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Found 26 results

  1. In my opinion we need more Australian born people if we need to protect the politicial/social identity and the economic integrity of Australia. Migrants simply can't have the same relationship with the country as someone who's born here. There will always be a sense of divided loyalties... the country of origin always continues to hold a special place in the heart. Migration can only be a short term solution to fill skills gaps... in the long term the government should look at encouraging a sustainable birth rate... but more than the government, its the people who need to realize whats good for their own bottomline. Thoughts?
  2. Mr Fabricator

    DIAC to increase charges

    Sorry if its been posted , Got a mail from my agent , as follows " Dear Lee, I’m writing to advise you that the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has indicated that they plan to increase the visa application charge for some Skilled Migrant Applications from the 1<sup>st</sup> of January 2012. More information is available here. Unfortunately, they have not yet indicated which Skilled Migrant visas will be affected so we are unable to determine if this increase will apply to you. However, if the change does apply the DIAC have stated this will increase by 5 – 15%. If you are in a position to lodge your visa application before the 1<sup>st</sup> of January we recommend you do so. If you are unsure of what is expected of you at this stage or if you would like further information/assistance please contact your Migration Case Worker." So yet again the process becomes a little more painfull in the wallet region . lee
  3. Former Australian immigration minister Nick Bolkus has suggested that Australia's skill shortages could be fixed by increasing migrant intake by 100,000 over the following three years. A former Australian immigration minister has said Australia should increase its migrant intake. Bolkus, who served as Australian Immigration Minister from 1993-1996 under Paul Keating’s administration, noted the continuing economic turmoil for countries in the Eurozone, saying: “I think the European situation presents a really good opportunity for Australia to pick up young migrants who can contribute to developing this country - both skilled and those with the energy to apply themselves to the task we have.” Among those supporting such a mover is Business South Australia CEO Peter Vaughan, who said: “The primary focus must be to attract workers that meet the skills needs of our local industries and if these workers are based in Europe then it is an option worth pursuing." The government has already increased capacity for applicants seeking a permanent Australia visa by nearly 10% in the 2011/2012 migration program year. However, the former Minister suggests this is not enough to meet an increasing demand for skills and labour, and has called on governments at both state and federal level to increase advertising campaigns for countries affected by the economic crisis.
  4. I am trying to establish whether the cut off age of 45 years will be increased to 50 on the 1/7/2011. I am getting mixed messages from my research and wondered of anyone on here can comform this one way or another. My husband will be 45 during December therefore this will be very useful to know as we are only at the start of our application. thank you.
  5. I received email from South Australia stating their increase in budget funds for more migrants its a good news to those who are stuck in Cat 4
  6. Don't know how true or likely it will be but hopefully this will be useful to those looking at the employer sponsorship in regional places. They really should make these visas easier for employers and also easily lead onto PR quite quickly. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/wayne-swan-to-boost-skilled-migrants/story-fn59niix-1226052163405
  7. Hi, Has anyone else been asked to increase their deposit on a forward contract from 10 - 15% ? I fixed a rate at 2.25 over a month ago and paid a £11K deposit (10%) .... but I have since received an email from HIFX requesting a further £4K immediately to secure the contract. I don't have these funds available right now and if I can't pay the extra £4K they are asking for then they will sell the currency on and I will then incurr a loss. I'm not sure if this is quite fair really, as I have already lost out on the improved exchange rate, and also I thought we had a fixed contract..... does anyone have any thoughts on this please? :unsure:
  8. Hi all, I have read the age criteria increases to 49yrs on July 1st 2011. Can anyone clarify if this means 49yrs and under by July 1st 2011 or if one is 49yrs and over can they still can apply? We talked to migration agency in Adelaide who said no I would be too old to apply at 49yrs . Hubby will be 50yrs this month too with all the required qualifications and experienced for LAME. Can anyone clarify what does 49yrs actually mean? Thanks from Ireland
  9. keily

    price increase for gas / elec

    was a bit shocked to say the least at my recent gas / elec bills ....they have almost doubled in price since last year !!! ....is this typical in other parts of oz ...or is it just us poor bu**ers in wa that are feelin the pinch .....:mad: mrs keily
  10. Guest

    Fee increase on July 1?

    Anyone know roughly how much the visa application fees tend to go up by on July 1 each year? We're trying to finalise our spouse visa application by then but we may be a bit late. $2525 is high enough as it is! Thanks
  11. Hi, Guys, after Aussie financial budget, slim increase of skill migration quata for the next year has been confirmed. Though it isn't a sharp increase, it is a good news for all would-be migrants who are waiting without giving up or giving in! Pls clap your hands for yourselves and wish we'll come to a good end finally. :cute: Budget 2010–11—Government sharpens focus of skilled migration program Tuesday, 11 May 2010 The Government will sharpen the focus of the skilled migration program on areas of skills shortage but will maintain the current overall size of the migration program, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, said today. The overall size of the migration program will remain unchanged with a total of 168 700 places, comprising a total skill stream of 113 850 places, a total family stream of 54 550 places and 300 special eligibility places. The overall level of skilled migration will increase by 5750 program places. This includes an additional 9150 program places for employer-sponsored skilled migration and a decrease of 3600 places for general skilled migration. An additional 200 visas in the business skills visa category will also be offered. There will be a reduction in the level of family migration by 5750 program places. Family migration visas will continue to be granted and family members can gain access to temporary visas to travel to Australia to visit family members. 'These reforms support the Government's policy to deliver a more demand-driven skilled migration program that meets the needs of the economy in sectors and regions where there are shortages of skilled workers,' Senator Evans said. 'This updated focus will help further assist employers by ensuring they have access to applicants with skills in high demand that cannot be met from domestic sources. 'Foreign skilled labour is an important driver of economic growth and contributes to increased productivity and labour force levels. It also benefits migrants by ensuring they have a job with a direct match to their skills on arrival in Australia.' The Government has said for some time the migration intake would reflect the economic climate and it would help ensure employers could gain access to skilled professionals in industries still experiencing skills shortages. The composition of the migration program will assist in delivering the Government's reforms designed to address shortages of highly skilled workers, such as healthcare, engineering and mining professionals who have an employer willing to sponsor them. 'Revising the mix of the skill stream of the migration program is critical to ensuring the reforms are effective,' Senator Evans said. This will enable the skilled migration program to respond appropriately to changes in demand for skilled labour as the economy emerges from the global financial crisis. These measures are part of the Rudd Government's commitment to strengthening our economy and securing our future. pls refer to: Government sharpens focus of skilled migration program Also you can refer to DIAC website: Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) 2010-11
  12. Just to let you all know that from the 1/3/10 there has been a massive increase in shipping cost , PSS who are moving us Monday have sent me my invoice, we have a 40ft container including a car which should have cost £5,142 but today when I recieve my bill I have an extra £568 to pay which they say is increase shipping cost.....so just to let you all know.....that if you are moving within the next few months and have already had your shipping quotes confirmed this will NOT be the price you pay unless you have had your quote within the last week so you need to check with your shipping company and get a new quote or you will be left with a nasty shock like we are!! .....I think they all think we are made of money!!! On top of the insurance and £48 for custome sercurity our bill in now £6,742!!!!!.....alot more than we had budgeted for......Louise
  13. This was the latest in this weekends Herald Sun from the REIV, I know our own house has rose nearly $200k in the last 2 years along with the suburb we live, maybe buying property is the way forward. Here is the full article which can also be found here: Melbourne's media house price soars record $70,500 in just three months | Herald Sun MELBOURNE'S median house price soared a record $70,500 in just three months. Lucky homeowners are sitting on an average $766 daily increase in the value of their properties. The surge pushed the median house price past $500,000 for the first time in the December quarter. The latest data from the Real Estate Institute of Victoria shows the average price jumped 15 per cent to $540,500. Burwood is the epicentre of the housing boom, with the average house price skyrocketing 23.1 per cent - up $152,000 to $810,000. It leads the table of suburbs where there were more than 30 sales in the three-month period - the most accurate guide to a suburb's real worth. Second was Ringwood, where property values jumped 16.2 per cent, or $72,750, to $521,750. Newtown, in Geelong, was the overall state leader - zooming a stunning 43.8 per cent, or $160,000, to $525,000. REIV chief executive Enzo Raimondo told the Herald Sun he was amazed by how quickly Melbourne prices were rising. "I think we've seen the last of the median price below $500,000 in Melbourne," he said. "Affordability is going to be an issue in 2010 - there's no doubt about it," Mr Raimondo said. He said the property surge was being driven by people moving to Melbourne. They far outstripped the number of houses available and new homes under construction. "The main drivers for the Melbourne market are really the fact that we're having a significant population increase," Mr Raimondo said. "Four years ago we were averaging about 53,000 people a year; we're now double that at about 113,000 people a year. "We've got a shortage of supply in existing dwelling stock, and a lack of new dwelling stock coming on to the market." Toorak was still Melbourne's most expensive surburb at an average $2.68 million, followed by Brighton ($1.66 million) and Canterbury ($1.64 million). Melbourne's most affordable suburb was Melton with a median house price of $239,750, followed by Werribee ($275,000) and Wyndham Vale ($283,000). The median price for units and apartments also grew strongly during the quarter, jumping $31,000, or 7.6 per cent, to $441,000. Housing Industry Association chief economist Harley Dale warned that first home buyers should brace themselves for more pain this year. "We're in danger of having an affordability problem," he said. "We still have this issue with the cost of new homes being too high in terms of problems with land supply and planning delay. "We need to be building enough homes to meet the demands of our growing population."
  14. Qantas have advised me that it has increased fares on the UK route by up to 5%. The new fares apply to all tickets issued on or after December 18 and apply to published and retail fares. More information at :https://www.qantas.com.au/agents/dyn/qf/info/qantasNewsIndex
  15. Hi Just read this article on 'Perth NOW' online and i was wondering if currnet WA resisdence can tell me if the energy bill increases of 23% in 09 has been felt as much as this article is making out? Shock for households as power bills to surge $270 a year | PerthNow We move to Perth in the next 3weeks and seeing that there has been such an increase this year, and a planned 26% increase next year, it is a worry what with us going out with no jobs and starting a new ect ect. They are saying that the average family has had to find and extra $270 already to cover the increase, that will surely double with the 2010 planned 26% THATS MASSIVE! :wideeyed: Obviously you find it, you have to find it, but how do energy bills get paid in Aus, can you do monthly direct debits or do they have to be paid in one big hit? If so then a hit of over $400 in one month is nasty. :huh: Is this increase to be a yearly thing!?!?! Any advise or info most appreciated. Thanks
  16. Hi All DIAC have today announced their new fees for the year beginning on 1st July 2009. Increases to Fees and Charges for 1 July 2009 The new Form 990i is here: http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/990i0709.pdf Please note that if you are lodging a paper application and you are not 100% sure that it will reach the relevant DIAC office before 1st July, prudence is to ensure that either you pay the fee by credit card and let DIAC help themselves or that you send a bank draft for the new amount. They will credit any money you might overpay - they will not try to keep it unfairly. Cheers Gill
  17. Guest

    Visa Fee Increase?

    We are STILL waiting for OH's (hopeful) approval from Vetassess. Our agents says it's obviously a waiting game, but he did say that he had hoped to lodge our Visa before the beginning of July as the Visa Fees are going up! Anyone else heard anything about that? Looks like even more money is going to have to be found.:arghh:
  18. Hi all We have sold our house today!!!!!!:jiggy:so its all systems go for us. We had quotes from shipping companies a couple of months ago and decided on Pickfords (cheapest!). We were just wondering if anyone has had a quote then when the day came for packing had their quote increase due to underestimation?? We are going sole use container and most of em said 90% full.
  19. Picked up a rumour that by the middle of October this year Foxtel is going to increase the number of TV channels to 250 /300 most of them in HD This most likely means more UK TV for those that miss it
  20. steve/helen

    Increase in home owner grant

    Hi Does anyone know if i would be entitled to the increase of the home owner grant.I entered into a building contract 3 weeks ago.It says the changes to the grant are effective immediately and will apply to all contracts entered into by the 30 th june 2009.But doesnt say anything about if you entered into a contract before today,i was about to fill in the forms for the grant today when the increase was announced on the news,so im unsure where i stand.Any info would be gratefully appreciated.Many thanks Helen:cute:
  21. I was sent the Migration Newsletter today please see below Immigration Department fees will rise on 1 July 2008. The annual fee adjustment will take place on 1 July 2008. If you are close to having your visa application lodged we would suggest that you try to get it lodged by 30 June so as to avoid the increase. The fees will increase in accordance with the annual CPI and will be announced closer to the end of June. Increase to MODL Occupations. The following occupations have been added to the MODL. Engineering Manager Computing Professional - spec. in Data Warehousing Computing Professional - spec. in Linux Computing Professional - spec. in .Net technologies Computing Professional - spec. in Solaris Computing Professional - spec. in Unix Electronics Engineer Optometrist Dental Technican Binder and Finisher Landscape Gardener Tree Surgeon Anyone applying in one of these occupations will gain an additional 15 points of eligibility and their applications will be afforded priority processing by the Immigration Department. If you are in any of the above occupations and would like to discuss how this may affect your ability to secure permanent residence in Australia please call our office between 11.00 am and 8 pm Monday to Thursday and 11.00 am to 5.00 pm on Fridays. One IT specialisation has been removed: Computing Professional - spec. in Sybase SQL Server
  22. The Australian Government has announced an increase of 3.8% to the required minimum salary to be paid to subclass 457 visa holders. The change increases the current standard Minimum Salary Level (MSL) from $41,850 to $43,440 per annum. For ICT professionals, the MSL will rise to $59,480 from $57,300. In regional areas of Australia, the MSL will rise to $39,100 (from $37,665), and $53,530 (from $51,570) for ICT professionals. This increase will apply from 1st August, 2008 to new temporary skilled migrants coming to work in Australia as well as those already in the workforce who are subject to a required minimum salary. More details: Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News Best regards.
  23. Latest news from government budget for 2008/09 "IMMIGRATION Minister Chris Evans wants a major overhaul of the migrant program to boost numbers, promote unskilled as well as skilled applicants and gear Australia to the new global competition for workers." Labor promises massive increase in migration to lure workers | The Australian
  24. Immigration Minister announces an increase of 4,000 in number of Parent visas for 2008/09: Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News Best regards.
  25. For those of you in the building trade it was published in the newspaper today that the PM is thinking about increasing the number of visas by 20,000 per year. Should really up the number of tradesmen - They are planning on importing some US personnel