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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I’ve completed a PhD from a top Australian university. I was invited to Australia with an international scholarship to cover my tuition fees and stipend. For this I was on a student visa, and my occupation of study was on the old Skilled Occupation List (this was 2007). I am now on a Graduate Skilled Work visa 485 which lasts for a mere 18 months. I have secured a very good job in research, but as I work (in a full time-temporary position) for the NSW Government they are not willing to sponsor me to stay. My skilled occupation (my PhD subject area) has subsequently been removed from the Skilled Occupation List (post July 2010) and, to my knowledge, I have no other way to stay and work in Australia once my current Graduate Skilled Work visa 485 is up! Please can someone tell me otherwise? Surely they can’t kick me out when I have made a life over here and was invited in the first place?! P.S. Currently, I have been in Australia for just over 4 years, and after my 18 months from the skilled graduate visa are finished that makes nearly 6 years in the country I am female, good health, and 26 years old I have no dependents or family with me / wanting to move to Australia I am a British Citizen No criminal record
  2. mrcatania

    Stick a fork in me... I'm done !!

    After 16 months here, I am putting myself out of my misery and heading home… in 3 weeks time I will be back in London. It has been one hell of a ride, let down by a mixture of personal issues that many of us go through,like homesickness, loneliness, regret, 8 months of unemployment…couple those with the excruciating exchange rate (that ultimately was the nail in the coffin) along with rocketing property prices = a deficit of $230,000 before I had even started. For me, one of the key reasons for the move here was more 'bang for your buck investment'. The exact day I arrived the exchange rate just disintegrated and this just turned out to be imposible. I just ended up resenting the place, finding every single negative to complain about, and so did not put the effort in that maybe I should have, and so the vicious circle began dragging me spiraling downwards. Following a recent visit back to the UK 3 weeks ago, I met up with my old boss who said the position I had ,and loved, before I left was available again and would be happy to take me back, simultaneously my old flat was back on the market …. Hmm, that popular game show sprang to mind… after everything that’s happened to me in Oz ( or not as the case may be) I looked Noel Edmonds square in the eye and said ‘ Thank you Mr Banker… Deal!’. In this particular game, the 250k was still on the table, but amongst other rubbish boxes, this offer was one where the contestant just had deal. Who knows, I may have had the 250k in my box in the end, I guess we will never know now if/how things may have panned out here. I have been down here many times and loved it, I spoke highly of Oz to friends and family, and said I would never come back to the UK prior to moving. I am still going through the ‘Hows’ and ‘whys’ as to why I am heading home, a seasoned gambler would not have put money on this outcome. In some ways I feel fate did not want me to come down here, everything has been against me, then on the other hand, with a bit of sheer luck on the 10th hr and 59th minute in April, I was offered, out the blue, a great job on a plate, after 8 months of depression and job searching… but it was just too late, the damage was done. I said I would do it for 6 months, and now exactly 6 months later I was offered everything back that I used to have. Maybe this was fate’s way of saying ‘ Right, make your choice’. I always said if I could have my old life back, I would go back. I hope I can just move back easily, but at the end of the day, I had a dream, then I dreamt of what I had…. Somehow I think I will end up dreaming of what should have been. We shall see. Good luck to all going through this, it is the hardest thing I have ever done.
  3. Dear friends, I have applied for the state sponsorship to Western Australia and I got a confirmed e-mail that they have agreed on this sponsorship 2 weeks ago. They have requested me to sign the sponsorship agreement form and 1100 form, therefore I have signed and sent back them on last week. Also, they have indicated that they’ll send this 1100 form directly to the DIAC. So, please advise me that how long it’ll take to send that sponsorship to DIAC from Skill Migration Centre, Western Australia? Please advise me. I’m expecting your valuable reply as soon as possible. Many thanks and Regards Thas