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Found 19 results

  1. Theres been a huge 80,000 rise in unemployment in the UK and Nick Clegg is on the tv saying things are going to get a lot worse, the unions are balloting for strike action and its looking like a winter of discontent, just where will it all end? Unemployment Increases By 80,000 To Hits 2.51… Unemployment rose by 80,000 in the three months to July to 2.51 million, official figures revealed.
  2. :arghh:Ok, where to start.... my OH is a bricklayer by trade, he passed all skills assessment, we have found we are 10 points short for 175 and 176 visa. my OH is dyslectic and barely reads and writes he was told to sit ielts test to gain the extra points but when he went for test he couldnt said couldnt do it:no:. so now we are in the worse situation, i have been reading up about 475 visa, we have family out there mother and father in law, sis in law and bro in law... the bro would be the one to sponsor us on this 475 visa and that then gives us our 10 points we need.... but we have two young children and despeartly want to live in perth with our family, can we live there? i need to know any info on this visa and wether this is our best option. does anyone know also how long this visa takes to grant as we have so many hold ups that we just want to be out there! also i know there may be others out there in similar situations so if you have any advise or questions feel free to ask. thank you in advance.:hug: laura & brad x:tongue:
  3. Arniston Skippy

    Just like to say a huge thank you

    Not a frequent poster on here at all but i know a beautiful woman who is, she is known to everybody on this site as KellyJamie. I would just like to let her know i am very proud of her for the sheer determination in getting us as a family to Australia. We have had many a kick in the teeth on our journey through the migration process and still for her to have the drive to get us there is phenominal. If it was left to hubby to sort out we would probably not even get to Blackpool. So kelly THANK YOU for all the hard work and i know our dream will come true as a result of this. We l ove you very much for ever :wub:Jamie & Megan xxxxx
  4. gaz n family

    Huge thanks to you all

    I promise this will be my last thread about my visa grant, i feel i might have said it too many times today on here :embarrassed: But for those who have not been using the SA or Cat 2 timeline threads i wanted to pass on our thanks to you all for all the help and assistance you have given. Even if you have not answered me directly i am sure reading others threads and posts have help me out throughout the whole process. I know some of you have had to listen to my whinning on about missing paperwork, extra paperwork being requested, disappearing migration agents, etc etc, so sorry for going on so much. But thank-you for the 99.9% of PIO members who remained patient, helpfull and supportive. You have all (well 99.9%) help one way or another so i wanted to say a huge thanks to you all. :wubclub::wubclub::wubclub: I hope though you dont think you're going to get rid of me that easy, i am sure i will have even more questions to ask now, some might even be stupid ones, but if you dont know the answer then why not ask, no matter how silly as i am sure others will need to know the same. So best of luck to those waiting, be it Skills Assessment, Waiting for a Case Officer or waiting for that visa grant. You're not alone, plenty on here are willing to help, even if its just the listen (well read actually) and your time will come.
  5. I would like to thank everyone who has given the advise and effort during my time on pio. However after me finally gaining a job offer and sponsorship in perth, my wife does not feel easy with changing a comfortable lifestyle in the uk for a unsure lifestyle in oz and I have to respect that.So have declined the offer. Gollywobbler you have given me so much time and help I feel like I know you :hug:forever. Good luck to everyone else who dreams the dream. Go for it, Thank you and goodbye.:notworthy::cry:
  6. kernow43

    Huge jump in employment

    There has been a big jump in employment which is great news, 3 times more than what the experts predicted. Australia&squo;s unemployment rate falls to 5.5 per cent | The Courier-Mail
  7. Guest

    Huge earthquake rocks Haiti.

    Just off the net. Huge earthquake rocks Haiti | News.com.au A 7.0-MAGNITUDE quake has hit the impoverished Caribbean nation of Haiti, rocking the capital city, officials and witnesses said. A Caribbean tsunami warning has been issued for parts of the Caribbean, including the impoverished nation, neighbouring Dominican Republic, Cuba and the Bahamas, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said. "A destructive widespread tsunami threat does not exist based on historical earthquake and tsunami data," the centre said. "However, there is the possibility of a local tsunami that could affect coasts located usually no more than a 100km from the earthquake epicentre." The country's ambassador to the United States, Raymond Alcide Joseph, told CNN television: "I think it's really a catastrophe of major proportions." The ambassador said he was heartbroken as he had just spoken by telephone with a senior presidential aide who described scenes of chaos and devastation.
  8. Hi Gill and the Fantastic 5, I have been following your protest post and have to say that I think you are doing a wonderful job for all concerned in PIO. Gill you are ever the faithful friend that people on this forum need. Your knowledge and advice is second to none and you have helped so many people. I have to take my hat off to you as you always do this without expectation. You are a rock. Whilst I have not been effected by this horrible scinario I feel for those who have and without you and the fantastic 5 who knows what would be happening. You have made a lot of members very happy and for that I thank you all. I would like to wish everyone who is fighting to get to Oz the very best of luck for the future and hope that one day your dreams will all become a reality. Kind regards Karen :goofy:
  9. Guest

    i feel i have made huge mistake

    Hi, don't know where to start really. Moved to Oz last Sept (08) and moved back to Uk Jan this year and feel it was the worse mistake i could have done. I did begin to feel really homesick, hubby was at work both daughters were at school and felt alone. I know a lot of women find it harder. We did have trouble with high schools for our then 14 year old, we pulled her out of 1 school after 2 days and managed to get get her into a Catholic Private school. Our then 11 year old was in primary, we had to try and find a high school for her and couldn't except where we pulled our other daughter out off, and she wasn't going there. The school our other daughter was in had no places for the new school year. They were both in a good school here in the uk, that made me feel quilty took them away from freinds and a school they loved. It was heading towards xmas and it just didn't feel like it which i knew our first xmas was going to be very hard. I am an only child and as soon as my mum realised that i wasn't feeling right she just kept digging away until we agreed to come back. Everytime she phoned she kept saying i didn't sound right even if i was fine and happy, she never thought of asking how were we. She kept on abouting having to work extra to pay for flights, they had booked flights to come and see us in Feb, they booked them without speaking to us first and got the hump because girls would be going back to school. Girls were beginning to settle even though they were using msn alot to keep in contact with friends here. I also feel with my parents coming out that soon after we arrived would unsettle us even more. A few other things had happened in the Uk that made me miss here, but i feel i would have got over that. I have just dropped the biggest bomb shell on hubby by telling him what my mum was doing, i kept it from him i should have told him. I would love to go back and want to. I have realised things here haven't changed i hardly speak to my parents now i only have to look at them and they wind me up. Hubby would go back tomorrow but we feel we have missed the boat with our 2 daughters i think they would put up a fight. Really don't know what to do. Sorry this goes on a bit but i am really confused, i knew i was making a mistake when i was on the plane flying back. :sad:
  10. My sister and her fiance moved to Oz in May 07 and when we visited them in Nov 07 we fell in love with the place and decided we wanted to live there also. I’ll give you a background history of what we have done so far .(I am currently 30 years old my partner is 27) we started this whole process in feb 2008, we tried to get Australian permanent visa using my partner’s skills, he is a qualified electrician by trade, but we tried to get residency by using the electrician special class option as he was working as a fire alarm fitter/tester technician at the time. We did all this through a agency based in Sydney, we sent copies of every certificate we had, references, evidence that we were in a relationship etc..we were told in May 08 that we had passed our TRA which we were delighted about as that was the one thing we were concerned about, however having been to an oz expo show in Leeds in oct 08 to and went over to the government immigration stand to ask a few questions, for example how long we would have to wait for our visa application, they said we should have had a reference number from the TRA, we got home then e-mailed the agency to ask for our ref number, she delayed and tried to tell us this wasn’t necessary and that the TRA didn’t like to be bothered, however we persisted and eventually got a ref number, which we looked up on the TRA website, it came up that the application had been unsuccessful! We were absolutely gutted, and angry with this woman who had told us 5 months earlier that we had passed her reason for this—she had mixed our papers up with another applicant! Eventually we received all our money back from them..but we were back to square one.. So we then decided to try and apply for the same visa, but as a general electrician we did this through vetasses and my b.friend went about gathering all the info required, sending certificates and all that, and good news he passed the first initial stage of the skills assessment ie he had enough qualifications to go for the practical trade skills test, which he did in June 09 at blackburn college unfortunately he failed on a few of the testing procedures..bad news again..as he hasn't done any electrical work for a few years now, he's currently a technical director of a heating control & solar panel company. In the meantime my sister has been granted australian residency (may 09) we have decided to go to oz in october this year on a 1yr working visa, as we have to wait until november to try the test again here!! and it will cost another £500. he wants to try and do an evening course in aus (if this is possible??) so he can refresh on his electrical skills. and then retry in oz. we are also going to try and get work sponsorship when we are there, if we are unable to do the skills assessment test in oz We were wondering whether my sister could sponsor either me or him? and also we want to know if he could possibly retry the skill assessment test over there? I hope its not too much bother for you to answer these questions for us, we have tried e-mailing other company's agencies ect but none give a clear cut answer for us, which is what were desperate for!! thank you in advance A
  11. Guest

    Oz school uniform

    Will I be able to live with myself if I subject my kids to the hideousness of Australian school uniforms? We saw some right stinkers when we were in Brisbane: colour, fabric, clashing stripes...! What's the worst combination you've seen? I saw boaters in Brisbane...:shocked: valleylass
  12. HI. Well the visa is lodged and we are going over to OZ in April 2010 for a month to visit relatives and check out the job situation. We are looking to hire a car for a month but they all seem to have such huge excessess. I was reading in a post that ordinary resident car insurance is cheaper than in the UK so why is holiday car rental insurance so high? It's triple the price we have ever paid in America. Some companies offer to pay back your excess if you make a claim but I am so sceptical and think that they will try everything to avoid this. We can't afford to have AUS$3,ooo swiped from our credit card for the time we are out there. Smaller companies seem to offer cars that are up to 10 years old! We are flying into Brisbane . If anyone could give us some advice or recommend a rental company it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Helen
  13. Guest

    HUGE question!!

    Hi Everyone! Would anyone be able to give me a breakdown of the right time to do things?? ie... When to apply for the visa, before or after meds and police check? When to look for a job, when to sort out shipping, when to look for a rental property.... you know the stuff am talking about lol Also what is the minimum amount in £'s that should really be taken to oz once we do the final move?? Thanks in advance and loads of :hug:'s Donna x
  14. Guest

    A huge hands up to Pickfords

    We used Pickfords to send our stuff to Oz. As their container did not fit down our drive, they came with different size lorries for 3 days, with 3 really great blokes. On the 4th day they emptied everyting into our container, which left the UK on 4 July. It arrived here in Perth on 5 August. Had cleared customs and quarantine by 15th and was delivered to us today the 20th. Just want to say they come very highly recommended. Only one thing broken but that was something that customs had removed, but it was worthless, so not too bothered. Three blokes arrived at 11:30 and were done by 2:30. They unpacked all the big, heavy items e.g. suite, tellies, beds and tables, fridges etc. So if anyone is looking for a company to use as far as we are concerned they were excellant. They kept in contact with us all the time and always returned calls straight away. They also take all the boxes and wrapping away. The fact that our container arrived in 4 weeks after we were told 7-9 was brilliant. Just thought you might be interested to hear a good view. Claire
  15. Lynne2007

    A Huge Thanks To Jo & Paul XXX

    Well what more can i say Jo apart from a huge thankyou for such a fantastic weekend at you & Pauls. You made us feel soooooooooooooooo welcome especially after a 13 hour drive there :jiggy: we all had an amazing weekend, your hospitality was much much appreciated, you kept us busy by taking us to the fantastic beaches, seeing your new house you are buying and not forgetting the amazing views of Glass House Mountain and the Australia Zoo was just out of this world too :yes: you are such fantastic friends and we appreciated the whole weekend, once again Luvs Ya Babes xxx
  16. I sold my house today! :jiggy: After being on the market for eighteen months! After paying back my Dad, my sister, the solicitor, the estate agent, the overdraft and the credit card and then dealing with a terrible exchange rate, I'll be able to afford a small shed on a piece of land next to the local youth offenders facility and a mosquito swamp, but at least it will be sold! PLEASE keep your fingers crossed that it all goes through smoothly.
  17. Guest

    A Huge One!!!

    A HUGE Merry Christmas to all PIO'ers. All those of you that have your Visas and who will be on your way next near, have a fab last English Christmas with all your families and friends. I am sure it will be both fun and emotional before you move on. Congratulations to all of you. To all the August applicants, and I now there are a few of us, fingers crossed that this will also be our last Xmas here so I am sure you will make the most of it with your families and friends. Hopefully the New Year will bring us all acknowledgements and maybe even some Visas. To all of you already in Oz have a lovely warm Christmas, hopefully we will all be joining you round the barbie on the beach soon. Hope you are not missing your family and friends too much. Plus a huge one to my sister and her family and my Dad and his family already based in Perth, really hope to be joining you all next year as miss you so much specially at this time of year. Goodluck everyone for 2008 and have a wonderful Christmas. Lots of love fred and claire (I can't believe I am still checking my emails. Bet I still look Christmas Day)
  18. stillhere

    not a huge dilemma but...........

    :wub: hi all been on pio for a while now, got a day off work and was trying to update my profile u no when u put timescales what date u passed TRA and applyed all that well me not being great on computers (i am getting bettermanaged to add pic) please could somone tell me how to go about it it helps me when i'm reading threads and i would like to repay all the good advice i've got since joining :cool: stillhere
  19. KazzE

    Huge congratulations

    As I have not been on properly for a while I would just like to say................... congratulations whooohoooo yeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fandabbydozy to everyone who has passed through one of the hoops in this crazy process in the last couple of weeks I have gone from weeks of stress waiting for the TRA result and then living and breathing the visa application to pushing Oz to the back recesses of my mind while we wait for acknowlegement of the application and then the case officer, no more stressing until then (yeh right:biggrin: ) But I just can't stay away:twitcy: