly received.Beckyx
  16. Hi all, I'm just in the process of completing my visa application to hopefully go to Aus with hubby and 2 kids. My brother lives out their with his family and my mum wants to go.Does anyone know if I can take her out with us as a dependant. Financially she doesn't have any worries.She is 69yrs and fairly fit. If anyone can advise I would be gratful. We aren't using an agent so hope things go ok. I'm hooked on this site reading other peoples experiences. Good luck to all applying. Jacqui
  17. This is just for information. I have just received feedback from the processing centre confirming that this visa has now been downgraded and that they are currently working there way through June 2005 applications. I'm gutted as we sent ours through in November........ Sorry to be the bearer of bad news to anyone going under this visa.
  18. Guest

    Skilled Independant Visa

    I have been registered with ACS under the RPL route and have lodged the completed visa middle on November. I'm getting very itchy feet given that it's currently -5 outside and life here is ****. Has anybody undertaken this particular route ? if so how did it go and what were the timescale/stages. I would be very greatful to hear any of your experiences. Many thanks.
  19. Hi all, New to this site, was just wondering if anyone submitted in March 05 have received their visa ? We sent our meds and police checks off end July 05 requested. Also I keep reading about AOS (i must be having a thick moment :roll: ) what does that mean :shock: Angie & Sean Beattie