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Found 29 results

  1. My friend David holds 121 visa and has worked for his employer more than 1.5 year. His employer nominated him and let him get 121 visa. Now David wants to work for another employer. David's questions are as following: 1. Since David was nominated by his boss and the boss submitted a 3-year employment contract to Department of Immigration & Citizenship, David have rights to resign from his boss and do another work before he completes the 3-year contract? What is law regulation about 121 visa work time? 121 visa holds must work for his naminator 3 years? 2. If David leaves his boss in 3 years, his visa (121 visa, a perment resident visa) will be cancelled according to Immigration law? Thanks for your kind help in advance! GEORGE
  2. Hi everyone! Could some one please help me with this? I've been in Australia since 2002 and on a overseas student visa. I've met my partner, a 457 visa holder from UK (visa is valid for 4 years), one and half year ago and we've been living together for almost one year by now. As we both are quite serious with each other and are considering long-term commitment (leading to possible marriage), we would like to know after the 12month period for living together, what the process and steps to add me to the 457 visa as the de facto partner? Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. hi dear all, one of my friend is holding a 475 visa currently. he has fulfilled all the requirements to apply PR. He just wants to know whether he needs to pay application fee again when apply the PR?. need your help please.. thanks :idea: Samk6
  4. Guest

    Visa 475 Holder need help

    Anybody can help are greatly appreicated . My case is : Visa 475 granted on 7th Apr 2009 Made initial entry to Australia on 27th May 2009 and went back China after 1 month Made my second entry to Austrlia on 17th Nov 2009 Started working for a company in regional area one week later after second entry but living in city since we want to get undertanding of the country .Moved to regional after 3 and half months and stayed there since then . Understand the requirement of applying for 887 is "Living in regional area for 2 years and working for 1 year with 3 years since the initial entry " The question is : The first 3 and half months was not in the regional area and sent a letter to Immigration and they replied "short absence from the regional area is allowed "but did not mention how long the short absence could be .Some post said is 3 months at most .If that is the case ,what should i do ? Can anybody give me help ? Many thanks :notworthy::notworthy:
  5. We've just been granted our visa and my partner (not the main applicant) wants to fly out next week to kick start his job search and I'll be staying at home with the kids to start packing up. He'll be flying out on a tourist visa as, as I understand it, he can only validate his visa if he does so with the main applicant and other applicants. So my question is will job hunting on a tourist visa even though he has a invalidated 176 in the background (which will be validated before he starts work) be allowed or will it jeopardise our 176 visa? Thanks
  6. Hi Guys First poster here, with a real love for Australia and a real problem with my job. We moved over here towards the end of last year and since then I have not been loving my job and want to quit. I am on a sponsored 457 visa with my partner as my defacto. But I am wanting to quit my job and have my partner take over the sponsorship through his job, which should be possible, and me become the defacto. Is it as simple as this or do we have to start from the beginning again? Any help with this would be gratefully received. thanks.
  7. HI all - my first post here. My partner and I are both living in Australia and on our own 457 visas. Due to certain circumstances we are having to consider putting my partner onto my 457 Visa as defacto. We have been living together for over a year so dont see any problems from that point of view, but can anyone please advise me how one goes about doing this? Do we have to re-apply for a 457visa with both our names on the application or is another way? Any idea how long the process takes? Any advise, greatly appreciated Cheers
  8. :mad:Hi all im currently a dual passport holder oz/brittish married my brittish partner we have 3 children one of which is my step child lookin to come back to oz. i have been in the uk for thirty years, are my biological children entitled to oz passports, also have not been able to find my stepsons biological dad, although i have brought him up as my own since he was 2 i seem to have no rights with him, where do i go from here , really lookin to come back by august????? what sort of visa would i need, any suggestions??? have an appointment with the oz high comm next week to try to sort things out..................
  9. Wondering if anyone can shed any light on this for me?? Mum is the holder of a 457 visa and is looking to study in NSW a course related to her work. on a 457 as a temporary resident are you classed as an international student? The cost is so much more expensive of the internation student courses. Thanks in advance
  10. Chardy

    IELTS for UK passport holder ?

    Is it true that WA SS made a mistake and the UK passport is only worth 6.5 as an IELTS score. Just what an agent said earlier while trying to sell me his services !
  11. My husband is struggling to find (decent) work where we live now and may (???) have the option of a job elsewhere! If my husband (who is currently the secondary holder on our 457) found a company that could sponsor him could he be transferred as the primary holder on our current one or we would we need to apply from scratch as it would be for a completely different job? The guidance states that 457 visa holders who want to change sponsors or nominated positions (within the validity of their current visa) will not be required to apply for a new Subclass 457 visa.....guessing that would only apply to main holder?
  12. Hi, My spouse and I are holders of a Skilled Recognized Graduate visa (Subclass 476). I was a primary applicant and my spouse is included in this visa as secondary applicant. My spouse satisfies all criteria for applying for a Skilled Permanent Residence Visa (Subclass 885) as a primary applicant and has all supporting documents for that. We plan to apply for this visa immediately upon arrival to Australia but I am not sure whether she is eligible or not to apply as a primary applicant onshore. In this respect I kindly request you to advise whether a secondary holder of Subclass 476 Visa is eligible to apply as primary applicant for Permanent Residency onshore as a primary applicant. Thanks
  13. Hi all, My friends are on bridging visa A, with 2 kids from 885 applications (previous international students). do they have to pay primary/secondary school fees in Victoria? do they get discounts on school fees ? do they have to buy private health insurance? much thanks. Goki
  14. Hi, Could anyone help with this please. Planning to migrate to Sydney in the next few months currently holding a 176 GSM visa .. does this visa qualify for free schoolling for primary and secondary state schools? Also, does anyone have a rough idea of private schools costs in Sydney (Manly / Northern shores areas) and the differences between private and state schools ... any opinions welcome Thanks Chops
  15. Hi All We moved to Sydney from the UK 12 months ago. Exactly a year to the day since I started work my position has been terminated due to company insolvency. I got one days notice, I am owed a weeks wages and 3 weeks annual leave which I probably won't get back as there is so money left in the company and I can't claim from GEERS as I am not 'permanent resident'. I have applied for a new job and the sponsorship application/nomination is still being processed and has been for over 4 weeks now. To be honest we cannot afford for me to not be paid for any longer and the new company who are trying to sponsor me may not even be eligible as they may not meet the 'training requirements'. Me and hubby have been awake all night thinking of what we need to do if we have to go back to the UK, we will need to make a decision soon, if we keep paying rent, bills and living we will not have enough money to start again back in the UK. Can anyone give me any advice on the following: 1. If company is insolvent will I have to pay for own flights back? 2. Can I get the tax back from July to now? 3. Can I get the super back? 4. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Thanks for listening Hop
  16. Hi, I am a 457 Visa Holder and live & work in perth since Jan 2009. I am due to apply my PR by Nov-2010. I have recently purchased my first home in perth and settlement is due by end of July 2010. Do i receive FHOG? Do i have to pay stamp duty.? House cost is below $450k. Any help would be apprciated. Thanks, Hari
  17. I just got my 485 visa as partner (secondary applicant) and will divorce.:sad: Anyone knows about the effect of my divorce on my visa? Thank you very much.
  18. hey all currently on prospective marriage visa, about to apply for spouse visa on basis of marrge got married in Decemeber, but am confused as to which bit i tick on the check list, i clicon basis of marriage or holder or prsospective marrage visa, if i click holder of pmv i suppoly evidence of the visa grant, that is insane as i am in Aus with it and already married. but i am legally still on the pmv going for the spouse visa, any ideas? : )
  19. In my grnt letter it is mentioned that I can reside anyhere in the deginated low populated regions of Australia though I received sponsorship from WA. But my agents has said I can stay only in WA. Pls help me to understand whether a 475 visa holder reside anywhere(deginated by the Minister) or only in WA.
  20. Tx to all those who replied to my earlier post on car rego. Just collected the new Oz number plates this morning. Unfortunately the British number plates were wider than the Oz ones, so we need to find some kind of frame/holder for the new number plate that can then be screwed onto the existing holes in the car. Cannot drill new holes in the car for the Oz plate as the car is made of fibreglass (TVR). If anyoone else had the same problem would be grateful if you could let me know how you got around it?? tx!
  21. Hi there, When using stat declarations for a de-facto visa application it states that they must be from Australian citizens. We have been travelling the world for 2 years and have lived and been close to some Australians but would like to include statements from UK passport holders. My question is this: Can a foreign citizen witness the stat dec if it was made by an Australian citizen and also if it was written by a close friend who is not Australian? If you have had experience with this your views and thoughts would be appreciated.
  22. I have landed in australia on 176 visa. I just want to have an idea about the social benefits that are available immediately and those which are available after certain period of time. Does anybody here have any idea and from where can i get more information.
  23. Guest

    OZ Passport Holder

    I am a guy who was born in OZ. When I was 2, my family took me back to the UK. I am now returning to oz. How soon till I can bring my English mum, two younger brothers and sister over. I am 36 and a qualified electrician.:biggrin:
  24. Hi I am from the UK I applied for PR based on my 1 year relationship with an Australia i recently got my provisional resident visa which means after 2 years I am assesed and then should hopefully get PR. I have developed some mental health problems. I have a medicare (interim) card. I am scared to go and see a psychologist.. on medicare because I am worried the government will say i am in poor health and reject my visa Is part of their assesment, after the 2 year provisional period, to check with my doctors to find out about my medical problems. If I am claiming from medicare is that going to "go against me" since I am using public funds? Something tells me, since I already passed the health checks for the current visa they wont be able to consider and recent health problems.. perhaps they are not allowed to descriminate against me for that... or not. I hope someone can advise!!
  25. Hi all. We are seeking a new business planner for full time staff position working in our Melbourne CBD office: Must have good work ethic, excellent written English. Strong reasoning skills required. Good typing speed and keyboard skills are required. Must be able to handle pressure and deadlines yet maintain quality of work. Preference given to applicants with diverse work experience, otherwise a local BCom is preferred degree. Training in business plan preparation, selection of strategy and financial forecasting is available for applicants with a more practical than academic background. Must have good internet search skills. Ability to work autonomously at times. Clean driver's licence required. Some travel required. Migrants with fluent written English are welcome to apply. :hug: Immediate start. Visit www.statesponsorship.com.au to understand our work Applications close 17 July 2009 Interviews start 13 July for the keener candidates Apply with a CV to job@statesponsorship.com.au by email only, no phone calls please. Applicants should attach a cover letter explaining why they should be interviewed.