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Found 53 results

  1. Gunnerking

    RSMS Visa - relevant qualification

    Hi I am applying for an RSMS visa in the ACT, under UNIT GROUP 1413 - hotel and motel managers. I have a bachelor of commerce majoring in business management, is this relevant enough to satisfy the RSMS qualification requirement? Please help, as I cant find any indicators anywhere! Thanks
  2. Got the train from Central to St Peters then walked in a meandering route back to Enmore & Newtown, two schooners of Tiger in The Bank, then decided to get a cab to Woolahra for two more schooners and a meal. Spending money which I actually had for a change. Walked back home to Surry Hills all the way down Oxford St to Crown St, mixed in with mobs of fans who'd been to see ?Foo Fighters? at the SFS. I did not really mean to go out but once I got the 'taste'........ There's plenty to see and do in all those inner city 'burbs too. Lost count of all the pubs and restaurants, plus book and music shops which were still open too.
  3. We are emigrating to Queensland via Singapore for 3 days in Feb......last time i went to Singapore i went to a hotel information desk inside the airport and just found a hotel through them and they were very helpful.....does anyone know if that desk is still there ? dont really want to just turn up after a long flight and not have anywhere to stay......:err::wub:
  4. Hi all, ok, things coming along here and a little less stressed now everything got packed up by John Masons last week, as you may know we (wife & kids 3&12) fly to Oz on 8th Jan 2012 with a 2 night stopover in Singapore (universal studios visit, got to be done !!!) this is my intentions but not sure if I can do it this way so would like some help if you can, cheers - Fly from Man to Singapore arriving on 9th @ 07:55am in terminal 2 - check in all baggage, all but 1 of cases that we will use in Singapore, at left luggage - spend 2 full days in Singapore - book in at Transit hotel at approx 4:00pm on 11th Jan so we can have a rest prior to our flight at 01:00am on 12th Jan from Terminal 3 to Perth - Arrive in Perth @ 06:20am on 12th Jan all fresh and ready to go !!!!! !!!!!! Now it got me thinking last night when i was looking at the transit hotel and where it is, in the departures transit hall........... - What terminal would be best to leave the left luggage so easier when back in airport and leaving to Perth? - would we have to check in first with the airline? - can we do this with bags at 4:00pm or take the bags to the transit hotel and check in when desk opens? - what would be the situation with immigration at Singapore and going through etc...where are the hotels situated? any ideas ????? thanks Gary -
  5. gaunty

    Airport Hotel Recommendations

    Hi All We'll be arriving in Melbourne from the UK in March next year and we've a 5 and 2 yr old. We get in at 8pm ish from Dubai and we're hoping to get an airport hotel room for the night to crash in before picking up a hire car and driving down the GO Road. Anyone got any recommendations for hotels that we should look into or any that might be a little further afield that do a reliable pickup (given that our kids will want to be in bed as soon as possible)? Regards Gaunty
  6. The Pom Queen

    Singapore Transit Hotel

    Does anyone know if you have to be in transit to use them. We have to be out of our room at 12 pm the day we fly home but we don't fly until midnight and check in isn't until 8pm, so we are going to be exhausted and have the luggage.
  7. I am planning with my wife on Emigrating to Australia under the hotel Manager catagorie. Does anyone have any advice???
  8. Should we book one? We have 6 hours stop over. I am thinking kids and swimming pool - do we get towels? Do we need to book a room for all 5 of us? or would we be o.k with eg a triple? We don't need the extra beds - more of a bag and wee -pee stop. And if we book one which terminal or are they all close together that it won't really matter??
  9. Claretjon

    Canberra hotel and 1 way car hire help

    Hi, we'll be validating next April / May and wonder if anybody has any recommendations for a hotel / apartment in Canberra for 6 nights that won't break the bank? Also, we're looking at hiring a car whilst we're in Canberra but ideally would like to drop it back at Tullamarine airport on the way back (we'll be flying into Canberra but are looking at driving back down to Melbourne). Does anybody know the best place that will hire from Canberra but let us drop off at Melbourne? Thanks a lot
  10. The Pom Queen

    Sand Hotel in Dorset

    As anyone actually seen this or stayed there?
  11. tonyman

    Hotel for Dogs ....

    So sorry im late tonight but i found ANOTHER dog..........ive almost been here 4 yrs and in 3 and a half yrs of living in our house ive found a total of 7 dogs ! some just follow me , then i befriend them as i get to our home to check out the collar ect(if any).........a couple ive found while driving (puppies) one was worth shed loads , dug its self out of the garden....got a real nice bottle of wine for that one ....:yes:.....couple of scruffy buggers too ......the ranger and pound are pretty good and on the ball....this one tonight was only 2 cul de sacks away , my good neighbour recognized it and pointed me in the right direction .....an hr or so later it was returned to its owner ......the only thing that worried me about this one was as we got closer it resisted and did not want to go back ...........when they answered the door they didnt look too surprised ......just a , how did u get out and a quick thank you ........Not , where was he and oh my God thank you so much , they didnt even know he was missing.......and not a drop of wine was offered (good job i took a couple of beers with me ) ........and another hour or so of my time wasted when i could have been on here causing mayhem .........:realmad:........btw have i told the story of the damsel in distress i rescued last week in the car with a child .............:policeman:.....well , thats another story.....all true though...:yes:
  12. Hi all, Wondering if anyone could offer their experience of the transit hotels at Singapore airport? i am trying to book it on their website as the rooms are offered on a 6 hourly basis (13 hour layover we have) and it won't let me select the times we need, only an overnight stay? Anyone stayed there in transit or anything you could offer us about how you booked with them as their website doesn't appear to be very functional? :chatterbox:
  13. familybliss

    hotel in Melbourne

    Would need to stay in Melbourne for a day or two in a hotel before heading on to North Victoria . Would appreciate suggestions for a good hotel near the airport - child & baby friendly . Would be interested to know people's experiences .
  14. Hi, Has anyone used the transit hotel at sinapore airport. I believe its in the terminal so you can get a rest without going through customs etc and then having to check in again. It looks pretty good, anyone with good or bad experiences with this? Thanks alot
  15. Hi guys, We have just booked our tickets for our validation trip! :biggrin: Soooooo exciting!!! Now I need to find a hotel near Melbourne airport just for one night as it'll be close to midnight when we get out... We'll be staying somewhere else from the next day. Can anyone recommend any good website(s) that I can use to check out/compare hotels over there? Or may be someone can recommend a hotel nearby? Thanks in advance. :cute:
  16. Hi, We are validating our visa over Xmas and New year and plan to stay in Sydney for the New Year. Can anyone recommend a hotel near to the Opera house/ bridge so we can take in the firework display?? Many thanks.
  17. Hi, we are a family of 6 with 4 small children - hoping to go to oz in Jun/July but oh wants to do stopover in singapore as he not been b4 - I'm not too sure - would love to hear from anyone who has done this and found hotel that are good for kids and places for kids, I know the zoo is pretty good but not sure what else there is to do when you have kids.
  18. Hi We fly in August to Adelaide and the flight arrives in singapore just after 7am local time and departs at 23.50 the same day so we were going to book a day room in the hotel, just wanted to know what everyone thought of the hotel, have you done the same??? etc. whats the airport like?? Is there enough to keep a 13 & 11 year old occupied?? Thanks
  19. Hi All I am looking to make contacts in the Hospitality industry, as I hope to move to Oz one day (if my application ever reaches the top of the pile) I have a skills assessment as a Hotel/Motel Manager and am currently working as a coffee shop manager, although I am also the cook and baker!! Anyone out there involved in this industry in Oz who fancies a chat please reply, i would be grateful for any inside knowledge going. Hazeeel
  20. philip21

    looking for good hotel in Perth

    Hi all If anyone can suggest any hotel or bed and breakfast in Perth for decent price please. Thank,s a lot.
  21. Hi, we are arriving in March and need to stay in Perth for a couple of nights before we go to our new home in Bunbury! Can anyone recommend a nice hotel ? Thanks
  22. Hi I am looking into all the possibilities of where to stay the day we arrive. It looks like it is going to be a hotel or apartment type thing. Hopefully North of the River Im interested to know what you guys did, where you stayed and how long you stayed for. Also how much is a good price for a hotel. We will be there at the end of june this year. Our first priority is to find a rental property. How long does it usually take for all the paperwork to go through from saying yes to moving in.
  23. Hi Does anyone know of any nice Hotels in Nelson Bay or, Sydney for families apart from the Crowne Plaza in the Hunter Valley as thats always booked out. I am struggling to find any on the internet all are Motels compare to Perth they had so much more choice or am I not looking in the right places on the internet in Newcastle NSW? Any info would be helpful pls Maria
  24. Graemsay

    The Walkabout Creek Hotel

    The Walkabout Creek Hotel, which was the pub from the Crocodile Dundee films, is up for sale. BBC News - Crocodile Dundee outback pub up for sale So if anyone's looking for a business opportunity in Oz...
  25. kellyjay

    need a hotel and car hire

    hi all, just a quick one.- we have booked our flights to perth 19th sept.(yipi) we have our rental ready for us to move into on 23rd sept.(yipi) but we havent booked anywhere to stay inbetween, so does anyone know of a nice fare priced hotel near the city and a good car hire company? i need to get it all sorted coz im really starting to have panic attacks about the whole thing. would love some help so i dont have to search the web for a decent hotel. many thanks kelly