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Found 12 results

  1. tonyman

    The Human Centipede

    i have started taking out about 8/9 movies per week every thursday as they are only 50 cents each ,so i take the children and they choose a couple ect..............now the human centipede was new to weekly hire ,its got one of those tittles that makes you roll your eyes ect but its a 2010 film and i just thought ive got to see what this is about .........i like to watch horror ,thriller and drama and not too much scares me regarding films..........but this turned out to be an ok film ,probs one of the sickest films ever made according to the Guardian .............now ive found out there is a human centipede 2 ........mmmmm that should be fun.........:biggrin:.........3 humans were stitched together from anus to mouth , i would not have liked to be the one in the middle or the end for that matter , the one at the front did apologize for his actions to be fare ...............a must for all film fanatics .......:yes:
  2. But which night did I watch Family Values?
  3. I have seen many cases this week (mainly in The Mail granted!) of people "getting off with things" by chanting that it will infringe their Human Rights. Is this a global Act that all countries sign up to, or purely European as I'm getting bloddy sick of hearing it being used in what, to me, are spurious cases. Not at all au fait with it, but I'm guessing that it was set up with very good intentions and has done an inordinate amount of good, but can't help feeling that it's all getting a bit out of hand. Do you get this in Oz or is there an equivalent? Just wondering.
  4. FAILED asylum seeker Mohammed Ibrahim has been allowed to stay in England on a permanant basis after it was argued that his human rights would be contravened if he were sent back to Iraq. Ibrahim was already banned from driving when he ran down 12 year old Amy Houston and fled the scene leaving her dying under the wheels. Amy,s father then had to make the decision to turn off her life support machine:no:. He was later jailed for FOUR months:mad:after admitting driving while disqualified and fleeing the scene. This makes me so mad, if he had been deported when his claim for asylum failed this would not have happened so not only has Ibrahim who is a spinless piece of filth got blood on his hands but so have the spineless oafs who make the decisions. Just to leave this poor girl to die under his car and run off makes my blood boil no matter what you have done wrong, and for only to be given four months is a tragic insult to amy,s family, if he was not deported he should have been given 25 years as he should not have been driving anyway. When are the powers that be going to wake up and start making punishments that fit crimes, you would go to jail for longer for not paying your vat or trying to swindle the government. Amy,s family have got to live with this for all of their lives while the filthy scum will be free to commit crimes safe in the knowledge he will not be sent back and even if caught will get away with it.
  5. Hi there looking for advice from anyone working in this profession. I work in HR, although I'm one of these people who fell into HR rather than holding a specific qualification. (I've a degree in psychology and beginning to wish I'd pursued this as a career!) HR is not on the skilled list for emigrating so I'm wondering how easy it is to come across HR jobs and how likely it would be for an organisation to appoint a brit into this role? I work in organisational development and have noticed quite a few jobs on recriutment sites. Also, I have no idea what sort of salary an OD consultant can expect to earn over there so this makes it difficult when trying to work out possible earnings agains cost of living etc. On the jobs boards, OD professionals seem to have very high salaries advertised but this is so out of sync with the UK that I keep thinking it can't be right? Any advice? thanks! Julie
  6. Hi there. I've just joined the site today and it's great to see so many people with so many interesting things to say, all dedicated to getting the heck out of the UK for a life in Oz. Ok, so I'd like to ask if anybody knows the current state of the jobs market in Oz for the HR industry. I'm 36 and the Group HR Manager in the UK for a reverse logistics company specialising in gaming consoles and laptops for the most well-known global manufacturers. My mate moved out to Manly last year after a completely freak job opportunity landed in his lap whilst working in Italy, and now he's living it up next to the beach! It's getting really hard Skyping him when it's freezing cold here in Cornwall and he's telling me he's surfing in boardshorts :arghh: So I've made the decision - the time's come to split and check things out downunder. I think I need to therefore find an employer who will be willing to sponsor me down the 457 visa route. Human Resources is apparently increasing in demand in Oz so I want to make the most of this window. Would love to hear back from anyone who could point me in the right direction and chat with about moving to and working in Australia. ESPECIALLY anyone currently working in HR out there. Is the CIPD recognised out there? I'm MCIPD. Thanks guys.
  7. Australia stands pretty high on Human Development Index :wink: http://hdrstats.undp.org/en/countries/country_fact_sheets/cty_fs_AUS.html
  8. Guest

    Human behaviour after moving back

    Hi All In my professional life I study human behavior, attitudes, beliefs etc and it fascinates me so please take this next question in the spirit it is intended, one of interest and learning, as I am not making any judgment, just want to hear your thoughts on the following... if you have lived in Oz and then returned to the UK and do not intend to live in Oz again...why do you continue to be a part of PIO? It is a serious question as "social media" also called web 2.0 using forums, blogs, facebook, twitter etc is something that is relatively new and that academics, government and businesses are still trying to understand and what it is about humans that want/need that social connection. My interest is why you stay connected and what you hope to get from/give to PIO. Cheers Julia
  9. Guest

    Human Rights, what a joke!

    Listening to the radio this morning I nearly fell off the scaffold, when it was reported on the news that hate preacher Abu Qatada, apparantly Bin Ladens right hand man has been awarded £2500.00 compensation. This compensation was awarded by the European court of human rights because his detention without trial breached his human rights. Has the world gone mad:wacko: or is it me!
  10. I just felt I had to share this with you all - makes me feel extremely humble and overwhelmed.. amazing! From the ABC website this afternoon: The flood-affected residents of Ingham in north Queensland are putting their own problems aside the help the victims of the Victorian bushfires. The clean-up and recovery in Ingham began this morning after one of the worst floods in the region's history. About 200 residents lined up at the community recovery centre this morning to receive financial assistance from the Queensland Government to replace items lost in the floods. Many of them have lost everything but say their plight is insignificant compared to the loss of life and damage caused by the Victorian bushfires. Communities Department spokesman Peter McCarthy says many of them are giving their grants to help bushfire victims. "A lot of people are coming through and while they've suffered loss themselves and are understandably upset at their loss and the damage that their property might have suffered, a lot of them have made comments to our staff that 'we're not as bad off as the poor people in Victoria', 'thank God we're not in Victoria'," he said. "Some of them have even said that they plan to give some of the money to the Victorian bushfire appeal." Mr McCarthy says one concerned man in Ingham want his recovery money directly donated to the appeal. "And he said 'I'm going to give this money straight to the Victorian fire appeal so you may as well write this cheque out to them, not to me'," Mr McCarthy said. :hug:
  11. Hi New to the site. Just posted off my skills assessment to AIMS today - does anyone know how long it will take? It;s for Human Resource skills. Also, does anyone have any ideas on what it is like to find a job in HR either HR Manager, Head of HR or HR Business Partner and what the salaries etc are? We would be on regional sponsored visa which means we can live in: South Australia Queensland Tasmania We are looking at Adelaide - are we on the right track?