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Found 65 results

  1. mallan82450

    Importing IMMI application

    Hi, Is there a migration agent here that can confirm what happens when you import your application into your own IMMI account? Does the MA still have full access to the application etc.? TIA.
  2. Hi, my hubby is a builder and wants to buy new tools (drills and hand tools ) before we move to Australia. Just wondering if anyone had imported new tools in their belongings and if you had to pay duty/gst and how much it was. Also if anyone has and good websites for tools in Australia ?? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi there. We're moving to Melbourne on 15 July, new employer is helping with relocation and allowed us a 40 foot container which we're hoping we can squeeze our car into along with the rest of the house. I'm not sure if there'll be an extra charge for that, waiting to hear. I'm trying though to get a handle on the other costs and struggling a bit. It's an old but good car, Peugeot 307 SW 56 plate. 94,000 miles. Auto Trader says 1500 quid now, we bought it for just over 5k in 2011. I'll get less if I have to sell it though as we need it till the last minute so I'll be taking it down a used car yard. I've seen that equivalent cars are much more expensive in Australia (circa £4000 / $6500) so we wanted to try to keep it as long as the costs aren't too great to take over. Taxes don't seem too bad as they are based on the value of the car so only 20% or so of the value at say £1500, so £300 or so. But are there other costs I need to be aware of to get it on the road down under, what are they typically? Registration, modification, roadworthy certificate? I know it'll need a steam clean before it goes ... Thanks in advance for any advice ....
  4. Hi all, I'm quite a kitchen enthusiast and have a lovely selection of seeds and spices such as cardamom and cumin etc. I also have canned foods and bags of porridge oats and pasta. Will I be able to bring this stuff over to Aus? Thanks in advance
  5. Yvonne HornbyTurner

    Cleaning carpentry tools for import

    Hi everyone I am moving to Brisbane in 4 weeks and I am taking all my hand and power tools, I know they need to be clean, but how clean do they need to be to pass through Australian quarantine. Does my hammer and chisels need to be gleaming or can I just clean them with jays fluid. Thanks :err:
  6. Hi, We will be moving to Melbourne in September and are starting to get things packed up for the move. However, there are a few items that we wish to bring with us, which may be frowned upon, due to the nature of their intended use and the materials they are made of. One such item is a Zassenhaus wooden coffee grinder, from West Germany. Is this going to be jumped on by the customs/quarantine inspectors, as it has been used and is wooden? We also have some vintage wooden ice skates from Holland. The metal blades have rusted, as they are purely decorative and are kept outside (on a balcony - we have no garden). Because they too are wooden, will they be allowed, particularly with the rust? Obviously, we can't bring food products with us, but we do wish to bring as much of the kitchen equipment as possible. Are there any no-nos you can advise on? We'd hate to lose any of our stuff and/or get fined, when we could just sell any items of risk before we leave. Thanks for your help. pearljamfan
  7. I just read I need to be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident. Is that true? I have a car rusting away on my parents drive. They hate it being there, I want it here. I have another year on the 309 before it should become a more permanent visa. I don't even know whether I'd become a permanent resident then...?
  8. Darius Kedros

    Musical equipment

    Does anyone have an idea about the rules on shipping/importing my musical equipment into Australia? I have a home recording studio full of equipment & instruments, and as i am a sound engineer i guess it would technically be regarded as business equipment, and not personal effects. Any ideas on where i stand with this please? Thanks
  9. Guest

    Import Car to Oz?

    Hi, Just about to immigrate to Perth WA as part of a job opportunity, but we are not sure what to do with our car. Ideally we would sell in the UK (car currently up for sale) but the market is dead. So we are trying to weigh up how much it would cost to import to Oz to remove this uncertain factor of selling/not selling, and also opposed to how much we stand to lose in UK by dropping to a silly price. It is import duties and taxes we are interested in, we already have a price to ship over of £2200 which we would be happy to pay if import costs can be acceptable. Is it allowed to import cars - have been on the site to look but am a little confused as they only really refer to collectibles or vintage cars? If it is allowed, does anyone have any general rules for approx percentage of car value the import costs would be?
  10. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I can't find any information specific to WA. We have imported a Suzuki motorbike and expect to hear soon that we can pick it up from the removal companies warehouse in Kewdale. Problem is, we live in Kalgoorlie, 600km away. Originally we were under the impression that the bike would be delivered to our home address along with the rest of our stuff. But I think this is more of a contractual issue between our UK movers and the Australian movers. But it looks like we'll be heading to Perth soon. We have been trying to find out what needs to happen next, and keep getting different answers. Andy tried calling the department of roads and transport here in WA, the import authority in Canberra and an approved inspection engineer. Some of them say we need to get it inspected in Perth (which would be a separate trip so that's about 2500km so far...) to get the endorsement of compliance, then others say it can be inspected locally. The website is not clear, or at least we can't find a clear answer. Has anyone imported a motorbike into WA? We're especially keen to hear from anyone who does not live in Perth. Thanks, Lauren & Andy
  11. We are aware that its hard to import certain woods and other material's into Oz ,but a large part or our campervan is wood. So what will happen with it ,will the customs guys fumigate it or strip it out ,or is it not a problem ,its not a factory built camper, but is well built although i'm not sure what all the different types of wood are,here's some pics. We don't want to get it over Adelaide only to be refused entry into Oz. Cheers Kev.
  12. Hi trying to suss out what to take or leave when we pack for Oz. Is wooden garden furniture a problem? thanks
  13. Help! How long does import approval take. We are leaving 24 Nov and now officially panicking as I hadn't realised this needed doing in advanceand haven't done it yet! Will we make it??
  14. Ive just sent off a mountain of paperwork for the personal import scheme does anyone know how long it normally takes? Thanks Luke
  15. Hi How long does it usually take to obtain export/ import permits for shipping a dog from UK to Aus? Thanks Julie
  16. Hi, We have learnt that we don't need to be in Oz until March / April time, instead of rushing to get out by January. So I'm thinking that perhaps we can save some money by doing some of the work ourselves, like packing and paperwork re the dogs and car. We are probably going to use PetAir and Iron Chef, but is it feasible to do some of the work ourselves to save some money? Thanks Cal
  17. derham

    Car Import Tax

    Has anyone any experience of shipping their car to oz and was the import tax excessive? Also need info on the actual transport costs if possible. I am unsure if it would actually be worthwile taking our car or buy when we get there?:confused:
  18. Good morning/evening As i'd already started buying christmas presants for the kids and we'll be over in a few weeks, i'll need to bring them in a suitcase, unwrapped so curtoms can see, should i keep the receipts to show them will i be charged taxes? The container wont be there in time for christmas and they are only toys eg hm armed forces and barbie, disney princess dolls! I'll do the remainder of my shopping once we've arrived, i want to make christmas very special with moving as my little girl is convinced it wont be christmas as they'll be no snow or chimney for santa :wink: thanks, Lisa x
  19. Debabrown

    Vechicle import license

    Hi all OH is shipping his Classic 1964 scooter to Oz, we are still waiting for them to send through the import license. OH has been rebuilding it and we have run out of time to register here we are importing it un-registered and will register in Oz. Does anyone know how long it will take them to get this done, all our stuff (and the Scooter) is booked to go 14th November!!!! If anyone has any advice it would be very much appreciated
  20. hi there, i am hoping there is someone out there who can give us a name of an insurer who is willing to insure 2 imported UK cars. I am stumbling across insurers who do not insure imports :mad: help plsssssssssssssssssssss
  21. AndyW

    Import permit

    About to apply for the Import permit for our Wilson and was thinking doing it online. Straight forward or are we better off doing it another way? Which way did you guys apply? Cheers Andy
  22. Anyone have any idea how long this takes ? Didnt send mine in till August. I go in 3 weeks and still not heard anything.
  23. derham

    Car import Duty

    Can any give me a rough idea what the import duty would be on a car worth $15k and I have owned it for 3 years?:wacko:
  24. Guest

    Mountain Bike Import

    Hi Has anyone taken their mountain bikes with them and if so how clean did the tyres have to be? Our tyres are clean from dirt but show some staining where mud etc has been previously. Just wondered if this has to be removed before AQIS will allow the import. We don't really want to have to fit 4 new tyres as they are in very good condition.
  25. Hi all, I was speaking to a friend who has emigrated to Oz, who nearly convinced me to ship my car (BMW 320 Ci M Sport Coupe - '04) over when we emigrate next year. However, I have seen some posts which suggest that imports (even when Oz registered) dont fetch the same sale price. This is understandable but does anybody know what the mark-down tends to be on imports? An Oz version would be AUD24-27k. I wouldnt be taking the car to sell it, but inevitably would sell it at some point....any pointers on this or any other car import issues??? ....does it really cost £6k to get the thing across and up and running??? Cheers! :dull: