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Found 14 results

  1. ATL

    The new training visa 407

    The 407 is a great way to experience Australia whilst gaining new or enhancing current occupational skills. The visa is for both paid and voluntary internships for up to 24 months (the government decide on the length based on the occupation, the applicants work or study history, skills and qualifications, age etc). The sponsor of the applicant is not the employer and is required put the applicant through a skills training program in conjunction with a host employer. The training visa 407 can relate to any occupation on the CSOL list available here: https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Work/Work/Skills-assessment-and-assessing-authorities/skilled-occupations-lists/CSOL You can read all about this newly introduced visa here: https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/407- I welcome any questions, Ray Daniel Access Training & Logistics (Training Visa 407 Sponsorship Approved) Geelong, Victoria, Australia
  2. Hi there I am currently a teacher in the UK, 26, planning a year to Oz next year, looking to get about on a working holiday visa. I am looking to pretty much find temporary work in bars, so I'm wondering about the RSA. I know obviously it is necessary but I wondered whether these online versions actually count if you want a proper bar job in one of the big cities? Is it better to do it in person? Also are there any recommended providers? Also I have plenty of hospitality/bar experience from when I was 16-22, is that too long ago would you reckon? Any general advice on where best to go, as I have no idea, would be welcome!! Thanks xx
  3. Guest

    hospitality 457

    hello, we are seeking your advice, looking to relocate from uk to oz in new year. Where should we be looking to find 457 visa options in hospitality we currently run b&b small hotels and pubs, we know our age 48 & 50 is a stumbling block so please point us in the right direction if you can, thanks.
  4. Hi Everyone My partner has been offered a good job in Esperance, but I am not sure how easily I will find work there. Can anyone shed any light please? I'm not sure what employment is like in the town. I have a strong admin background, as well as hospitality and being a scuba diving instructor. I am pretty easy going about work and just want something to pay the bills. Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks (my first time here, so hope I did everything right! :confused:) ps. If anyone has noticed, I have also posted this in the 'looking for work' section, as I'm not sure if it would automatically show up, but need advice enough that i thought i'd try. Hope that's not annoying folks. Sorry if it is.
  5. I'm considering a career change as i'm quite over spending my days welding and twirling spanners.... am thinking bar work, bottleshop attendant or something else in customer srvice. Anyone know any courses i can do to get a few quick certificates? online courses etc that look good to employers?
  6. Hi all, I am currently in my 2nd year of Advanced Diploma of Hospitality. My first year is in Certificate III Patisserie. I haven't applied for TRA or such thing. My condition is: - I have 6 months work experience as a Part-time Baker before - Currently working as Casual Baker (been 3 months) - Will finish my 2 years course in next April - I started my course in April 2009, but i am not sure whether i am eligible for transitional arrangements as i didn't apply for TRA prior to 1st July 2010 Any options for me to get the PR here? (i don't want to move to another state). My current employer probably will be able to sponsor me in the future, but i would rather to get the PR on my own as i do not want to owe him. Any chance for me to get the PR? If i have to get it through sponsorship, what are the steps or condition i must follow? and please let me know whether i can apply for TR now as i have 6 months experience already. I am so in need of an answer Thank you very much for the help! God bless
  7. Want Hospitality Jobs in WA? Empire Hospitality Recruiters in one the leading labour hire companies in Western Australia (WA) which offers hospitality jobs like chefs, bar staff, wait staff & kitchen hands in Perth. Visit empirehr.com.au to join the team of experts. Thanks!! hospitality recruitment services Hospitality agency Hospitality services
  8. hi, i have finished my graphic design degree back then in my country and currently studying advanced diploma of hospitality in australia. i am about to finish my cert 3 (should be in 26th march actually), but since the government are changing lots of things i am thinking to change my course. my 2nd year (diploma of hospitality) will start in april, but i am still wondering whether i should continue or not, or maybe change course to a 'safer one for PR' (such as graphic pre-press or accounting?). i chose hospitality because it is not as expensive as undergraduate or master program.. any suggestions? are there any other way to get the PR besides business visa & spouse visa? currently i am in sydney with my wife (she's on student dependent visa), both of us are 20s, any other way to help us to settle in australia? thanks
  9. shaxncarl

    Hospitality Management

    Hotel/Motel Management We have at last managed to lodge our application this week with diac, after a very long wait for our Regional Sponsorships to be granted. We know if we leave things to progress on their own we shall have a very long wait ahead. So we have decided that the best option for us is to transfer our application when ready to a ENS. I am travelling to Aussie next month to try to secure a sponsorship. My question is this has anyone got any pointers on how to raise the subject of sponsorship to prospective employers. Looking on all the job sites there are plenty of opportunities both in the city and regional areas, within the hospitality management. Has anyone managed to secure a sponsorship in this industry and what company was it. Did you have to travel to Aussie, as we all know that hospitality interviews are best conducted face to face. Any kind of info would be appreciated. :cute:
  10. The global financial crisis is forcing backpackers to look for harvest work due to a shortage of hospitality and bar jobs in cities, according to National Harvest Labour Information Service (NHLIS) manager Robert Cameron. Cameron told the Weekly Times the NHLIS was receiving more than 1000 phone calls a day from backpackers looking for seasonal work. He said the GFC had reduced spending on discretionary items such as eating out, making hospitality jobs hard to come by and forcing backpackers into the fields.
  11. Two bits of news forwarded to me today: The Australian hospitality industry has warned that changes the list of skills in demand as part of the Federal Government’s skilled migration program could leave large gaps in service provision in Australia in the Australia chief executive officer, John Hart, the new list is of highly qualified jobs which are “attractive to the Government, but not necessarily in shortage”. Meaning those who can lobby best or close to government e.g. universities get most benefits... From Peter Mares, "From queue to pool: skilled migration gets a makeover" THE CHANGES announced and implemented on Monday by the immigration minister, Chris Evans, constitute the most fundamental reform of Australia’s skilled migration program in more than two decades. Senator Evans has not only addressed an immediate and thorny issue – the problematic link between permanent migration and the marketing of Australian education – he has also signalled a major rethinking of how Australia selects skilled migrants for permanent residency.
  12. My partner ( Louise) and I will be heading to Wa in April. We are hoping to get jobs in a Hotel/Pub/Resturant, but we unsure how much, if any work is out there. We have many years of experience between us and currently run a 5* B&B in Bath. We are easy on actual location of job. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Keith :hug:
  13. Guest


    Hi folks, My first post is in the last day of the year & tomorrow we'll say happy new year 2009. I'm seeking help and advice, I will be moving to the Lovely Bunbury by the Mid of 2009 and tried most of the known websites to find the kind of job which is realted to my experince but couldn't find any in Bunbury as most of the jobs whch are related to my career are in Perth but due to my Visa conditions I will not be able to stay there and frankly I feel that Bunbury is much peaceful. I was working as a Hotel reservation before, and wish to continue my career, my visa is a provisional Visa 475, and i was woundering if there is any governmental dept. which is helping in recuriting or even a hospitality pecialized agents. I wish you all a happy new coming year and will be waitng for your advice, Best wishes, George
  14. Hi everyone, The family may be moving to Oz soon on a skilled Visa. My husband is skilled in the trades and I know they are really recruiting trades people in Oz right now, but I was wondering how hard/easy it would be for me to snag a job in the food service or hospitality industry. I haven't worked for over a year here, do to a few circumstances. One of them being job shortages here, I also decided to stay home with my kids for a while. But, when I decided to go back no one wanted to hire me.....wondering if it was because I was off work for so long. I suppose it would depend on what part of Oz we are moving to. We are thinking Brisbane/Queensland. Hubby is sending his TRA in the next few days and we should find out if they need him soon(which I think they will) he is a plumber/pipefitter here, but can do just about anything in the trades. Once thats done he will finally apply for the visa. Which we hope will take no more than six months. But, I need to work also while there. So, if anyone has any ideas or advice on that, I would appreciate it. I am very exited about the move. (tired of snow) By the way....Drop bears are not real are they??? LOL:twitcy::err: