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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, I hope someone could inform me of what my best options are - I'm currently in Sydney on a working holiday visa and enjoying it so much! Great to be back in the surf and the active lifestyle that Aus has to offer. Compared to London! What would my best options be if I wanted to stick around? I have 10 years experience in property marketing services (floor planning & some photography) which I'm thinking of looking into (at the moment I am planting shrubs and doing okay - may be getting promoted to team leader in the next week or so). And also on the lookout for regional work so I will be eligible for the 2nd yet holiday working visa. I also have some money saved from London which I could embark on 4 months of studies (maybe a trade of some kind) which will increase my chance of sticking around. Most of my family are up in Brisbane (aunts, uncles and cousins) who would also be will ing to sponsor me. And they live in a designated area (not sure of the difference between the areas). Many thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction!! paulL
  2. If you got to Australia on a working holiday visa, is there any way of training in a certain job when you get to Australia to get experience and skills to get a skilled job to then get sponsored? or is that impossible and would it be too hard to find those jobs when you're on a working holiday visa? I want to go to move to Australia from the UK and I don't want to marry an Australia either as I'll be going to Australia with my girlfriend from the UK. I've only got experience in call centre and admin work and my girlfriend only has experience in being a support worker so we don't really qualify .. any help?
  3. We are looking into moving permantley to Perth. I am a joiner and my wife is a youth worker. We are wondering what the cheapest and quickest moving options were, we are both under 30 but have a house to sell or rent out in the UK. ... Any advice?
  4. Guest


    Please help! My husband and i are desperate to emmigrate to Oz. My husband is a greenkeeper/mechanic and i am a childminder. My brother-in-law lives in Sydney and is willing to sponsor us as a family. With sponsorship and my husbands job we are 10 points short of what we need therefore would need to take the IELTS for the extra 10 points. After looking at the IELTS sample test my husband is very certain that he won't pass a couple of the sections. We really don't want to pay £300 to find this out. Does anyone have any advice or know anything else we can do?
  5. Anyone help me out with a link to that really useful thread with the list of things to do before the big move canny seem to find it now?!?! Cheers Laura
  6. Hi everyone im new to this but ive been told this is one of the best places for advice on immigrating to Australia as most people are in the process of so or already have done so. My very keen are moveing my family from the uk to Australia, theres 5 of us myself my wife and 3 daughters ages 3 ,4 and 7, i want to do this by 2014 but i dont really know where to start ive been on the Australian gov website and i believe i pass for the SOL list as im a CNC Machinist in the steel industry but what to do from herei have no i dear, do i apply for a visa first then look for rented houseing and a job, when do i put my house up for sale etc any advice would be great im so comfussed:arghh: cheers paddy P.S if i sell my house i would walk away with about 45000 - 50000 AUS dollers is that enough
  7. Hi Guys How long does it take from applying for visas to leaving (hopefully) to OZ does it actually take?
  8. Just had the following email from Singapore Airlines! Don't think this is common knowledge as cant find it advertised on their website anywhere! Unfortunately we are not eligible for it as going on a 457....although we were initially told we were so trying to get some more for free!!! Imagine if we just turned up with 40kg each!!! "If passengers holding an unused/unstamped/not validated migrant visa that specifically states they are permitted to remain in Australia indefinitely / permanently, then they will be entitled to double baggage allowance (40 kilos, per passenger). This visa has to be used for the first time to enter into Australia and the double baggage will be granted after, the visa has been verified by our staff at the check-in counter on the day of their departure. For reference, passengers holding Work / Business / Students / Working-Holiday / Partner Visas, or visas that have already been stamped / validated, will not be eligible for double baggage allowance. "
  9. Hello there, and thanks for reading. I am currently studying a two year foundation degree in Digital Design and then a top up year to study a Ba (hons) degree in Graphic Communication (graphic design) after this i wanting to do a PGCE in secondary Art & Design for a further year, followed by 3 years teaching in the UK before applying for immigration. Would this be enough to then go into full time teaching in Australia, i have been searching for weeks for an answer but nothing concrete, i want to teach in NSW preferably to. Thank you for any advice or information on anything else i would need to do to help me move over. Also any advise on student loans from uk, how do i arrange paying that back, when in OZ?
  10. My husband is an un-employed roofer. The prospects for work in ireland are getting worse each day. Is it better to apply for a visa, etc on your own or through an agency? Agencies seem to be costly. Would you recommend having a job offer in place? We have a young family, 4 and 1.5 yrs. We would love to move to Sydney but are willing to go where there is work. The whole process seems daunting, leaving family, our mortgage here, renting in oz, schools etc. Any advice welcome.:biggrin:
  11. Hi there. I’m a 29-year-old British editor wanting to make a new life in Sydney. I currently live in Hong Kong. The trouble is that I can’t make up the points for the Skilled Independent Migrant visa and have no relatives in Oz. I’m thinking that my only practical course of action is as follows: apply for a working holiday visa, go to Sydney, find an employer willing to sponsor me for a work visa and transfer to that, sponsor my wife and bring her over. My understanding is that transferring from a working holiday visa to a work visa is easy and does not involve leaving the country. 1 Are there any other routes open to me? 2 Has anyone attempted the plan I’ve outlined above? 3 Is the plan feasible with regards to getting a job/sponsorship? I’ve heard that sponsoring work visas can be onerous for employers. 4 If I do get sponsored for a work visa, which visa am I likely to get? I would appreciate any feedback as I’m somewhat dreading the process of moving country again, especially with so much uncertainty involved. Many thanks, Ben
  12. Hi Everyone, When it comes time to wind everything up in the UK, and you close your accounts with utility companies etc – (In my case, phone companies….) confirm when the last payment will be taken from your account by the phone company. After the final payment has been taken from your account, CANCEL your direct debit. If you use online banking, do not simply cancel the DD on there – phone your bank and do it. And make sure that they cancel ALL DDs to that particular company. A particular phone company has a reputation for setting up not one, not two, but THREE direct debits when you sign up with them. When you simply cancel your DD online, they will just take more money against one of the other 2 remaining DDs.:jimlad: We did contact the phone company (on about 4 occasions now) and they could not explain how they were able to take the money, and, as we had cancellation references, they were full of promises to refund us the money. (This started in February, and we’re still waiting!!) I had to contact our bank in the UK to find out what was going on, and how they were able to continue to take money out of our account. The lady at the bank explained the business of the 3 DD’s on our account. She also said that there were other companies who worked the same way – she named some well known gyms and internet providers. The bank was very good and refunded us the money as they could see we had cancelled the DD twice already, however it is a real pain in the backside when you need to resolve issues like this from half way around the world!! Save yourself the headache!!:idea: Cheers Jules
  13. Guest

    Immigrating to Perth WA

    Hi all, Will be arriving in Perth in June After 2 years of application forms and assessments.:arghh: Finaly granted a skilled 176 visa for a general electrician (WA).:smile: I would like to know if there is any cheapish accommodation for a single male in or around Perth while I job hunt, look for rentals and wait for the family and furniture? If anybody could help me with the names of a couple of places I would be really greatfull. If anyone has any ideas of which agencies to approach for electrical maintenance work that would also be great. Cheers. Kelly
  14. hi every one this is my first post i currently stay in Scotland and work as a fireplace builder, heating engineer, plumber me and my fiancé are planning to move to Australia in about five years time to settle and start the rest of our lives we backpacked for a month two years ago and loved the country and the people, the thing is we don't want to know how we go about immigrating, we are 23 and 27 1 if we plan to be there in five years time then when should we start the process ie, how long does it take to get in 2 what do i need financially to get in 3 what do i need as far as employment history to get in i work self employed for my parents company we are just a small outfit so records are dis organized at the best of times 4 where is the best place to settle from a financial and employment point of view if anyone could help point us in the right direction that would be great cheers grunter:goofy:
  15. Hi All!! My partner and I are due to move to Brisbane this coming December but I am extremely worried for my partner and how well she will cope out there. She has the worst phobia of Spiders I have ever come across and I know what type of spiders there are in Australia and although she says she is not going to let a phobia ruin her chances of starting a new life in the Sun, I am deeply concerned for her:unsure: When I say she has a really bad case of it, anyone knows how harmless the spiders are in the UK, but if she comes across one, heck she panics!! she can't even get close enough to put a pint glass over it until I get home in fear that she will miss and it might get on her And although she should not kill spiders, she couldn't anyway! Everytime she goes to swat a spider with a magazine, she freezes up, says she can't do it because if she misses, it will fall on the ground and run away and then she won't know where it is:swoon: Best thing that works for her is out of sight - out of mind! Can anyone advise as to how frequent you see Spiders there, especially the Huntsmen spider? I fear she might actually have a heartattack if she sees one!!
  16. Hi, I am thinking of immigrating to oz but have no idea how much it would cost to relocate two cats. All the sites that i look at seem to give no idea of a rough cost does anyone have any idea how much it is very roughly. Including flights, quarantine vets etc? xx
  17. does anyone know the best places to live in oz?