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Found 42 results

  1. Hello My wife and I look like we will be heading to Australia in the next few months, as I have managed to secure myself a role with CommBank in Sydney. I will be working in the CBD and my wife will be living at home with our two young daughters (both under 2yrs), and I am hoping I might be able to get some advice on places to look to buy a home. My budget is going to be in the region of $550-650k, and ideally I would like to find a 4 bedroom detached home with a bit of a garden for our two dogs and a pool. I know I have no chance of find anything in inner Sydney on this budget, but I have looked at places like Campbelltown and it seems to be quite reasonable, and the comments on the internet seem to suggest it is quite a nice place. I live in a small town at the moment, so I would like to find something similar that is reasonably close to the train lines. At the moment we are at the start of the journey, so any help is appreciated. Ideally I dont want to have to commute for much more than an hour each way, and I am not overly fussy about living near the beach. I just want to find a nice solid area, that is not too snobby and that will have good schools for the girls in a few years and a nice community so my wife can make some new friends. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Andrew
  2. Hi, My husband and I are holding a block of land in Beeliar and are in the process of having plans drawn up with Goodlife Homes. So far the process is going really well and they certainly seem good value compared to other builders, but I have read some very bad reviews online aswell as good reviews. We have not signed anything yet so I was just wondering if anyone had any experiences they could share before we commit as we are very nervous first home buyers! Many thanks, Amy and Paul
  3. Fashionably Late

    Plantation Homes

    Does anyone know anything about Plantation Homes? We really like one of their homes and are considering buying a block of land near where we currently rent and building one of their homes on it.
  4. hey... my husband and I are moving out to oz after Christmas. We have bought a plot of land in Corindi Beach, just north of Coffs. We are looking at building our house and are trying to decide who to go with, Hopwood is a much smaller firm but they have won a lot of awards.... but are a bit more expensive. GJ Gardner are an international firm with offices all over Australia... just want to make sure that we don't end up with shoddy workmanship etc etc Anyone used either of these ? Thanks Linzi
  5. Frankston North remains one of Melbourne’s most affordable suburbs with a median house price of $287,500, according to the REIV. Cranbourne West is also in the top ten of Melbourne’s most affordable suburbs with a median price of $320,000. Mordialloc and Cranbourne North have reported some of the strongest one-year rise in house prices with both reporting growth of 13.7%. On the opposite end of the scale Brighton East reported negative growth of -10.4% for the year ending June 30. The median price is now $1.1 million.
  6. Hi I remember on an episode of Wanted Down Under, in Brisbane I think, they showed a showroom or shop that they called a house supermarket. Apparently you could go in and choose a house design!! Can anyone throw any light on this? I also wanted to ask if anyone is familiar with the process of choosing and buying a steel kit home!! Any idea of the costs involved? :wubclub: Thanks Sheena
  7. The average floor area of a new free-standing house in Australia is 243 square metres. In the US, house sizes shrank over the last three years to 222 square metres and in Denmark they are 137 square meters, the biggest homes in Europe, according to Bureau of Statistics and other data compiled for Commonwealth Securities. But the average size of the Australian family home, after increasing by 40 per cent in the past 20 years, might have reached a peak. NSW still has the biggest houses in the country. Victoria's were fourth largest at 246 square metres after the Northern Territory and Queensland.
  8. NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell has announced 13,000 new homes will be built in Sydney's major growth centres, saying home ownership should be within the reach of young families. Ten thousand of these homes will be built in Sydney's northwest with another 3000 in the region's southwest. 'Home ownership in Sydney remains a dream for many young families - my government will build the homes Labor failed to provide and ensure residents have jobs and services on their doorstep,' Mr O'Farrell said on Tuesday. He made the announcement in a paddock behind Marsden golf academy, in Sydney's northwest, alongside planning minister Brad Hazzard. Mr Hazzard said housing was the biggest challenge the government faced. 'The reality is, families actually camp out in order to buy blocks of land in this area,' he told reporters. 'It is a magnificent area, and we will ensure that there is housing here as quickly as possible.' The plan is for the 1800 hectare site at Marsden, predominantly owned by Wintern property group, to contain 10,000 medium density homes. Building is expected to start in about two years with the remaining 800 hectares set aside as open space. The NSW government is also in the process of accelerating land release at Catherine Field, in southwest Sydney. 'Catherine Field will have the capacity for around 3000 new dwellings,' Mr O'Farrell said. Mr Hazzard said the release can be sped up under the Precinct Acceleration Protocol (PAP), which allows growth centre precincts to be considered for rezoning earlier than scheduled. 'The PAP allows government to speed up the building of new homes, by using the private sector to help fund vital infrastructure,' Mr Hazzard said.
  9. ...we are coming over to validate our Visa's next week. Would like to look at the housing. Are there showhomes as you would get in the UK we might be able to look at to get a feel for what's on offer. If so can anybody recommend anywhere. We are staying in Connolly. So anywhere within a reasonable driving distance of there.
  10. Hello :cute: Where can I find ex display homes for sale? :wideeyed:
  11. Take a look at this then! Comes with Air conditioning pool (OK i pinched this image off google but it did have a dam (or pool!!:biggrin:)) and security
  12. Hi We would like to come to Perth for a visit in Aug 2010 and looking seriously for a place to stay. Need a place with cooking facilities (kitchen with microwave, burners for cooking and kettle at least) and I have been looking on the internet - nothing seemed cheap at all. We are from the UK and I have two toddlers- aged 3 and 2 respectively and it will be an absolute must that we have a place which has some space (rather a room) for the kids to move around. Can anyone recommend a decent place to stay pls- which is reasonably price hopefully anywhere in Perth. The places we are looking at- can be 30 mins from the Perth CBD itself...not too fussed about it. Which means- areas like Floreat, Woodloands, Churchlands, North Beach, Carine, Dungraig, Sorrento, Cith Beach etc. Anyone who can recommend to us anything at this point of time- greatly appreciated. Thanks:biggrin:
  13. Sherbetdip23

    Schools, jobs and homes!

    Hi Just wondering, on average, how long it takes to get the wee ones into school from the date you arrive in Oz? Or if you haven't yet made the move I would be interested to hear your views on how you plan to do it when you get out there, especially if you aren't 100% sure on the exact area you are going to live? Will it be priority for you to get your children into school asap or sort out a place to live and job first or all 3 in parallel!??? :err: We know that we want to be between Goldcoast and Brisbane but until hubby secures a job we won't know where to rent. Obviously we wouldn't want to get the girls settled in a school to have to move them if hubby's job is too long a commute! All seems to be bit of a juggling act :biggrin: Appreciate hearing your views. Thanks
  14. Guest

    Australian Mortgages?

    Hi there We are applying to move to Perth at present. Our plan would be to rent and then after the required time in employment we hope to buy. As we are still in the initial stages we haven't delved too deeply, but we really need some facts about buying property. Our main concern is - can we qualify for an Australian mortgage (what is the criteria, what history is needed - do they look at UK mortgages, etc) and when can we start applying. We are aware that there are various schemes for buyers - again we don't know if we would qualify - we would ideally like to buy a new build/build our own home. Any comments/suggestions/tips would be very much appreciated. Many thanks:smile:
  15. onlytwo

    nursing homes ( not yet )

    Hi everyone, first time on PIO I have a question about Nursing homes ( sorry, a bit morbid I Know but...) My wife (69) myself (74) have applied for CPV in June 2010, since then we are worried about what the future holds in respect when the time comes of our having our meals through a strew. Has anyone had the misfortune of a partner/relative/friend having to go into a nursing home. I'm thinking it's the same as UK sell your property to fund your stay in a home, what if you are renting, any information at all would be helpful. Many thanks Bob
  16. tfarrell

    holiday homes McDowall Brisbane

    I am going to be visiting my brother in Brisbane in Jan 2012 and I am looking to find a nice house to rent when we are over there. Anyone out there with any ideas. Have searched online and there seems to be very little.
  17. Any members on here effected, looks bad :embarrassed: BUNDABERG, Australia — Flood waters swept through vast areas of northeastern Australia Saturday, threatening to inundate thousands more homes in a disaster one official said was of "biblical proportions". As Queen Elizabeth II sent her "sincere sympathies" to Queenslanders who rang in a damp new year, helicopters were being used to deliver food and other supplies to isolated towns. Up to 200,000 people have been affected by the floods, which have hurt the nation's lucrative mining industry and cut off major highways as the water rushes through sodden inland regions to the sea. "In many ways, it is a disaster of biblical proportions," Queensland State Treasurer Andrew Fraser told reporters in flood-hit Bundaberg. Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who on Friday toured inundated regions, said the floods had been devastating and would clearly have an economic impact. "We're still directly battling floodwaters -- we haven't seen the peak of the flood yet at centres like Rockhampton -- so the people of Queensland in many places are doing it tough today," she said.
  18. racht

    Porter Davis Homes...

    Hello all! I've stumbled across Porter Davis homes which, I have to say, look gorgeous. Just wondered if anyone has bought one or been in show homes and, if so, in which areas. Also, what was the area like? Any thoughts would be appreciated (good and bad). Cheers:) Rachael
  19. My pussy cat has just delivered 5 beautiful kittens - 4 white and 1 black/grey tabby. Not sure of sexes yet. Will obviously not be available until they are atleast 6 weeks old - suspect mid/late february but if anyone is thinking of getting a kitten in the near future please let me know. I would prefer to give the kittens away free to good homes as I dont particuarly want them going to a pet shop. I am located in Heritage Park, near Browns Plains. PM me if you are interested.
  20. My pussy cat has just delivered 5 beautiful kittens - 4 white and 1 black/grey tabby. Not sure of sexes yet. Will obviously not be available until they are atleast 6 weeks old - suspect mid/late february but if anyone is thinking of getting a kitten in the near future please let me know. I would prefer to give the kittens away free to good homes as I dont particuarly want them going to a pet shop. I am located in Heritage Park, near Browns Plains. PM me if you are interested.
  21. Guest

    Plantation Homes

    I am about to buy a house and land package in North Lakes (QLD) with Plantation Homes and wondered if anyone had had any exerience with them, good or bad. Thanks Rebecca
  22. Australia has the largest homes, average 214 sq metres compared to UK 76 sq metres. Why the difference? Families I suppose are about the same size on average. Is it because we have more space to build? Australians have the biggest homes | Property | News.com.au
  23. Guest

    Fantasy Homes Dowunder.

    Hi all, just thought I'd let you guys know (if it hasn't been put on here already) that the 'Home' channel are doing a series about homes downunder. Last night (monday) they did Brisbane and there's another episode tonight, not sure where tho, I also think it's running all week for those interested. They are for this year, so a bit more current than some shows I've seen. At least it gives those, like myself and family, a bit more to look forward to (eventually) !! Helenx
  24. Apologies if this has been mentioned before, but just come across it(although can't remember how!!):cute: Fantasy Homes Down Under SKY Home Channel 246 Monday,12th October at 10pm (also repeated on Home+1 at 11pm or Home Tuesday 13th at 11am or Home+1 at 12pm) "New. Seetha Hallett helps British families find new homes in Australia. Here, a young family from Norwich with a budget of 250,000 pounds are house-hunting in Brisbane, Queensland". This must be part of a series as have set sky plus and it is giving option of record series. Pam x
  25. hi all this is a one for anyone not here yet. dont be fooled by the size of houses on agents websites look at the room sizes as the photos are not acurate. if they took a photo of a person with thier cameras the person would look 10 foot wide and im not joking. there is some very nice houses but you have to look very hard. good luck