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Found 37 results

  1. SPEECH PATHOLOGIST – Sydney South West 2 FULL TIME GRADE 1 SPEECH PATHOLOGISTS required for a vibrant and innovative private practice located in Sydney South West. Opportunities are abundant within this well established private practice that has been recognised for excellence at local, state-wide and national level. Caseload is predominately paediatric (0-16 years) with some adult work available. Opportunities exist to develop dysphagia skills within local nursing home settings. Within existing caseloads, a wide variety of communication disorders will be experienced with loyal and regular clients who are dedicated to their treatment programs. Intervention is conducted within and beyond the clinic in settings such as preschools and schools. The clinic is located within professional office suites, offering a modern approach to client services. The clinic is extremely well-resourced and provides a supportive and team-oriented work environment. Extensive mentoring is available to new and existing staff members and professional development is fostered on a daily basis. Excellent remuneration offered with hours from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday. New graduate and experienced Speech Pathologists welcome to apply. Contact John on 1800 33 05 33 or email your CV to info@hsr.com.au
  2. ...you turn the cold tap on and only hot water comes out...:wideeyed: Any more? :idea:
  3. It's supposed to be cooler near the city where I live but I'm sure someone said it was 37 here at 6pm. I just had to curtail my evening walk up to Crown St. This is a time when it is Heaven if you have air conditioning, Hell if you don't!
  4. ..... dumb. Who wouldn't want to sit in a sauna with wheels and crawl along New South Head Road? In fact the only thing worse was to sit in a sauna with no wheels stuck in the ©rush hour as I watched snails rush past me on the way home. Redleaf & Seven Shillings was packed with white and pasty Pommie bodies enjoying their first taste of an Aussie Barbie. 5pm now and I bet they all look like zebra crossings when they take their togs off. My God, I actually find that thought a bit of a turn on! What is happening to me? Mind you, there were plenty of Aussies there too, think they'd know better. One woman there had skin like a Mars Bar. If you have any sense, never go to the beach after 10am or before 4pm!
  5. tonyman

    Bettys hot pot off menu ......

    for all you Corrie fans out here Betty Driver passed away last week , 91 yrs old .....she vowed to never retire ......she looked so well for 91 ......and will be remembered for many yrs to come ........R.I.P.
  6. Can't get it out of my head at the moment. I wish it had happened to me like that too.
  7. Perthbum

    It's to hot, hot hot hot

    :shocked: I have been working outside and I was wilting much more than I ever did in Perth, it hit 30c today in the South Midlands and it honestly felt like 40c in Perth, I do not know if it is the rise in humidity that makes it so unbearable to work in but I felt it more today than I did working outside in Perth. People are moaning it's to hot after a couple of weeks of it and I point out I had it for 3 months in Perth :biglaugh:
  8. AaronS

    Dear lord it's HOT!

    I'm so ready to be done with the weather here....forecast for the last week was 110F....we haven't had rain, well, I don't even remember the last time. Our air conditioner runs constantly during the day and it only keeps the house at about 78F. I'm done with the Texas summers!
  9. This is a really basic (dumb) question ....... we are thinking of moving our two kids (aged 7 & 4) to either Melbourne or Sydney. We currently live in Belfast, however my wife has good job opportunities in Oz. I have been researching life in Melbourne and Sydney and the postings are really useful from other users (big thanks). Although it rains 110% of the time in Ireland - it has occured to me that if my kids run between the raindrops in reality they spend alot of time outdoors here. Is this achievable for example in a Melbourne suburb? The Primary Schools sensibly have 'Sun policies' etc - do kids get to do much outdoors at school? I am assuming the summer months are restrictive, but otherwise is this achieveable? (I am trying to see beyond relocation companies spin on sunny weather) Any help appreciated! :cool:
  10. So I was talking to my parents in law (who I dislike intensely) about the possibilities of returning to the UK, specifically Scotland, where I am from. Anyway I told them all about the things I miss and what I don't have here In the UK I have friends, family, fun, laughter, culture I like, snow, beautiful seasons etc etc In Australia I have a house, one friend (which has made a huge difference), a job and antidepressants (didn't mention the latter) I also have a daughter and a husband but they will be with me wherever I am. I spent a while explaining what Scotland is like and what I pine for and then he says "well it's just whether you like the heat or the cold then isn't it?" NO IT'S NOT! DID YOU HEAR NOTHING I WAS SAYING? THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO LIFE!!! The man has only been In Oz and NZ has never travelled anywhere else and clearly has no idea what I am talking about. Aaaagh:arghh: so frustrating Just getting that off my chest, there is probably no real point to my story.
  11. Petals

    Hot Cold or Temperate

    I have noticed over the few years I have been on PIO that most people from the UK want to move to the warmer areas of Australia and our friends from the Sub Continent and hotter places tend to pick the cooler parts. So what does that tell us, its hard to live in the heat long term and hard to live in the cold long term. I am interested to know if anyone really thinks about how hot they like it for living every day, how humid, how cold is ok, what is too cold. I myself lived a good part of my childhood in Africa so was used to heat and my parents lived in the Kimberly so they were used to heat too. What happened though is that I now live in Temperate Climate, my Mum and Dad left the Kimberly when they retired and also moved to Temperate. Food for thought though as you go through the list of things you need to consider as a would be migrant.
  12. tonyman

    hot! hot! hot!

    isnt it hot today, im sweating like Neil Lennons postman.....:biglaugh:
  13. tonyman

    hot water system help

    our hot water system has a constant drip somewhere inside it , the piolet light was out this morning too......the bottom of the unit is full of water .....the make is Dux 135 capacity .......installed 1998......i probs take it that these are not repairable so can anyone give me a rough estimate on how much a new one could be ....and if in WA a trustworthy plumber who will dismantal ,install and remove .........i have put the piolet light back on ...is this safe enough...? thanks for your time
  14. Hi all, me and my family are seriously considering moving to Perth. We are going to spend a couple of months out there early in 2011 to see if we like it and where we would like to live etc but we are getting a little worried about all the negative things written about plumbing and gas fitters in OZ!! My OH is a fully qualified C&G heating engineer in the Uk and has 20 years experience, 6 of these years running his own business which is really successful. He also has done a solar heating course and he thinks that this will be his best bet at getting work in Oz. Does anyone know if Solar heating is big over there? Also do you think he will find work easily? He would like to be self employed again, I understand he will have to do some tests and get his licence before this will be possible. We have a young son and would take some savings with us but obviously would need to start earning soon after arriving. I am a part qualified accountant but was planning on gaining my chartered qualification when we get to Oz so probably wont be earning a huge amount straight away!! Any help would be much appreciated : )
  15. Headstart Homestay

    Hot water unit

    Hardie Dux, electric hot water unit. 18 months old, removed to install solar 50Ltr inc HT55 relife valve $150 ONO (cost $580 new)
  16. The Australian Government is hosting an employment expo in London during September to help employers find skilled workers from the UK, a Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) spokesman said today. “Are you skilled in engineering, medical services, or trades? If so, Australia needs you,” the spokesman said. “There is still a critical need for skilled workers across a range of Australian industries. The Skills Australia Needs Expo in London will target the industries most in need of skilled workers, such as the mining, health and construction industries.” “The expo will play host to representatives from major Australian employers and governments from all Australian states and territories. Participants will be able to find out more about possible career pathways down under.” Since the expo program started in 2005, some 23 expos have been staged in Australia and overseas, with eight in the United Kingdom. The last UK expo was in 2009 and featured 38 exhibitors including Australian employers, government organisations and relocation service providers. More than 1800 people from the UK who had skills in high demand in Australia also attended. “The last expo was a big success for both industry representatives and people attending: 90 per cent of participants said they would recommend future expos to friends, while 80 per cent thought they might have met a suitable sponsor for migration to Australia as a result of the expo,” a DIAC spokesman said. The Skills Australia Needs expo will be staged in London on September 11 and 12. For more information or to register interest in attending, please go to www.immi.gov.au/skillexpos/overs [YOUTUBE]ng9oZdyjWlY[/YOUTUBE] This event will provide an opportunity for skilled workers to meet with Australian employers and state and territory governments to discuss employment opportunities in Australia and opportunities to be sponsored for an Australian working visa. Participants will also have the opportunity to hear directly from the department about skilled visa options for Australia. Assessing authorities will also be in attendance to discuss skills assessments for Australian visas. Attendance at this event is free of charge and by invitation only. Who should apply to attend this event? Skilled workers who: are under 45 years of age have good English language skills are interested in living and working in Australia have qualifications and/or work experience in an occupation in demand in Australia and skills needed by a participating employer or state and territory governments are residing within reasonable proximity to the location of the expo.
  17. Guest

    Hot spots in Perth

    Hi all , we was wondering what the best places are to live in Perth . We have a budget of about $450,000 we think / hope depending on reserched rates of pay for theatre Nurse and Anaesthetic tech. Centre or suburbs . Any advise or help would be great Ale (Anaesthetic Tech )
  18. "Quote" TONY Abbott has promised to cut immigration levels to 170,000 a year by the end of his first term in a bid to cut population growth to long-term average levels. The numbers of foreign students and family reunions could be cut under the Coalition's policy. The 170,000 figure came despite independent economic forecasts predicting that immigration levels will fall to as low as 145,000 by 2011-12. But the Opposition Leader said the Coalition was “absolutely not” proposing higher immigration and could only base its forecast on the latest published government figures for 2009 of more than 270,000. This would produce a cut of 100,000. Mr Abbott said employer-nominated skilled migration and 457 temporary business visas would be quarantined from the cuts and a Coalition government would encourage the settlement of new arrivals on a either temporary or permanent basis in regional and rural areas. "UnQuote" Link: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/abbott-to-cut-foreign-student-migration/story-fn59niix-1225896609250 Its appriciable if any expart agent will explain.................
  19. Guest

    Hot desking Canberra, ACT

    Hi all, My wife and I are finally arriving in Canberra next week on the 20th!! Very exciting and daunting at the same time!! I have a slight dilemma and thought it might be an idea to see if anyone has had a similar predicament on arriving in Oz. I’m a self-employed graphic designer and on arriving in Canberra I still have on-going work to continue with from clients in the UK, which I am hoping to keep going. I’ve looked into offices in Canberra, which are too large and costly. Ideally I’ll be looking to work in a shared workspace/office with a decent broadband connection. If anyone has any ideas or local knowledge with regards to places where you can work which have a broadband connection, it would be really appreciated. Many thanks, Mr Aussihopper
  20. Holt Locums are looking for a range of qualified Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapists and RADIOGRAPHERS to work in various locations across Australia. We work with Allied Health Professionals who qualified in either, the UK, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa. We are particularly looking for Radiographers, Sonographers, Mammographers (there is a shortage of these professions in OZ) as well as Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists (Speech Therapy) and Physiotherapists to work in Australia. We make the recruitment process very easy and the transition from the UK etc to Australia smooth. We recommend that you Take the Leap..... to Australia. There has never been a better time to go and there is no shortage of Locum or Perm work there. Please contact us on either 0044 1962 600134 or e-mail (with a CV) holtlocums@live.co.uk We look forward to hearing from you........
  21. julesbazz

    poo hot agent around brizzy!!

    Hi does any1 know a really good agent who knows all there is to know about getting resi. already here on a 457, been here a year and things are really bad with hubbies work!! He got offered a new job the other day but then they said no cause there's they couldnt be arsed to do the paperwork for another visa. How hard is it to pass TRA, this is what he worrying the most about as he hasnt done 900 hrs of training, just in house and courses in his line of work. Its really getting him down they are even telling him overtime is compulsery with no extra, he already does 40hrs. He works for this little ****ty family company and they live breath and expect him to do the same. He scared if he reports them they will sack him and we will have to go home. Its truely heartbreaking. We just need 10 mins to know our options please help :cry: jules x
  22. Registered Nurses - ICU openings in Brisbane This is an opportunity to work in one of Australia’s leading teaching and research hospitals. The intensive care unit at this "Magnet" accredited hospital is widely regarded as one of the leading adult specialist facilities in Australia. You will have exposure to a huge range of experiences and the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge. The nursing team is highly valued and respected Please contact us on one of the free call numbers below or email your CV/Resume to info@hsr.com.au
  23. Let's put it this way... air conditioning is non-existant, neither is good surf or breeze in the UK. That and the oddly high temperatures are making me irritable and I'm sweating buckets and I don't like it!! At least you can get to the sea easily on the Gold Coast and it's damn good... and the air conditioning and sea breeze are amazing. Plus, when I looked, top temperature on the Gold Coast was 16 with cloud and showers according to the QLD Government website!! BRING ON AUGUST 22ND - SKIP ALL IN BETWEEN AND STILL BE RAINING PLEASE GOLD COAST... XX
  24. BuddysMum

    It's SO hot here in UK

    Sooooo hot. Approaching 33 degrees here today. And I am barely coping. I know we could have air con over in Oz (either Qld or NSW), but some time, at least, will have to be spent outside won't it? Am I mad about thinking of moving to Oz??? Will I adapt and be able to cope with it eventually? I know it's getting cold over there now, but this heat is making me panic a bit.
  25. We are currently living in the Southern Highlands in NSW and want to take our first australian holiday in June to conincide with our wedding anniversary and our daughters 2nd b'day, we figure the highlands will be pretty cold by then so would like a beach holiday where there is plenty to keep us and a toddler occupied. I am at a loss to know where to start , can anyone advise even if it is just a location and then i can research a hotel/apt etc? Thanks