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Found 10 results

  1. Afternoon all... Thought I'd post my query just in case anyone else has encountered the same issues as I'm currently facing. Have just collected my vehicle from the docks and taken it to a LPG specialist here to get the system certified only to be told that the LPG tank is not compliant and will need to be replaced at a cost of $1200!!!! :swoon: The system was fitted in the UK in 2008 and I have all the certification to support it and had expected that getting it certified here would be fairly straight forward. I have looked in to thinks and the tank manufacturer do show that they comply to Australian standards so will have to push things a little and am awaiting a response from the LPG Association Australia, but in the meantime was wondering if anyone else had any experience of importing an LPG converted vehicle. Thanks in advance. Cheers Spencer
  2. Hello, Has anyone had any luck selling an imported car here? Aussies seem deathly afraid of sturdy European vehicles, fully compliant and probably better built anyway! It's a low-mileage Audi TT in Brisbane. Thanks!
  3. Guest

    Duty payable on Imported Car

    Hi, Moved down to NSW in Dec 2010, and loving it:wink: Getting our Household Goods down was little or no problem, thanks to Anglo-Pacific and the guys at Australian Vanlines. The Car however.....:wacko: I spent a day completing the Import Permit documentation in the UK, which included details of Purchase value of the car (in 2008) and current value. It wasnt an expensive car, just my Wife's "Baby" (Pug 206 convertible). The guidelines indicated that Import Duty would be based on this UK value converted in Aus$. So I was expecting a Bill for $500 mark. Not So:arghh: Having waited a Month for AQIS and Customs to get off their Fat Back sides, the Car was then valued at twice what we'd estimated, so my duty payment was $1000. That's on top of the $600 for Steam cleaning (dont bother doing this in UK, they'll sting you here anyway) and the $500 for AQIS/Customs Inspection etc. My wife will be glad to see her Baby, but to be honest, it's been far too much hassel. Dealing with AQIS and Customs who move at their own pace and seem to change the rules when it suits, and also using an inefficent local agent (OSS) who added 3-4 weeks delay thru incompetitence, I'd think twice about importing a car again.:swoon: I've worked out that the Car has spent more time in Aus Customs than it did on the Ship coming down here from UK! It arrived NSW March 6th, and we're still waiting for it to clear!:goofy: Moan over. Australia............We Love it here!:biggrin: Martin
  4. This is a question for people who have taken their own car to Australia. My wife wants to take her semi-exotic German car with us when we go to Australia. The costs and pitfalls of doing that are well documented around these forums, and that's all fine. What I can't find any information about is... 1. Do Australian insurers charge a premium for insuring an imported vehicle? 2. If we get a certificate of no claims discount, will insurers typically accept that? If the answer to (2) is "no" then a quick online quote with a random post code from a Sydney suburb suggests that we'd be paying close to AU$4K/year to insure it, which would be a bit silly. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Steve.
  5. Hi all We are due to take delivery of our Toyota Hilux this week and struggling to get anyone to offer insurance on an imported car. We have tried all the big names Allianz, RAC, ANZ but no one will give us cover. Can anyone help? Somebody must insure them? :arghh: Many thanks Ann
  6. We are going through the process of working out the costs of importing our modest family car (Peugeot) from the UK to Sydney, with a view to making a final decision on whether it is worth it. I have read posts that suggest that there are a limited number of insurance companies that will insure imports and that the relative cost of insuring an import are higher than a 'native' vehicle. My main question would be how do the relative costs compare (for the equivalent of fully comprehensive)? For example, 'it will cost you twice as much!' or 'It will probably cost you 20% more' would be helpful, as well as any practical experiences you wish to share. As a supplementary question, do any Australian insurance companies recognise UK 'No Claim Years' and if so what support documentation is typically required? Thanks.
  7. Hi, we had a broadly positive experience in importing our car, with a small glitch in that it is a model not common here - Citroen Berlingo Multispace - Therefore finding it difficult to get a car insurance quote. Has anyone found insurers that are useful for cars that are not common here - respect to all the views already expressed in the forum on pros and cons of importing, and hoping to move past our little glitch
  8. Hi We have brought our TVR sports car with us, it has had all the paperwork done and passed inspection. We live in South Australia. The husband just went to get get the car registration and collect the number plates and they are asking for a whopping $2300!! they say the reason the fee is so high is because it is a first time registration and we need to pay stamp duty. The car is a 1993 model (so not new!) and street value of $20-25000. So hardly the latest model. Would be grateful if anyone has had a new imported car registered recently how much they paid? Maybe this is how much it costs, but in none of the research we made this cost was mentioned to be so high. We paid less for shipping and import duty combined!! tx in advance
  9. I've been searching this forum and I see people mention the 'guide' to what can be imported re items that may have had an animal in or been in contact with soil. Can someone point me to the guide please? I'm guessing somewhere on AQIS? :unsure: Also, I really don't want to part with our pet things....I don't recall thinking aussie pet shops were the best and to go and replace all their toys and beds etc is just extra hassle. What are the fees to fumigate/handle/import or whatever these items? Is it per item or is there a max lump sum they can charge for the whole container to be deemed clean?
  10. Need a new laptop and been looking on ebay.com.au I noticed on there theres a few us seller who are selling a laptop im interested in. does anyone know if I will have to pay any additional costs, such as taxes to import it here? I will be paying approx $900 for it. Thanks