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Found 18 results

  1. Hello I am moving to Melbourne next month from NZ to start a job where my office located on the fringe of Melbourne CBD. I am looking at renting a place either in Werribee or Greensborough area. Can anyone tell me what the respective peak / off-peak hour travel time by train is like for Werribee vs Greensborough? (Metro Trains gave the estimates as 34 min for Werribee to CBD and 44 min for Greensborough to CBD for travel between 7.30 to 8.00 am on weekdays). Many thanks
  2. Bpremji

    Etihad 72 Hour Sale

    Hi all, Hopefully this will help someone. If your looking to fly to to Oz between the 5th November and the 14th December, from either Manchester or Heathrow, Etihad are having a sale.. http://www.etihadairways.com/sites/Etihad/uk/en/home/pages/promotiondetails.aspx?Prom_Id=2696&viewmore=VRNRC Just had a quick look: London Melbourne GBP 567 05 Nov 11 - 14 Dec 11 London Sydney GBP 649 05 Nov 11 - 14 Dec 11 Manchester Melbourne GBP 577 05 Nov 11 - 14 Dec 11 Manchester Sydney GBP 644 05 Nov 11 - 14 Dec 11
  3. We are Looking to buy a house on about an acre or more,thats within an hour commute of Brisbane Any ideas?:notworthy:of suburbs much appreciated
  4. Hi I'm due to board a plane in around 6 or so weeks as I have got myself a job at one of the wa uni's. Am I deluded/biting off more than I can chew in travelling down the highway at rush hour??? When is rush hour? To beat the rush hour here in the uk I leave the house at 7am which I'm more than happy to do if it means I can get from a-b in around an hour and a half. I have been considering getting the train then a bike in a bag and cycling the rest of the way.... I really want to live joondalup - butler areas mainly as our hearts are set on these and rent is a tad cheaper :smile: Any advice? Cheers :biggrin:
  5. Hi friends, after a couple of years of trying we are finally in oz me the wife and kids that is, Adelaide is to be our new home, we are staying in west beach, but leaving tomorrow to travel back to uk to tie up loose ends, we are mainly looking for property to rent in time for Xmas time when we make the final step, me I'm a pommy spark and the mrs is going to uni to do a degree in midwifery. The thing is everywhere seems realy nice here, we need a bit of local advice we are struggling on our own, thanks you beauties, please PM me for my phone number
  6. anyone know of any places with good food that are in your opinion worth a visit with our kids.?
  7. Guest

    We missed it by an hour!

    Although I have been on this site So many times before and the last time I was on here was on the 7th! We had already done the online application form ready for submitting that evening. By the time I saw the announcement, it was a hour too late to submit!!!! We just could'nt believe it!:chatterbox: We are seriously worried. The visa we were ready to lodge were the 175. I am a graphic designer (2533-13) with Ielts 7.5 and my husband is Systems Manager 2213-11 Ielts 8. Will we be on the list.....if not we have a problem!:no: Thanks for listening. Amanda
  8. Hi, I wonder if anyine can share their experiences of travelling into the Sydney CBD for office hours, by train mainly but also by bus (or even ferry). I'm expecting it to be very busy but recently had the misfortune to have to go into London on the train/tube in rush hour and I'm really hoping its not as bad as that! In particular I'm looking to take the train in, either on the Northern Line, as far as Hornsby or possibly from around Sutherlandshire. I need to get to Darling Harbour, on the Wynyard side, I've looked on the Sydney transport site and journey times look OK and the trains certainly seem frequent, and reasonably priced too. Thanks!
  9. calNgary

    Earth Hour

    Well its that time of year again, will you be switching off tonight and getting the candles out? or do you not bother? Lights out for climate change - Earth Hour Australia 2010 I must admit i do try to do my bit and normally switch everything off bar the TV or Lappy. Cal x
  10. Well tonight (Sat 28th ) at 8.30pm your local time it is Earth Hour , so who will be having an hour of darkness and doing their bit for the enviroment? Earth Hour Cal x
  11. Guest

    Sale fares 1 hour to go

    Thank Jetstar It's Friday Friday Fare Frenzy is on again today from 4pm - 8pm (AEDT), and this is one you won't want to miss! We have some extra special fares on selected routes this week, with some reduced to just SINGLE DIGITS! So make sure you set your alarm for 4pm (AEDT) today and visit our sale page for all the details and to book. Happy Friday Australia! Important Information Sale fares are subject to availability, are for travel during the travel periods and on the routes stated on the sale page and are not available on all flights or days. Fares are non-refundable. Limited changes are permitted, charges apply. All travel is subject to the
  12. A 13-year-old busker who plays the electric guitar in Brighton has been earning an average of £70 an hour. BBC NEWS | England | Busker boy earns £70 an hour He's bloody good too!
  13. Can't believe it!! Been looking for admin work for about 6 weeks with no joy. Found out last week that my b-tec nursery nursing is valid over here, so decided to utilize it and look for a job in daycare. Redid my resume last night and just visted 5 local settings, one on the spot full time job offer (told them only want 2 days at moment so they offered me that instead) been put on the 'relief' register for 2 more, offered 3 days at another one and number 5 said they will definatly have something but will call me when the director comes in to confirm days etc!! Can't believe that now I get to choose! So pleased I can relieve the financial burdon from hubby a bit (we are struggling over here!!) Sad that my son has not settled in his daycare yet though, that will make it all harder Just wondering why everyone I saw was so desperate!! lol
  14. ali

    Earth Hour

    Anyone taking part in this global event? We'll decided to eat by candlelight outside tomorrow and have all the lights off in the house. Kids were ok with it after looking at the TV guide to see what they'll miss lol Ali
  15. I am moving to Queensland hopefully this summer, and I am REALLY scared about the flighty thingamajig. Mum says she will buy some sleeping pills, but what If I wake up? Im REALLY scared! If anyone has any reassuring stuff, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me!:unsure::arghh::unsure:
  16. Guest

    24 hour UK banking

    I have still got my bank account in the UK. I still have the house there (don't think it will ever sell!) and have to pay insurance and council tax etc and am presently living off its overdraft. The statements for the credit card (they wont make them paperless for some reason) are sent to my parents house and they recently moved. I rang the bank at (my) midday to change the address but was told this could only be done in UK banking hours and would be most efficiently done by going into my branch. If its most efficiently done by going into my branch, why do they have phone and internet banking? I explained that I was in Australia, but the chap said that I would have to ring back in their banking hours. Like I want to spend all my time and money listening to a series of instructions and product lines before just getting on with the nitty gritty! :realmad: So 24 hour banking actually means banking hours but you can ring them anytime and they get to tell you that in person. How kind!
  17. There's a language technology company in Sydney that is recruiting UK English speakers to do a 20min speech recording over the phone. They pay $40AU for a call. This opportunity is available only for a couple of days. More info at:
  18. Hi, We are looking at booking our internal flights for our February reccie (Melby to Gold Coast / Brisbane), and I see that between 1200 - 1300 oz time every day Virgin Blue have a happy hour where flights are discounted. With it being a bit early in the morning for me (between 3 and 4) I have only managed to see it one day and the flights on offer were all going to non major (i.e. Fraser Coast, Rockhampton) airports. If anybody over there could check it out a few times would appreciate if that is typical or if I am likely to get a Melbourne to Gold Coast / Brisbane flight on this deal. Thanks Gary