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Found 10 results

  1. We will hopefully lodge our 175 application sometime next week. In the meantime we want to visit Oz on a tourist visa in February. We want to book the flights tonight as there is a special on at the moment, but we'll only apply for the visitor's visas in January. Does anyone know whether there's regulations about applying for a tourist visa after lodging 175 or whether it will have some impact on the 175 app? The only provisa I'm aware of is that you are not allowed to be in Oz when the 175 is granted. Any other small print we've missed? Thank you!
  2. Hi. I have just found out I am 11 weeks pregnant, can anyone advise on whether this will affect our visa application? My hubby is our main applicant under 176. Many thanks The pod
  3. Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News Go Matilda comment on the situation for those with trade skills. I believe that many who are at the start of the application process really ought to commit to the skills assessment process straightaway - before the SMPs are published - if they are to have half a chance at being in a position to apply for a skilled visa before the anticipated new points test comes into effect. If they don't commit in the very near future - and yes, spend some money - I think it quite possible they will run out of time. Remember how long WA and QLD were taking to process Sponsorship applications 9 months ago? I feel sure there are going to be large numbers applying to these States as and when their SMPs are published. Best regards.
  4. Sterling set off on a belated honeymoon to celebrate its ménage-à-trois with David Cameron and Nick Clegg. Financial markets' first reactions to the Lib/Con coalition were positive, with the pound adding a cent or more across the board. Earlier in the day, perhaps in anticipation of the only sensible political mash-up, the Treasury successfully had auctioned £2.5 billion 17-year gilts. Investors bid for £6 billion in total, leaving no suggestion of concern about Britain's creditworthiness. After six months of fretfulness about a hung parliament investors must now live with the reality. Less than 24 hours into the exercise there is not much for them to see but they are impatient to know how the new government will attack the deficit problem. The lesson from Greece is that procrastination leads to disaster. The warning from the left is that haste would precipitate another recession. But the evidence is all around to show that the confidence of financial markets is critical to the process of government. But what was widely reviewed as a sterling relief rally, this morning, ran out of steam once the Bank of England's May inflation report was published, while some experts warned it was too early to say whether the new coalition would lead to a more pronounced sterling rally. Dave, Nick and George have one chance to get it right. Never mind proportional representation or tuition fees or ID cards or immigration; as Bill Clinton's election campaign had it, the overriding issue at the moment is 'The economy, stupid'.
  5. Good Day everyone, Hello, I would like to ask a couple of question to further clarify and understand the migration system. First, regarding the new SOL list that will be announced on the 30/04/2010,(Q1) Does anyone knows how will this affect fresh graduates on the current CSL? http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/critical-skills-list.pdf I am an Electronics Engineer (approved by Engineers Australia with positive skilled assessment for 2 years study in Australia) and had completed my application for a subclass 886 with all the required documents. Thus,(Q2) Do I have to undertake another skilled assessment again to suite the new SOL list? Thus, I have called the operator from the DIAC department and they said, "Current GSM applicant lodged after 8 February,2010 will not be affected by the new SOL list or the new point system for GSM". However, I have doubts due to the rapid changes.Hence,(Q3) I would like to request for a favor from a professional to verify this statement,please? I appreciate your time and effort spend on this request. Thank you. rgds, Adrian
  6. mail received this morning Dear Migration Agent As you are aware, Immigration SA has always attempted to provide you with advanced notice of any changes in policy or procedure that might impact on your clients’ applications before these occur. In anticipation of the release of the revised Skilled Occupations List (SOL) by DIAC at the end of this month and its subsequent implementation in mid 2010 (we are not aware of any specific date as yet), Immigration SA will be adopting the process outlined below for all Sponsorship applications. If the procedure outlined in the notice are not met, the sponsorship applications may not be finalilsed ready for visa lodgement with DIAC before the implementation of the new SOL. We regret that we are unable to accommodate any fast-tracking requests for any exceptional circumstances but hope that this early notification will prepare you for the change. Note also that this also means that any agreed exceptions (pre-arranged or otherwise) will now be null and void. Immigration South Australia New Procedures for State Sponsorships In February this year the Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) announced, among other changes, that the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) will be reviewed. This new list of occupations will be released by DIAC at the end of April for implementation in mid 2010. It is therefore to follow that applicants whose occupations that are not to be included in the new SOL will need to have their visa applications lodged with DIAC before the implementation date of mid 2010 (an exact date for the implementation of the new SOL has not been released by DIAC at time of this update). In anticipation of this, Immigration SA will be implementing the following procedure to assist applicants who wish to have their sponsorship applications/decision available in time to lodge their visa application with DIAC before the implementation date of the new SOL. If you wish to have a decision on your sponsorship application before the new SOL is implemented by DIAC, you must comply with the following: Submit your full application as soon as possible. All Sponsorship applications must be lodged online AND all supporting documents registered at Immigration SA before 14 May 2010 On 14 May 2010 the Sponsorship Online application system will be closed down for a short period of time – There will be no access to the system during this time. You will need to monitor the website. All applications will be assessed according to order of registration – no fast tracking for any reason Annual planning levels apply to all occupations on the Sponsorship List. Once the planning level has been reached for that occupation, the occupation will no longer be available for sponsorship for this financial year regardless of the date of online lodgement or registration. All remaining applications received for that occupation will be refused. Applications that are received after 14 May 2010 (when the system is switched back on) will be placed in the ‘queue’ for processing under the new SOL, unless the (sponsorship) planning levels are reached for that occupation. Sponsorship applications submitted and registered in the queue under the new SOL will be assessed in 4 – 8 weeks, according to current Visa and Sponsorship criteria at the time of assessment regardless of whether a visa application has been lodged with DIAC. State Migration Plans (and any associated lists) These requirements and arrangements may change when State Migration Plans (and any associated lists) are finalised and implemented. These are expected to be completed in the middle of 2010. Occupations included in State Migration Plans, criteria, procedures will be published on this website when available. Deadline: 14 May 2010 If your sponsorship application is not submitted online AND all the supporting documents registered at Immigration SA before 14 May 2010, your sponsorship application will not have a decision before July 2010. If DIAC makes any significant changes to the implementation date of the new SOL, this may affect the 14 May 2010 deadline and subsequent temporary closing down of the Online application system. Manager – General Skilled Migration Immigration South Australia DEPARTMENT OF TRADE AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT www.migration.sa.gov.au
  7. Hi all, I've applied 176 - Family sponsored with CSL, It used to be under Category 3 according to 23rd Sept priority rule. But now it seems that I came down to Category 4 with all the other independent 175 with CSL applicants. Is my understanding OK according to new priority rule impacted from 8th Feb 2010? Actually I'm asking this because there's no clear direction for previous Cat 3 applicants in the new rule. Please confirm me if I'm not wrong!
  8. I am a month away from submitting my visa application subclass 175 , but am not sure where I stand now with the new rules. My occupation is on the CSL list as follows... CSL list: Computing Professionals -- where the applicant's specialisation is listed on the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL). and then on the MODL list as... MODL list: Computing Professional - specialising in CISSP * As far as I understand the CSL list still applies, at least until the new SOL comes into force. However the MODL list is now revoked, so would my application still be valid or not? :confused:
  9. I received my pre-grant letter yesterday and I was wondering- if DIAC makes any changes affecting my visa class or profession before I go offshore and get the visa granted, would they affect my case? Does anybody know what happened to applicants in my position who were affected by the 23rd September changes? Anyone know of any precedents ?
  10. Not that this is on the cards for me and my hubby,, but ive been reading so many threads lately that have mentioned a split in the family after going to Australia, and unless you have a crystal ball who knows whats up the road for any of us.. I would like to know how a split will impact on the rights of the person who is not the main applicant on a 176 or 175 visa (can they still work what is there visa status) and if that differs were there is sponsership etc, also the dependants that are of working age, any information on this would be helpfull... regards dizz...:wubclub: