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Found 10 results

  1. Guest

    including partner on GSM visa

    Hi all- new to the forum- i am in the process of putting together my GSM application without the use of an agent and am certain i meet all the requirments for a residence visa. However my partner and i cannot prove a de-facto relationship for 12 months. By the time i lodge my applciation we can prove 6 months. We do not want to wait until we can prove 12 months. I hope to put her on my visa but i unsderstand this may have its pitfalls. my questions would go out to anyone how may have been in a similar situation the following ; 1: how does the process work is my visa first awarded then they review my partners situation on a seperate basis?. 2: Will including her on my visa affect the award of my visa . i.e. would i have to re-apply if they do not grant her permission to enter oz on my visa? 3: Is there any other channels of getting her a visa if mine is granted but without her being included on it?. Currently i am hoping to lodge the application with her included and hope for the best. Any and all help/advice would be much appreciated.
  2. Hiya:biggrin: Wandered if anyone could help me please? We are moving to Australia in 5 weeks time (eeek!!) and need to send over 6 boxes of our belongings including the children's Christmas presents, old clothes, kitchenware and 2 boxes of the children's old toys. My problem is I've never sent anything before and am paranoid about it not getting there or being returned. We are sending the boxes just before we leave so if they are returned for any reason we won't be in the UK to receive them. How specific do I have to be when writing out what's in the box? Can I get away with 'children's toys' or do I have to be really specific and write 'cuddly toy rabbit with an ear missing'?!! Also with the Christmas pressies, can I wrap them or not? I think we will send them with a courier like parcel2go but are there any other declaration forms we have to enclose + is there a limit on how much the stuff is worth? Will we be charged loads the other end for sending out new things like wii games, Nerff guns for Christmas presents and if so how much?? Apologies for the amount of questions but I really want the stuff to get there and am imagining a massive bill of $100's!! Please help? Thanks xx :err:
  3. Hi, I have been reading through this forum and it is very helpful, i have read many post to find situation similar to me but no success, therefore now posting my situation to get best possible advice. I am an Australian citizen living in Pakistan for last 3 years, since i am back i got married and have 2 kidz (both are Australian citizen by descent). The reason i came back was because of my parents since i am the only son of my parents i have one sister and she is married and living in Canada. Before i came back i wish that my parents could join me but due to long delays in parent migration i decided to go back. The reason i have to be with my parents is because of my dad, 4.5 years back (a year before i moved back) my dad developed a condition where he lost control over his mind and was behaving like he is having threat with someone or not feeling secure my mom got him admitted in hospital and we got him treated completely (Since than he is having regular checkup from doctors). The doctor at that time ask my mum if they are living alone and my mum explained him situation, than doctor suggested that i should be living with them since it seems that my dad is missing me. After i came back we (me, my wife & mum) are trying to give him best comfort and happiness we can. Since i am back i am trying and evaluating options that we all can live together in Australia but cannot find any. If i go for Parent migration- it has long delays, if i go for Contributory Parent Migration- I do not have that much money. I always have in my mind to add my parents in my spouse migration application as "Dependent Relative" but i was not sure if this will help me in any way? If anyone can help me what options i have which i can try ? Even i am willing to try if it has less chances of success as i dont have many options left. Some facts: my dad is 63 Years old my mum is 55 Years old. My dad is not working and my mum is always been housewife. My wife is part time working because she has to look after my parents and kidz aswell. We both are financially supporting family. We pass balance of family test because we are only two brother and sister.
  4. This is quite possibly the most painful thing i've had to do in my whole life lol.. to the point i'm considering dragging the whole setup about with my whilst i travel to perth lol. For sale. Everything you need for a great home cinema setup. LG 50" full hd 1080p plasma LG surround sound home theatre, with 4 tall boy speakers, 1 sub, 1 centre speaker and cd/radio/dvd player Sony blu ray player all cables e.g two hdmi cables, digi optical etc $1500 ono i'm currently quite close to sydney, canberra and melbourne so could arrange to meet anyone from there for delivery within the next couple of weeks, after that i'll be heading too Perth so if anyone there is keen i can deliver... don't leave it too long though as, as soon as i have a job in perth its no longer for sale.
  5. hi We're going back to the UK after 5 years. Our house is on the market and we'll include any furniture the buyer wants. The house is in Crestmead, Qld. Fully renovated 3/4 bedrooms, inground pool and heated spa. New Kitchen, 4 aircons, log burner and Hugh entertaining area. If anyone is interested in having a look we have an open day on saturday at 12.00p.m. The agent has valued the house at $389,900 but we are open to offers. Julie
  6. Has anyone been successful in including non dependent children in their visa application, because that is what we are trying to do? When we first met with our emigration consultant last year, we knew that successfully including all our kids in our visa was a challenge and a half especially as we have 3 kids, 2 of whom had left school and were in full time employment and therefore technical not dependent on us, and as such had plans, B&C ready to deploy if needed. So after successfully getting my skills assessed and obtaining state sponsorship with it, the visa application went in last August for a 176 state sponsored visa, including all my kids in the application along with ‘form 47A - Details of child or other dependant family member aged 18 years or over’ for my two eldest. CO appointed in January, Meds and police checks requested (for the whole family) in January and duly completed in February and sent back to the CO and so the waiting games commences again. Of course we are pinning our hopes on, a good response from us on form 47A, that they requested medicals and police checks for all of us and that my second daughter is a hairdresser and so they might include her to obtain her skills as well but in truth are planning on a negative response with regard to their inclusion and expecting to put into place; plans B&C if they are needed. To fill the void of the wait on a final answer I thought I would post to see whether anyone else has been successful in including non dependent children (my eldest two being 20+) in their visa’s and understanding from them what they felt made the application successful as from most things that I have read getting non dependent children included in visa’s does not happen unless they are in full time education or have medical reasons that make them dependent and neither apply to my two eldest.
  7. :hug: Furniture Ikea music shelf unit, beech/chrome $30 Double bed frame, Queen size, wood/iron $80 Queen size Mattress $30 – used but good condition. Perfect for visitors. - bed and mattress together $100 Baby and toddler Emmaljunga Pram, Model: Cerox Sport VAGN($850 new) incl. Emmaljunga toddler tandem ($150 new). $300 Ikea toddler high chair $10 Airwrap for solid or fixed end cot ($45 new) – side protection (safer that a cot bumper). Brand new in pack, $25 White change table with 4 drawers and change mat $30 Prima Papa high chair. $30 Safety first pressure gate $25 Tomy sleepy friends light and lullaby portable monitor $40 Other start up essentials! White Ikea dinner set, brand new and boxed $20 Vax Ultrixx bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner $45 New Sunbeam compact ceramic oscillating heater $30 – for those cold WA winters!! Various toys, books and DVD’s. 2 x bistro style garden table set, each with two chairs free with any other purchase! All in good condition and from a clean home. No animals...just kids! :wink:
  8. does anyone know how many photos you should include with the defacto visa. We dont want to send too many but also dont want to send too little. Any suggestions?
  9. Hi there just wondering when sending off for the defacto visa if your actual passport whould be included or just a certified copy. I was under the impression that a visa sticker goes in the passport so thought you included the whole passport not just a certified copy. Please help!
  10. I have spend many hours on this website complaining about one thing and another. eg, I don't like australia etc etc. however, when something like this happens to Braveheart and family going through this ordeal it puts everything into perspective. We all want what is best for us and the family but what is life about when there is no family? I just cannot imagine anything happening to my husband or sons. Cherish what we do have not what we haven't. Live life to the full. Appreciate life for what it is. Sorry just feeling a little emotional at present. I wish them all the best in the world. I just wish I could be of more practical use but I am in Melbourne. Thinking of you all Braveheart and family. Karen