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Found 9 results

  1. I am not an Englishman, I'm an Australian interested in the experiences of Australian immigrants. Presently, my honours thesis revolves around examining cultural adaption, religiosity and mental health in Australian immigrants (i.e. international students, immigrants in Australia or Australians born to immigrant parents). In order to gather data I am using a survey, which takes 10 minutes to complete and is anonymous, which asks about an individuals experiences in Australia, their religious beliefs and practices, and their mental health regarding depression, anxiety and stress. Given that this board is centred around Australian immigrants, I believe it is a reasonable place to post my survey. If anyone is willing, I would very much appreciate it if you could please complete my thesis survey using the following link: https://rmit.au1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0JJkpqRcgj3FIKF. All responses are very much appreciated, and I hope to expand on the current understanding of immigrant experiences and mental health in Australia. You can also share the survey with anyone you believe might be interested in doing it if you wish.
  2. Hello all, I am looking to move to Australia and looking to apply for a PR. I have many questions. But I wish to know, If I could get a job, any kind of job for that matter, like the ones working in stores, petrol bunks etc. People out there in this forum, Please share your knowledge. I wish not to ask many questions or write too much, as I haven't still seen ausi. Please do reply me. Thanx a lot for your time in advance. Thank you.
  3. New rules match best and brightest migrants to places. PEOPLE who want to come to Australia as independent skilled migrants will have to ask permission to apply from next year. The federal government has announced radical changes to how it selects winners in key skilled-migration categories. From July 2012, many would-be skilled migrants will have to lodge an online expression of interest and wait for an invitation before they can make a formal application. The Immigration Department website says the new system will help "deliver the skills Australia needs by matching the best and brightest migrants to the available places in the migration program".
  4. Guest

    Immigrant or Tourist?

    Am in a bit of a dilemma and in need of advice - so, here goes:- We got our PR visas in November 2009 and validated them on a trip to Brisbane last year. Since we started the visa process lots of things have changed - not to mention the exchange rate and dire housing market - and we are now questioning our reasons for emigrating. Anyway, in order to make up our minds, we have decided to 'take a year out' next year and have booked furnished accommodation in Mornington, Vic, for 17 weeks and then on to Perth for 20 weeks, again furnished accommodation. My queries now are these:- a) We do not plan to put our children (9 & 12) into school due to the short length of time we will be staying in each place. How does Australia feel about home schooling and how do we go about doing it? Neither my husband nor myself are teachers, but can only assume this wouldn't be an issue? b) My husband is a software engineer who contracts over here. We do not think he will be working for the duration of our stay in Oz, although we haven't ruled it out. Therefore, do we come over as immigrants and apply for a tax file number and Medicare or stay as tourists with travel insurance? Hopefully, after ten months, we will have more of an idea of where we want to stay although whatever eventuality we will still have to come back to England, albeit to tie up loose ends. Is there anyone that is in a similar situation or has done the same as us, who can offer advice?!!
  5. Hi I currently hold visa subclass 176 and will expire by 2014. However, I've been pondering to take up citizenship in another country. even after taking up my new citizenship, if I decided to go to Australia Would this have any adverse effect to my OZ visa that i'm holding? Please advise.
  6. let there be no panic lol
  7. What do you think, I applied end June for 176 visa, do not have CO but hearing reports of possible immigrant cuts in maybe early as November should I have my meds sooner rather than later, would this make a difference or not. Confused, your thoughts please. :chatterbox:
  8. Just a thought but on this forum there are so many people going through/gone through hell and high water to get a visa to get into Australia. They spend not only money and time but also invest emotionally always working towards getting the visa which will enable them to have a better lifestyle for their families. So now consider if you were to want to come into the Uk. It seems to me you need not speak the language, nor have any qualifications and once you get here money is thrown at you. Can anyone on this forum see a time when the British govt will put in place some of the same measures and standards that the Australian government has? Also just to be clear I am sure that many immigrant coming into the UK are here for similar reasons as those of us who are going to Oz. I am sure that they too want to give their families a better lifestyle. But surely now is the time to put in stricter controls.How else is the UK going to become a better place? As I said just a thought-I am in contemplation mode at present! Mandy x
  9. Guest

    I'm going to be an immigrant

    I was just thinking to myself today that blimey when i get to oz i'm going to be an immigrant. I was wondering how i'd really be seen in a foreign country. Would i and my family be looked down upon as some of the immigrants we have here are.:wacko: