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Found 33 results

  1. Hi First time poster to the site guys. My head is up my *rse lately so please help!! We recently decided to apply for a visa to Oz... simple I thought?... not on your nelly!! Same old story... partner is a plasterer over 15 years... has run his own successful plastering co the last 10+ years BUT! never got formal qualifications (like alot of plasterers in Ireland during the boom years!). So our problem is this:- We're running out of time to apply under the old 175 Visa app process as my partner would need to get an AQF Level III qualification for Skills pathway E (since A, B or C would require a subsequent 2 years in the trade after an NVQ equivalent cert). But I'm having problems finding an AQF assessment in the UK. Also, since time is running out should we be waiting to see what happens after July 1st... if anything does actually happen as I've been reading this may not be passed until the end of the year? I think we should get this AQF cert eitherway, as you (apparently) get the 10 points in the new points system. Part of me is thinking that we'll go to alot of trouble to get this AQF, only to be told you need 5 years on the job exp with this or something as this seems to be the story every way we have turned in our quest!! (sorry ranting there). Sorry, to the point... can you tell me:- A: Is there a way of getting your AQF Level III in the UK? B: Would he be better off flying to Oz to attain this qualification? C: Is there any point in applying for a 175 visa before July 1st (even though it may be delayed) & since the TRA take about 3 months to process? D: Under the new points system it says you get 10 points for family sponsorship... my partner doesn't have family, but I have alot in Perth... can we use my family sponsorship for the 10 points even though he would be the main applicant? I wouldn't even ask him to attempt the IELTS for the extra 10/20 points, his spelling is atrocious!! I realise this is alot of questions... so if you reply... many thanks in advance!!
  2. Hi - I'm new to this, first post so please bear with me! My hubbie is a welder and we know we have to apply to TRA for recognition of his skills - however we are hoping to apply for him being a 1st class welder, as he does all of the tasks listed on the governments website for this job. The only thing is that the government website also states that the entry requirement is an AQF Level III or higher qualification.:err: My hubbie did a 2 year college course in welding and has a National Certificate in Fabrication and Welding Engineering Practice (this is his highest qualification) - is this equivalent to AQF level III, or does he have to get the AQF level III? Does the TRA do this for us when we apply for a skills assessment? I'm completely confused now! I hope someone can help :confused:
  3. Hi, I am in the process of applying for a skilled visa as a glazier to come to W.A. and my migration consultant has informed me that because i dont have an a apprentiship in glazing and i only have 10 years experience and a NVQ that i have to take a australian qualification called a AQFIII run by the Australian skills assessors. This is no problem except it costs £1800. Does any one now about this or a way round it or another company that does it cheaper. Cheers Dave
  4. It always puzzles me when people call it 'uncultured' here, whatever that means. This was the full London cast with Kevin Spacey as 'Richard III.' 'Mary Poppins' is still on at the Capitol, 'Jersey Boys' at ?Her Majesties? (In the MLC Centre), plus whatever else there is on at the Opera House, Belvoir Theatre, Sydney Theatre Co, etc, etc. Sydney Festival on next month too. Walked down through Darling Harbour from Town Hall for something to eat before the play. Darling Harbour was packed, the casino at Star City was packed, everywhere was packed, though I did not care for George St after midnight. I guess that is just down to age though.
  5. Hiya all! Following another sleepless night I have decided to have a bit of a rant on here and hope that someone ... anyone can help me!! I have posted on this site before asking about a 176 visa for my husband as a Radiocommunications Technician but have now found that there may be another way in for us, please take the time to read this as it is quite a long winded question!! My husband currently works on the Digital Switch over contract in London installing satellite equipment (radiocommunications job on SOL). He took this job when the recession hit as there was very little work about in his previous job which was working on a self employed basis for 10 years as a floor fitter, specialising in wooden and laminates. I have now found that the SOL for WA lists 'Floor Finisher' and am wondering whether to go for this option as he does still attend clients homes for service issues regarding flooring in his current position (re-routing cables under flooring etc). He would need to get his skills assessed but we have found several forums which advise the AQF III certificate to increase the chances of a positve TRA assessment but have also found comments stating that DIAC are in dispute with the TRA as they will only accept this qualifiction if it is completed in Australia over a two year period. Can he take this assessment in the UK? Can onyone recommend a good company to contact? Even if he can, will a specialism in wooden flooring be enough? Any help would be very much appreciated! Eve xx
  6. Hiya! I would like to ask for a bit of advice regarding the TRA / AQF III situation .... my OH hasn't got any formal qualifications in his job which is on the SS SOL for WA and we are wondering whether it might be worth 'having a go' at the TRA skills assessment to see if he can get enough points before having to take the AQF III. We can provide references, employed details, customer feedback, evidence of work etc to the TRA. We were thinking that if he can get it first time we will save $2500 on the AQF, on the other hand if he fails it will only cost us an extra $300 which, in the grand scheme of things isn't fortune! What do other PIO people think?! Eve :biggrin:
  7. Guest

    AQF III - Technical Interview

    My OH has his technical interview (floor finisher) at 9pm tonight, fingers crossed!!
  8. Hoping that some of you experts will be able to help us. I am then main sponser for our visa as I am a registered RMN. My OH works as a non registered nurse in UK and holds an NVQ level III in health care. Any ideas if that is worth anything in Oz or who could look/assess the qualification? Also would any know whether it could count towards an enrolled nurse qualification in Oz? Thanks in advance and anticipation!!!!
  9. Guest

    AQF III assessment

    Does anyone know of a company that do AQF III Assessments in the UK for Stone Masons???????
  10. boardie

    AQF III assessment

    Evening all Has anybody been assessed for an AQF in pipelaying? or studied for one? thanks
  11. Hello everyone I was wondering whether anyone knows of any Australian Registered Training Organisation in England or Australia (I'm thinking to fly to OZ for assessment if there is any in England) who could help with undertaking the skill assessment for an AQF III in chef occupation?:err: Many thanks
  12. Morning everyone, Just wanted to post to say that Gavs AQF III certificate was emailed to us this morning! Woo Hoo!! :jiggy: Sooo excited! Just got to do some last minute bits and get the documents certified and should have our skills assessment in through the TRA in the next few days, yay! There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Cara xxx :biggrin::biggrin::wubclub:
  13. Hi Folks, My OH is a floorlayer, could anyone kindly provide further information on the above course ie timescales, contact details of assessors, costs etc. Many thanks, Lexylou
  14. We are still trying to find the facts on obtaining AQF III for my hubby, who's skill match this of a Drainer. We are still waiting to hear from the Migration Agent, as he informed us it would not be possible to do in the UK. He has told us he is looking into Underground Pipefitting? My husband took the call, So didnt question him, like i owuld of hoped. I cannot see why or how this would help us with Stat sponsorship visa? Has anyone completed this for Drainer? Any information would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.
  15. Hello everyone, We are brand new to the forum and looking for advice... We are both 27 and just returned from OZ on a WHV and are desperate to get back. So we are looking to study in OZ as a pathway to staying permanently, we both are from a finance background (with is worthless now :-) but now want a real career. We have been looking at courses and initially thought that the Enrolled Nursing course at WA Tafe would be the best option ($12000 per year) and as it a career Nic is really to follow, however after further investigation it looks like sponsorship or any type of visa would not be available for an enrolled nurse (which effectively makes the course useless, as EN's don't exist in the NHS anymore so the qualification could not even be used back in the UK!) We cannot afford the degree course fees of $20000+ per year for 3 years... Has anyone done an enrolled nurse course? are there any opportunities once qualified? The other option is for me to do a Certificate III in Wall & Floor Tiling which is 2yrs at $14000 and is on the SOL. However it worries me that it is the kind of trade that may not be on the list in 2-3yrs time when I qualify? I would much prefer a plumbing course but I am not able to find a course with a decent provider.. Any thoughts on our situation or suggestions would be great! Thanks :biggrin:
  16. Hi has anyone obtained a positive skill asessment from TRA after completing this course in Australia? is so, can you please advise which institution? thank you
  17. Guest

    AQF III plastering

    Hi, my OH has his Aussie trade assessment for plastering coming up shortly. He has many years experience, but is worried about the Trade test. Has anyone had the assessing body come out to the workplace and can give any advice or tips? Any advice given will be much appreciated, thanks, Sarah x x
  18. Guest

    Cert III in Aged Care

    Hi Am thinking of doing the above course. I am living on the Sunshine Coast and have a young family so need a job that is flexible, I plan on going to TAFE next year to carry out a Diploma in Community Services work and think the above course and work experience will help in the future. Any information would be great, is there a great need for carer’s on the Sunshine Coast, what are working conditions like, hours, salary, expected duties are there different sort of positions you could do with the above, I’m just trying to get a clear picture, what's the job market like up here (everything else on he SC is pretty dia) Would be grateful for any information, get lots of positive feedback from the course providers but tend to be a bit skeptical as they are selling a service, would like information from the other end. Thanks
  19. paulswin

    Aqf iii

    Yeah hubby passed his AQF III in flooring. I'm sooo proud I could'nt have done it!!!
  20. JoRed4

    AQF III Landscape Gardener

    After seeing that Landscape Gardener is still on the SS List for SA & breathing a massive sigh of relief, can anyone tell me whether or not they have been through the process for an AQF III qualification for Landscape Gardener.... What is involved, what do we expect? My OH has just sent off his initial application & we are waiting to hear whether or not he will be accepted onto the next stage... Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated. Xx
  21. Hello, I attended the Down Under Live seminar in Leeds this weekend. I have received a few quotes from migration agents. Do the quotes include the AQF qualification costs? They say Skills Assesment, does that mean application to TRA? As oppose to the actual AQF III qualfication cost. Are you supposed to have obtained the AQF III independently first before enlisting the services of an agent? With regards to the AQF III qualification; is there any shopping around to be done in terms of who you go through i.e. Australian Skill Assessments or the asa group regarding price or is it generally the same. Who do people recommend? Cheers
  22. Hello, Not sure if this will be of any help to anyone but we just thought we would share our findings on an issue that caused us some stress. My partner's job description fits into the description of Communications Linesperson. He has been doing the job for 8 years now but does not have any formal qualifications to support it, he did an nvq 2 in IT installation but as it is not directly related to his job role he wouldn't get through the TRA skills assessment. We were advised that he should do an AQF II with a company called Conquest and an AQF III with a company called Milcom who are based in Sydney so at the moment he is doing that, it involves an online assessment of his prior learning and the company then advise what modules he needs to study for to be awarded the certificate, which he can then do online. We were reading on the TRA website that if your application for skills assessment involves an AQF III then the company who you obtained the qualification with should be registered with CRICOS ... the course he is doing is not so we panicked!!! Anyway after a good few phonecalls to Ian Harrop and the TRA we were assured that courses completed through recognition of prior learning completed from the UK do not have to be CRICOS registered, this only applies to courses completed at Australian colleges. I'm not sure if this will be of any help to anyone but we thought we would share our experience, it may save someone some unwanted stress!
  23. hi there, just read your message about ata,have you done the aqf111 in plastering yet? if so what are over all costs,as seen ata £1500 is this figure correct? also tradetrain charging £2950 for the aqf111. whats different about courses apart from price tag? any info would be great as finding all these figures and different companys confusing and dont want to be ripped off. many thanks adi
  24. Guest

    AQF Certificate III

    Dear All I'm new to this Forum and I need some help before my head explodes :goofy:. I am in the early stages to start the long process to apply for a VISA, and from what I can gather I first have to get an AQF Certificate III so I can get my TRA. Has anyone got their trades recognised just from experience, without any formal courses. How can I proceed??? Thanks in advance for any help and ideas given Koala Bear
  25. Guest

    Childcare cert III HELP!!!!!!!!

    hi everyone my wife paid 75.00 dollars sending her qualifications off,childcare NVQ III which she gained in the uk. but here they have declined them,said they arent recognised in oz. as anyone else come across this problem? Thanks in advance