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Found 17 results

  1. Can somebody please advise if it is possible to get Medical clearance before submitting ENS Visa Fees ? I have recently been diagnosed with Dry Macular Degeneration, no problems with my eyesight. I don't even use glasses. I do not want submit visa fees as I am not sure Australian Immigration a Department might not issue me visa !
  2. kfdp

    Secondary Teaching Question

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum so please be gentle! I have a couple of questions that I'm finding tricky to find answers to that are applicable to my specifics. So I've been working my behind off for the past, at least, 2 years: working and studying full time, aiming to be a secondary teacher, with the goal of the Australian dream. I'm currently studying History through the Open University, averaging 2:1, and hope to complete this next summer (2016). I am planning on applying for admission into a PGDE Secondary History course for that year, so if all goes well I will complete that in Summer 2017. I will have: BA (Hons) History degree (3 years) PGDE Secondary History (1 year) Do I need work experience to apply for 189 visa? Could I, in theory, apply as soon as I have those precious, hard fought for, blood sweat and tear soaked pieces of paper, and still have the chance of being granted a 189 visa as a Secondary Teacher? Thank you for any and every piece of advice, even if it's direction-pointing! I hope you all are having a lovely evening! Please understand that I do know that there is the very good chance that Secondary teacher will be taken off the list at any moment, however if that is so, then at least I'm qualified to teach here in the UK, and I'll just have to be creative for a chance of living and working in Australia in the future :cute:
  3. Hi everyone. First time poster. I was wondering if you'd be able to provide me with some insight... I'm seeking to immigrate to Australia and am wondering if 1) it is going to be possible, and 2) if it is possible, what path I look into taking. About me: I'm a single, childless, financially stable 38-year-old Canadian citizen who is currently has a career with my province's department of justice as a youth corrections officer. I have 5 years of experience. Prior to that I worked with developmentally-challenged youth and young adults in the community for 5 years. I do not have a university degree, although I do have some post-secondary education and am currently working on a BA in Asian Studies on the side to keep my mind stimulated. I'm also an artist working in the medium of photography, although that certainly won't get me into the country as much more a lifestyle than career. I did some looking into SkillSelect and got in touch with VETASSESS about having my career recognized for the points system. I was informed that I required a university degree in a related field in order to qualify despite my career and years of service. I asked about what other paths to immigration that I might take but VETASSESS were unable to provide me with assistance. To enter my career as a corrections officer, prospective employees do not attend university but instead are required to successfully complete 3 months of full-time training. So the long and the short of it is, I think I have a unique skillset, and a notable amount of experience related to that skillset, but I do not have a related university degree. Is there possibly a way I could still immigrate to Australia? Thanks for your time, J
  4. So I've been living in oz for 18 months on a working holiday visa but I want live here permanently. I can't be sponsored in my current job (working offshore) because its not seen as skilled. I'm single, have a BA (hons) in performing arts and used to work as an actor in the UK. I'm 24, have a British passport but can't seem to find a visa to suit. nothing that I do/have done, is on the skilled occupation list... Can anyone help me?
  5. Hi we have recently spent 6 weeks in Oz and would love to move permanently. My hubby is a field engineer but does not have a degree and the couple of immigration agents we have spoke to have told us we aren't going to get a permanent visa. With 3 kids we really don't want to move on a temp visa (even if this is possible). Is there anyone who can give us some advice or recommend an agent in Uk. We would be happy to be located anywhere in Oz. cheers if you can help.
  6. Ratbag1

    A realistic aim?

    My husband is 55 and I am 43. He's a medic and I'm a sonographer and health manager. We are keen to spend the rest of our careers in Oz, minimum of 10 years. I've read some of the posts about the challenges of moving when you're older, but are we seriously too old?
  7. Steve Elliott

    Immigration/Visa Questions

    I'm originally from the Uk and have been here in Brisbane for 20 yrs now - and still loving it. Over the past few years my wife has helped several hundred British families start a new life in QLD through her boutique Immigration business. From the many posts I have seen on this site there appears to be a lot of confusion and frustration with the Oz Immigration laws and processes. There also appears to be a lot of well intended but questionable advice from people trying to help their fellow Brits. I just wonder if there would be many people reading this post who would be interested in having their Visa and Immigration questions answered by someone who does it for a living. Maybe a seminar and Q&A session somewhere here in Brisbane - maybe even with some nibbles thrown in This is a genuine offer to help as I know what a change a move to Oz can make to people's lives. - It did to me. I have also witnessed many phone calls to the UK advising visas and job offers have come through - The resulting laughter and excitement at the end of the line makes it all so worthwhile. I would be very interested in hearing anyone's feedback. eg If you think it would be of interest, best location, time etc. Then we could take it from there Cheers
  8. Guest

    Have I left it too late?

    What options do I have? At 53 years old what are my options for living and working in Aus? Background I spent 3 months seconded to Christmas Island last year on a 457 but the project ended and I came back to the UK. I'm a UK citizen and married. Although married, whilst in Aus I met a lady who and we began a relationship. I came back to the UK in September 2011 but returned to Aus in November 2011, on a 3 month visitors visa, to be with my new partner. I returned to the UK just before Christmas but then resigned from my job in the UK and returned to Aus late January 2012. Unfortunately homesickness crept in and I came back (again) to the UK late May 2012. I realise that this all seems very topsy turvy but I'd just like to know if there's any chance of me getting out to Aus permanently. Summary Aged 53 Have lived in Aus with my 'de facto' partner for 1 month in December 2011 and for 4 months (Jan to May 2012) All other times we have been in regular communication via phone and email. My 3 month visitor visa expires in November 2012. Any help regarding options/possibilities would be appreciated. Paul
  9. SUBCLASS 457 TEMPORARY VISA PROGRAM REFORMS- 1 JULY 2012 1. There will be a consolidated list of occupations for both the 457 and permanent resident ENS Visa application, yet to be made public. A copy shall be provided to you as soon as we are advised of same; 2. The 457 Visa application process will be unchanged other than the possibility of later editions of the application forms and increases in DIAC application charges. 3. As at present, the nominated position must be within an occupation on the ANZSCO list of occupations; 4. The minimum base salary must be no less favourable or more favourable than that paid to an Australian employee (Market Related Salary); PERMANENT EMPLOYER SPONSORED VISA PROGRAM REFORMS- 1 JULY 2012 · Collapsing six existing visa Subclasses into two by removing on-offshore distinctions and absorbing separate Labour Agreement Subclasses within streams of the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) and the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) Classes; · Changing key visa criteria including English language and skills requirements; · Introducing a streamline pathway to residency for eligible Subclass 457 Visa holders; · Raising the upper age limit to less than 50 years; · Refocusing the Regional Certifying Body Network to the direct entry stream of RSMS; · Introducing a single sponsored occupation list to replace the current three list; · Integrating ENS and RSMS within SkillSelect, to also be launched 1 July 2012. These changes will mean a permanent employer sponsored structure that is made up of two classes- Employer Nomination (EN) ENS (Subclass 186) and Regional Employer Nomination (RN) RSMS (Subclass 187)- within which there will be following three streams; 1.Temporary Residence Transition stream- For Subclass 457 Visa holders who have worked for their employer for at least the last 2 years and the employer wants to offer them a permanent position in that same occupation; 2.Direct Entry stream- For applicants who are untested in the Australian Labour Market and have not held a Subclass 457 for at least the last 2 years or are applying directly from outside Australia; 3.Agreement stream- For applicants who are being sponsored by an employer through a highly scrutinised and negotiated labour agreement or regional migration agreement. The Minister also announced that existing “exceptional circumstances provisions” will be replaced by “exemptions” that will be more objective without sacrificing flexibility. Exemptions will be available covering age, skills and English language ability. THE TEMPORARY RESIDENCE TRANSITION STREAM This stream is targeted at Subclass 457 Visa holders who have worked for their employer for the last 2 years and the employer wants to offer them a permanent position in that occupation immediately preceeding their ENS of RSMS application. Employers who want to nominate Subclass 457 Visa holders who they are currently sponsoring will need to meet the following criteria; · The job or position being nominated for permanent residence is consistent with the position, the person held while in their Subclass 457 Visa; · The position will continue to be available to the prospective migrant for at least 2 years; · The terms and conditions of employment are the same as any that would apply to an Australian citizen; · The prospective migrant will be paid the ‘market rate’. That is the nominee will be paid at least as much as an Australian employed in the same position in the same location; · The employer has met, or continues to meet the Subclass 457 training requirement. Employers applying for an RSMS Temporary Residence Transition employer nomination scheme will need to be actively and lawfully operating in regional Australia. Visa applicants who are eligible to apply through this stream would need to meet key visa criteria including; · Being less than 50 years of age, unless they are exempt; · Have English language proficiency of at least five (5) in each of the four components of the International English Language Test Score (IELTS) test unless they are exempt. · They will not be required to undertake another test if they have done one for their subclass 457 in the last three years, or for the purposes of obtaining their licence or registration and the requirement was an IELTS score of 5 or higher, or a ‘B Score’ in the Occupational English Test (OET). These visa applicants will not need to have their skills and qualifications assessed for the permanent visa because of their prior employment and continuing employer sponsorship. THE DIRECT ENTRY STREAM The Direct Entry stream will be for visa applicants outside Australia or who are not able to apply under the Temporary Resident Transition stream, for example, international students, working holiday makers or tourists. Employers who apply through ENS Direct Entry will need to demonstrate; · The business is actively and lawfully operating in Australia; · The position is full time and available to the prospective migrant for at least 2 years; · The nominal occupation is on the new consolidated sponsored occupation list; · The prospective migrant will be paid the ‘market rate’. That is the nominee will be paid at least as much as an Australian employed in the same position in the same location. · The employer provides training to Australians. Employers who apply through the RSMS Direct Entry will need to meet the different criteria that includes; · The business is actively and lawfully operating in Regional Australia; · The position is full-time and available to the visa applicant for at least 2 years; · The position has been certified by an RCB; · The nominated position is classified as being a skill level 1- 3 occupation in ANZSCO; · The prospective migrant will be paid the ‘market rate’. That is, the nominee will be paid at least as much as an Australian employed in the same job. Visa applicants applying through the Direct Entry stream will have an untested relationship with their sponsor and limited familiarity with Australian working conditions. To ensure these visa holders are able to achieve the best workplace and settlement outcomes they will be expected to meet more stringent English language proficiency and skill requirements. Those applying under ENS Direct Entry will need to; · Provide a positive skills assessment and have at least 3 years of relevant prior work experience, unless they are exempt; · Be less than 50 years old, unless they are exempt; · Possess ‘Competent English’ that is equivalent to a score of six (6) in each of the IELTS test components, unless they are exempt. Those applying under RSMS Direct Entry will need to ; · Have a relevant Australian or overseas qualification. Minimum qualification levels will be determined by the nominated ANZSCO skill level from 1-3 (Trade Occupations at Skill Level 3 will require a Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) assessment if they do not hold an Australian qualification) · Be less than 50 years old unless they are exempt; · Demonstrate ‘Competent English’ that is equivalent to a score of six in each of the IELTS test components, unless they are exempt; THE LABOUR AGREEMENT STREAM The Labour Agreement stream is for visa applicants whose nominator holds a labour agreement for the occupation in which they are being nominated. Applicant’s applying under the stream will need to meet the requirements outlined in their nominator Labour Agreement. Visa applicant’s applying under a Labour Agreement will need to meet skills and experience, English language proficiency, age and other requirements as specified in the applicable Labour Agreement. A Labour Agreement is a formal arrangement negotiated between an employer and the Australian government and will only be considered where genuine skills shortage exists and there are no suitably qualified or experienced Australians readily available. EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES versus EXEMPTIONS The current permanent employer- sponsored visa categories accommodate unique and unusual applications through the exceptional circumstances provision for age, skill or qualification and English language requirements. This has allowed applicants who were not able to meet these criteria to be considered for permanent residence if they could demonstrate exceptional circumstances. The existing objective exceptional circumstances provision will be replaced with more objective exemption categories. This reform will provide more clarity and certainty to applicants, while ensuring the visa programs are still respond flexibly to unique cases. There will be exemptions available for age, skills and English language ability in the Temporary Residence and Direct Entry streams. Exemptions will be based on a person’s nominated occupation, salary or the time they have been employed with their nominator. Concessions sought under a Labour Agreement must be negotiated in the existing way. Age exemptions will be available to applicants; · Nominated in specific occupations where the typical age profile is older due to the specialised or technical nature of their work, for example minister of religion and researchers of scientists employed by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) or the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO). · Applying through the Temporary Residence Transition stream and have been employed with their sponsor for the last 4 years and their salary is at least equivalent to the Fair Work High Income Threshold (S118,100.00) as of 1 July 2012. Skill and Qualification exemptions will be available to applicants who are; · Nominated in an occupation where formal academic training is uncommon such as ministers of religion; · In an occupation where they will be paid executive-level salaries currently set at $250,000.00; · Scientific and technical specialist employed by Australian Universities or Scientific Research Agencies such as CSIRO or ANSTO for research, academic, scientific or other specialist work. English Language exemptions will be available to applicant; · Nominated in an occupation, the minister for immigration and citizenship considers is exempt, for instance ministers of religion; · Who are a citizen of and hold a valid passport for the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, the Republic of Ireland or New Zealand; · Applying through the Temporary Residence Transition stream and have completed at least 5 consecutive years of full-time study in a secondary or higher education institution where all of the tuition was delivered in English. People who are unable to meet the higher benchmark for the Direct Entry Stream, and are not exempted, will need to obtain a Subclass 457 Visa. After 2 years work in Australia, they will be eligible to qualify for the streamlined fast-track, Temporary Residence Transition stream. SKILLSELECT- The changes to the permanent employer sponsored visa program will coincide with the implementation of SkillSelect on 1 July 2012. SkillSelect is the new skilled migration selection process, based on an expression of interest system, which aligns the best available prospective skilled migration candidates with the fluctuating demands of the labour market. As part of the introductions of SkillSelect sponsors and visa applicants will be able to apply for the new permanent employer sponsored visas online. For further information on any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact Richard Shakenovsky on +61 2 9299-0255 or richard@rslawyers.com.au
  10. Hi all, Thank you very much for stopping by and reading this post. If you could provide me with some suggestions and help, that would be great as I am at a loss at the moment. Yesterday, I recieved a letter from AISTL saying that I am not suitable for my nominated occupation of Secondary School Teacher. It seems to be becuase I did 25 days placement at Secondary and other 25 days at Primary (I was doing double LOTE Japanese at Monash in 2011). However, I am fully registered at VIT and I currently work full time at Secondary School in Victoria. One of my friends who applied for AISTL assessment did not submit a letter with detailed placement information (i.e. name of the school, durations, levels) from our placement office, and she got an successful outcome from AITSL!!! She only submitted the transcrip which mentions that she did at least 45 days practicum (the name of school, levels, accurate duration are not mentioned on that). This is simply because she was afraid they would not give her a successful outcome as she did her 25 days of the prac at the adult education institution. After knowing this, I felt how stupid I was to be so honest and sending a letter with details of my placement. I really do not know what to do. Is it impossible for me to have a second chance? I really enjoy teaching kids here and hopefully I can live here to teach. I am thinking of submitting AITSL new application without a letter from placement office, but do you think they would check the previous documents as well? Or are there any alternative ways for me? I hope someone out there have been through the similar situations or with some ideas...I would appriciate any suggestions/comments with regard to this matter. Thank you again for your time and help in advance. Kind Regards, Junko xxx
  11. Hi all, I am facing a bit of a dialemma at the moment. I have been in OZ for 4 years, as a back packer (1 year) then on a 457 visa for (2.5 years) that unfortunatly didnt end up going PR, i believe my skillls to be one that needs the 2 year probation period. In the end my partner sponsored me, we were together for 3.5 years but was only awarded tempory residancy for which i have a year to run on that. Things between me and my partner are not good and so it looks like we might split up. Questions- 1)Is there any way i can get the PR moved forward from the 2 year wait, my partner would be willing to sign off now. Is there an appeal process? 2)My skills needing the 2 years with an employer, as i did the 2 years for another company can i just apply for perm with another employer? If i go down the road of applying for my own skilled migrant visa, the wait outside of OZ is 2 years, is it quicker here? Do i need stay on the defacto or can i get a bridging visa? 3) I am 30 now, i have earn't my 2nd year working holiday visa, would i be able to take this up seeing as am 30 now? Any advice greatly recieved, i love Australia it is my home now and i don't want to go back now :-(
  12. Hi everyone. Myself and my wife are desperate to emigrate to Oz from the UK. She is a Mental Health Nursing Assistant and I am a secondary school teacher. As far as we're aware, my wife's profession doesn't come up on the skilled profession list, but mine does. I did a pre-visa points check which came up ok to get a 3 year state-sponsored working visa. "Great" we thought, until the AITSL- who decide what qualifications you need to make it possible for you to teach in Oz - have decided that my Teacher Training Quals aren't acceptable for me for migration purposes to teach there..... GUTTED I've been emailing everyone I can think of - State Depts of Education / British Council etc, but as yet not making much progress. So... was wondering, what other options do you think we have got? - Do you think I could use my (old) Architecture qualifications as a way in? (trouble is, although I gained a degree, a postgrad and a Masters in architecture, I didn't qualify as a fully-fledged architect and went into DJing straight after uni , so dont have any experience in an architect's practice) - Or how does it work if I get a job before I go out? Do I still need to satisfy the immigration/ AITSL to get in as a teacher if I already have been offered a job? Any thoughts gratefully appreciated. Thanks so much, Simon & Nicola ====================================================
  13. Guest

    Advice required urgent

    Hi all, I am a first time poster on POMSinOZ, been reading on it since a long time but now really really need the advice of you guys. I hope someone can advise me as to what I should be doing. I completed my Diploma in Graphic Designing(2 years) from a reputable CRICOS registered institute in Melbourne approximately, March 2011. Now, the problem is that Graphic Designing is on Schedule 2 of the immigration SOL list, I have a positive VETASSESS skills assessment. Am i eligible to apply for permanent residency on-shore? or subclass 886/176? Also none of the states are sponsoring Graphic Designers, is it worth trying them all and asking if they possibly could sponsor anyone out of their lists, as to my understanding they usually have some set quotas for 'out-of-list' occupations? I may be wrong, please do correct me if I am. Can anyone suggests me what I should do, what I can do, what my options are? Or if there are any good Immigration Lawyers in Melbourne, who I could see and talk about my situation? KINDLY HELP, I AM GOING MAD THINKING ABOUT IT. PLEASE HELPP MEEEEE !! Regards, Zulfikar
  14. Hi, A little background... I used to work as a programmer, I don't currently and haven't for the last 5 years in that industry; I intend to go back to it. I'm currently in a (public sector) job as a break from programming (burn out) which I hate and is getting worse by the day. I'm single, have no dependents and nothing keeping me in this country. This place is full of chavs who don't work and I pay for and have to deal with on a daily basis. The public sector jobs are going down the pan, so I'm saving for a trip next year. So, here's the plan... I've decided to save up and travel for a few months ending up in Oz. I do know a few people over there already, 1 in Cairns and 2 in Perth. So have places to stay (hopefully, well 1 is sorted ). But, I'm not going to be able to save up too much, aiming for £6,000 ~ $10,000AUD, but some of this will get spent during the travelling. Also, I really want this cash to be a back up, so I'm going to need to work whilst out there. I have no idea whether I'll even like the place, so I only really want an initial contract of 3 months or so. Just enough to get a taste. I'm too old (37) to get a working visa, but how hard is it to get work? Which are the best places for work? There seem to be a number of areas for working in Oz: Embedded - I've always been interested but have never done it professionally, have no idea if I can do it, but one of my (stalled) personal projects would be in this area. Financial/Java - again never done it, but Java is easy enough to pick up. Web - I'm working on something in this area to replace my current website. I'm going to have to sell a lot of stuff and anything I do keep will have to go into storage, so I'll not have a place here anymore. This could be an issue with banks. Also, I'll have to postpone my student loans, but having no idea how long I'll be in Oz (if I can even get in), I have no idea how this will work. I've probably missed a few details off somewhere :tongue: please let me know if I have. Thanks, Luke.
  15. im just trying to figure out how i can live over in SA. Il get my BA in English and History this year and want to work there as middle/secondry school teacher i was thinking of enrolling in one of the universities in SA for an education graduate dip but i cant afford the fees (around 18000-24000 per year not including living expenses, accomadation and student visa) to do a year i think i'd need around $36000 and most of the courses are 2 years would it be a good idea to work there for two years on the holiday worker visa and try to save up? could i earn that much but doing fruit picking or waitress work if all id did there was just work. Or is there any other was of doing it like could i get sponsorship from one of the regional schools even though im an international student and how could i organise that? I heard you might not need an education dip to work in a private school over there... i was thinking i could also stay here and save first but honestly i just want to get over there ASAP and with the recession theres little likelihood of getting good work advice?!?!?!??!?!?!?!
  16. Guest

    Defacto spouse visa application

    Hello, I was after some advice related to my defact spouce visa application coming up on 14th August, in particular related to the 12 month relationship evidence required. My partner and i will have been living together for 12 months on 14th august 08 (the day i arrived in OZ last year) and we don't have the lease in each of our name and also have minimal bills in joint names (this is due to my partner having lived in the current property for 5 years prior to me living wiht him) and i was wondering if anyone else had the same issue and what other docuemntation you gave to support the fact that you have been together 12 months prior and are committed to a future together as we are. So far i have gathered the following info: - bank statements - we opened a joint account in October 07 - other official documentation with our address on - photos - emails to each other before i came to Oz to live with my partner - car insurance - gym memembership Any help and advice would be appreciated, Maria