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Found 23 results

  1. ODIN20123

    FAQ How To Take Your Horses To Australia

    We will move to Australia in Oct. 2012 and our beloved horses will come with us. Since I found it very difficult to gather information on this slightly exotic topic, I want to share my findings with everyone who is interested at PIO and the Internet. How to transport your horse or horses to OZ/ FAQ on horse transportation Formalities / Transportation / Vaccination and Health Requirements / Quarantine guidelines and rules based on current regulation 03/2012: 1. Your horse can only be transported to Australia from one the following countries: Japan, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, USA 2. If your horse originally came from a country not on this list, it must have stayed in one of the authorized countries for approx. 180 days (variations exist depending on origin and export country) before starting of pre quarantine. 3. Horses can only be imported via Sydney airport where they have to stay in post quarantine for approx. 2 weeks (based on horses gender and agent procedures), so you have to arrange transport via landroute to your final destination afterwards. There are a couple of vendors which offer scheduled weekly land transports from Sydney to all major cities. Costs are aprox. 1000 AUD per horse. These are easy to find via google. 4. It is very important to have a valid EU horse passport with complete identification for every horse. Furthermore you need a vaccination pass, if this is not integrated in your EU horse passport 5. You horse has to spent approx. 14 - 28 days (depending on if it is a stallion, mare or gelding and on agent procedures) in pre-quarantine within an authorized quarantine stable in your home country. You can´t do it yourself :-( 6. Here you can find all the horse health requirements and pre + post quarantine + transportation procedures of AQIS, the relevant OZ goverment authority: http://apps.daff.gov.au/icon32/asp/ex_QueryResults.asp?Commodity=Live+horses&Area=All+Countries&EndUse=All+End+Uses 7. It is terrible to read, but the most important ones for horses in the EU are the test for Equine Infectious Anemia (Coggins) + Equine Piroplasmosis (B. Caballi, T. Equi) (ELISA or IFAT Test). I would do them upfront as soon as possible, as a positive result will rule out any transportation... :-( It is important to understand that your horse could have this disease and NOT show symptoms. The tests are approx. 100 € per horse and your VET can help you with them. The remaining procedures deal with rather standard health requirements and deal with the exact transport and transit procedures. This will all be handled by your transportation agent during pre and post-quarantine and during transport. 8. If you own a mare or a stallion or a young foal together with its mother, additional tests for sexually transferable diseases apply. These can also be found in the above document. Since we have geldings I did not bother reading them... As far as I can see a couple of further tests are neccessary in these cases. In the special case of a pregnant mare, she has to stay in quarantine until giving birth. 9. Furthermore you need to vaccinate your horse with the ProTeq Flu vaccine against Equine Influenca. The intervals for vaccination must be 100% matched from the beginning. The base vaccination (2 shots with interval) has to be done before the pre-quarantine starts. The horse has to be given an additional booster shot of this vaccine approx. 90 - 21 days before the pre quarantine period, no matter if it would be neccessary based on the normal intervals. It is VERY IMPORTANT not to take shortcuts on this vaccination, as this disease is the main reason for the strict OZ quarantine regulation for horses. If anything is not done by the book with this one, your horse will not be allowed to board its flight! How are horses transported? / What agents are there? / How do horses cope with flying? / Can my horse be put down during flight? / Can I visit my horse during quarantine? / Can I accompany my horse during flight? 1. Normally you will not be able to visit your horse during pre and post quarantine due to strict sanitation procedures. All agents offer full care based on your specifications for your horses during pre and post-quarantine and the actual transport. 2. Horses are transported in IATA pallets during flight and ground movement, which are similar to horse floats.There is a video showing how horses are shipped around the world: http://www.cavallo.de/videos/video/first-class-wenn-pferde-fliegen.290745.233219.htm It is in German, but should still be interesting to watch for everyone. I have also found a couple of pictures: http://www.cavallo.de/know-how/animal-lounge-frankfurt.288587.233219.htm 3. Horses normally cope well with flying, and all agents very rarely encounter problems. If they encounter them, horses are given a mild sedative and will be fine then. There are a lot of stories on the net that horses have to be put down during flight due to panic, but these are just rumours and there is nothing true about them. No need to worry! Even cases of colic are very rare and are avoided by feeding special feed before the flight. You also do not need to sign an authorization that agents are allowed to put down your horse in flight. These are dumb rumours as well. When you compare a horse float to a plane, the plane is actually much less noisy and far more stable than a standard float. Only the take off and landing is more stressfull. 4. Horses are transported on cargo flights and mixed cargo / passenger flights. Normally pilots take special care during take off and landing and choose very flat landing and starting vectors. Furthermore they try to fly routes with as little turbulence as possible in order to reduce stress for their live cargo. 5. Your horse will be accompanied by professional horse grooms during the flight. I have heard that some agents offer the possibility to take owners as grooms on horse flights. I have read that often these owners are very nervous and are not much of help... :-) We will fully trust our agent with this. 6. There are not many companies who specialize in International horse shipments to OZ. I know of the following ones for UK and Germany: IRT (International Racehorse Transport) http://www.irt.com Peden Bloodstock http://www.peden-bloodstock.com/ Guido Klatte International Equine Services http://www.gklatte.de/ Crispin Bennett International http://www.crispinbennett.com/ 7. Horses will be fed hay during flight and have access to water. Due to quarantine regulations you should only send the bare neccessities together with the horse. As far as I have understood these items will be destroyed at the end of quarantine. So you have to bring new ones when picking up your horse in Sydney. 8. Taking horse items: All other stuff such as tack and saddlery has to be cleaned (do not get me wrong on this one... cleaned means it has to look brandnew :-) ) and shipped with your other household goods. If customs / quarantine agents will encounter any fur or dirt on them, it will get very expensive as they will "professionally" clean them for you. I have read of charges exceeding 100 AUD per item. 9. GST / As long as you own the horses for more than 1 year before export, you will not be charged any import GST as they are regarded as personal belongings. 10. Insurance / You can insure your horses for quarantine risks and standard health issues / death. This will help if any horse on a consignment fails quarantine, in this case you will be covered for the additional quarantine costs until the consignment gets released (200 AUD per day) and standard vet costs if they get sick during quarantine. In the past if somthing like this happended quarantine clearance for the consignment partially took more than 8 weeks (over 11000 AUD additional cost!!!). So this insurance makes a lot of sense and is very affordable. 11. Our agent supplied us with a contact number of the Sydney quarantine grooms, so that we could call them if we wanted an update on our horses. They have been very nice and I trusted them 100%. Prices 1. The cost of transporting 1 horse to Australia is approx. 16K € / 13K GBP per horse. This price includes everything (pre-quarantine, post-quarantine, transport, all grooming activities, feed etc.). Keep in mind that 3 horses can share a container, which will bring down costs to approx. 14K per horse when you have 3 horses in an own container. Furthermore I would set aside approx. 500 € for tests and other stuff. I hope that all this information proves to be useful for you, it took me months and countless phonecalls to gather it :-) Wishing all horse owners the best of luck! CU all in OZ! UPDATE: Our horses have arrived in Sydney safely in October. Everything has worked out just as described above. They have both settled in rather easily and really enjoy the good weather. We had to clip one of them since he already had a full winter coat, but that is the only thing that did not work out to plan. :-) The whole experience of transporting our horses was really excellent and I would not be worried of doing it again! I have been asked how they cope with the heat and until now I have not noticed that they have been struggling. A lot of the more expensive Oz horses are actually imported from Europe (warm bloods) and they all seem to be doing fine as well. I also did some research on this topic and most of the sources claim that horses can adjust easily to temperature and normally feel fine in a large variety of climate zones. Nevertheless if you ship horses from EUR winter to OZ summer, I would make sure that they are clipped prior to boarding their flight and rugging them for the remainder of their time in EUR... :-)
  2. Hi everyone, just wondering whether there is anyone out there, like-minded and in love with horses who knows either a.) a good and accessible place to go and ride (living close to the CBD and currently still without a car) and/or b.) anyone who has a horse/s and needs an extra pair of hands to help over a random weekend here and there (or regularly - whichever suits you best). I've ridden pretty much all my life and am just looking to get back into the saddle - whether just for fun or perhaps even compete if someone needs their horse taken on a little. It's a long shot, but thought I'd post my interest on here and see if anyone can help. Many thanks!!! Maya :wub:
  3. Guest

    horse riding

    hi we are moving to brisbane soon and just wanted to know were the best and cheap place to go for horse riding hope someone can help
  4. we are off to Tasmania and looking at selling our home of 16 years ... full details are available on the dedicated web site we have built ... http://www.home4sale.net.au ... we welcome your enquiries and feedback
  5. fourcorners

    Horse Owning in the Outback

    Probably a long shot on here, but wondering if anyone has any experience of owning a horse in more arid/desert regions? I am a very keen horse rider at the moment but can't currently afford my own in the UK. I'm hoping that once we move and I am earning more I will be able to get one in Kalgoorlie. Horse riding is popular there but I feel I have a lack of knowledge about horsekeeping. I'm used to turning out horses in grassy paddocks and dealing with mud fever, neither of which are particularly relevant in a desert! I know there's issues with dry feet, and sand ingestion/colic due to feeding on the ground. Just wondering if anyone else has adjusted to a different horse culture out there and if you have any advice?
  6. Well today is Armed Forces day here in the UK,:notworthy::notworthy:. I know some view it as 'just' a job, but all the same to me and many others I hope it is something worth celebrating.:jiggy: Though the main parade is in Edinburgh, it is to some extent being celebrated all over the UK, or rather it should be,:mad:. Out of ten newspaper headlines I saw this morning TWO had a major/minor headline outlining the fact. The rest were either about Andy Murray,:SLEEP:, or Ed Milliband admitting that Labour need to shape up. Oh well, just another day in Paradise,:mad: Just as a note, where I live there is not ONE parade or any kind of celebration, I guess the council see it as a waste of time and one of those things that because of the cuts have to go by the wayside. The Status Quo comes to mind. Cheers Tony.
  7. Guest

    Horse Riding Schools

    Hi I am trying to locate a horse riding school in the Hills District for my daughter to attend. Does anyone know of any in the area? Many thanks Cara
  8. Hello Ozzie pet-lovers Last week Our Thomas, a piebald gypsy cob, vanished from Glenworth Valley agistment in Sydney, NSW. Our Thomas and his owners only moved to Australia two months ago. He is a very distinctive horse, with one blue and one brown eye, as well as having a hogged mane and feathers, and a brand. His owners are desperate to find him, so please, please keep your eyes and ears open, and if you have any information, pass it on. Contact details on following YouTube and FaceBook links. YouTube - MISSING/STOLEN HORSE Gypsy Cob "Our Thomas" Missing Our Thomas | Facebook Thanks for reading this.
  9. Guest

    Horse meat

    Hello, Is horse meat allowed and sell in Australia? can we find it in supermarket or in the local butchers easily? Thanks
  10. Hi, I am relocating to Buderim in Jan 11 and i am a keen Squash player, i am hoping to find a squash club to join, any info would be a great help, also OH likes to go horse riding is their any stables in the Buderim area. Thanks
  11. Guest

    Horse Agistment Brisbane

    hey, would be grateful if anyone knows of any DIY Agisment services in and close to Brisbane. We are thinking of moving there and taking my 2 horses with us. :smile:
  12. Hi, Is there anyone out there on the peninsula who has horses and would help my darling wife get back on her feet with her hobbies. In the uk she has 3 horses and they are her life so a move to Oz has been difficult for her as they have stayed there. She obviously misses the horses but misses the company of like minded friends and the social aspect as well. She has been trail riding but its not really the same, and at the moment we are unsure as to the future here and dont want to commit to another Horse as it is a serious undertaking. She would dearly love to help with the yard work in return for a ride out with someone and a natter and is extremely knowledgeable about horses and showing/ competing. We live at Mt Martha and would love to hear from anyone who could help. If your wondering why she has not done this post herself its because she has had a couple of disappointing experiences with people messing her about and she has almost given up on the situation. However, a happy wife makes for a happy husband!!! Thanks for reading and hopefully we will get a response. My number is 0419413604 Cheers Steve and Rach
  13. Guest


    My partner and I are going through the visa application process at the moment. We breed horses here in the UK and we wanted to ask if there are any horse owners / breeders out in Australia and where you are? When we move out we would like to live in an area that has enough fields / grass to keep horses but we have no idea where to start..! Any advice is welcome. Thanks
  14. Guest

    Pet horse to move to Perth...

    Hi, would really appreciate any help anyone can give. We've just recently decided to go for a permanent move to Oz, but I can't bear to leave my horse behind! Seems crazy but I've been quoted £11,550 to get him from the UK to Sydney for quarantine but that doesn't get him to Perth! Does anyone know of any companies who do this? I also need stables to keep him at near the Joondalup area probably, and if anyone has done this before advice on whether or not they thought it was the right thing to do please? Obviously I don't want to do anything awful to him, but I've had him nearly 10 years and it'd be awful to have to sell him cos he can't come! Thank you lots in advance! xx
  15. just been having a few beers and watching the racing and jeez!!! huge storm just hit dead on the course, giant hail etc!! anyone else watching got a feeling all bets are off
  16. hello does anyone know if there are riding schools which are accessible by public transport from Brisbane (I am in Teneriffe). This one looks like it is WATTLE CREEK RIDING SCHOOL although they only do private lessons so could get a bit expensive. This one looks like it might be but doesn't say - Cherbon Waters Stunning Wedding Gardens and Horse Riding School i would like to go for weekly / fortnightly lessons and then hire a car on the odd weekends to go further afield for nice trail riding does anyone know of any / go to one?
  17. Hi New to the area with 2 teenage daughters who are missing their riding and pony club. does anyone have any suggestions of some good pony clubs for them to ride weekly? they havent' got their own horses? Stuggling finding the type uk pony club here where you havent' got to have your own horse? Any recommendations much appreciated kind regards JR
  18. Guest

    Horse Riding Schools

    Hi my name is Holl13 and im 10. Could anyone tell me if there is any good Riding Schools in or around Yanchep,Butler,Joondalup.Conolly, Mindarie. And if they no how much it will cost. I am still in the uk but will be arriving on 10 sep 09.:yes: Thanks Holl13 xx
  19. Could anyone tell me what (approximately) are the costs and considerations of taking my 15.2hh horse from Uk to Sunshine Coast?! :wacko: The dogs are costing us a bomb to take over ....daren't ask how much a horse is?! Thanks in advance Jenny :twitcy:
  20. Guest

    Hi everybody

    Hi all, great site, We are looking to move to Oz this year, hopefully on a sponsored visa thingy, we have friends in Oz working on it!! We are Hopefully looking to move to the South East QLD area, hopefully Sunshine coast / Gold coast area about 30-45 mins from the beach and Brisbane centre. What i wanted to know is, Could anybody recommend an area that will suit the wifes love of all things horsey and mine and the kids love of all things dirtbikey? Thanks in advance, Daniel, Dawn, Harry (4) and Riley (3)
  21. Hi Just to let anyone know that we have not had a problem with any of our tack coming through customs (Brisbane). But, didnt bring anything with bristles (so no grooming kit brushes), and anything that had embedded horse hair in was chucked out (older numnahs and bandages, gamgees, boots etc). Just brought everything that could be scrubbed clean or leather all of which was put into the washing machine (oh yes!!) on a 40 degree wash (nightmare) and dunked in Jeyes fluid before being thoroughly dried, so it looked like a stragley piece of beef jerky once it was ready to be packed and had the consistancy of concrete. My saddle (leather) was fine, no mould or anything but didnt do the machine wash - just a wipe over with Jeyes fluid! Tack been soaked in oil and come back to life with no problem, just needs a bit of TLC. Just be ruthless with noticeable horse hair or anything that in the opinion of customs officers could harbour anything nasty! I also put a note in each box explaining that it had been machine washed and dunked in Jeys Fluid and thoroughly dried before packing. Hope that helps
  22. suse

    Horse Stuff To Aussie????

    Hi, anyone taken any tack/horse stuff out with them? What were the problems, what didnt you take, what did the removal chaps recommend, if youi scrubbed it clean did customs have a field day anyway? I have a wonderful english leather saddle that I just dont want to leave behind, it hasnt been used for 4 years but is just wonderful. Advice/experiences would be great thanks. (We are heading for Brisbane in September, know of any good websites to look for horses for sale?)
  23. Guest

    horse riding

    Hello my children are intersted in horse riding lessons, never done before but i thought going to oz they might as well do it. We are heading to redcliffe all somewhere around there. Can anyone tell me the cost and if its easy to find where they do it. thanks guys nicky x :goofy: