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Found 7 results

  1. The Pom Queen

    Hobbies and Collectables

    Just wondered if anyone had any hobbies or collectables, me I love my Pandora, the kids one is in to Mighty Beanz and the other in to Beyblades. I use to collect postcards but couldn't bring them over when we moved, I also had lots of Tuskers that I ended up giving away. We have quite a few of the Lemax Christmas Village now and keep buying more when it's on offer.
  2. annagilda


    :smile: Well, for the first time in flipping ages, I've managed to score a random day off! Don't know how. Anyway, instead of using it productively and getting ready for Uni, I'm currently mashing a beautiful blonde ale, hopped with lots and lots of W.G.V Hopps! Mmmm, Brewing is one of my passions. I do it all from scratch with malted barley, culture up different yeast strains, and add the hopps. Just like a commercial brewery, but just in my kitchen. I know it sounds like I'm bragging, but the beer is just as good if not better than anything in the pub, and only costs 40p a pint! I also have a beer fridge! I bought an old cheepo fridge from the recycling centre, drilled 2 holes in the door, and fitted 2 bar taps in it. Put 2 kegs of homebrew in there, and you have seriously cheep hand crafted ale on tap 24/7! I wonder how much it would cost to ship my gear over to Oz, i wasn't too impressed with some, (not all Oz beers) so I'm looking forward to getting brewing over there. if you ever get the opportunity to stick with it, then do, it's such a great hobby! Stick with it as well, I made some Cr*p in the beginning, but it got better with time and patience. Hopefully I can share a few pints with you, when we are all eventually in Oz. Anyway, this got me thinking, what is your hobby/passion, that if you had your way, you would do every spare minute of the day? XxX
  3. Guest

    hobbies for kids

    Hi everyone, we are hoping to make the move to WA later this year, that's myself, OH and two girls aged 11 and 8. At the moment my girls attend Brownies and Guides and are also members of cheerleading squads in the UK. Is there anything similar to this in the Mandurah, Baldivis, Freemantle areas????? I also enjoy zumba - anyone know of any classes???? Thanks, Sarah IELTS passed Feb 2011, Plan A changed to Plan B, AHPRA sent today. :cute:
  4. Guest


    Hi All, Anyone suggest any hobbies/places to go/see in Sydney for a young couple with a 2 year old girl??? Thanks.
  5. Guest

    hobbies in aus

    Hi I'm a 12 year old boy, and I just wondered if anyone who lives in Australia can tell me if there are any activities that they do that weren't possible in the UK? :chatterbox: Is there anything you can do there that is better than the UK? (like surfing or outdoor climbing?) My dad is always saying he hopes we will be outside all the time doing stuff like biking, but we have got to get my mum to learn how to ride a bike first... :biglaugh: I like sport but its always too cold here!! Thanks everyone,
  6. Guest

    "crafting" & hobbies

    ignoring the grammar for a mo, does anyone know why the stepfordish wives of the Blue Mts are so keen on paper folding & weaving etc?? Is t his a legit use of a woman's time? As ordinary hardworking Pommie Mum thrust into the bosom of Blue Mts 'stay at home mummies' the patchwork classes don't chill my Chardonnay... illumination or survival strategy to find party girls needed.
  7. Guest


    hey people :radar: im rymalan i have many hobbies in UK such as playing guitar and using my computer can u tell me are there good teachers to teach me guitar and do you have any recommendations? also i am a fan of the internet - to play games and go on msn and i will want to msn my m8s back in uk - is there broadband over in Oz and what is the cost of that? Last thing - when i go to Oz i will be 15. atm in school in UK im in year 11 what year would i be in if i were to go into school in Oz. i am looking to get an apprenticeship in the plastering industry. Can i leave yr 11 and have alot of options in the plastering industry or would i have to goto yr13 then leave school and go for an apprenticeship?!? Ty RyMalan