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Found 55 results

  1. Hi everyone. Well I have just found this forum and I have got to say it is fantastic, I have been browsing it for about the last hour and it really does give you a good insight into moving to Australia. I am still in the UK at the moment but am currently applying for jobs in Adelaide as a veterinary nurse. As my job isn't listed on the skilled list my only way to get into Oz (i think) is through a working sponsorship visa (as I am over 30 :embarrassed:) so I am applying like mad for jobs so that myself, my husband and son can move to OZ. It has always been an ambition of mine to one day emigrate and I have now started to get the ball rolling so heres hoping :smile: Emma x
  2. Hi All I am 36 and my husband is 39. I am a qualified social worker with almost 10 years experience and my husband is a teacher and head of a successful business studies department. We are at the very early stages of exploring a move to Oz and have thousands of questions but obviously life is difficult anywhere without a job, can anyone offer tips as to the easiest ways to find out what jobs are available etc and any tips for applying.....and any other useful info that people want to share with us will be gratefully received (we also have two young children ages 3 months and the eldest is three years so obviously once we have sorted jobs we wil then get into the difficult arena of schools). The areas we are intersted in moving to are South Australia (Adelaide), Melbourne or Brisbane. Look forward to replies! Lesley and Paul
  3. Guest

    Advice on emigration please?

    Hi guys, I'll make it short and simple, basically I've spent two years in Aus on working holiday visas, fell in love with the place, now I'm back home in the UK and depressed as hell. I want to emigrate within the next 18 months and looking at getting in via skilled occupations. A few things about me that I put on the points calculator: 23 years old 100% English language proficiency 5 years in my trade (painting and decorating) No family or sponsors in Aus I would be happy to go ahead and apply now, the only issue I'm having, and it's a big one at that. I don't have a qualification in Painting & Decorating. Like I said before, that's my job, I do it just fine but don't have the piece of paper to match it. Does anyone have any advice on the best way to get through possibly my first hurdle into emigrating to Australia? For now I am looking at doing the fastest NVQ 2 possible to avoid having to enrol on a 1-2 year college course... Thanks guys, Tom
  4. Guest

    Hoping to get to Perth soon

    Just started proceedings to move to Australia, Very early in the stages but hope to arrive before Christmas, or at most Easter. Just have to wait. Looking towards FIFO work, got a couple of mates doing it from perth to Dave Price area loks like good work. looking forward to it (hopefully it comes to fruition). Got a partner and a little un so will be a big move. Also got to kids I will have to leave with their mum, thats the only negative (all be it a massive one) i can think of. Really the only that could possibly hold me back. Anyway pleased to meet you all.
  5. Guest

    hoping to travel to austalia...

    Hi, was wondering if anybody to help me.. i am looking to apply for an australian working visa to travel next year. I am currently on a 2 year suspended sentence for cultivating cannabis. Not to bore you with all the details this was a very sensitive case where i basically took the blame for an ex partner. i am 23 years old and have no other previous criminal record. I was sentenced to 52 weeks, suspended for 2 years and it should run out in september 2012. I was wondering if anyone can advise me on exactly what i would need to do to apply for my visa?? I should be able to get excellent character references as i said i have never been in trouble before. I would be wanting to travel to australia next novemeber.. do you think this is likely? If so what do i need to do? thanks.
  6. Hi My visa was granted yesterday and we're hoping to fly Oakley out before the changes on 1st Jan 2010. But I'm waiting on the import permit which I applied for last week, we can't book his flights/quarantine until we have this and I am worried about Sydney quarantine station being full when it comes to the point that we can actually book it. So, I'm thinking that I'll take him to the vet tonight to get his rabies jab just in case we can't make it out there before the rule changes come in to play. What I'm worried about is whether the fact that he has the rabies vaccs now, would that have any bearing on him being able to fly out before 1st Jan? I don't think it would but o/h has been questioning it and I just want to make sure! Thanks Julie
  7. Guest

    hoping to move to melbourne!!

    hi everyone my fiance is currently working in melbourne, myself & my 2 year old son are hoping to move over,, im here on a holiday at the moment & im a bit put off. hes living in st kilda at the moment an its nice but if im bringing my son i wnt to live in a nice house outside of the city,, nice area!! wit possibly shops an parks very close to home!! if anyone can help that would be great thanks!!!
  8. perfectmax

    Hoping to be Poms in Oz :)

    Hi all I thought I would introduce myself....I am Sian, married to Danny and we have 3 children to take to Oz. We have completed all our paperwork ready to lodge (that seemed to take forever) I passed the IELTS (8.5 phew!) and I am waiting on one work reference before we lodge for our visa 175. I would love any advise about the process, what happens next, when medicals might be asked for, generally any thoughts you wish you had known about. I am reading the forum and getting very exicted, I really hope this happens as its cost a ruddy fortune to get this far. How long did anyone on a 175 wait and what happens in the meantime? I have read that some people really advise taking white goods with you, mine are built in but is it worth considering buying new and taking them? Also some have said they wish they took their cars....what do you think? It will be good to get to know people here and hear of the pitfalls and fun along the way. Thanks Sian x
  9. Guest

    Hoping for Perth

    HI all New to PIO, Im a mum of four hoping to move to Perth next year with husbands work. Very excited, nervous and confused about it all. Wanted to say hello to all of those who are in the same boat (and all others). :biggrin:
  10. I own a vehicle that we are hoping to offer up for sale. I attempted seeing a dealer but they were either not interested, or could not provide a very good rate. Can anyone help me post it in order that I get proposals via individual buyers?
  11. Evening folks. I've just stumbled across this forum whilst trying to figure out my next steps on project 'move to Oz' (see thread here). I think no matter what happens this place is going to be invaluable so I'm really pleased to have found it! I'm 30, live in Lewes near Brighton and work for a global IT firm as a Programme Director. I'm hoping to move to Oz in the near future but am having complications (doesn't everyone). No doubt I'll be posting a lot more over the next few months.
  12. Hi all, Thought I would share my progress.... I have managed to land a job in WA with a mining/ earth moving contractor as a welder.... on a 457 sponsored visa.... I have sent all my paper work to the agent which the company use and are paying for, but still wonder if I will get my visa??? I wonder if I am being stupid, the agent has taken all my info, and not mentioned any potential issue's, would I be right in thinking that this must mean my chances of getting my visa are pretty good...after all its in the agents interest to do their job properly, so they get paid by the employer and so the get further business!!! Any help/ advice to settle my over active mind would be cool!!! Thanks Steve..
  13. Bexy71

    Hoping to escape!

    Hi, Just introducing ourselves though I have been reading the boards for a while! We are hoping to emigrate at some point with our two little girls ( 2.5y and 8 months). I'm a medical laboratory scientist and hubby is a joiner and we'll probably apply to WA for SS for my occupation. I also have a 15 year old daughter who I'm hoping will come with us though it's not certain, my hubby has an 18 year old daughter who probably won't but might have some long holidays in Oz! We've both been to Australia separately and love the place. We're hoping for a better future for us and the girls as well as fitting in a bit of scuba diving along the way! We're at the start of what seems to be a long journey but hoping we get there in the end and it's already been really useful to read the experiences and advice on PIO! :biggrin: Becky, Steve and kids.
  14. Hi all! I'm just getting started really and I just passed the skills test and now I'm waiting for a consultant to call me. Has anyone just been through this? If so I was hoping for a heads up on what to expect. I passed for a 176 visa, are these easy to get hold of? Any and all help would be very greatfully recieved!
  15. Hey! Well im a newbie to the forum, a friend in work actually reccommended it! Im hoping to come out to Oz in the next few years! Im 23 just now and was wondering which part of the country do u all think would suit my age group? My friend is in the gold coast just now and loves it! I work as a theatre nurse and was wondering how easy it is to find work? I'll probably be travelling out alone, so might be a bit daunting, was just wondering is anyone else was in this same situation, was it easy to fit in, make friends ect? Thanks Guys! Any advice would be really appreciated! Karen
  16. me and my other half have been thinking of moviing to oz for a few years now.he is 30 and i am 27 this year,we have a 4 year old and a 2 year old. i am an at home mum for now but was a travel agentfor 6 years. my other half is a qualified bricklayer and is currently helping manage projects.he is hoping he would be able to get a job as a brickie in oz and hoping for at least the same money as here? i would love some info on best areas for this job title and best areas for family . and also any living cost info etc wud be fab????
  17. Hi, I just found this forum when I started investigating the possibility of Migrating to Australia from Northern Ireland with my partner. I'm 41, she is a couple of years younger and so far have found the forum to be full of usefull info. We haven't even started the paperwork yet as regards the actual application process, so any advice would be welcome. I have a couple of questions (to start with anyway):cool: 1) Is being in Northern Ireland going to make it more difficult as opposed to being on the UK Mainland? 2) Am I/We too old to only be starting this process now? 3) Any advice on the best part of Australia to try for? (I realise this probably depends on our jobskills) Thanks in advance Geoff
  18. I am hoping someone can advise me ? I lived in Adelaide and Melbourne as a young child from 1968 till 1974 as my parents qualified for the £10 emigration ticket at the time, but they cannot remember the details of their residency, if that made them and therefore myself a resident ? They cannot remember applying for anything like a visa when they lived and worked there! but they did sponsor my grandparents to come out and live with them in Australia. I am 45 now so I am too old to apply the work route now, I have an uncle who may sponsor me, but when I was searching for info I read that if you had lived in Australia for 4 years you could apply for residency,? would my stay so long ago count now for me or my parents as they too would like to return? What kind of money would we need to have in order to be considered for any of these options?
  19. Holding thumbs and fingers and toes that there will be allocation of CO's this coming week for SA applicants!! Good luck to all of us, let's hope things will move super fast and that all of us will have those pink slips super soon! :biggrin:
  20. Well thats our app away to Tassie for 176 sponsorship, so all we can do now is sit and wait and cross everything. We were going to apply for the 475 but the manager at the migration centre in tas told us to apply for 176 so we have! heres to another nail biting 4 week wait:wacko:
  21. cs259cr

    heres hoping

    I'm just thinking what a fantastic christmas present it would be for myself and others if we heard about our visas before they break up for christmas.........:santadance::12::christmaswreath:
  22. Hi Folks Firstly this is my first time posting anything on any forum so I hope I'm doing it right apolgiises if it's wrong or in the wron place. I am hoping to apply for a spouse visa in the new year. My wife is Australian and we have two kids together who are both Australian citizens. I downloaded the application form and it seems very complicated so I was wondering is it worth going through one of the many migration agents that is out there, if so can some one recomend a good one that doesn't cost the earth, or is it worth having a go at the application myself, It's worrying that if it is rejected you don't get a refund. I read about front loading the application how would I go about doing that? Can my own GP do the medical? I take it I write to my local policing board and ask for a police clearence similar to that required for working with children? Sorry for the long post quite a few questions. Thanks Jonathan
  23. Guest

    When Are You Hoping To Move

    Hi All, Just a poll to see realistically when people think they will actually be making the big move to Oz.
  24. Hi all We're a young couple coming to oz in april for a year with a view to move perminant. We 26 and 21, i'm an electrican and my oh is a editor for a book company but training to be a beautician. We'd like somewhere thats quite quiet (but not too quiet), thats got a good community, housing isn't really expensive and hopefully a rugby club near by, and people who love bbq's and a few cold beers lol. I know it sounds very picky lol but if i can get 1 or 2 of those i'd be happy. I was hoping some of you kind people could point me in the right direction of brisbane to look at as i haven't got a clue what suburb to start. Many thanks Lee & Colleen
  25. Hi All, I'm new to this forum, and have read a lot of interesting information on here. Some of the threads where people have been waiting 2 years and beyond are a little depressing, as I don't want to wait forever to get out to Oz! My family and I are looking to move to Melbourne area on my wife's skill as a Cake decorator which is classed as a specialised field under a pastry cook. We are using Get Going as our agent as we thought it would be better to use an agent for our application. I have to say Susan from Get Going has been very helpful so far. My wife is going to be assessed for her job via a skype interview over the web, to hopefully gain an AQF III certificate. We are just waiting for her paperwork to be assessed by the AQF people before they allocate a date for the interview. From what I can gather from reading other posts on here, her skill is on a class 176 which I think means we will come under a SMP? It's all a bit confusing! As I said, we're hoping to move to Melbourne as we already have friends living there who we visited earlier this year, and fell in love with it. I lived in Adelaide for 6 years when I was very young (between 2&7) so keen to go back and spend the rest of my life in Oz! Would be interested to hear from anyone else who has used Get Going, as I don't know anyone else who has used them. Paul