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Found 24 results

  1. Hi I will be the spouse on the visa. Will it benefit me when I'm job hunting in oz with the IELTS cert? Or is it just benefit on the visa app? Cheers Don
  2. Hi folks! :biggrin: I am about to ask my current boss and some of my former partners to write some work references for me, to be used for skills assessment first but also to look for a job/sponsorship. They are all ok about it, and the know about my Australian dream. I have some questions on WHAT and HOW to write :chatterbox: Q1 Vetassess requires to include the salary earned in the work reference, but the organisation I am currently working for do not allow to include salary information in reference letters. Would that be a problem when applying for skills assessment and jobs? Q2 My former partners would not be very confortable with including salary information in reference letters. Again would it be a problem? Q3 My current supervisor is a contract (as I am) and will be moving on by the end of March. Since he will be travelling around a lot, I doubt he will not be available to confirm anything in the letter till the end of summer. Would this be a problem? If yes, any ideas how to get around this? Q4 My previous supervisor (another contractor) left the organisation nearly 2 years ago, would a reference letter signed by the former head of department (still in the organisation) be acceptable? Q5 Do you know where I can find a decent reference letter template? Cheers Simone
  3. Guest

    House hunting - Maroochydore

    Hi. We're arriving in Maroochydore on 23rd November (visa came through last week) and I'd really appreciate any advice anyone has on house hunting. We're looking for a short term furnished let for first 3 weeks whilst we find a house we want to live in longer term. Any advice on the best places to look or people to contact please? I don't want to be homeless when we get there!! :-(
  4. We've just been granted our visa and my partner (not the main applicant) wants to fly out next week to kick start his job search and I'll be staying at home with the kids to start packing up. He'll be flying out on a tourist visa as, as I understand it, he can only validate his visa if he does so with the main applicant and other applicants. So my question is will job hunting on a tourist visa even though he has a invalidated 176 in the background (which will be validated before he starts work) be allowed or will it jeopardise our 176 visa? Thanks
  5. Hi, I wondered if anyone had any hints and tips for job hunting in Oz? I'm currently working as an Account Manager within a Food Marketing Company and my partner is an Environmental Engineer. Is is actually possible to secure jobs before moving to Australia? How have you found the job hunt? How long did it take you to find a job? Any help would be great....as at the moment we don't really know where is best to start but we have been applying through Job Boards, and my partner has had some interest but I'm really struggling. Thank you! :biggrin:
  6. Just a general post, and wonder if anyone has any thoughts on this ... Coming from the UK, especially with the current exchange rate, being unemployed in Oz can be a very expensive holiday :eek: My plan was to head over end of September, as leaving it any later means almost being in the run up to Christmas, in that, by the time you have applied for a job in October, managed hopefully to get to an interview, it leaves a short window of time and perhaps things are a slow start in the new year ???? Any thoughts ? Pete
  7. BenWestlake

    .NET Developer Job Hunting

    Hi everyone, My girlfriend and I are both considering moving to Australia either, Sydney or Melbourne, but want to ask people's advise on the job situation at present. We have contacted many recruitment agencies regarding jobs but none of them will consider us until we are actually in Australia. I am a Microsoft Certified C# .NET developer with an ISEB qualification in Solution and Enterprise architecture with 5 years experience within the Financial Services sector. What are the prospects of me getting a job in Australia at present? We are considering coming out to Australia on a 12 month working holiday visa, as we are both under the age of 30 to asses the situation as we have heard mix reviews on the current job climate. Ideally I would like to get sponsored to allow us to move quicker but are also finding this difficult. What are peoples opinions on this? Regards Ben
  8. Guest

    House hunting with a dog - Sydney

    Please could you share your house-hunting experiences (renting) with me if you had a dog. We are going to Sydney and it would break our hearts to leave our dog behind. Calls we have made to agents have not really been helpful one way or the other. Any experiences would be much appreciated. I have read previous posts in this regard but any recent experiences would be of particular interest.
  9. Hi, We recently got our 176 visa and are in the process of sorting life out to move to Aus in the next few months. In preparation, I´ve been speaking and e-mailing various agencies (mainly e-mailing as they don´t seem to return calls!) but without a great deal of response. I had hoped to get a few interviews lined up and then fly down. My gut feeling is that I´m just going to have to take the chance and come down on my own (ahead of the family) for a month or so and hopefully have better luck in finding something. I was wondering how other people had found job hunting....? If it´s any help I am a construction project manager. Thanks
  10. Guest

    house hunting!!

    Hi everyone JUst need to sort something out......we are looking to buy a house in/around freo. we are looking at hamilton hill seen a great house in north lake and also seen a nice house in freo (small but cant get huge house for less than 800,000!!) just need to know if anyone lives in these areas?? and can give us an idea of the suburb we have done research but a lot of it is conflicting! we also looking in Leeming as this appears to be nice area, we thought about the new hospital thats being built and it might be a good idea to buy something not too far from there (we intend to use the house for investment purposes in a year or two). One drawback is the amount of powerlines and industrial stuff out that way. any how any info you guys may have would be helpful. Cheers :smile: PS sorry didnt get to the last meet up on the beach....would love to come to the next one cheers!
  11. Guest

    ACT hunting for skilled workers

    Interesting read from Canberra Times: Hunt for skilled workers heads offshore - Local News - News - General - The Canberra Times "The team will speak to people with skills that are in demand in Canberra's local industries including health, building and construction, finance, administration, management, engineering and ICT [information and communications technology]. "
  12. Hi All, I've booked a ticket to the Live Australia and New Zealand Expo in west London Sat 09 & Sun 10 Oct 10. Is anyone else from PIO going? I already have my visa, flights booked and a house in Australia so I'm only going there to meet employers. My plan is to turn up in a suit with a folder containing all my qualifications and a shed load of copies of my CV and business cards and get round as many employers as I can and then leave. My question is, having never been to one of these Expos before, when is the best time to turn up? Is it stands and you just go to where you want or are there set times for visas, states, flights, removals, jobs etc. and you have to be there at the right time for the right seminar? Any help or tips would be gratefully received. Thaks in advance
  13. colin&lorraine

    house hunting sites

    Does anyone know if there is an australian equivelant to "rightmove" a U.K. website that has all houses for rent & sale from all the U.K. estate agents, to save us trawling through loads of sites to find a home Thanks colin & lorraine:wacko:
  14. emmaroo

    Job Hunting!

    Hi How easy is it to gain employment in Australia whilst still in the UK? Ta Emma
  15. twinkletoes35

    Fed up nurse job hunting

    Hi all Just need to have a five minute rant! Been looking for about two months now for an employer to sponsor me in a nursing post, having absolutely no luck. We are open to area, and having worked in various nursing roles I am not aiming for one type of post. But no luck, just got into a rut and am feeling really demotivated. Going independantly is just not an option for us. If any one has any ideas or tips would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading TT xx
  16. 2 days ,2 days of driving here ,driving there ,am well over it :dull:. At the mo ,would love abit of that snow in the uk ,just to help with sweaty ass i have at the mo. Have seen a few which we like ,and a few we didn't .We are mulling over a house that has that yes could be the one feel. Been in caloundra coming up 2 years ,and didn't know haft the places in caloundra . We are holding off until Monday ,before we phone with an offer. So many nice house,s about its hard to be sure ,we are sure. :goofy:
  17. Can anyone help with the following please. Firstly can anyone point me in the right direction of recruitment agencies dealing with trades or construction in the Sydney area? I want to get my CV professionally written can anybody recommend? Thanks Dan
  18. Guest

    Job Hunting!?

    Hello my name is Chris, I'm looking for work as a Solid and/or Fibrous Plasterer in and around Brisbane. I have a Blue Card/Transport and Tools Previously working for Sinclair Interior Linings - May 08 to May 09 29 Yrs of age - Subclass visa 820 - 10 Yrs Exp. UK - City & Guilds Qualified. I currently live in Annerly, Mobile: 0416630322 email: djlp4life@hotmail.com I have a C.V/Resume available. Here is a link to an album of work example photos Christopher Le Port's Photos - Plastering, 10 years in the game, 3 self employed, 3 countries | Facebook I would be greatfull for any leads or labour related work!? Regards, Chris Le Port.
  19. Majestic

    Job hunting in perth

    Hi, i intend to visit Perth in August this year with a view to see if i can get work and then complete my residency application. I would like some ideas on how best to write an itinary for job hunting. I will want to meet prospective empoyers (interviews etc) and stay in an area of perth / Western australia that caters for my type of work - AIRCRAFT AVIONICS ENGINEER or similiar engineering work. I know very little about perth at the moment, so tips would i am sure would help me. Thanks
  20. Majestic

    Perth job hunting

    Hi, looking to fly out to perth for alook see. i want to sort a few interviews and source possible job opportunities. Can anyone suggest a good recruitment agency who can prepare things for me so when i arrive i can get into it straight away. Looking like Nov 09 to fly and job interest is aviation electrician / avionics. :smile:
  21. Guest

    Job Hunting from UK

    Hi, Just going through the initial process of attempting to get a subclass 175 visa (IT Support Manager). I have had the initial consultation and i meet the requirements (at this stage). I know that it can take 12-18 months from start to finish, but my main concern is getting a job out there. We will not have a huge amount of money to live on once we get there and i wanted to know how people have got on getting a job while still in the UK? Any ideas guys? Cheers, Alec
  22. Hi Just thought I would post this for all coming over & looking for office/admin work. Someone asked me last night if there were loads of admin jobs and after having a good look today I would say yes loads. Many of you knew that I started an Assistant Managers job in Coles supermarket 6 weeks ago. Well I walked out on monday I have had enough of the 5am starts & not knowing your shifts more than 3 days in advance as you had a different start time every day . I have done retail work for many years but for the last 13 years I have worked in admin or banking. So its back to admin for me. With a straight 8-4 or 9-5 mon-fri working week Bliss. Today I have applied for 14 jobs all through Jobs, Employment & Careers @ My Career. I haven't even ventured onto the many other recruitment websites as of yet. I have a interview tomorrow with a recruitment agency for administration officer in Bunnings (B&Q). So I will keep you posted if anyone is interested in this line of work. Just thought it might be useful to some peeps. Janette
  23. vinnypot

    house hunting

    Please can anyone tell me a reasonable but nice place to live in Perth. I have been looking at Mandurah and secret harbour are any of them ok. We have 2 young children and want plenty to do nearby.:jiggy: Thanks Andrea
  24. Guest

    Job Hunting???

    Can anybody help. I am searching for jobs in physiotherapy. Does anyone know anywhere where they are in great demand. This would contribute obviously to where I would consider living. Would love to move to queensland, but if no job opportunities would obviously have to look elsewhere. Would I need further qualifications as studied in the UK. Help please. :wacko: