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Found 57 results

  1. hope73

    How to persuade hubby?

    I have said to my husband that i'd really like to consider moving to Australia. We have a 20mth old daughter and are planing on having another child soon. His reply was simply: "persuade me" as he hasn't got the headspace to look into it right now. I myself grew up in NZ and my reasons for wanting to move to Aus are as follows (we currently livein England): * I want my children to have an outdoor lifestyle and more sporting opportunities than they seem to have here (I'm a primary teacher and have been shocked by how early girls in particular tend to opt out of sport) * I'd like to live somewhere warmer and prettier * My husband loves sport so he'd love the way Australians follow it so keenly * We'd like a more relaxed lifestyle *We'd like more space * I'd like to be closer to my own family (although can't quite bring myself to live in NZ as it's a tad too cold for me!) * I am not impressed with the school system in England and am under the impression the Aus school system is more similar to NZ * the health system seems better * We think we'd lead a healthier lifestyle * My brother lives out there so it'd be lovely to live near him * My personal opinion is that in England females grow up thinking they're nothing more than clothes horses, whereas in Aus and NZ girls grow up feeling better about their body because they're usually into some kind of sport. Having a daughter in England scares me as most girls seem to be obsessed with shopping, fashion and celebrity and that is about it! So I just wondered if those of you who have moved from England to Aus would think I was under the correct impressions and if you had anything to add? The down sides are: * we have lovely family and friends here (but we also have lovely friends and family in NZ too and I know we'd make friends easily in Aus as you just do when you have small children) *hubby has a secure job with good promo prospects and is concerned about security. * I'm a primary teacher so I am on the skills list but more crucially, we don't think hubby does fit on the skills list as he's a business analyst in an IT dept, but is no IT wizz. * I like the option of being able to go somewhere amazing on holiday, like EuroDisney etc etc (but I think you can access amazing places in Surfer's Paradise can't you?) Thoughts and first steps would be appreciated. huge thanks.
  2. Hi all we are new to this forum, my husband is doing his electrical test today in London. Really hope he passes as will be so disappointed if doesnt but i have faith. :biggrin: We are then nearly ready to put in for our visa, we are using an agent who so far has been great. Hopefully we are moving to Perth in the near future, we are aware how long the process can take which is a bit of a downer but that we cant change. Does anyone know any reason they may refuse your visa as want to get it right first time? My husband has family in Perth which is one of the reasons we decided to go there, we have two boys aged 3 and 10. We are saving like mad to hopefully go over in Jan 2012 if not sooner, look at areas meet family members and hopefully make friends on here so we kind of know people to meet up with when we visit. Anyway fingers crossed for today on passing hubbys test. :wink:
  3. julie38

    Hubby has a job!!

    Hi All OH has found a job,we are moving in early Jan,they are paying flights,removals etc.So less stress for us now.Its all go here though mad packing before xmas.Trying to explain to our youngest that santa will only be able to bring something small this year!! i'm nervous and excited :biggrin: julie
  4. We had planned that once the visa was through Stuart would fly out first to sort out work and a long term rental before me and our 2 boys went out. He is now on his first flight to Dubai and is due into Perth at 17.25 (their time) tomorrow. He has only been away a few hours and already I'm missing him so much, I know it will be worth it in the long run. Roll on november when me and the boys are hoping to fly out and be reunited. Sorry for the rant, family and friends here don't really understand how I feel but I am sure that there are others on PIO who have been through the same. :cool:
  5. Guest

    Any male advise for my Hubby

    Hi, my husband will be the one to get the ticket! to Oz. I am sooo keen its unreal and at the moment he is still unsure. Main reasons: the security of what we have here and going somewhere and loosing it all. I am trying to convince but its coming across pushy , I am a women what do you expect! Any advise from men that maybe have gotton over that barrier or who can see that life has the greener grass would be great. Thank you Also support from girlies would be fab too, when he decides i will feel much better as a bit in limbo at the moment x
  6. Hi everyone, I'm really in need of your help. Right I have told my husband of the countless threads & posts that many of you "in the know" guys have said that to equal our finances & lifestyle over in Oz we should work on the 2 - 2.2 x uk salary scale. But he's just not believing me ! Can you guys help explain it better to him than I can & set him straight & get him to realise its not just one or two folk that says that.
  7. Hi, we have our visa :jiggy: and my oh is hoping to go out in the next couple of months to sort out work, house before me and the kids go. Can anyone advise what would be the best/cheapest option to start with. Should we look at a short term rental/hostel/hotel. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Valerie
  8. Never seen him so exited as the time I put on a nurses uniform for his Birthday, even though it was to small and I looked like a marshmallow squeezed into a thimble :cute: apparantly an Aussie has won some bike road in FRANCE....Ahhh don't you just love these men who never grow up :wubclub:
  9. 35yrs, Senior Maintenance (air-con, reverse osmosis, system controls, rolling stock, HVAC), PR visa, have lived and worked in Perth before and could be there within 4weeks.. BUT STILL FINDING IT HARD TO GET A JOB, EVEN AN INTERVIEW. Any help or advice?
  10. Hey guys, am having a bit of a dilemma, I have just been informed by a friend who is in Sydney that she doesn't think I will be able to work when we get to Perth as our visa (176) is through my OH's skill. I have been on DIAC's website and can't for the life of me find out if this information is correct. Can someone please help me????.........Please Becks
  11. Hi, im a nurse and applying for stacks of jobs in perth and surrounding arreas (really love bunbury).............. anyhow ive done my ilets test because visa would be in my name. ive been told that only i had to do it ......... am i right ? thank you :jiggy:
  12. Hi guys, My hubby came over here on a residential permanent visa 3 years ago as a overhead linesman, anyhow now he wants to be known also as a electrician but he has to do his TRA again apparently (nightmare doing the first one):confused: So my question to you good people is , has anyone got a TRA of theirs when they applied to be an electrician, and if so could you send, email it to me so my hubby has a little clue of what they are looking for (obviously with all personal information scrubbed out):biggrin: I would really really appreciate this as the thought of doing another TRA depresses me:cry: and as Im trying to get off the wine, im sure it would only kick me back onto it, lol. :twitcy: Thanks a million guys. Lo xxxxxx:hug:
  13. Hi, i've put together a cv for my husband and have a list of companies that i want to send his cv to, to see if they will sponsor him on 457. The thing is i'm really stuck on what to put as a cover letter, and dont want them to delete it without looking at it first. He is main agent trained and has 20 years experiance! If anyone has any advice x x
  14. Hello All My husband installs and maintains CCTV and Access control systems for mainly large corperate companies etc, i've been trying to find a loop hole on the SOL and have emailed Adelaide to find out if he would come under Electronic Engineer but (no surprise) i haven't heard anything and that was a couple of weeks ago. Just wondering if anyone of the same trade as had the same problem, also does anyone know if that type of work is in demand out there.
  15. Just a quick update. Hubby is on his way back to Perth tonight and starts work Monday. A difficult time for us all (yet again) as he leaves us behind for the next 5 months. We've all been there before but it doesn't make it any easier. I worked out how much time we had spent apart since we first headed out Down Under and it is an astonishing 19 months, a real test on our relationship but we survived it! Going backwards and forwards three times now has been an enormous and costly upheaval as some of you know only too well, but we needed to experience it to get to this point mentally and really get our heads round the reality of the decision we have made this time. We are going into this with our eyes wide open this time and the decision wasn't made lightly but the rose tints are well and truly off this time. Despite all the ping ponging having weighed heavily on our emotions and those of our loved ones we have to leave behind, I feel it was meant to happen this way and I have decided to go forwards, embrace and work with my new life rather than fighting against it. I am a great believer in fate and know we have many opportunities given to us throughout our lives. Anyway, I won't harper on or teach anyone to suck eggs! but what I am trying to say is that it is easy for us to remain in our comfort zones all our lives as the old saying goes " "Do what you've always done, get what you've always got". It can be incredibly frightening taking risks and it certainly isn't easy but unless we try we will forever wonder how our lives could have been. Just feeling in a thoughtful mood! :smile: Jackie XX
  16. kellyjamie

    Hubby sitting Ielts right now!

    Well Jamie left at 8 this morning to be at the college for 9.15 to sit ielts. bless him he was quite nervous i tried my best to ensure he,ll be fine, but he knows theres so much riding on his result. He went away in his shirt and trousers and i asked him why not his jeans and jumper but he says he prefers to be dressed appropriately as it gets him the mind set for sitting an exam, hes the same when he had his telephone interviews for oz! When he got there he text to say it was heaving, and there was a couple of them there for migration purposes. I am keeping everything crossed it goes well, we really need this he read the ielts rant post last nite, i told hom not too but curiosity got him and i think that made him nervous this morning, anyhow i told him just try your best and thats all he can do Goodluck Jamie xx:em4400:
  17. Hi all, We are moving to Adelaide very soon. We are coming on a 457 visa. That is fine for my hubby but not fine for me! In England until recently I had my own gift shop and Id like to do a similar thing in Australia. My question is - Are there any restrictions on me setting up a business? and if not will I find it difficult to raise capital (small business loan from a bank) Any advice or similar experience greatly appreciated Jane
  18. Hi guys, my bf and I are planning to get married this year. Before SA SMP was released, we planned to move to the US cuz my bf is American. Now, we both are very happy to plan to move to OZ since my occuopation is on SA SMP list. I think my 475 visa grant will be sooner than we get married. I asked my agent about it, apperently I dont think they know about this matter very well cuz they told me that we should apply a spouse visa. But, on the DIAC website, if I am 475 visa holder, I should add my family member and it does not sound like I should apply for a spouse visa cuz 475 visa is not PR visa so it does not make sense that my bf applies a spouse visa. Has anyone done this before? Does anyone know how long it will take to add family member? Thanks,
  19. Just a quick one to put my hubbies mind at rest. We have just found out the we are Cat 2 on SA's list and I am wanting to go for the medicals before we start trying for another baby but the hubby is concerned. He is 6 foot 2 and weighs around 17.5 stone and is a 36/38 waist but he is concerend they will fail him on the medicals because of his weight. Can anyone let us know of their experiences????? Thanks
  20. hey can anyone help me im a uk cit and married on aussie so in australia on a spouse visa but want to go home (back to the uk ) how does my hubby get a spouse visa for the uk ?
  21. Hello, Some of you may have been following the rollercoaster that has been my life for almost the past 2 months now. Basically, OH got let go from his job at the end of September and we have been frantically looking for another job for him. He had an interview with a company 2 weeks ago, and was supposed to have a 2nd interview this week with the Senior Project Manager. Well the Senior Project Manager came back from leave and is crook. OH contacted the guy who interviewed him last week, just to find out where he stands, does the job exist and when are the chances of it happening. Basically, the guy told him that he has the job, and that he just wanted OH to meet the Senior Project Manager so they could keep him in the loop. The guy who interviewd OH will be flying in from Sydney next Wednesday so fingers crossed everyone that we get an offer of employment out of this. It has been a stressful 2 months for us, we have been living off my wage and luckily OH had 4 weeks vacation pay owing to him, so that has helped as well. It is really getting down to the wire, and we are going to have to make a decision about where we go. So fingers crossed everyone for us, as it makes much more sense for us to stay here, and have 2 incomes, rather than go back to Canada, with no jobs to go back to. Cheers Karen
  22. Guest

    DEFACtO status on Hubby's VE176

    I wonder if anyone on this status receive the same visa as hubby or a defacto visa?
  23. for a company in sunshine melbourne so far so good so we want to be there but until he has a firm offer as he would be sponsered by the company and hopefully the relocation costs or at least part we are in limbo there are a lot of questions whorling in my brain regarding medicals ,police checks length of time it takes for visa from when the compamy offering job and accepting the job etc cost of containers etc if i listed them well im sure youve all had them too lol the move itself its an adventure if it happens i so hope it will have moved a lot as a child and also as a family we have family and friends in oz a close friend in melbourne and family in adelaide from both sides i just wanted to introduce myself oh yes and hubby and 2 boys 13 and 3 yes its a big gap !! and yes i waffle so bare with i think im waffling today to take my mind of the fact my mother is in hospital today having an opp to remove lymph nodes
  24. I know this has absolutely nothing to do with immigrating to Oz, but thought as there are lots of you on here who are IT specialists, that perhaps someone might be able to help me and point me in the right direction!:rolleyes: About 5 years ago I built a website for my hubby's business, but now I need to update it with new photos and things. However, the software I used then has been lost and I cant even remember what it is called. My old computer has recently broken and the backup copy is no good. So I am planning on starting again from scratch. I am no expert, but managed quite nicely with the software I had before, so I am now searching the Internet to find a free download of something which has professional looking templates, where I can just add the information and photos for my hubby's business and then easily upload it to the domain and host I already have. Something nice and easy but what obviously looks professional!:wink: Thank you for any suggestions or help! Tasha:wubclub:
  25. janine the party queen

    My present from hubby !!

    Hubby has been out "Bush" for a couple of days.The wildlife must have hitchhiked all the way back. Such a thoughtful man !!!! [ATTACH]1653[/ATTACH]