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  1. The Pom Queen

    RBA Interest Rates on hold

    The Reserve Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee has left the cash rate unchanged at 4.75% for the 10th straight meeting. It is now 11 months since the RBA last raised the cash rate. It raised the rate by 25 basis points to 4.75% in November 2010. In his statement accompanying the decision, RBA governor Glenn Stevens said the board noted that “financial conditions have been easing somewhat, with interest rates for some housing and business loans declining slightly due to increased competition and the fall in some funding costs in financial markets”. “The exchange rate has also declined from the very high levels of a few months ago. Credit growth remains low, however, and asset prices have declined,” he said. Global factors continued to weigh on the mind of the RBA, Stevens said: “Conditions in global financial markets have continued to be very unsettled, with uncertainty increasing about both the prospects for resolution of the sovereign debt and banking problems in Europe, and the outlook for global economic growth. While temporary impediments that had contributed to a slowing in growth in some countries over recent months are lessening, recent data suggest a continuing period of soft economic conditions in both Europe and the United States. Moreover, the uncertainty and financial volatility have reduced confidence, which could result in more cautious behaviour by firms and households in major countries,” Stevens said. The decision was in line with a survey of 22 economists by Reuters, with all forecasting no rate change in October. Four institutions, including Westpac, are tipping the cash rate to come down before the end of the year. The dollar fell slightly, trading around the 95 US cents mark, 0.2% down on the day. Laing + Simmons general manager Leanne Pilkington says she hopes the decision to leave rates on hold will continue to entice potential buyers to invest in the still-fragile property marketplace. “The residential property market has been sluggish in recent months, to say the least,” she says. “Uncertainty is understandable given the continuing instability of the Australian stock market, which has recently seen huge losses wiped from the value of shares, and the lingering unpredictability of US and Eurozone financial markets. Falling confidence has inevitably led to reduced spending and the underlying fear of another recession has everyone sitting on their hands.” While she says there is still a strong case to be made for a cut in the official cash rate in the coming months, the decision to leave interest rates on hold does give a certain reprieve for those looking to enter the property market. “A strong spring season will restore much-needed confidence in the housing market. Already there is evidence that it is being buoyed by a rush of [NSW] first-home buyers looking to get a foot in the door before the removal of stamp duty concessions on existing properties kicks in on December 31.”
  2. 176 eVisa has been lodged. Case Officer has been assigned. Supporting docs have been uploaded. Had an email from CO confirming that everything we have sent to date is sufficient and that our application will be put on hold until after our baby is born at the end of Sept. If anyone else has been through a similar process, could you share with me roughly how long afterwards did the process take. We plan to register her birth asap. Does a birth cert alone suffice or will we need to get her a passport as well. Once we've notified our CO of her birth, I will then be able to go for my medicals & we'll submit our police checks at the same time. How long should it take after that to get an answer. Cheers
  3. Can anyone help me with the choosing of services please? Gas Electricity Water Im in Victoria and about to move into a rental property who will set them up but worry that the companys they use wont be the cheapest/best suppliers. Thanks:biggrin:
  4. For me coming from an army background probably shaped me well for migration, coupled with the fact that I have lived and worked abroad most of my life. I remember the postings my father had throughout the world, yet again another army school, yet again Quarter Masters coming into the house to do an inventory where all household items were on a point system, so breaking a cup could loose you 10 points. The less points you had the worse the house you obtained in your next posting. Hence on every new quarter we took over, it was all systems go to use your own belongings. The transient pupils and teachers at our various schools, until my parents discovered Boarding Schools. That in itself leads you to become more independent not only of your friends but your family as well. It was customary for my grandparents to send food stuffs and presents from Holland to our obscure postings , and listening to the Worldwide Service for Christmas messages from family and friends with tears in our eyes. No cuddles or hugs from our cousins or Oma/Opas , we had to make do with aerograms and photos, telephone calls were just too expensive. It was a pretty normal to collect dogs, horses and various pets along the way and with each new posting, a customary practice to see our pets being "put down". Being used to yet another 45 crates of personal belongings of my parents treasures being hammered shut until the next posting....... Scrubbing out dirty houses to be made habitable was a common practice.... so I guess for me my education of moving has been simplified. I had an excellent role model in my Mother, who would roll up her sleeves without a whinge and get involved in the community, and what it had to offer. My Father was constantly on "exercises" in some undesirable spot, and my Mother just had to damn well muck in and geet on with it. She revelled in discovering the new sights and faciilities of her host country, helping the locals which enriched our lives for the better, without a doubt! Whining and whinging would never have come into the equation! Did this all harden me up? No, I am a softie and cry along with the best of us, it just taught me independence and resilience. Luckily I have inherited this gene, so for me migration has been relatively easy, not forgetting that I have family all over the world that I miss desperately, but thankfully modern communications has meant it is much easier now to talk, skpe, fly etc. My husband comes from Queenstown Tasmania and there is a wonderful example of a new migrant committing himself to the community Tourism Tasmania :: Media Site :: Inspired :: Queenstown Theatre Back to Life Good on him! well done Alex Stevenson! It would be lovely to hear your stories of how you have successfully migrated or your intentions of doing so.... what and how you would like to put back into the community of your host country! Susie :wubclub:
  5. Is there anyone in the Brisbane area that would be interested in getting together for a few games of texas hold em poker. I live in Arana Hills and have a big enough table to play on. Just thinking tournaments for small stakes say $10 or $20 buy ins. I miss playing and the casino only plays cash for BIG money. If anyones interested just get in touch and I will arrange a day/night for a game. Colin
  6. Hi all, I'm really pissed off that NSW haven't released their SMP yet. I'm eligible for Victoria & ACT, but would prefer NSW but I'm not sure i'll even on on that list. Should i go ahead any apply for Victoria, and if I'm on NSW when it's released, apply for it & then cancel Victoria SS application? Anyone know if i'd still get Vic SS as they're limiting it to 4'500 applicants? Thanks, David (Developer Programmer)
  7. Guest

    category 3 ,on hold,say, DIAC

    :shocked: I phoned DIAC helpline in Adelaide the other day to find out where they were up to in category 3 processing - we lodged June 09 and have passed everything including meds police checks. I was told they should have got to us in the pile in around 3/4 months - i.e. March 2011 ish but now that wasn't going to happen as case officers weren't being allocated in category 3 currently beyond those lodged dec 2008 due to category 2 re-opening and effectively category 3 is on hold at this time. No info was available as to how long this may be for - it was news to our agent too! I have since tried to find out if DIAC plan to stick to the statement still on their website saying that people who lodged like us before July 2010 will be finalised by December 2011 but with no success - it's hard to see how if they're not even allocating co's. Can anyone shed any light on this beyond speculation please???????? Or even informed speculationfrom agents wecome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also Queensland are saying on their site check for further info week ending dec 10 - can we hope this is finally their SMP - and any hint of if plasterers will be on? Many thanks
  8. Hi guys, We are the biggest victim of government immigration policy.Yes! We are the AUSTRALIAN Group 4 applicants. No one know us, no one mention us !!We have scrificed so much in making sure we meet Australia’s requirements, lodged perfectly good applications to australian immigration office, however our lives have been put on hold an inordinate amount of time. 1 year; 2years; 3years!!! How long do we need to wait?!!. We are planning to lodge a complaint letter together to the greens or immigration office and do everything we can to let the public know our current situation.Share out your story.Thank you very muchT_T :hug:
  9. Guest

    Immigration Hold Up

    Dear Readers Most people would say that over the last couple of months, the immigration queue has been greatly mismanaged. The normal procedure of 'first-come, first served' was thrown out the window a long time ago which didn't make sense back then. To top it all up, a number of rather confused and unannounced changes were made in less than 6 months which totally stalled the processing. Getting a case officer has become comparable to winning the mega jackpot. What a Hold Up?
  10. Hi friends! I am a permanant resident of Australia, as I hold GSM-Subclass 175 visa. I am in Australia at present. My dependant-husband and child is also along with me. My sister is a student in Australia and on a student visa. I would like to know if I can apply for my sister as my secondary dependant?? I searched for visa categories and found :REMAINING RELATIVE (ONSHORE) SUBCLASS 835. But, It has a clause: Remaining Relative Visa (Onshore) (Subclass 835) I am confused on this below mentioned point on eligibility: "You and your partner cannot have any other brothers, sisters, parents (or step equivalents), or non-dependent children other than those who are usually resident in Australia and are Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens". We are 3 siblings(Brother, sister who is a student in Oz now and myself) in family. At present, I wish to apply for my sister. My brother is well settled in UK. Please help me find a possible visa and clear my doubt?? Regards, Shilpa
  11. Hi there, Firstly my appoligies if this is posted elsewhere, but this is my first post. If anyone could help me with my question i would be really gratefull. My partner has been offered a job in perth and has submitted his 457 visa around 2 weeks ago. We have since been told though that with the up ad coming election all visa will be put on hold untill after the election has taken place. I understand that the current prime minster only has powers in a caretaker capacity and therefore cannot sign off any major changes, but i dont understand how that effects our visa as we are not waiting for confirmation on any lists or plans etc. If any one can clear this for me i might be able to sleep a little better tonight.
  12. Our assesment by CPA is completed last month (June 2010) with IELTS more than 7 for all. However, I have been holding on since 1st July. (1) Do i submit now and change appropriately when the priority listing is out? OR (2) Do i wait for SMP and priority processing listing is finalised? I am so lost and a bit tired over these question which only 'Paul' can answer. Any good advice please would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  13. I currently hold a +ve assessment from ACS as 2231-79 .NET Tech Specialist. I'm just wondering what my fellow .NET guys think about where what ANZCO code we should fall into. I'm going to apply for the free re-assessment with ACS and I reckon the closest match is 261312 Developer Programmer. This also happens to be the safest as it is included in Schedule 3, Schedule 4, and also the ENSOL lists. See my workings below. SCHEDULE 3 (GSM) 261312 Developer Programmer = 2231-17 Applications and Analyst Programmer SCHEDULE 4 (SMP's) 261399 Software and Applications Programmers nec = 2231-79 Computing Professional nec 261312 Developer Programmer = 2231-17 Applications and Analyst Programmer ENSOL 261399 Software and Applications Programmers nec = 2231-79 Computing Professional nec 261312 Developer Programmer = 2231-17 Applications and Analyst Programmer 261312 Developer Programmer = 2231-19 Systems Programmer Altough according DIAC's correlations 261312 Developer Programmer matches 2231-17 Applications and Analyst Programmer, ABS classifies Developer Programmer's specialisations as: Communications Programmer (Systems) Database Developer Database Programmer (Systems) Network Programmer Software Developer Software Programmer I don't know about you .NET guys but on my assessment letter ACS had my experience down as 'Software Developer'. So I'm going for 261312 Developer Programmer, would like to know the thoughts of other +ve .NET guys. Thanks a lot.
  14. with the new SOL list coming into play my GSM visa wil not be processed for 3yrs, however, apparently if i get sponsorship my application will be processed quicker. maybe even within this years program. i have questions that the immigration website does not answer, is there someone i can call about these issues? or if your in the same boat as me any advice? i think my most pressing concern is how the sponsorship process will effect my GSM application? and if sponsorship is found do those visa guidlines/restrictions apply or is it more of a fast track option for the 175 visa...my head hurts even writing this so if you can make sense of it and help in any way id be most greatful andy
  15. embydoops

    Whole house hold stuff for sale

    Whole house hold for sale,its all in storage in sydney,everything is all good Quality,will save you lots and lots of money...$3,500, have some pics. PM me for details.
  16. Guest

    Move on or keep life on hold?

    I know the question is a really difficult one to answer but I know there are a lot of people in our situation and I thought I would see what some of you think. Basically OH is a chef manager, we have SS for Qld and unless they put chefs on their SMP we are here for a few years yet. A problem has arisen in that OH has had enough of his work and is desperate to try something new - nothing to do with catering whatsoever is a must apparently! Am I right in thinking that he could well leave catering altogether as DIACs requirements are he must have been a chef for 12 of the last 24 months? This of course is then only a possibility if we get our 176 visa within the next 24 months :biglaugh: Another issue is that a house that we have always loved has come on the market as a repo (therefore a really good price we can afford) and the agent believes ours can sell quick enough to get this one - I know you will all say he would say that but I feel he is right. I have been to see mortgage people today and that is all fine. I feel really torn as I do not want OH to be unhappy as it is affecting our home life but in the same breath I do not want him to potentially affect our application. I do not feel it is fair to say to him that he cannot move or else we may not be able to move to Oz as the move is totally a two way thing. I just wish the SMPs were out as it would make our lives so much easier to make these sorts of decisions. Is it worth spending money to move house when the funds could be used for our move? Should I stop being so selfish (how I feel) and tell OH to change his job etc and hope the visa comes through in 24 months? Sorry for moping at you all but when no-one apart from close family knows what you are up to it is really difficult to find a friend to chat things over with. Thanks for listening :hug: Donna x
  17. Guest

    Whats the hold up??

    Hi Guys Has anyone else had a similar problem?? I am a defactor partner on a 457 sponsored visa. We completed the online application on the 20th Feb 2010, about a week later a message flagged up requesting proof of health insurance which we organised and attached to our application about 3 weeks ago. The problem is that our application still has the same message requesting proof of health insurance even though we had an email reply thanking us for the requetsed info and that it would be passed on to the correct dept.:confused: We're just a bit worried coz nothing has changed on our application??!! Its been 5 weeks now and our friend got his visa approved within one week!!!!!! Am i just stressin about nothin?? Any Ideas?? Thanks
  18. embydoops

    Complete house hold for sale

    HI,Complete house hold for sale,Good Quality Queen size beds x2 wardrobe double shabby chic stripped old ,Chest of drawers,microwave,ikea 2seater modern leather sofas x2 small 4 seater light coulered hard wood dining table pine bookcase large beige 3 seater sofa suede fabric effect v comfy 1 x super king sealy matress and divan 1 x hoover various bed side cupboard 1 x balineese funky cabinet chest high 1x balineese display unit dark hardwood cuttelry kettle toaster pots pans cooking utensils oven dishes juicer plates glasses bowls iron laudry basket ironing board iron running machine computer desk and chair new duvets and covers bedding for all 3 beds good quality all 1 year old (egyption cotton sheets ) mirrors clothes rails x3 large afgan rug red pattered 1,000 dollars year old size approx 7 feet x 3 foot printer for cuputer compact hi fi system cd player ipod station thingy loads more cant remember everything u need for house 2 adults 2 kids all in storage can bee delivered basically we packed our clothes and photos and were going to ship household back to uk ,have rented furnished house in uk so dont really need anymore as most of stuff is only a year old not attached 2 it .is in storage with international shipping company and is all wrapped exetra (sydney)please message me if interested mrs emma wagstaff.This will save you time and money if u are emmigrating to aus as beds alone are approx 2500 dollars dont make the same mistake we made shipping is very expensive as is setting up complete house from scratch .3500 dollars for the lot if someone benefits from our mistakes then good luck to you hopefully it will make your transition to auzy life easier and give us some money for brollies rain coats and help towards the cost of petrol .
  19. tracy123

    Putting your life on hold

    Just wondering how many people have put their life on hold waiting to head to Australia or return back to England or do you not really care and continue as normal? Without going into to much detail we have known Australia was always going to be on the cards so we never worried about buying a house or fitting it out with the best furniture etc so we have saved, and managed, and made do. It's hard because we both want things but shrug our shoulders and think whats the point, I think I'm the only person in this country left with a tube television LOL But once again is it worth buying only to find out that it dosen't work in Australia? Anyway I would be interested to hear other peoples mind set. Geoffrey
  20. Hi All, We are selling our household goods as we will be retuning back to the UK very soon. Items we have: 2 & 3 SEATER BEIGE COLOURED SOFA'S 2 YR OLD. KEPT IN GOOD CONDITION $500 FISHER AND PAYKEL FRIDGE/FREEZER $400 SMALL FREEZER $190 NEAR NEW MICROWAVE SILVER $50 OUTDOOR FURNITURE TABLE AND 6 CHAIRS $130 QUEEN BED AND MATRESS GOOD CONIDITION MINIMAL USE AS IT IS KEPT IN OUR SPARE ROOM $299 CHOCOLATE COLOURED DESK $50 6 MAN TENT USED ONCE $50 If anyone is interested in any of these items please contact me via PM. Faye and Theo
  21. Hi All, Just a cuople quick questions: We just had our monthly credit card statement through yesterday, and saw TWO new charges gone through for a whopping £1556.72!!! Nearly fell off my seat! :eek: We applied for WA State Sponsorship a few months ago, but were under the impression that there were still major delays with the processing of these? (We currently fall into Position 5 on the new visa processing list. ie: no visa before end 2012) £126.30 (Aus $220.00) from Small Business Development, Perth I was kind of expecting a small amount like this to come from the WA State Sponsorship application, so wasn't too bothered about this... But £1430.42 (Aus $2525.00) From" Immigration Australia, Belconnen" This was a bit of a shocker. :confused: Can anyone tell me what exactly this fee is for?? Is it to do with the State Sponsorship application, or the actual "main" visa application itself? We were slightly stunned to get this £1400 charge as we assummed (stupidly?) that we wouldn't be paying anything more than we already had until they started processing again! Can anyone shed some light on this for us? Thanks a bunch! From Catherine
  22. Hi Can anyone help? My husband has been made redundant from a German bank and holds German shares that we do not want to sell yet. We cannot find a stockbroker in the UK that will hold German shares, we found one, but they said they couldn't take them as we would be Australian residents, so.... we need a stockbroker that can hold german shares for an Australian resident!! Any ideas? also, we emigrate on Tuesday 6th October so desperate to get it sorted!!! Many thanks Sue
  23. Drew&Ang

    Application put on hold

    Hi all well after numerous questions to my case officer regarding my wife's medical as she is 10 weeks pregnant we finally got an answer, our application is on hold till 30 Jan 2010. i know it's for the best as we don't want to put the baby to any unnecessary risk ie wife having a chest x-ray, just feel a bit dissapointed as seeing people getting their grants, and as it's nearly the end of the financial year in Oz and hope they don't change the rules again for the next year by reducing the visa issues. Congratulations to you all who got theirs today. Has anyone else had this done? Drew
  24. Hi all, hope you can help me with my dilema. I know this is probably a similar thread to many others of you out there that are probably in the same boat, I have been too fed up to think about it until now. My OH and I applied for Visa in May 08 - Class 175 based on my OH's skills as a carpenter, we had a request for our police and medicals over christmas and we sent these off by February 09. We were so close to getting our visa's and BAM they change the rules, carpenters are not on the list anymore and our application is on hold at least until the new tax year in July. I was absolutely gutted when we found out, as you all know this is not cheap and have devoted the last year to working on visa and researching everything else. My dilema now is do we just wait and see what happens after tax year or do we spend yet more money changing to state sponsered, as Queensland do still require carpenters. This has really put doubt in our heads that if they are worrying about the work to put visas on hold, are we jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. I know work has gone quiet over there but I dont know how bad. If anybody is in the same boat or can offer some words of wisdom I would be really grateful. Thank you. Jan001:cry:
  25. Hey Well, it's been an eventful few weeks for us since I was last on here! I've left my school and have a new job, seeing how things work out at this place, I may well be putting the move on hold for a while (at least until my Masters degrees finished and we've sold the house after this ruddy recession!) Anyhoo, my cousin wants us to come to Oz for Christmas, and I'm dying to get back out there (it'll have to be over the xmas holidays because of work) Would anyone be able to give me an idea of when the best time may be to buy our tickets? And also any companies to use? We've tried ebookers and singapore and emirates directly, I'm as always a bargain hunter :smile: so would like to get a good deal Hope all is going well for everyone else's dreams