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Found 12 results

  1. Hi All, I wonder if anyone could help or has been in a similar situation. We are very worried about our position and hope someone could shed some light on it. I would be ever so grateful if you could offer your knowledge and experience. We were granted our permanent residence visas on 23rd Feb 07. This was a subclass 136 which is now known as a subclass 175. We made our initial visit on 12th December 2008 and returned back to the UK on 4th Jan 2009. We had every intention of coming back in the January 2010 and settling for good. Unfortunately, just as we returned from our first visit, my mother became seriously ill and has since fought a losing battle with Parkinson’s disease. Her health is still declining but she is now able to be looked after by carers rather than me and other family. She urges us to go and live our lives but we love her dearly and I worry about her health and the eventual outcome. Our visas expire on 21 February 2012 and I understand that we have to get a residents return visa, subclass 155. What are my options? From what I understand it’s the following: We can get to Australia before the expiry date and never leave the country. We can get to Australia, stay two years out of a five year window and then apply for an RRV for a further five years in Australia while living in Australia. What are the rules here? Do you have to stay for the full two years, would they let you leave for two weeks in those initial two years on compassionate grounds, i.e. a death in the family? Or is it super strict, ie you have to get an RRV before you leave. My concern would be an emergency call about my Mum, a fast trip back to the UK with no time to apply for an RRV and then not being allowed back in. How long can you be away for after you have spent the two years, returned to the UK. Or I can apply for an extension here in the UK. How hard is this to do? The DMIA website on eligibility states the following: If your last departure from Australia was as a permanent resident or Australian citizen (which it was as we left on 4th Jan 2009) You must provide evidence of substantial business, cultural, employment or personal ties of benefit to Australia ( I will have a permanent job offer) and If you have been absent for more than five continuous years since your last departure from Australia as an Australian permanent resident or Australian citizen, you must provide evidence of compelling reasons for your absence over five years. (Does this mean from the date of your last day in Australia, in our case 4th Jan 2009? Its more than likely we will not be away for longer than 5 years so this rule should not apply, but if it does, Im hoping the compelling reason is my Mum) Also, what is the point of a 3 month RRV, it seems that the requirements for this RRV are not as strict and this is taken from the DMIA website: You must have spent at least one day in the last five years in Australia as a permanent resident or an Australian citizen and you must provide evidence of compelling and compassionate reasons for your departure. So, looking after my Mum, would that be compelling and compassionate grounds? Thank you all in advance, any help would really be appreciated.
  2. tupelo73

    Home for family after 13 years??

    Hi, I've lived between here and NZ for the last 13 years. My parents are getting older in the UK, Dad suffers from cancer, lives alone and they miss me terribly. I'm happy in Aus as a country, have a good job, loads of friends, 2 cats and a unit I love. The thought of selling up is totally overwhelming and I must admit I dread living and working in the UK; I left there in my early 20's and it doesn't feel like home but what to do? Is anyone else in this position? Has anyone else gone back to the UK for family and not themselves (though the guilt does take the shine off being abroad). When do you know you have to just bite the bullet and go back? Does the decision just come organically? I'm really glad I've found this site and would appreciate any advice given. I realise that I 'should' be going back and that it's a no brainer but I'm still finding it so hard to sell up, rehome my cats, give in my notice at work..... Many thanks and best wishes. Tupelo
  3. My step-mum and I have both been diagnosed with ACS (Auto Correction Syndrome) It is reported that more women suffer from this illness than men. To Diagnose if you have this illness you have to listen to your partner tell a story to friends/family etc and when he/she pronounces a word incorrectly you correct him/her aloud in front of everyone! If you are able to refrain from correcting the partner you are not suffering from this illness. I only thought I suffered from this affliction but this afternoon I noticed that my step-mum corrected my father whilst he was in full flow of telling me about his two month trip 'down-under' [ All this is said tongue in cheek and it's not a real illness, unless like me you use it as a feeble excuse after you have embarrassed your OH] :biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh: Does anyone else suffer from this?
  4. Hey everyone! Has anybody declared a mental illness such as depression or mild bipolar disorder when applying for a working holiday visa?
  5. Please can anyone offer advice or point me in the right direction.............. I was granted a 309 Defacto Visa last October, it's temporary for 2 years and then reverts to a permanent visa. I have recently been diagnosed with M.S. and am worried about how this may affect my permanent residency. Will I be asked about medical issues when my 2 year temporary visa is due to convert to a permanent visa? Am I best to get private healthcover and cover the costs of treatment fully so I am not a drain on Medicare? I am working full time and will continue to do so, meaning that the Government will still get their fair share of taxes from me! I have settled really well in Australia and would hate to think that permanent residency could be denied for me due to this illness.
  6. Guest

    Permanent visa and Illness

    Hi Everyone, I need some advice or some info from those of you who have been issued a permenant visa offshore. My hubby was issued a permanent visa on the 21.12.2009. I planned on departing in September tihis year and he planned to follow once I found work in Sydney. Things were progressing well at home - our savings are at a good level, I started sending some boxes to Australia and was considering booking my flight. I resigned at work in April, planning to work until the end of July. Unfortunately we were hit with a bad surprise in April/May. He had been sick with (what we thought was) the flu since February this year. Following many doctors appointments, a CT scan and a biopsy, he has been recently diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma (!!!). This completely shocked us as who thinks about cancer when going to the doctor with suspected flu. He starts with Chemo on Thursday and will have 12 sessions, once a fortnight. Following 6 months, the two tumours found should be mostly or all gone, should his body respond well to treatment. There is apparantely a 90-95% cure rate for his age group so we are both trying to stay as optimistic and positive as possible. We had summer holidays planned for August but these have obviously been cancelled. We are trying to work out what do to with his PR visa. He needs to enter Australia by the 13th of January and this date can not be altered or extended by immigration under any circumstances - we expect that he should be able to travel by then. We have decided to stay in Switzerland (where we are at the moment) a little longer, until he is in remission. Should we travel into Australia in December or early January is this enough to activate his permanent visa? We'll stay for a few weeks holidays. Will he be able to leave Australia for a year or two and then return again or will he need a different visa while he is out of the country? After so much effort and time required to get his PR visa granted, we don't want to give up on this too!! Have any of you entered Australia to activate your PR visa and then left and returned permanently at a later date? Would appreciate some further information if possible. :confused::sad:
  7. Hi everyone, I've been in Australia for 3 years now. My mum and dad applied for a retirement visa last year - for those that don't know this involves paying $100k to cover future medical expenses etc. and the main reason for coming over is to have the support of myself and my sister (who also live in Oz) in their old age. Unfortunately my dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer recently - it was caught in the very early stages and with careful observation he should be fine. Obviously this has caused great worries as it looks like their visa application is now compromised to say the least. I've read many posts that state that it's virtually impossible to say what will happen. I fully understand this so I'm not asking for opinions on what people may think will happen but instead I was hoping that someone can give me concrete examples on what has happened to them with regard to illness and the medical. I'm sure after trawling through the Internet that a few shared experiences will help many people to better understand the possible consequences of their illness. I'll certainly try to do my bit by updating you on my father's progress. I would really appreciate some help here, it's a very worrying time for the whole family. TIA Alan.
  8. pez2008

    Family illness (Nothing fatal)

    Hi everyone just needed to chat. We have been here in Victoria since Oct 7th. We was lucky enough that we got a rental and i got a job straight away. About 3 weeks ago my sister told me my dads got cancer and needs treatment, he knew about this before our farewell party but told people it was a stomache ulcer and kept it quiet (apart from my stepmum). He told my step mum you must not say anything because " i dont want to spoil there big adventure" im so proud of him for being so selfless or unselfish (english, not my strong point). Ive spoken to him twice early on then got all excited about setting up Skype with my sister, so boxing day ,the day ive seen my dad at xmas for the last 21 years i was all set. Then about midday Uk time i got atext saying dad cant see you on skype as chemo has shattered him and he cant get up, to say i was upset is an understatement i lost it and was all for a flight to uk. I didnt go home and still have not spoke to my dad as he is too poorly.But ive been assured he is ok just really poorly from chemo. 4 weeks ago im living the dream, then this happens, its a bloody shock. Cant afford to "just pop home" any way i am home, but this is the things that test you. Please dont say " if it was my parent id be straight on that plane, because its not that easy. Any way i just wanted to " tell someone" Pez.
  9. Hiya About a week after we received Queensland State Sponsorship ( 3 weeks ago) my hubby was unexpectadly diagnosed with Diffuse B Cell Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, a type of cancer and has just started chemotherapy. We applied for our visa last September and although Queensland Gov say they have informed the Dep of Immi that we now have state sponsorhsip we are yet to be allocated a case officer. Am I right in thinking we will now have to wait for 3 -5 years of remission and how do we find out exactly how long he needs to be clear? Also does anyone know what happens to our visa application as we have paid our first installment but can not proceed until we know we can all pass the medicals? Will it be put on hold, would there be any chance of a refund? Finally if we have to start the visa ap again in a few years time, will his TRA still be in date? I understand these are complex questions but was hoping someone with experience might be able to throw a bit of light onto our situation so we know what to expect. Thanks guys, Tess.
  10. Hi I wonder if you can help. We obtained a skilled migration visa three years ago (full skilled migration, with sponsorship by a relative - subclass 138 - sponsored). We are moving to NSW in October and are wondering whether we will be entitled to medical care under medicare when we arrive. I thought there might be a clause saying you needed to have been resident for two years to claim, but am not sure (is this just social security benefits). If this clause exists, I also wondered what classified as residence and how this was tested (i.e. what documents you would need to indicate residence). We made our first entry to Australia 18 months ago but have not been living there. Any help (links) with this would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Andrew
  11. Guest

    Life & critical Illness cover

    does anyone know if this can be kept going with existing companies when you move to Oz?
  12. Guest

    Medicals and depressive illness

    Hi everyone We have had our medicals today, and i am really worrying about them.:unsure: I suffered with quite significant depression about 2- 3 years ago now, and am really concerned that this will put a stop to our plans. I am a nurse, and back at work and not receiving any treatment, but just don't know how much immigration may frown on this? The doctor has asked that my psychiatrist write a report (which she had done, but obviously not enough info included!) which he will include in with the rest of my medical paperwork. The doctor said apparently hubby and kids were graded 'A' for no medical problems, but i am a 'B', meaning either current or previous significant medical history! I just feel gutted-i really don't know what we would do if immigration said no!!! Anyway, will stop rambling now, and would be so very grateful if anyone could give me any thoughts they may have. Thank you all so much, Claire x