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Found 89 results

  1. RFHLFC1984

    Medical Treatment

    I have the opportunity to move to Australia with work and was wondering what the situation is with medical treatment. For example if I need to see a GP or am admitted to hospital etc. Obviously in the UK this is free under the NHS but what is the deal in Australia please?
  2. Hi, does anyone know how many hours of supervised practice you have to complete following success in the CAOP exam? are overseas pharmacists eligible to apply for internships? Or do we just have to hope someone agree to supervise us? I would ideally like a hospital job!
  3. Western Health is currently recruiting Critical Care Registered Nurses – Intensive Care, Coronary Care and Cardiac Cath Lab (CCL). Full Time and Part Time positions available​. Visit westernhealth.org.au/nursingdownunder This is an exciting time for Western Health Critical Care departments as they expand their services to Sunshine Hospital in early 2015. This is an opportunity to work in friendly and supportive teams where your contribution to excellence in patient care is valued and recognised. The Intensive Care Service at Western Health will open a second ICU at the Sunshine Hospital in early 2015 to work in conjunction with the current ICU located at the Footscray Hospital in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. Both Units are specifically designed and equipped to provide physiological monitoring and life supporting therapies to patients with a critical illness in an open, team-focused environment. The Footscray Hospital ICU has a very high functioning multi-disciplinary team that provides care to a mix of non-surgical cardiac, general medical and general surgical patients. Western Health has the only Intensive Care Service located in the western suburbs of Melbourne and is currently admitting over 1000 patients each year. The Sunshine Hospital ICU will open with the same philosophy, practice and leadership and will work with the current ICU to expand and further develop the Service. Western Health Cardiology provide a range of services in the diagnosis, intervention and treatment of acute cardiology patients. The Cardiac Care Unit is an integrated CCU and Cardiology ward and manages all acute coronary syndromes, arrhythmia disorders and provides the cardiac monitoring, cardiac rehabilitation and resuscitation service for the hospital. The Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory provides diagnostic and interventional services, a 24 hour on-call service for AMI which is one of the busiest in Melbourne and an EP service. With the commencement of critical care services at Sunshine Hospital, a state-of-the-art CCU and CCL suite incorporating a day procedure unit will open in early 2015. We offer: Orientation and professional development opportunities Flexible rostering, with a focus on supporting work/life balance Salary packaging Onsite car parking at affordable rates. Essential criteria: Eligible for registration to work in Australia Successfully completed a Post Graduate Critical Care qualification (ICU) Recent critical care nursing experience in the area applying for. ​Highly desirable criteria: ​Demo​nstrated commitment to own professional development. Contact the Service Managers to obtain further information or discuss your interest Fiona Gray, Acting Intensive Care Services Manager, fiona.gray@wh.org.au, 61 3 8345 6069 Kath Cowie, Cardiac Services Manager, kath.cowie@wh.org.au, 61 3 8345 6818
  4. Ive just read some posts that have made me scared!! At the moment i get nearly 8 weeks annual leave and use it to travel and take full advantage of it, sometimes taking 4 weeks at a time, my oh is the same....i was thinking i would have same in Oz and get to explore the country...but apparently most people only get 4 weeks a year??! I currently work for the NHS and will work for New South Wales in a hospital...will i still only get 4 weeks?! That will be a shock! The woman at the interview told me about annual leave but i cant remember what she said, i will contact my job but just wondering if anyone knew... xx
  5. Hi Guys, I just wanted to write this down as i can't really believe its happened! For the week before we flew out to australia (hubby on business trip 1st week and i'm tagging along, then quick reccie 2nd week) Jon wasn't feeling very well - he had a headache that wouldn't budge, it wasn't a particularly bad headache, but the fact that it wouldn't go was worrying him as in 2004 he had a Brain Heamorrage and came pretty close to dying. The night before we left he was really panicking as he was getting very little sleep and was worried about the preassure on the areaplane. Anyway, since we arrived he's still not been feeling that great, but we put it down to a virus and jet lag - we havn't had hardly any sleep - him especially. Our first day here he had to get up at 6am for a breakfast meeting, and got very little sleep in the night, he kept waking with a headache and general uncomfortablness. Then the second night he had to be up at 4am to fly to Sydney for a big presesntation (this was yesterday) and again he had no sleep at from 12am-4am. So when he got back from Sydney yesterday afternoon i was expecting him to be completely exhausted, but it was the last business meeting so he could relax now and hopefully recover. However when it came to bedtime he fell asleep on the bed and i crept about trying not to wake him, but he woke suddenly after about 20mins saying he felt really unwell, and he was really panicking. I was saying to him what i have been saying all week - you've got a virus, jet lag and exhaustion, thats all. But he became convinced that if he lay down again he would pass out and stop breathing. I tried to calm him down and make him see logic but he wasn't get any calmer. Eventually i asked him if he wanted to find a doctor, and he said yes, and i was having a bit of a flaff as i had no idea how to find one, as it was late at night and whilst all this was happening the fire alarm went off in the hotel - adding to the sense off panic. Eventually i called the business associate who had also flown over from the UK for the meetings and was staying with the other business guy who lives up the road - i was in a bit of a state by this stage, in tears, and felt awful about waking people, but Jon wanted me to do something. The business partner rang me back and said theyd called a 24hr dr, but then next thing i know they've called an Ambulance!!! Which added to the panic aswell as i really felt were going to be wasting thier time - but Jon was terrified and crying, thinking he was going to die. The ambulance arrived alomst immiadiatly, and they monitored his heart and blood preassure which was quite high. Then they said they thought it best he went in to hospital to be checked over, but they said its purely precautional as all his vital signs are good. Just as they were putting him in the ambulance strapped to a bed with oxygen mask on and heart monitor, the two Business associates arrived, and it really looked bad! I was very tearful (just the shock of it all and being in a strange country alone) and tried to explain that i think its nothing, just extreme exhaustion. The guy who lives here gave me his mobile number and told me to call him when we needed picking up from hosiptal, which turned out to be 25mins drive away (Nambour)!! So when we got to the hosiptal they did various tests on him, and i think everything looked good. I spoke to the Dr, who said at the moment they are putting it down to extreme stress and exhaustion. They put him on a drip and gave him some strong pain killers to help him rest, and booked him in for a cat scan in the morning. She then told me i had to go home, so i had to ring this guy i'd only just met to ask him to pick me up, it was now 2am!! He came and picked me up bless him, i felt awful, i could of got a taxi but it would have cost a fortune and to be honest i was feeling pretty scared and lonely. Anyway, its now morning, i've spoken to the hospital and they said he's been up and about and had some breakfast, now they're just waiting for th scan, but they can't give me any indication of how long it will be. I really want to be there with him, but i don't want to bother the business guys again, although they are expecting a call. I've been considering hiring a car for the last 2 days of our stay here on the sunshone coast, so that i can go up and get him by myself, as i have no idea how long he'll be yet. I'm also obvioulsy a bit nervous about the cat scan, as although i'm about 80% theres nothing wrong with him, theres always a possibility. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent, i feel a little calmer now, i havnt had a lot of sleep and feel pretty lonely. I know that these two business associates will help whenever i need it, but i feel awful putting them out anymore than i already have!!! The good news is though that i'm very impressed withe the hospital and ambos, and i was worrying about cost and if travel insurance, but it turns out its all covered under the reciprocal health care agreement - even the ambulance - which i was told would cost me $650!!! Meg xx
  6. hellsbells712

    The Wesley HospitaL BRISBANE

    Anyone out there who is working, has worked or know anything about The Wesley hospital ?????? iS IT A NICE PLACE TO WORK ????
  7. Guest

    mackay base hospital

    Hi everyone I have been offered a job at Mackay Base hospital just waiting for registration and nomination number so I can get the ball rolling with the visa. I cant wait, I would go tomorrow if I could, I am fed up of the cold and the rain:sad: Anyway I just wondered if anybody out there has worked, is working or knows of anybody that is working at the hosital? Cheers Erma
  8. woodsy16

    Canberra hospital and surrounding area

    Hi all We have recently found out that there maybe a job opportunity for us early next year working at Canberra hospital. I was wondering if there are any fellow PIO's that work there or have experience of the hospital and can give us any information as we make our decision, whilst doing our sums! The same also goes for housing and childcare in the surrounding area as we have a toddler and will be looking for some kind of daycare. Thanks Kate
  9. hi there just wondering if any of you guys can help me with hospital choice (public) in wa perth im due to have my baby next april and not sure which would be the best to deliver, been told by one person joondalup or osbourne park, just wondered if anyone has any feedback about these, i feel a bit out of my depth at the moment, as the drs havent been very helpful, thanks in advance :biggrin: also have a 10 month old and have tried babylove nappies, but find they leak, tried huggies in the uk but didnt like them, used pampers, anyone can give me a guide as to what you have got on well with i would appreciate it. many thanks emma
  10. A group of Meerkats have been installed in an enclosure at the new Royal Children's Hospital in the hope they will take the childrens minds off their illnesses. :cute: [YOUTUBE]en5FP8sKGf0[/YOUTUBE]
  11. hai anyone could help me::confused: my husband got job in epworth hospital richmond area actually we don't know anything about and near suburb accomadation things and procedures ??????????? please please help to find things many thanks shiji
  12. The Pom Queen

    Do we have to die in hospital

    I have thought about this a lot recently and just wondered when your time comes would you want to be in a hospital ward maybe alone or at home with your family. Personally I want to be with my family at home, is this being selfish?
  13. Hi all, I am a paediatric nurse, and looking at emigrating to Adelaide. However, I keep on looking at the Mater hospital in Brisbane which is very tempting as they offer a relocation package. Does anyone have any advice about the Mater hospital, anyone who works there and what it is like as it is private and I have only worked in NHS hospitals. Thanks
  14. We've been offered a job at Cabrini Hospital Malvern and are looking at areas to live within commuting distance. If possible we'd like the commute via Public Transport so we can manage with just one car. In terms of location we have two children (12 & 7) so are looking for family friendly area with decent schools. Initially only one of us will be working so we're looking at rents up to about $550 Can anyone suggest suitable areas for us to look at in more detail?
  15. Guest

    Hollywood Hospital

    Hi could anyone give me any info on what it's like to work at this hospital in particular anaesthetic or recovery nurses. Thanks:wacko:
  16. Finally after 6 months - I got my AHPRA nurse registration. Today. Also today I have been given a time for a telephone interview (tomorrow 1pm) for a job in ortho at the knox private hospital. :biggrin: Anyone have any advice? or it would just be nice to get some feedback from anyone who works or has worked there? Thanks in advance.
  17. Hi, Is there anybody who has worked or is currently working as a Nurse in any of these hospitals who can shed some light on what it is like to work there. My wife has been offered a job in both hospitals and we can't decide on which one to accept. Both offer roughly the same salary so our decision would be based on working conditions/environment and future prospetcs. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated. t4top
  18. Hi guys, i have just had an interview for a job in coronary care at greenslopes hospital brisbane anybody know anything about the hospital. Me my husband and 3 year old are hoping to come out to brisbane end of year i have my registration will have to come out on a 457 they say they offer you a 2 year contract but you can apply for permanent residency after 18 months, anybody know anyone who has got this xx nikki:biggrin:
  19. Hello, I am in need of some help from people that work in Hospitals throughout Australia. I am looking to move to Australia in the next few years and i am looking into jobs over there but i have such an unusual job it is so hard. In the UK i am a mortuary technician but in Australia i would look to be a post mortem assistant. I have found 2 adverts for roles in this area but they are both years old and i cant even find info on mortuaries. I know that in Hospitals they are called either Department or Institutes of Forensic Medicine. I was wondering if there was anyone out there that was working within a hospital that could get a contact name and number, or email address. I have a couple but they are from the job adverts so i have no idea if they are still there and active. Even finding out the job code for a visa has been a bit of a nighmare!! Any help would be great, Michelle
  20. Cinders5055

    Commute to Mater Womens Hospital

    I have just been offered a Midwifery post at the Mater Women and Childrens Hospital and have been given a start date of Feb 1st! :biggrin: I will be coming to Brisbane on a 457 visa with my husband and youngest daughter (12 yrs old). I'm not sure where to start looking for property and schools but although I don't mind a short commute i don't want to travel too much. Which areas do you suggest I start looking, can't wait to get there.. Lisa
  21. fluxsta

    Pine Rivers hospital?

    Hi forum, I see that many people discuss places like Maters and other hospitals. Does anyone have any experience of working at Pine Rivers in Brisbane? I have yet to find anyone who has worked there? Many thanks
  22. Guest

    Best Hospital

    Hi, Can anyone please advise the best hospital to visit for my partners broken foot? We are in the CBD in sydney till wednesday then in Bondi? The hospital in the UK fitted an aircast for travel (as it happened 2 days before we were flying), and a fixed cast may/may not be needed - its a metatarsal break. Also I assume we can get the treatment if we take our UK passport? Medicare cards will be applied for tomorrow. Hoping someone can assist. Many Thanks Tracy
  23. Guest

    Hospital Play Specialist

    Hi In currently in the UK looking to move to The Gold Coast. I have a Diploma in Specialist Suppot Teaching and Learning Level 3, and currently work as a Teaching Assistant in the Foundation stage, Primary. I am also very interested in Studying to become a Hospital Play Specialist, there is a Degree you can take over here. I have searched the web and can't seem to find any courses like this avalible in Australia. Can anyone tell me if they know of any such course, maybe i'm searching in the wrong place. Thanks Angela
  24. Hospital Play Specialist Hi In currently in the UK looking to move to The Gold Coast. I have a Diploma in Specialist Suppot Teaching and Learning Level 3, and currently work as a Teaching Assistant in the Foundation stage, Primary. I am also very interested in Studying to become a Hospital Play Specialist, there is a Degree you can take over here. I have searched the web and can't seem to find any courses like this avalible in Australia. Can anyone tell me if they know of any such course, maybe i'm searching in the wrong place. Thanks Angela