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Found 26 results

  1. Hello, Which type of visa is suitable for someone who is looking for a visa sponsored job in Australia? I am from Kenya and I'm looking for a job as a civil engineer /project manager in construction sector is Australia. Please advise....
  2. Are there any new immigrants to Australia, i am talking in the last few months currently living on pounds Sterling. I ask because i found it costly at 2 to 1, whereas currently at 1.5 to 1 and taking into consideration an increase in living costs since i last lived in Australia over two years ago. I am wondering how you are finding it, in terms of affordability...................
  3. Guest

    Pet immigrants

    Hi guys How much did it cost each of you to relocate you pet to OZ and what type of pet was it, and who did u go with, would u recommend again ???:wink:
  4. The UK's first female Asian peer has used a debate in the Lords to criticise Pakistani and Bangladeshi families for having too many children. Baroness Flather suggested people in some minority communities had a large number of children in order to be able to claim more benefits. The peer, born in Lahore before the partition of India, said the issue did not apply to families of Indian origin.The cross-bencher said benefit cuts could help to discourage extra births. Baroness Flather, speaking during a debate on the government's welfare changes, said: "The minority communities in this country, particularly the Pakistanis and the Bangladeshis have a very large number of children and the attraction is the large number of benefits that follow the child. "Nobody likes to accept that, nobody likes to talk about it because it is supposed to be very politically incorrect." The 67-year-old said that immigrant families must stop having lots of children "as a means of improving the amount of money they receive or getting a bigger house." Indians 'different' The former Tory peer also claimed Indian families had a different mentality to Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities in the UK. "Indians have fallen into the pattern here," she told peers. "They do not have large families because they are like the Jews of old. They want their children to be educated. "This is the other problem - there is no emphasis on education in the Pakistani and Bangladeshi families." Baroness Flather called for a gradual reduction in benefits in order to discourage large families and suggested payments should be reduced after a couple's first two children. She said: "I really feel that for the first two children there should be a full raft of benefits, for the third child three-quarters and for the fourth child a half." Baroness Flather's comments were not well-received by Labour work and pensions spokesman Lord McKenzie. Concluding the argument for the opposition, he told the Lords: "I had not expected the treatise on the family sizes of the Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities and hope I don't again." Welfare reform minister Lord Freud, replying to the debate, did not refer to Lady Flather's comments. The Welfare Reform Bill is the biggest shake-up of the benefits system for 60 years. A universal payment to replace income-related work-based benefits, such as child tax credit, is planned, as are stricter rules for people losing their benefits if they refuse a job.
  5. just wundered--what about tradies,and all sections of employement--is there much happening,and if so where--its pretty pointless geting out there,and not being able to find work i feel--this thread is about oz not the uk,i think most new immigrant from the uk know whats happing in the uk as far as employement goes,but may be unsure about australia--hence the question
  6. Finance Minister: Australia Needs More Immigrants - WSJ.com Interesting comments from a relatively senior member of the Government. Best regards.
  7. Have any of you guys read this? Children freed but new detention centres for asylum seekers to be built | News.com.au The government is going to let the asylum seekers to stay whereas keeping us who work hard and pay taxes and full application fees away. This is the biggest joke I have ever heard. Yes, everyone is equal, but my money is not easy money, why should I pay for them to stay while myself is in a limbo? I will not consider Australia is a country with justice from now on. I also doubt the value of applying for PR in Australia. Welcome any discussion.
  8. This is just a copy of a post I did today. Why do people expect Australia to be like the UK ? It is NOT the UK and never will be !!!!!!!! People need to get that into their heads and stop comparing and just get on with it. Live in Australia......... and accept its differences for what they are, and get accustomed to the idea that this is Australia !!!!!!!!!! Wasnt that the idea in the first place ??????? Come to Australia because its Australia and not because its the same as the UK but with sunshine :arghh: Most prob going to cop some flack for this but at least I've got it off my chest and i feel better now :jiggy:
  9. Tony Abbott sets population target of 29 million people | Herald Sun
  10. Clarius Skills Index. Australia’s move towards yet another national skills shortage has been confirmed in the latest Clarius Skills Index, with demand for skilled labour reporting a significant upswing. In the March quarter, 15 of the 20 skilled occupations measured in the Index reported an increase in demand with eight of those skilled categories showing demand exceeding the available labour. The eight categories are Building and Engineering and Computer Professionals, Building and Engineering and Chefs in the Associate Professionals category and Metal, Automotive, Wood and Hairdressers in the Tradespersons categories, which all scored above 100 in the Index. Interesting that the draft or proposed SOL Skilled occupation List for 457 temporary workers and skilled immigrants is apparently not going to include chefs and hairdressers? Much to do with perceptions that only "Indian students" at "dodgy colleges" study these migration or PR pathways?
  11. Immigration 'must be in our interests' Rudd flips on 'big Australia'
  12. A federal inquiry has heard families are abandoning their disabled children in order to fit into Australia's immigration criteria. A parliamentary committee is looking at relaxing the rules which block many immigrants from entering Australia if a family member has a disability or a health condition.
  13. Hi Folks, We are (hopefully) at the final stages of applying for a 175 visa. We've had the medicals etc and are now just waiting. Unfortunately, there have been some worrying stories in the UK press about British immigrants being very unpopular in Oz at the moment. Some people are heading home because they have felt very unwanted and their children have been bullied in school and told to 'go back home'. My husband is an IT professional with quite specialist experience so I don't think he'd be taking a job that many people could do, but I don't know if this would make any difference. We have two school age children and we don't want to expose them to bullying. Has anyone else had a similar experience or can anyone reassure us that we will be welcome? Is it just the current econimic climate that is bringing out the worst in people or are Brits really disliked? Thanks for any help anyone can give.
  14. How the hell can they be worried:chatterbox:Australia is massive and 35 million is nothing, look at the UK you cannot swing a scabby cat in some towns. Immigrants to Australia and baby boomers are being blamed for a huge rise in the population estimates from 28.5 million in 2049 to an incredible 35 million. Immigrants to Australia blamed for rise in Australian population | Embrace Australia
  15. Just read this article on Daily Mail about Poms being kicked out of the country with as little as two weeks' notice (presumably they are on employer sponsored visas). We are about to make the move and it chills my blood reading stuff like this and wondering how long it will take us to find employment... Expats' paradise lost in New Zealand's jobs crisis - just weeks after it was named best place to make a fresh start | Mail Online
  16. There are lots of good and bad points about both Oz and UK. There have been lots of threads which have discussed the same, all be it rather heatedly! Dont let these "discussion threads" sway you. Do your own research! What works for one person does not necessarily work for another. By all means ask all the questions in the world but remember...........just because someone else doesnt like it.........it doesnt mean you wont! If you are waiting for a visa........it will seem like forever but u will get here! If you are thinking of applying....look at all the pro`s and con`s of why you are moving! If you are here............I hope its going well. Good Luck x
  17. Amaroo

    Cut back on Immigrants

    Immigration Minister Chris Evans has announced a cut of 18,500 places in the skilled migration program this financial year. That will be a set back for some UK hopefuls. At least the BBC's, 'Wanted Down Under' programme has stopped airing. They were showing programmes from 2006/7 which gave a totally false impression of what Oz is really like now to live in. Mind it did not give a real idea in the first place. Any Pom thinking of making that big move 'down under' needs to think hard. The sun sea and warmth is not everything.
  18. What are your top 5 questions that you want to know? We`ll try and start a thread on each and help you through it!
  19. I'd just like to say there has been lots of talk about people telling of their negative views of Australia on this site lately and of people saying they like to hear the good and the bad. I agree its good to learn as much as you can but: At the end of the day................... People can talk until their blue in the face for the pros and cons of moving to Austrailia:chatterbox: The same as this site you can read for days and days! The fact is everyone is individual and different and what suits one may not suit another. So unless you go you will never know:jiggy: Life is'nt going to end just because you had a dream and then found out it was'nt for you, at least you will have had the experience and memories of another place in the word that you have visited. Thats a lot more than some people do in a lifetime. And if your dream turn out for the best and all that you had hoped for, what can be better than that:smile:
  20. Hi Guy's I thought this might interest someone? AUSTRALIAN IMMIGRATION NEWS Skilled immigration could earn you an above average wage in Australia Tuesday, 25 March 2008 A recent report by the Department of Immigration has revealed that overseas workers mainly in higher skilled areas are earning wages well above their Australian counterparts. For example, IT workers in the communications trade in Australia are now earning an average of AU$ 25,000 more per annum than local employees. With a strong Australian dollar overseas workers are now reaping the benefits of Australia's temporary work visa scheme that allows workers across all industries to work in The Lucky Country for up to four years. The figures from the Ministry of Immigration indicate that a large majority of Australian employers are providing favourable conditions for their foreign employees. Professor Phil Lewis, a labour market expert from the University of Canberra, has confirmed that the evidence seems to suggest that the 457 workers are not being paid less than Australians, and that the averages show that they're actually getting paid more. He then concluded that it seems to indicate that employers are actually doing the right thing by hiring people for the wage commensurate for their skill - a wage very similar to what they'd be paying Australian workers. The 457 visa, which allows an Australian company to sponsor an overseas worker, has been pivotal in helping to curb a chronic shortage of skilled and unskilled workers in Australia. Professor Phil Lewis, Director of the Centre for Labour Market Research at the University of Canberra, agrees that the 457 is essential. He’s explained that he’s done some studies of looking at what the skilled gaps are, and has concluded that if it wasn't for the overseas workers, Australia would be in a huge mess in terms of trying to meet its capacity constraints. Lewis warned that any attempt to cut back on these pros could have very severe effects on inflation and Australia’s ability to keep up its export drive. I
  21. Hi guys, A quick question if you don't mind, for those of you living in Australia. I was reading the Melbourne Herald Sun on-line, and headline news was the discovery of a woman's body in Springvale. Turns out the poor lady was on an expired tourist visa. Call me naive, but I always got the impression that Australia was really hot on 'overstayers' and I imagined them being hunted down ruthlessly (over-active imagination I know). So, my question is: is there a huge problem of overstayers, illegal immigrants, or whatever you want to call them. I should add, that I'm not thinking of being one:no: should our visa application be refused!! Thanks guys. Rache:wubclub:
  22. ..article in the West Aus online.. Australia seeks more UK immigrants : thewest.com.au.. Pingpong:cute:or Tess
  23. connaust

    Immigrants Video

    Comedic take on immigrants in Oz from Newstopia PS RSL is the Returned Serviceman's League (like Royal British Legion), who in fact do assist both Australians of Italian and German background who served in WWII. Cheers Andrew
  24. Guest

    Too few immigrants in London

    They have just done a survey on immigration in London. They asked the average Londoner if there were too many immigrants coming to the capital here is the results Yes - 10% No - 7% وليأتوا الاكثر أفضل -83%
  25. Guest

    Mortgages for new immigrants

    Just had an email from my cousin in Perth who seems to think that new immigrants cant get a mortgage until they hav been in the country for a year. Does anyone know if this is true. If so then its gonna push the rental market right up OMG every day throws another worry at me. :wacko: