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Found 24 results

  1. Hi All, Been out here over 20 yrs and I have read some really disturbing threads and posts on the forum in the last couple of weeks so here's some simple good old common sense advice. You can take it or leave it but it's all from personal expierience and from people I know you have made the move here: 1. Are your skills required here? are they on the shortages list?? If not stop here, as you most likely will NOT get in. Try again in say 2 yrs time the list is updated quite often so keep looking if you have the 'bug'!! 2. Apply and go through the process, don't try and take shortcuts, go with the flow. Personally I don't have time for migration experts, but that's a choice you need to make. They DO NOT have a backdoor entrance they can sneak you thru, no matter what they tell you, they just do the paperwork side of things and charge you for It. 3. Wait for the answer, could be a long time coming,so sit back and wait, nothing will move the immigration people here any quicker or in the UK. 4. If you get in and are granted visas it's time to sell your house, car, any business you may have or are involved in. DO NOT keep any of these before you come out here, all of these are EXCESS BAGGAGE and will be like a rope around your neck. Get shot and and dispose of these. You are coming out here to live you can't keep a foot in each country. If you can't let go or are thinking of a 'lets try it and see' approach then the chances are you will not suceed as you'll be coming here with too much EMOTIONAL baggage. NOT GOOD for you or fair to AUSTRALIA, which has been good enough to give you a chance of a new life in a new country. 5. Once your ready book tickets and buy ONE WAYS ONLY. This will stop any temptation for you to go back and see the relatives in the first 12 months. 6. Book your removalists and get out here when you are ready. 7. Tell the relatives you'll see them again when THEY can afford to visit YOU. Not the other way round. You will need every $ you can earn and save in the first 3 years to set yourselves up unless you are coming out here with Saturdays lotto jackpot!! This is honest advice and i hope it helps!!! Happy days Stefan
  2. I used to think shark attacks in the past would never put me off swimming in Oz...but be honest folks....would you swim 100 meters off shore in Australia now? I know people say you have more chance of being killed in a car accident but at least you are somewhat in control of a car you are not in control of a great white...would you swim 100 meters off shore?
  3. Hello After much deliberation, our family of 5 have decided on a suburb north of the river and one south of the river that we feel would really suit us as a family. Job offers aside, we've been chatting to a few Aussies about suburbs and searching on forums for info from fellow Brits. Can someone honestly say what they feel about the NOR/SOR divide, differences etc. I know it's a personal thing, but the general feelings are so different, we're just confused as to the whole issue. It seems such a big deal and we just don't get what it is about!! Some say that NOR is the 'posh' bit for Poms, some say the total opposite! Some say both are the same and it's the individual suburbs that count. So really just to understand what the whole deal is, could anyone explain clearly?? What would your honest choice be and why (it may not reflect our situation, but it's just good to know a little more and hear some honest opinions!). Of course, we're going to see what happens when we get there, but not having been to Perth, we wondered if we could find out people's views beforehand. Any opinions most welcome :wink:
  4. Hi guys , been looking at our list ......for what areas in Western Australia for us to look at and came across Canning vale ... Now i only came across this because my Daughter is trained in Muay thai and found a great club there lol ... Anyone know of the area ? I know everywhere has crime so im not to worried about that ..unless there is drive by shootings everyday lol We like old houses with a land there seems to be quite a few for sale ? Schools ? I'm sure you friendly bunch will come up with alot more info for me ! Brides :cute:
  5. Hello all due to fly out to Melbourne on may 26th with malaysia airline which as far as i had seen on skytrax have a 5 star rating so felt reasonably happy with, however after having a little search around i keep reading bad reviews which is now worrying me a little as we have a 3 year old daughter flying for the first time with us. so really looking for anyones honest review on flying with them Many thanks
  6. I just want to know because it's been my dream for years, but money was always just too tight, now i'm a mummy I want this more than ever for my son. I'm 26, 1 and a half year old baby, trainee haridresser, (6 years in general admin), have a partner of 10 years - driver by trade, thats it! We have no chance do we, even when i'm qualified? If anyone could just let me know their honest opiion because I would like to know whether I can ever apply or just burst into tears now ( Are there any "fast track" careers that they are in dyer need of, really badly, or ones that they will accept you freshly qualified wihtout the years of experience? Thank you
  7. We've narrowed our 'potential places to live in Brisbane' search down to these two areas - Mansfield/Wishart OR Indooroopily/Kenmore/Jindalee area. With two children aged 7 and 9, we're looking for good schools - both primary and senior for later on - where they will fit in. They are used to going to a Jewish school in the UK, so it will be quite different for them. We're from London, so anything in Brisbane will feel more relaxed, which is good - but to be honest, I'd like the area with the most going on. Any views gratefully received, as unfortunately when we visited Oz last year we didn't recce the Brisbane suburbs. We were focussed on Melbourne then... Thank you!
  8. Well I manage to run a small business and study full time but when it comes to Christmas I am what only can be termed as fluking hopeless! I bought my Christmas cards today! I am now frantically writing them out in the hope that I remember to post them tomorrow and that they receive them in time :wideeyed: Christmas decorations? Well the tree is up and has been for a week but not a piggin bauble or bit of tinsel in sight! :wacko: Christmas Presents :no: Ive managed to get two so far but only because a friend had pre-ordered them for me as they are for her little ones! :shocked: Absolutely nothing in the fridge! Luckily my lovely mother cooks on Xmas day and then it looks like we are scavenging around the rest of the family on the other days. Oh dear . . . . . . . . How organised are you? Because you certainly cant be any worse then me :sad::biglaugh:
  9. Dear Fellow PIO'ers My family and I are currently in Perth on a 'validation of visa' visit. To start off with we were 'seduced' by programmes such as 'Wanted Down Under', and decided to visit migration seminars as well as joining various web forums such as this one. We applied for our 176 visas in July of 2009 and prior to being awarding them in January 2010 we visited Perth in October 2009 for a two week holiday. At that time my employment/renumeration prospects were better in Australia than they were in the UK due to the economic climate, however on that visit we did notice that life in WA, is certainly not cheap. That said there is a cost to hoping to enjoy a higher standard of living and I think there is/was a mis-conception that it's easy money here in Australia. The reality is, unless you are financially well off then I believe you may have to work harder for your $ than you would for your £. Fast forward to Jan 2010, were awarded our 176 visas and as we have a large family (4 children) there would be a lot of organizing which would many of you have been through or are aware of. Without wishing to commit financial suicide of resigning from my employer at the time without a job in Australia and attempting to sell the house in the current economic climate, we thought it would be prudent to complete a validation visit, as a visit for 6 (£10000) was a far cheaper prospect than moving with no certainties (£150000+). That way we would then have until January 2014 to move and in the meantime, I could then potentially travel to Australia on my own to secure employment, in the knowledge that my wife and children had experienced some aspects of life in Australia even if it is for a short period of time. On our visit in 2009, we did not do so much of the tourist thing, but concerntrated on speaking to recruiters about career/salary prospects, looking at schools, and speaking to teachers about the education system (My eldest son is mildly autistic), and what provisions are in place for special educational needs. We also looked at housing and compared properties which were new builds to those which were 10+ years old. To be completely honest we were not overly impressed with the houses at that time as I wondered why on earth did so many homes have very tiny back gardens. Inside the houses there were many examples of high level of spec for appliances and house layout. After our 2009 visit, as our visa situation had not been decided by DIAC, we were still in limbo and could not plan our move, as it would have been a great deal of time and money wasted had we not been awarded our visas. That visit was invaluable as it gave us many thoughts about life in Australia, and the numerous people we spoke with about the many areas of life in Australia was great, they were honest and frank and as with anywhere in the world, some loved it, others were not so keen, (Aussie's included!!). March 2010 saw a change of job for myself which now has presented a number of various oppotunities, one of which is the possibility of moving to Australia to open an office up for my new employer. This is not an immediate option, and may take two years. The 7 months I have been working with my new employer have been great in all areas. This has made life in the UK somewhat more pleasant, which in turn has made the desire to leave less likely. October 2010, we are in Perth on our visa validation visit, and as with our 2009 visit we have met a number of great people, all with differing stories and views of life in Perth/suburbs. Some have no desire to stay in Australia and are looking to return to the UK within a couple of years, others have no wish to return to the UK permanently but are going back for a short visit to complete their emotional closures, before returning. To summarize, I guess the short answer to the $64,000 question is, will we move to WA? My response at this moment would be is to spin a coin. The only advice I can offer is that you can never do too much research into this subject. I thought that once we had our visas life would be simplier, that is very wrong. The visa process is a small part of a huge life changing action you are embarking on. I will continue to add to this post from time to time, but it would be great to read your comments about my thoughts. I would also like to thank the numerous people in Perth we have met as well as the numerous people on PIO who have contributed their thoughts and ideas on the numerous aspects of life in Australia. I'd better sign off now as we are off to King's Park for a picnic with a fellow PIO'er,Floater and his family. Kind regards Ronnie Rocket
  10. :wacko:Hi Can anyone help me as I am in desperate need of a honest reliable agent who is not just after my money! My hubby is a Roofer and has his NVQ 2 as a slater/Tiler but have since found out that this will not be enough because he needs 900 college hours which he has'nt done as it was issued on grandfathers rights. Anyway we are desperate to get to Australia but are not on the Main list so now we have to wait for all the states to release a list which is why I want a good reliable honest agent (if there is such a thing) as everytime I am ringing agents off the net they are telling me porky pies that the state lists have been released but they have'nt. Please can anyone help or recommend anyone. Thank you for your time x
  11. Hi guys, Possibility of a job in Rockhampton.. Any info on what its like there to live? I really want to be in Brisbane but this could be the job im looking for, just concerned about location.. I know its the "beef capital" of Oz and gateway to the Barrier Reef.. Just want to know is it a bit "backwater" ???? :eek: Want to be somewhere where there is a good social life to be got and also have 17 year old daughter to consider! Hope someone can help!
  12. Hi guys Could I ask for your honest opinions?! Really confused about what to do at the moment! Would you leave a secure job in the UK to search for work and sponsorship in Aus?! Are we mad to consider it?! Since the recent SOL changes, our plans to join my Sis and her Husband, with us on a 176 visa have unfortunately been shelved, job sponsorship is really our only hope! My Sis is sure we would find sponsorship within 3 months but I am scared to take the plunge....What do you think?! Thanks for reading Claire xx
  13. Guest

    A Funny Politician. Honest.

    Was down my local town today just doing a bit of shopping as you do, and not surprisingly some of our local candidates for the forthcoming general election were out and about doing the wavy, shaky, ohhh can I hold your baby please' routine, all bollocks I know. But at the moment our local college is canvasing for a cycle lane to be installed as several dozen students go to and fro on push bikes, and recently there has been some accidents involving traffic and cycles. So there I am with the better half, watching as one of the candidates to show that he is in touch with the people decides to hop on a push bike and get a photo opportunity outside the college main gates. As he pushes off, one of the cameraman says to him, 'Where's your helmet'. Without a seconds pause or thought the candidate immediately says very loudly and abruptly, 'Behind the ****ing camera'.:shocked::biglaugh: He had obviously had enough of the journalists in question, and you could tell the moment he said it he regretted it. It was met with rather sheepish laughter from those assembled, some in agreement and some in contempt, but it was bloody funny. I would vote for him purely on this basis, but I reckon once his comments are plastered across our local papers next week he may have to join the thousands who are presently signing on down the street. So in essence, some politicians do have a sense of humour, just a shame that they can't seem to run a country properly. Cheers Tony
  14. kellyjamie

    Honest opinion on student route now?

    Hi all, so with the recent announcements i was looking to find out those with some knowledge what are your honest opinions on the student route now? Many thanks Kelly x
  15. hi guys well we had our visa come through this week and instead of feeling excited ive cried most days because we really dont know what to do, ive been offered a job which is great my daughter is 14 so will be taking her options in sept so if anything she would be needing to be out in oz for their term in Jan 10, she doesnt want to go at all. but what concerns us is my hubby is a builder, carpenter by trade but all we keep reading is the building trade is suffering just the same over there as here so do we jump out of the frying pan into the fire, we are so scare help needed is it really that bad tracy
  16. MY DISCLAIMER - I HAVE NO AXE TO GRIND OR POINT TO PROVE. I KNOW SOME OF YOU ARE GENUINELY INTERESTED IN THE UK JOB SITUATION. A few of the big building companies with large overheads have gone to the wall in the last week,in the west midlands.........2 that i know of. All my mates in various trades ,roofers,electricians,decorators have all got work especially the one man bands........some are stacked out. Ive got a good mate,who is a roofer........hes got 3 big private jobs on. After xmas and up to may-june,it looked a bit precarious, i used to sit in the pub and think " how many of us will have work in 6 months",but things seem a little better,but the uk is still in the trough with experts saying the growth will start,slowly in 2010, going back into positive numbers,but only at 0.2% growth Measures have been bought in today to take a firmer stance with the Banks ......about time........hopefully this is the start of the long road back
  17. Guest

    In your honest opinion....

    Should we go ahead with our application for a 176 state sponsored visa??? We are just about to pay the migration agent fee and start the process but I keep seeing all these negative stories that electricians can't get a job (see skills shortage my a**e).... I am just worried that if we do apply and are lucky enough to get one, would hubby have a problem finding a job??? We want to go to Queensland (Brisbane/Gold Coast). Obviously, we wouldn't be looking at coming over till maybe sept/dec 2010 by the time the visa was granted, so things might have picked up again by then???? House is in negative equity so wouldn't have a lot of money to come with either???? What do you think??????
  18. Guest

    IELTS Test honest answers

    As they have now taken bricklayers off the victoria wanted list my other half now has to do the IELTS test to get the extra points we need. To all you tradesmen that have done this can you give me your honest optinons for those who have passed and those who have failed. Thanks Claire, Marc and little Ella
  19. Guest

    My honest opinions.

    DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU DO NOT LIKE NEGATIVE POSTS. I have been attacked from certain members about being to negative on these forums but believe you should hear the things that are going well with some people and also the other side of the coin where things are not going so well This is coming from a single bloke and I cannot speak for families. Sorry if this sounds very negative but it is my experience of Australia. I have been here over a year and have struggled to stay and will probably go home if I cannot make it work in Brisbane later in the year. Work for a sparkey is tough IMO I earn half as much as I did in the UK and have to work 6 days a week to earn enough to save a small amount after my bills, and after my current contract runs out I will try Brisbane as I have heard there is more work for my trade. I find Perth to hot for me 44c + some days and the flies drive me mad, it is not much fun for me sitting on a beach sitting in the shade with factor 40+ on, and when it rains it can go on for weeks. The cost of living is high IMO and crime and anti-social behaviour is just as bad as in the UK in certain suburbs, some of the graffiti is very intresting. I am not enjoying it and I am sorry if it sounds negative but must get it off my chest. Good luck to anyone coming over but belive you should read the good as well as the bad, wish I had.
  20. Guest

    Honest To God

    HONEST TO GOD After he saw what death could be like, Professor John Wren-Lewis, the man who inspired the book 'Honest To God', has become an evangelist. Prof. Lewis, 70, who now lives in Sydney, has recovered from his 'near-death' experience in South-East Thailand and become a changed man. The professor had accepted a toffee on a bus from 'a handsome, polite, well-dressed young man,' and found himself dangerously ill in a Thai hospital having been saved from a morphia-and-cocaine overdose. 'I wish it had happened to me many years ago,' says the scientist who has spent much of his life trying to prove that there is no God. 'Who would?' he asks, 'have willingly gone on living a life of quiet desperation if he could have had something else?' The young man on the 9.15 AM bus clutching his bag of sweets, was a gangster who made a living drugging tourists on trains and buses and taking their wallets when they collapsed into sleep. 'My mother's words raced through my mind when I accepted the sweet: 'Never take candies from strangers.' Prof. Lewis's mother had a superstitious fear of God. That He was like a vindictive black cloud. A worker who had uttered the word 'Gorblimey' had, she believed, been struck deaf because of it. Filled with dread, John Wren-Lewis turned to science with evangelistic fervour and became a mathematical physicist, eventually recognised as a world expert in futuristic studies. In the 50s and 60s he became known for his writings on the relationship between science and religion and an initiator of the 'death of God' movement. It was then that John Robinson, Bishop of Woolwich, phoned him from his sick bed ('he had a slipped disc') and asked if he could read some of Wren-Lewis's papers. 'He then wrote to me and said I had inspired him to write a book that would be a good discussion-point for students. I had read his manuscript and felt that when it was published, the sparks would really fly. 'I was in the US, and phoned my wife in England, to check in. She told me 'Honest To God' had been published and there were reporters surrounding our house demanding to know about the scientist who had turned the Bishop of Woolwich into an atheist!' Now Prof. Wren-Lewis is writing his own book, 'The 9.15 To Nirvana', which explains his 'shattering' experience in Thailand and his dramatic conversion to a belief that has changed his life. His near-death experience, he says, had no angels in white robes, nor long-dead relatives talking to him in corridors. 'But I had been in the most uncannily, marvellous place. 'I awakened to find myself in a hospital room with the smell of toilets, the sound of coughing and paint flaking from the walls. Yet everything seemed so marvellous! A gloomy-looking doctor came in and I believed he was going to tell me the worst: that I was going to die. In fact he probably had a stomach-ache and he said it was OK for me to leave the next day. 'I was feeling this extraordinary sensation - I didn't mind if I died. I was delighted to be there and alive, but dying was alright. As a scientist I wanted the scientific facts. I had this absolute 'aliveness'; aliveness in which there is no time. I had sneered at it from a great height before. I had read the mystics and knew that near-death experiences resembled mystical experiences, in many ways. 'Now the joke was on me. As my Cockney father would have said, it was a right turn-up for the books. It was recognising something that had been there all the time and I hadn't noticed it. 'My mind was more active than I had ever known it before or since. It was absolutely racing. I began to see the meaning in some of the things that had been said about God. There was darkness - and that was part of God - light conveys the image of a thing or another person to the brain. But now light was superfluous. God was a sort of 'home'. And I was 'at' home. My body was being loved into existence. And it is still happening, right up to this minute. 'My life now is spent writing and broadcasting about what has happened to me. So-called ordinary life is a cosmic sleep in which we all play parts in a great drama; we improvise as we go along. God is writing the script in each of us. You are in a role. 'Now every fibre of my being is aware of the joy of moving in the line of time.' Prof. Wren-Lewis does not pray before he goes to sleep, 'in the conventional way'. 'But my life is a constant state of prayer. I go to church occasionally. But I devote my life to spreading the news about what has happened to me. When I knew the feeling wasn't going to go away, I told my partner, Anne, about it.' He no longer has the same sense of pain, though for many years he had a cowardly attitude to being hurt. 'If I have a sore throat I realise it's just the cells doing their job fighting bacteria or a virus and I tell them to get on with it.'
  21. Come on now , you guys already in Oz... Fill me in on exactly how many spiders you really do come across, during your day to day life. Are the kids gonna be safe in the gardens?? I have not come across many postings yet where your kids have been eaten alive/bitten/stung or anything, but the neighbours are driving me to distraction! I know some of it is jealousy, but it still hacks me off.... Offer me some assurance, would you? (Only if it's true, mind you!) Thanks..... Andrea x x x :err:
  22. jenki

    please be honest

    Hi I'm new to PIO! I wanted to ask you all for the good and bad points of life in Oz. My husband's job might be sending us to Melbourne for a while and I'm trying to prepare us in case it happens. So, what are the things we should know???
  23. Guest

    Free Passport Photos Honest

    Hy This isn't a gimmick, and i wish i had found it before i paid for mine. I have listed the details of how to get FREE PASSPORT PHOTOS on my blog and the direct link is here. FREE PASSPORT PHOTOS I do suggest you read it as it could have saved me £20.00 and thats £20.00 i could of spent in Oz
  24. Guest

    Reliable, honest agents?

    Hi everyone I have just filled out the online visa assessment with 'live in Australia.com' agents and I scored 120 points for the skilled visa programme and now I am ready to begin the long challenging process. I just wanted to know if anyone had dealt with 'live in Australia.com' agents and if they were reputable? Any agent recomendations would be great, thanks in advance. Sally & Maarten