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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Members. Great to see that you have been a limelight for all those who were in dark , I am writing to check if there will be any suggestion that you give to help my situation. I had completed my Masters back in 2009 and applied for subclass 487 (Family sponsored). The person who sponsored is an Australian Citizen ,who actually is my blood brother but since he was adopted by my uncle when he was 7 years old and lived with adopted parents longer than parents by birth -I was then suggested by immigration department that I have to refer him as first cousin. Anyway I have put him as first cousin and here I am 3 years 6 months and still in bridging visa. The main concern is , I am getting married in July 2013. She is a 22 year old B Tech graduate with 1 year 6 months experience in Tier 1 IT Company in India (Currently analyst programmer - will be 2 years on job on 31st May). I am looking for options to bring her in 1) First option that I looked at is getting her to apply directly on skilled migration programme since her role in in both sol and Regional Migrations scheme but she last than 2 years experience as of now -Is this a recommended option? 2)Second option that I thought of was to bring her in student visa for Ms in information technology (This was something that she has thought about long before we met). We are getting officially married in July but she will apply for student visa either in March or April as a Independent applicant. My intention is to bring her in student visa and change it to 489 dependent visa after I get approved.. ? In doing the second option ,I was advised by some people that Case officers may turn nasty when they access her for 489 since they may feel the entire student visa is a well orchestrated idea to bring her on-shore -As a result both of us may be thrown out(Not trying to exaggerate but just saying the worst situation). What would be your recommendation? Do you mind providing me some suggestion to help my situation ? Regards Victor
  2. Hi Everyone! I'm new to poms in oz and thought I would give this a shot to see what advice I can get! So, I am currently in Brisbane on a international student visa and have just completed the Certificate III in children's services. I would really like to work and live in Australia and really do not know what route to take next?! Does anyone know whether if I go onto doing the Diploma of children's services will I be any more eligible to get a permanent visa?? If I go through the skilled migrant option do you need higher qualifications such as bachelor degrees rather than Diplomas?? My partner is also over with me and is also from the UK and he is currently the de-facto partner on my student visa which expires in March. I'm really worrying as Ive kinda been putting things off ignoring the fact my visa expires and I will have to go home! I'm running out of time :unsure: If anyone has advice please help me........ Thankyou!!! :cute:
  3. Hi there, I am turning to anyone as I am completely desperate. I have been living in Sydney for the past three and a half years. I originally came on a working holiday visa but was lucky enough to get sponsored by my company on a 457 Visa, or so I thought. At the time the laws deemed that my company was too small to sponsor me directly so they had a recruitment agency sponsor me on their behalf. Once the two years on a 457 was up I applied straight away (a year ago) for my PR Visa however, the PR agency ended up getting sanctioned during my application and my nomination was rejected. As a result I had to withdraw my application. The agency have agreed to put my application through under another company they own after much dispute as I ended up losing the fees, plus a lot of money on other outlays. However, the lawyers which I have to use at the recruitment agencies request have not resubmitted my application, two months after I put in the request. I ring them and email them every week but they tell my I am low priority and they will get to it when they get more important jobs completed(nice way to talk to a client). I have not had a payrise in over too years (am underpaid by at least $10- 15k) and there is no room for career development in my current job. I know I am good at what I do as my clients give me constant praise and say my employers are lucky to have me. My employers are totally exploiting me as they know they know I am powerless to do anything about it. I can't leave as it's too hard to get another sponsored job at the moment and my partner ( who is South American) is defacto on my visa. Due to this terrible situation I have been going through I have ended up getting diagnosed with depression (although I am unable to get help as I can't afford treatment and my medical insurance doesn't cover it). Does anyone know is their a support network for Expats or of a good but not too expensive immigration lawyer in Sydney that may be able to help my case?