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Found 10 results

  1. 2bpepperrogers

    2 weeks in Queensland-where to go?!

    Hi My partner and I are flying nto Brisbane in April for 2 weeks. We need to come to validate our visa but only a fleeting visit as not got everything sorted to leave UK yet. Any tips and advice on where to go? We are slightly limited on money so can't do everything. It will also be our honeymoon so we don't want to be rushing about too much! Ideally we'd like to do some snorkelling on the reef, sunbathing and enjoying our honeymoon on a lovely beach, spend a couple of days in Brisbane too. Idea 1 was to fly up to Rockhampton and go out to Gt Keppel Island from Yeppoon for a couple of days, then travel by land back south along the sunshine coast, Idea 2 was to fly all the way up to Townsville and spend a week there then fly directly back to Brisbane and then drive up to Noosa etc and around there. Any suggestions on what to do/weather/where to go etc would be greatly appreciated!! C
  2. Guest

    honeymoon period

    you jump through all the hoops to live in australia,and after a while whilst living in australia the reality may kick in,and doubts may set in:no:just how do you deal with this--theres lots of things you can do to make this life changing experience a fulfilling one-but what are they:wubclub: this thread is to help people who may have doubts about how they feel--thankyou --so if your unsure about how you feel please share--you are not alone:wubclub: talking helps
  3. Guest

    What honeymoon period?

    Just wondering if anyone has got to Oz and instantly thought... What have we done? We've only been here a short while but feel we were much happier back home. I don't think it bodes well that we haven't even experienced a honeymoon peroid. Maybe we'll start to feel differently through time :err:
  4. This update has been a long time coming. We LOVE it here. We still keep telling each other "we live here". True, the inevitable drudge has set in. We have to work and do all the stuff we always had to do. But it is lovely to be near family for the first time ever for both of us, it's wonderful to see Ben, our son, happy at school again and enjoying making new friends with no bullying, and it's lovely to be warm most of the time. The summer was blisteringly hot. They tell us it was a cooler one than normal, but it still seemed to be very hot after the snow at Christmas. It was also VERY humid, which is the norm here. About 95-99% most of the time. Daytime temperatures were up to about 35C most days which was just too much with the humidity. We had windows open and fans going night and day. Sometimes we used the aircon, but it's expensive and we want to acclimatise as quickly as possible so felt we should use it sparingly. Now, it is winter and it DOES get cold at night. Our lounge is a very chilly 15C when we get up (I know - but it really does feel cold!). Daytime is generally very pleasant at about 25C. Steve now has a 2 month contract with the huge power station which we hope will be extended. He is still in IT but here he has to wear a uniform which includes a hard hat, steel toe-caps and ear defenders!!! I just love the tradies' uniforms here. It seems to bring a real sense of pride and respect to what would be considered "working class" in UK. The industry standard is for a 7am start, finishing at 4pm. Taking a bit of getting used to. I am doing a course to enable me to work as a carer in an old peoples' home. Don't get me started on that! My work placement (unpaid) is 6am to 2 pm!!!! Ben is very happy at school and is continuing his sax lessons, as well as joining Boys Brigade which is great fun. Buddy, our dog - a cocker spaniel, has coped well. We have to have him clipped to cope with the heat which is a real shame. But his needs come before my preferences. In summer we couldn't walk him in the daytime, but we can now when we have time. So he has put on a bit of weight but the vet reckons he is in perfect condition. He has not yet found any snakes - nor have we! He loves to swim from the dog friendly beach about 30 mins drive from here. We have moved from the very small temporary rental to a ridiculously large one in anticipation of a long visit from Steve's parents although that has now been deferred to next March. We have very little hope of ever finding a place to buy that is this big in our price range. The pool idea didn't last long, I am afraid. But it is on the wish list. Still the Coral sea is beautifully warm....sigh. Some things cost a lot more over here (furniture, linen etc) and we have no Ikea up here. I would love to see Argos here too! But some things are much cheaper or the same price but much better quality. Thinking especially of food; meat and fruit particularly. Summer here is wet, hot and humid with more biting mozzies than you could possibly imagine. They adore me! Winter here is dry, warm and a bit like UK summer!! Wonderful. When I say here...I don't mean all of Australia. I mean Central Queensland coast. Inland is cold, south is cold, north is hot. I have a few photos. Just not sure how to post them on this forum.
  5. Hello everyone My husband-to-be and I are planning on having our honeymoon in Oz next December (its also doubling as a bit of a reccie). We're planning on flying to Sydney, staying a few days there, hiring a campervan to go down the coast to Melbourne over about 7 days, then stay 4/5 days in Melbourne (thats where we're planning on living if we ever get a visa!) and then flying up to Airlie Beach for a final chill out over Christmas. Are there any things people could recommend we do to make our honeymoon extra special? I've read about so many things to do/see and I know we won't be able to fit everything in (although I will be spending an entire day going round Queen Victoria Market :jiggy:). All suggestions are much appreciated :smile: x
  6. ....and we are still enjoying living here so it looks like we did the right thing. It's been 20 months packed full with emotion and obstacle, but we seem to be coming out on top now. I take delivery of a new car in a couple of weeks, should be moving into our new house sometime next month, and we should have a new addition to the house by April. No, no, not a baby, a Rhodesian Ridgeback pup. It's not been all plain sailing, we've had redundancy, trying to sell a house in the UK and people sickness (not home sickness) all causing problems, and Christmas is just a write off for me here, but things seem to be coming together now. I'll never be the kind of person to shout "I love it here", thats just not me. Too many people are missing from my life. But we very much enjoy living here, for now. We don't know what the future has in store for us, and there's no point wasting your time trying to figure it out. The future will happen, regardless. I just want to say to anyone who is worried they don't feel they belong in Australia or concerned they have made the wrong decision, don't worry if your feelings aren't the same as someone else's. Just because you don't have the urge to sing from the rooftops that your life is fantastic, doesn't mean it isn't. T xx
  7. Where has the time gone? its six months to the day since i stepped off the plane at Brisbane airport! I was going to write a long post detailing my journey but i'm pretty sure i'd just bore people lol. So here's to another 6 months and more of living the dream and i can honestly say that although yes there have been ups and downs, Australia is for me an awesome place to live!!! :cool:
  8. Guest

    Honeymoon is over.

    Its been a while since I posted on here, but I'm now in Perth and been here 6 weeks. However, reality is now kicking in and the holiday feeling evaporated. As much as I like quite a few things about Australia, there's quite a bit I don't like about it and alot of things I miss about the UK which only the UK does so well. Lets not kid ourselves, the UK can be a pretty rubbish place with bad weather and a nation never happy with anything and cynical about everything. And thats what I miss. Australians generally are very optimistic people and pretty friendly apart from the minority of idiots who think they're Chopper Reid or think that Australia owes them a centerlink wage packet for being indigenous. There are also those who make it known that they are rebuplican and want to be independent from the UK. The UK is years ahead of Australia with alot of things. Railways (Yes I said railways), TV programming - Foxtel is pretty dire compared to Sky which I believe are part of the same company, even pedestrian crossings... Perth ones give you about 4 seconds to dash across 6 lanes of engine reving traffic who set off as soon as the light turns green. You can even be fined for crossing the road too slowly. Britain is more politically astute and aware too. The press has more freedom in the UK to report their view on things whereas media here is limited. I miss the sour and sharp witty sarcasm that is British humour instead of the obvious slapstick americanised humour that Australians prefer. Attitudes towards women by Australian men in general are pretty shocking. As much as it was amusing at first, there is a serious undertone of the 'Carry On' era towards women. I hate cockroaches, ants invade everywhere, the flies are really annoying in summer and graffiti and tagging is a major problem here. Crime is generic to any country but British police are definately on the ball in comparison to Australia. The cost of living in some respects is cheaper but in other areas it can prove more costly. Don't forget, you pay for doctors, dentists and treatment over here and even with Medicare its an expense on the pusre strings. You only get free treatment under international agreements for necessary treatment i.e. emergencies. You pay school fees here too and tax can hit the wage packet. Even if you have tax deducted from your pay you still have to file a tax return. The economic downturn is everywhere and even biting Australia. You may think 'Hang on a minute, not as many have lost their jobs and homes in Australia like the UK!'. Thats because Australia doesn't have the population of Britain. Mining, manufacturing, retail, its being hit here too. Australia is a fantastic place to visit but to live and work?.... Its just not my cup of tea. I'm here for at least 2 years but I know I won't stay here. Perth is laid back but for me too laid back. Let me say this though, I don't regret coming here to give it a try. I'd regret it more in years to come if I hadn't tried it. Give me old Britain any day of the week. - Thats just my perspective.
  9. Guest

    electrician on honeymoon!!!

    hi to everyone, Just wondered if there are any electricans out there who would be able to give us some advice/information?? Questions coming up lol - Whats the average wage for fully qualified NICEIC (is this qualification recognised) electricains in the Perth area? Is there generally a decent amount of work out there? At the moment we run our own electrical/property maintenance company, would we be able to start our own business once in Perth straightaway or would we have to wait a certain amount of time? We are coming over to Perth - Quinns Rocks - for our honeymoon on the 7th april and were wondering if there was anybody in the area that we would be able to meet up with to gain first hand advice of living in Perth? :spinny: Would we be able to arrange to have a look around the local schools while we are there? We have two children aged 12 and 10. thanks lee
  10. Guest

    help on honeymoon

    Hi everyone, we are hoping that some of you may be able to help!! we are Darren (37), Lee (36), callum (12) and ellis (10). myself and darren are getting married in april (after many years living in sin) lol, and are hoping to move to to Perth in the near future, we are arranging flights and accomodation at the minute so that we, as a family can visit Perth on our honeymoon. Really not sure of what areas would be best to look at as we want it to be a holiday as well seeing if we could live there!! As always kids are only bothered about beach, pools and parks. But we also want to be able to look at properties, jobs, schools and lifestyle options. we have been looking at holiday rentals and we keep getting drawn back to Quinns beach/rock. would this be a good base for what we are looking to do?? if not could any of you reccomend somewhere??