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Found 11 results

  1. Hey, Me and my friend start our travels October 2nd to Sydney to hopefully stay there for christmas and new years. Any advise on how long to stay in a hostel for and any recommendations would be great, iv seen on google, bounce? Initially we were thinking a week in the hostel as we are wanting to make friends that we can have a house share with. Anyone who has done this and has any advise on this is greatly appreciated Also how much money are people taking to start with, we are wanting to work but as a starting point would £2,500 be enough? Feeling a little clueless Thanks, Jade!
  2. Does anyone here use bitcoin in order to transfer money between countries so that they don't pay the exorbitant exchange rate fees? I'm interested to find out whether people are actually doing this, because I'd like to see if hostels and the like would be interested in being able to accept bitcoins for their services. It's supposedly becoming a wide-spread practice, but there is very little discussion about it?
  3. melthemelon


    How long would people reccomend booking a first (well researched, popular, GOOD) hostel for? Coming out in December (high season, hard to extend booking?) and unsure how long to book for... On the one hand, moving hostels is such a hassle, but if you hate your hostel and youre stuck there, it can be miserable So.... - 1 week and hope you get a house share sorted? - 2 weeks and just enjoy just aclimatising and sorting out a job first?
  4. Hi Everyone I'm a single, 25 year old female- I arrive in Perth at the beginning of December on a whv and have a few questions...! -How easy is it to pick up work? I have a marketing degree and PR/marketing background with a ton of office experience, so ideally I'd be looking to pick up similar work. Otherwise Ive been a bar manager, waitress, shop assistant, kitchen assistant... pretty much anything hospitality! So happy to do that too in the short term. My questions is, will I find work fairly quickly if I put in the usual hard work and procativity? would love to hear about anyones experiences! -On a similar note, I have an STCW95 (basic sea-fearing qualification) and a little experience stewardessing on yachts... does anyone know if there is any likelyhood of picking up work on boats? Be that tourist boats, dive boats, anything really... -How long should I book my first hostel for.. is two weeks about right? I'd be keen to get into a house/flat share pretty soon... - Can anyone reccomend a great hostel that helps you find work (i.e job boards and good contacts) and is NOT a party hostel? (I backpacked Austrlia when I was 18, so its a case of been there done that, now I'm feeling old and prefer to have active days and chilled out nights), but also not expensive? do share your experiences. -Finally, which neighbourhoods do you reccomend for a flat/house share? If I can afford it I'd love to be near the beach! I hear Freemantle and Subiaco are nice, any thoughts? Thankyou so much for any help, I'm super keen to hear from anyone doing the WHV in Perth
  5. Thatguy

    Banjos Backpackers - Perth

    Booked my stay at the Banjos Backpackers in Perth for when i arrive on the 1st of October. Review say it's really good so was just wondering if anybody else has stayed there whilst on their travels in Perth? Leigh
  6. Thatguy

    Perth October 2013 onwards

    Hi guys I'm flying into Perth on the 1st of October & basically just wanted to get one step ahead an meet some people on here who will be there the same time. Any tips on best hostels in Perth & also regional work opportunities as I am hoping to extend my whv for another 12 months. I'm an athletic guy who loves his sports especially football, always good for the laugh and getting a bit boozy with the lads & girls. Thanks guys Leigh
  7. I hope none of our members were there. TERRIFIED backpackers hurled themselves from windows and balconies to escape a fire which erupted at their hostel in the middle of the night at Bondi in Sydney's eastern suburbs. The blaze began in a foyer bin at Noah's Bondi Beach, on Campbell Parade, around 3.45am (AEDT) today and quickly filled the building with smoke. About 150 people were evacuated from the property, with a number jumping from windows or balconies and at least one person suffering minor injuries during the fall. Four people were taken to hospital, suffering mostly from smoke inhalation. "A couple of people jumped from windows," a member of staff at the hostel said. "No-one was injured, there was some people taken away with smoke inhalation but there was nothing serious." A New South Wales Fire and Rescue spokesman added: "The building was heavily smoke-logged and a number of people were at windows. "There was obviously a great deal of concern from the occupants." The cause of the fire is suspicious and police have launched an investigation. Shelby Murphy, 20, from Seattle, told The Daily Telegraph that she jumped from a second floor balcony to escape the smoke. Another backpacker, Jack Hardy from England, told the newspaper: "Smoke filled the corridors. You couldn't see the numbers on the doors. "I woke up to the alarms going off and people banging on our door."
  8. Hi all, Me & a buddy are arriving in Perth in a couple of weeks & don,t have any contacts for either work or accomodation. Does any body have experience of the hostels in Perth? Is it a good place to start looking for work? We are thinking of buying a campervan so we have transport as well as a bed. Any advice would be great. Thanks, Pete.... PS. we are a roofer & a plasterer....but i dont mind washing pots n pans....
  9. Guest

    Sydney - Where to stay

    Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help? My 22 year old son is off to Sydney in a few weeks for a year or two (if he can do three months WOOF)...the only problem is, he has left it late to look for accommodation (kids...tut). Does anyone know any names of hostels etc that he can stay for the first month or two? He will be looking to rent a place after that (or before if he can find somewhere). If you could help then I would be appreciative. Thanks Regards Mike:arghh:
  10. Guest

    hostel or not?

    Hi i am coming to australia on a working holiday visa for 1 year and was wondering if any1 had done the same? i am coming in september by myself and was wondering if it would be better to pre book a hostel before i get there for a couple of nights or just find somehwere to stay when i arrive? Not sure if this is the right forum which was a dilema in itself :shocked:
  11. Hi all more help needed, can anyone recommend hostels in central sydney we want somewhere reasonably cheap, clean and secure. Somewhere we can stay while we find a permanent place to live.