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Found 91 results

  1. James Gardiner

    Migration options?

    Hi, I am currently looking into possible routes of migration, whether it be initially on a temporary basis with the view to permanent residency, or permanent. My situation is that my trade isn't directly included on the SOL, I'm 23 and I'm English. What are my options in regards to migration? My sister is also a permanent resident. Ideas? Thanks.
  2. So earlier I posted about myself and my OH planning a 4/5 week long trip to Australia, to help startmaking decisions on possibly emmigrating in the future. It basically outlined that I had done some research but was after some opinions of people in the know, and I got some you guys have been really helpful. Now I'm after some more opinions on the ideas that have come to light. The trip will be 4/5 precious weeks long, and it will be around Christmas/New Year (2013). The places we'd like to go are... Sydney Brisbane (via campervan) Whitsundays Island The Barrier Reef Perth. I'm trying not to plan too much but I would love to know in what order you think we should visit these places? I had a plan in my head but then Perth got thrown into the mix and then we realised we had to go in December/January, so now It's all wide open. Perth first, Perth last? Are there any places you would recommend for Christmas or New Year? Are there any places to avoid? Thanks so much guys, you've been such a great help already! Erin x
  3. hi! i'm expolring all my options! i currently have one year of a social work degree under my belt and have two years to go if i want to be a fully qualified social worker. however i basically want to get out to australia as quickly as possible i was thinking of doing another year of degree which would give me a diploma in social welfare i know i would have to do a couple of years in an australian uni to become qualified...would they recognise my studies so far though? does anyone know anything about social work in australia?! any advice really appreciated
  4. daydreamer88

    Vic SS - any ideas on timeline?

    Hiya guys We have applied for Victoria state sponsorship and received an email conformation on the 10th Nov saying it takes up to 12 weeks. Just wondered if any of you had applied and if so how long did it take? My hubby is an ICT professional so am a bit nervous after reading a few posts from people who have recently been rejected. Em x
  5. sunshine please

    any ideas on timescales for visa?

    Hi again everyone... We have just been told that the company oh had int with are going ahead with sponsership. Phewww. They are only just applyling for eligibility tho the agent seems to think they will have no problems there. They meet the criteria. He also thinks they may be able to fastrack as oh is desperatly required (first time for everything hee hee). does anyone know the rough length of time this part takes? Stage 2 is putting through us. All being well etc...how long roughly does this take? i know every application is different but i just wondered everyones individual timescales. Well hopefully now we are a few steps closer to getting on the plane :-)) thanks again everyone xxxxxx
  6. donald


    Hi Guys! I haven't been on here for ages as I'm usually able to get my queries answered on the PIA site but I now need help from people in WA. One of my good friends is taking part in the Outback Marathon Challenge in aid of Leukaemia Foundation on 28 July 2012 at Uluru, NT. This race is a full 42km marathon, and costs in the regions of $2500 to complete the race ...(inc travel, accommodation and entry). So far his flights have been booked and paid for and deposit for race entry, accommodation and insurance thanks to kind donations from corporate sponsors so far SDS Drilling and CvO Consultancy He desparately needs coroprate sponsors to cover the remaining $1650 costs before Christmas so he can concentrate on raising the $10,000 target he has set himself! All donations are welcome however for those businesses who donate $250 or more he will use the respective company logo’s on T-shirts and Running Vests which he will wear during any media releases up to, during and after the event. A great PR opportunity at a relatively low cost!! Remember blood cancers and related blood disorders can develop in anyone, of any age, at any time. Around 11,500 Australians are expected to be newly diagnosed this year, equivalent to 31 people each day. The need is great and your support is vital. Please PM me if you are able to help or if you know someone who can and I will put you in touch with each other. Thanks in advance. :spinny:
  7. Hi Guys.. Not sure if I am even using this site right, as it's the first time I have been on here and never used a forum before... Anyway.. Me and my family are looking to relocate to Perth next year and am looking for nice locations not in the city, but accessable to a train station.. Any good ideas please??
  8. landv

    "Cold" Xmas meal ideas

    What people normally have for their main xmas meal apart from the usual turkey? I just really don't fancy putting the oven on to cook a traditional turkey and all the trimmings in the heat. I'm thinking to do some sort of cold platter. Any nice ideas anyone?
  9. Hi My partner has been offered a job in Newcastle and we are making the move on 14th November. I have been granted a 457 Visa but need some job ideas. Ideally I don't want to be in the office because that is all I have done in the UK and to be honest I would like to be outside or do something that is a little bit different that I could gain some experience from that I wouldnt have the opportunity to do in the UK.
  10. Hi everyone, am now filling in the above form so that once my skills recognition forms are back (and fingers crossed they are fine) I can apply for ss straight away. Can anyone tell me who has applied, how much information they are expecting about how you chose your region, researched cost of living, breakdown of estimate? Are there any right and wrong answers? I'd be really grateful for any tips! Sorry if this has already been asked. Thanks!
  11. JoandJon

    Ideas for dinner?

    OK, it's a lovely sunny day here in the wilds of Kent (yes really it is, I can submit photographic proof if necessary). We have 3 whole plaice defrosted in the fridge and need to use them up tonight. (Fish that look like they've been put under a steam-roller for those who don't know the type) Any ideas or suggestions?
  12. We are a young family and wondering what Bilambi Heights is like to live Thanks in advance for any help you can offer us :wubclub: xxx
  13. This has come up from another persons thread who was struggling with pulling things together in the kitchen and needed some inspiration. What are your favorite "cook it yourself" recipes??? What are your tips? For me: A slow cooker is invaluable especially if you are busy, work shifts. throw everything in the slow cooker, turn on and leave it!!! It will do you for two nights dinner!!! Preparation is the other key. Simple, easy recipes that can be prepared a long time before and cooked as needed. Most good meals can be frozen. We make chicken curries and freeze them. The we take them to work as "lunch" When you cook a Sunday roast, plate up another one and have it on Monday!
  14. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> Mine would have to be buying a cheap car for work! (With the idea to do it up over time) <o:p> </o:p> I bought an HX Holden for $3,500 and was told it should only cost about $500 to get it on the road... (How stupid was I?) :goofy: To get it to almost roadworthiness cost another $3,000, but I needed to bog the door as it was rusty and buy some seat covers (as the seats were ripped) My beautiful wife said bugger it just re spray the car and get seats re upholstered. <o:p> </o:p> Well............ I decided to change the colour, not only change the colour, but change the colour so it didn’t match the interior, not a good move, so now I needed a whole new interior. <o:p> </o:p> So all that is sorted and I’m driving the car to the spray painter and the engine starts making funny noises???? Turns out I’ve blown the head gasket (or so I thought!) <o:p> </o:p> Anyway I find someone to fix the head gasket, take the car to them only to get a phone call a few days later to tell me the engine is stuffed and I need a new one! :swoon: So after some sucking up to my lovely wife :wubclub: it is agreed I’ll get a replacement engine. <o:p> </o:p> 2 weeks later it’s delivered back to the spray painters and the engine they’ve put in is worse than mine (or so I thought). Bloody thing is smoking, has a cracked head gasket and doesn’t sound like a V8 should! :mad: After a phone call it is agreed I bring the engine back. <o:p> </o:p> The engine goes back and the money he gives me back is $600 less than I paid him, :realmad: he wants money for mucking me about, he wants paying for his time!!!! :realmad: After a few choice words I get most of it back, but now the bits off my engine are on his and my engine is bare, so he tells me to come back and everything will be sorted! I come back to find the lazy sod had done nothing, so after a few choice words I now have 2 engines, well one is mine and the other is his with my bits that I need to get off and return back. <o:p> </o:p> Then I get my 1<SUP>st</SUP> lucky break, my night shift manager was a mechanic and loves working on old engines and has agreed to fix my engine. Well it turns out that sometime in its past my engine has been cooked and has a cracked block, so the only thing it’s good for is nothing! :mad: So now I’m on the lookout for a new engine. <o:p> </o:p> So as I type this, my interior is in 1 suburb my engine in another and body somewhere else with some chrome in my garage! My pockets are lighter my ear is sore from Tracy :realmad: and I have no car... :cry: All Tracy tells me is I could have bought a new car for the money you have spent!!!! However when this car (or should I say IF) comes home it will be like brand new! <o:p> </o:p> Should I tell her how much the stereo system is costing LOL? :wink: <o:p> </o:p> Anyway that was my great idea that wasn’t so great, what’s yours?
  15. Hi Guys, i've been offered sponsorship from a company based in Milton, Brisbane and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for commutable suburbs with good schools. For some reason I am assuming as Milton is north of the river that I should be looking for north of the river for easier commute but I'm only guessing on that one. I would be looking for 3 bed house paying no more than $450-$500 per week. Fairly close to beach would be nice (not essential) and near trainline perhaps travelling no more than 45mins would be ideal. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  16. Hi peeps, Me again, Our co asked for further work exp evidence which I uploaded with our form 80 last night. I just logged on to check our progress on DIAC and next to work experience it used to say "requested" but now says "not applicable" Im scared I've buggered something up now! Help! Has anybody else had this? Thanks guys n gals xx
  17. :cute:Hi, My husband is due to move to Sydney in a couple of months........me and the kids won't be going until next year so he will be looking for studio or apartment for 1! We dont have any family or friends in Oz never mind Sydney! But would be glad to hear of anyones's stories of moving to Australia and where they stayed initially:unsure: Anyone got any advice on where to look for short term rental..........looked at a few sites e.g. stayz but they seem really expensive!!!! If anyone has other ideas or websites please let me know. Thanks
  18. rustyspanners

    Trip to Perth ideas please

    Hi nearly got visas 176WA (gen electrician) just meds to be sent so have been planning a trip to have a look around and validate visas. Will be flying out on Boxing Day from Heathrow to Perth for 2 weeks, as this is all we can get off work and school. This will be our second visit to Australia having been to Melbourne before. There will be 4 of us my wife and our 2 daughters 17 and 13. We would like some advise on where to stay and what things we should be doing. We are interested in doing the kind of stuff that we would if we lived in the area to get an idea of life style etc. My kids have already told us they are not flying half way round the world to look at houses so if we do some of that we will have to find another activity for them. All your ideas will be very welcome.
  19. h.. i live on the gold coast at the moment, and iam just sick of it. i am more sort of a city life lover where have more opportunities to explore. now iam married with 3 young kids under 5, and iam 26 years old at the moment. allthough i havent been to melbourne yet, but i am just feeling like melbourne would be a better place for me to live compared to gold coast..gold coast in my openion is good to visit but not to live because you dont have much to exlore. maybe ideal for retirement but not when you want to move ahead and achieve something (financially and socially) for your self and your family. i would love to hear from you guys or anyone that lives in melbourne to give us an idea where woule probably be a better suburb to stay. i do not want to live far from city though it doestn have to be too close to city. also what do you guys think about average income and expenses for a family. mny thanks.. since i am from afghan backgroung and would possibly want to live some where closer to afghan community, just need to find out a better place for the family to live.
  20. Hello! Brand new to this site, am too eager to get this post on here so have skipped the welcome board just for now in the hopes of getting some much needed information. Our situation is that my husband holds both a British and New Zealand passport. From our understanding he can get a Special Category Visa to live in oz but this does not give him the priveleges of a permanent residents visa, although he is able to sponsor myself and our children to live in oz with him. As I dont have NZ citizenship and nor do our children and we would rather avoid having to live in NZ for 5 years for me and the children to get NZ citizenship first, Permanent Residency is obviously very important to us as we want the security it brings and also the ability to eventually apply for oz citizenship. Unfortunately my husband nor I have a skill on the SOL and the only way at the moment that we can think of ever getting a PR visa is for me to go back to Uni when our children are a couple of years older (we have a 2 year old and due to give birth to the next one any day now :wideeyed:) and gain a qualification that is on the SOL (probably Occupational Therapy). Our queries are this: - 1. If/when I qualified, would I immediately be eligible for a Permanent Residents visa or would I have to be employed for a period of time first? 2. At what stage would I be able to sponsor my husband/children for Permanent Residency? 3. It was mentioned to us about Employer Sponsorship - however our belief is that you have to secure a job listed on the SOL, i.e. it cant be any job/employer that you get sponsored for - is this true? 4. does anyone know any other way we can get permanent residency that we may not be aware of? I think that about covers our initial queries - theres plenty more where they came from! Look forward to seeing any replies and ideas you guys may have thanks in advance x
  21. OK i need some ideas for my Millie who will be 12 the end of march . We won't get to Perth till the 12thMarch 2012 so i need to try and sort something from this end . She can't wait to live in oz . We want to make it very special for her . Now we have her god parents flying in from Sydney as a surprise . i'll give you an idea what my Millie likes and dislikes . Dislikes : She doesn't do processed food .... She gets narky in zoo's about the space the animals don't have . doesn't like cinemas. Doesnt like shell fish Likes : Animals /Marine life Hiking and climbing Swimming , snorkelling Lenonese food,chinese,mexcian food, italian, Greek food, Mums choc cake :laugh: Would be great if any of you could help with places for me ..... because i need to save for this lol . Anywhere in WA we are open too........ to make my growing girls day so SPECIAL! Thanks Brides x P.s i would of posted this on the pp site ( but she goes on there now lol )
  22. Hi All, We're looking into doing a 176 for South Australia. They've closed the SS applications until 1st July, when we're hoping to be able to submit our application. Until then, we're busy researching. We've been looking for jobs for Carlie, (Secondary School Teacher) but can't find the definitive jobs site for teachers. Most schools seem to have very few positions available; we were wondering whether that is because it is the wrong time of year to hire? Also, what other things should we be looking into SS wise? Do we need to prepare a letter on why we want to go? And has anyone who has done it/going through it got any ideas?! Dan, Carlie & Helena
  23. Guest

    Problem with WA & DIAC - ideas?

    Ok seriously now I need some advice. To recap, on the 4th May I got the email from WA saying my agreement has been sent to DIAC. On the same day I emailed DIAC to check they had received it. Yesterday I got an email from DIAC saying it hasn't been received yet and I should check with WA. So yesterday I sent two emails - one to WA telling them that DIAC have not received the agreement and asking them to resend it. The other one went to DIAC, basically copying the confirmation email from WA and asking them if maybe it was in a pile somewhere waiting to be checked. This morning I wake up to a snotty mail from DIAC saying "we can't confirm receipt of any documents. Documents should be sent by courier, or scanned and emailed to us". But I can't do that as I need WA to send the form - do DIAC even read emails or do they just have generic emails they can send in response to queries? I have scanned in the signed SS agreement but that was weeks ok and it still says 'required'. What should my next plan of attack be? Any ideas?
  24. kellyjamie

    Party ideas - whose havin one?

    Evening all, So i asked this a bit back but now we are actually planning a party so, whose havin one or had one? and whose got ideas for leavin parties? Im defo having one jamies not 100% sure we should he thinks maybe we should just have a few catch ups or pick a pub and tell people where we,ll be BUT no were havin a party, as i am the party queen, im always organising them for different things so this will be my ultimate! so if you have ideas let me know plz:wubclub: so far im havin a book to go round tables for peeps to put messages in, also a video camera in a seperate room for people to leave us video messages x
  25. Guest

    Ideas for 4 nights away?

    We are thinking about going away for a few nights (first time since we arrived) and wondered where to go? Have been as far east as Midland, north IKEA, and south Bunbury for the day. So still a lot to explore. As hubby is works away we can really only go from 25/26 April - expensive school hols!! We have 2 girls 12 and 7. Any accommodation (hotel,holiday park, etc) any experience. We are easily pleased lol Where do you like to go??