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Found 35 results

  1. Monday morning feels so bad Everybody seems to nag me Comin' Tuesday I'll feel better Even my old man looks good Wednesday just won't go Thursday goes too slow I've got Friday on my mind Can't be bothered to list all the lyrics and, not working, the lyrics don't have any resonance with me any more. I MUST stop my bludging existence!
  2. Well the satellite we chatted about before is moving towards Earth faster than they expected and reports say it could be as early as tomorrow. http://www.space.com/12982-dead-nasa-satellite-falling-earth-sept-24.html Hope it misses land and hits the ocean. What I don't understand is why they couldn't have blown it up before it enters the earths atmosphere or is that only in movies:wub:
  3. Hey!! I'm currently in Perth but leaving in 6 weeks to make my way to Melbourne. Looking for tips for travelling along the south coast and also does anyone en route fancy meeting up with a lonely wee traveller?! I just turned 30 in may and travelling round oz on my own hoping to have the time of my life. My first few months here didn't go to plan but things are on track and I'd love to meet more people all over oz! Hope to year from you :-) Paula
  4. INTERNATIONAL airline passengers entering Australia tomorrow face delays and disruption due to quarantine employees voting to strike for four hours over a pay claim. The union representing Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries employees said inbound international travellers should be prepared for delays and urged those collecting passengers to take account of this, The Australian reported. The Community and Public Sector Union said the industrial action would also affect cargo inspections, the release of imported goods and X-ray screening of international mail. In a letter to the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, a Sydney Airport senior manager, Jeff Stirk, warned the action would have a "very significant impact'' on operations. Increased congestion in the Customs hall and baggage reclaims areas would heighten security risks, and there could be problems with baggage handling, including on transfer flights. Strike scheduled for 19th August 2011
  5. Hi Everyone, We had an email from the Australian shipment company handling our goods this end. They want us to pay $168 for an AQIS Inspection to them, but our goods haven't arrived at the docks yet. I have queried why we should pay an inspection fee when we haven't been inspected, and from what I've read, nobody knows the cost of the inspection except AQIS, who haven't inspected anything yet. We only have a partial container with about 18 boxes, and I presumed the money we paid for the service included everything, as we were quoted on a door to door service. Has anybody else had any experience with this? Thanks Jord
  6. I posted a while ago re my sons medical condition, he has a condition called Tuberous Sclerosis but has a very mild form. He is in a mainstream school, has no physical, developmental or learning difficulties but is on medication to stop him having seizures. He has been seizure free for over 2 years and his consultant may take him off his medication in July. We had our meds done in March and he got referred but they have asked for more up to date tests to be done now. They have given us a near impossible task as we need to find a Nephrologist (which after some time we managed to do) but now we also need a Developmental Phsycologist for two test, Denver and Griffiths scale, but apparently this isnt done in this country!!! My poor hb has been on the phone non stop for 3 days now and still nothing!!! Our G.P has been trying to help. I dont know where else to turn, no one seems to know if theres even an alternative done here. We have a time limit of 28 days and its going to costs us around £1,500+ for this. I dont understand why this is all so necessary when he is in a mainstream school ans we've already sent letter from his teachers saying his academic level is excellent. I feel like im banging my head against a brick wall.:arghh: If anyone can offer some advice I would really appreciate it. (sorry its so long)
  7. Petals

    South East has been badly hit

    South East, Lyndhurst area, Berwick etc suffering flooding. My daughter's friend lives in the new estate there and her house is flooded and the water is up to her partner's utes windows. Just hope everyone in the area is ok
  8. twinsmom65

    Reality has hit home - So stressed

    Well I guess the reality of us moving back to Canada has hit home. We only have a short window of opportunity, so I have booked the flights and we fly back on the 2nd of December. My emotions are all over the map at the moment, in a way I will miss Australia, and in another way I won't. One minute I am happy to be going back to Canada, back to my family and friends, and at the next minute I am crying my eyes out. I guess I am grieving if that is possible. I never slagged Australia, never really hated it, but not 100% settled, used to cry my eyes out at xmas and birthdays, as had no one around. Just in the midst of trying to sell everything, and that is stressing me out, although I have sold about 5 things in less than a day... so that is good. Sorry if this post seems a bit of a ramble... just all over the map at the moment. Just need a hug !! I am hoping that once I touch down on Canadian soil, my emotions will get better. Cheers Karen
  9. Property market hit by flood of new listings: Report. Residential property listings increased in all cities during October with the market now flooded with more properties than during 2008, one expert has warned.... .....Melbourne has recorded the largest increase in property listings over the quarter, with listings jumping by 20.2% in the three months to October to a total of 26,521 houses and 9,547 units. Listings jumped by 28.6% over the year.
  10. terry & Melanie

    Arrived and hit the ground running....!!!

    Hi Guys. We have been here for 11 days and our feet havnt touched the ground!!!! The flight was great (would defo recomend Singapore!!) and the kids were absolute stars...all the games, ipods, books, colouring equiptments etc etc wasnt touched!!! they watched one film after another. I think they were TV starved...we had been staying at a rental of my parents for the last 3 weeks in the UK and they didnt have a tellie:laugh:The flight went suprisingly quickly, although I didnt sleep a wink...at one point I got up to go to the loo and returned to my seat to find Ruairi flat out asleep across my seat and his...I stood in the isle for 2 hours!!!! The jetlag has been a killer and took me a day or two to get into the swing of things. I wasnt prepared for the swing of emotions I would feel on arrival, but we are settling in now. Its helped being with family. They were complete strangers when we arrived but they have been great. All the family have been so hospitable and made the transition much easier. Nonetheless we felt that we needed to get a rental sorted ASAP. We are quite cramped where we are and Terry's aunt and uncle are in their 70's and must feel like they have been invaded. All last week we spent searching for rentals and picked up the keys this morning for our first Aussie home!!!!! Its a stunning house in Cleveland. I had done loads of research into areas before leaving the UK and thought that the Bayside area was where I wanted to be and for sure it didnt disapoint!!!! Anyway our container doesnt arrive in brisbane until 16th and then it has to clear quarentine so we have begged, borrowed and scrounged most things and are going shopping for the rest to see us through tomorrow!!!We move in on Monday when we can get the electricity turned on. Anyway I will have to do this in installments so not to bore you all...so until next time...TTFN.xxxxxx
  11. "People won't be able to cool down while they're asleep. Babies and the elderly are particularly at risk ..." Met Office advice, according to the Daily Fail My advice to the elderly is: take off your overcoats and remove your cardigans. I still remember that day they had the bushfires at Kingslake-Marysville and it hit 46 degrees.
  12. New Australian immigration rules hit economy Student drop hits economy. TOUGH new immigration rules for foreign students are hitting Australia's economy, with more than 125,000 fewer international students expected to come in the next 12 months, costing more than 31,000 jobs nationwide. Confidential Immigration Department figures showing new visa applications suggest that Victoria, the state that is most reliant on foreign students, will be hardest hit, with 40,250 fewer students in the next year. Modelling by Access Economics suggests this will cost 10,100 jobs in Victoria and punch a $1.17 billion hole in the state's export income, more than a quarter of the total value of the state's biggest export industry. Many Australians would think that this is a succesful outcome as it means less Asians and Moslems coming to Australia i.e. those pining for a "neo white Australia" playing the race card, politicians of both sides, demographers such as CPUR, media who have been running scare campaigns claiming backdoor immigration and automatic study to permanent residency PR (both false) and meanwhile those actually responisble for integrity of the system i.e. DEEWR, DIAC and state regulators have avoided scrutiny? At best good old short term Australia not thinking of consequences.....
  13. kernow43

    Loan rates to hit 10%

    An article in today's Courier Mail Loan rates to hit 10% | Courier Mail We are growing too fast so the brakes will be put on. The same will happen in the UK as inflation is getting too high like us.
  14. median price of housing so says the west australian is now $480,000 :cry:. this must have an effect on rentals?. very expensive at the mo,
  15. :cry:It's 29 days until we fly out and we had the first of our "leaving do's" last night at a friends. This morning (slightly fuzzy headed) I feel like i'm going into complete panic mode! Everything finally seems to be coming together but I have this nervous feeling (it's not a dodgy tummy from last night either!) I know were doing the right thing but my head is absolutly swimming with what if's Has anyone else experienced this? I've got waaaaayyyy too much to be doing to be panicking now- any suggestions to get over this?
  16. Apparently there are fears that a smaller tsunami may be headed for New Zealand. Reports up to 40 dead after quake, tsunami hit Samoa - World - NZ Herald News http://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=10600389
  17. VISA GRANT TODAY My Wife is in tears and I have'nt even hit her YET (Joke) Plus its my Sons birthday today, his next will be in Australia. Cant believe it, at last. TT
  18. Why isn't this front page news on every Australian newspaper? Labor's China Inc is starting to smell fishy Glenn Milne | July 27, 2009 WHEN it comes to Kevin Rudd and his government's relationship with what's increasingly known as China Inc, it's really the Gordon Nuttall question that comes to mind. Or more precisely the now famous Rodd Martin question. Nuttall, the former Queensland Labor minister, was recently convicted on corruption charges involving payments of $360,000. As a result he now resides at her majesty's pleasure. The fact that it took the jury only a matter of hours to reach its guilty verdict was in no small part due to the work of Rodd Martin SC. The chief prosecutor's opening question to Nuttall in the witness box quite probably sealed his fate. His inquiry was as simple as it was deadly: "Three hundred and sixty thousand dollars for absolutely nothing?" he asked. "That's correct," replied Nuttall, not comprehending that he was already toast. Nobody, not the Prime Minister nor any of his senior government colleagues in federal politics are yet toast or anywhere near it on the available evidence of their increasingly complex and detailed ties to China Inc: the personal, political and state-run hydra of contacts that it is now clear has given its sustained support to Rudd, his frontbench and the Labor Party in Queensland over a number of years. But the question that hangs heavy in the air surrounding Labor and its links to China Inc is Martin's. To paraphrase: "All this for nothing?" All is in fact a great deal, and I'll get to that momentarily. Put another way, the charge facing Rudd and many in his administration is just what did they do or, just as importantly, what did the players in China Inc expect from the money, trips and influence peddling they showered on Rudd et al and which took them in turn to very top of the regime in Beijing? From Rudd down the answer is Nuttall's: "Nothing." Yet it is the scale of the China Inc project that in many people's minds renders this answer unbelievable. And because of that there are a lot of people doing a lot of work to find out more. And many of the lines of inquiry lead to Rudd's old mate Bernie Ripoll. Ripoll, Labor MP for Oxley, shared an apartment in Canberra with Rudd and Treasurer Wayne Swan when they were in opposition. He is a member of the Brisbane 51 Club, the group of local movers and shakers that also counts Rudd as a member. Of course, Rudd denies this, despite pictures recently emerging of him holding court in Parliament House with club members, in the secure cabinet ante room no less. It's the same club that also counts as its president for life John Grant. You remember Grant: he's the most famous used-car dealer in Australia, the one who gave Rudd the ute that morphed into the so-called fake e-mail affair. And of course, Grant is a big wheel in whose electorate? You guessed it, Ripoll's. And he lives in the same street as the Prime Minister. Yet Rudd says he "can't recall" if he ever met Grant in China in connection with Grant's business interests. Grant certainly knows Ripoll. He sat at the same table as him at the fundraiser that paid for Rudd's personal legal fees when Rudd as a local member took on the Brisbane Airport Corporation in court and lost. Now it emerges Ripoll's wife Margy is something of a property developer who bought some land just before it was targeted by a subsidiary of Chinese mining giant Chinalco. There's more to come on her and her Chinese business partnerships, believe you me. But there's no point asking Bernie Ripoll about any of this. In my experience he either refuses to answer any phone calls or e-mails about China Inc. When the tip of the iceberg of his wife's China Inc dealings emerged last week he simply played dumb. Rudd is only marginally more helpful. Whenever you put any question to his press office on China Inc they're smothered. The usual style of answer is that the PM has "no record" of any meeting with the person in question and "can't recall any such meeting". But at the same time it's always asserted his dealings with that person have been appropriate. No denials. No confirmations. They don't like the questions, of course. When I recently asked had the PM ever met Grant in China, I was initially told there would be no answer: "If you have a specific allegation, put it." To which I politely pointed out that asking if Rudd had ever meet his Brisbane neighbour, fellow club member and political benefactor in China seemed reasonably specific to me. How long Rudd and his ministers can maintain their stonewall on China Inc remains to be seen. But the depth of involvement and layers of contact run deep. Take businessman Ian Tang. Tang gives travel, hospitality, gifts and donations to the Labor Party. Those involved: Rudd, Swan, Agriculture Minister Tony Burke and Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Stephen Smith. Tang is the chief executive of AustChina Investment and Development and Beijing AustChina Technology. He is so closely tied to the Chinese government that he has claimed his connections would allow him use of a Chinese military helicopter for tourist flights around Beijing. He also boasts of having placed children of Chinese "officials" in Australian colleges. Through AustChina Tang has been a large donor to Labor. In 2007, an election year, he donated $150,000. Tang has sponsored Rudd on four trips to China, Swan on two trips, Burke on five and there's been one each for Smith and Ripoll. "In terms of detail," Rudd once said of Tang. "I'm not really across what he does." Tang is a wholly owned subsidiary of Macau gaming figure Stanley Ho. Ho and his associated entities donated $900,000 to the Labor Party in the run-up to the previous election. A US Senate committee hearing named Ho as having "associates" who are "involved in organised crime". And the US Library of Congress has cited Ho as having links to several illegal activities and the triad group Kong Lok. US president Bill Clinton underwent intense scrutiny after he personally accepted a $250,000 cheque from Ho at a White House reception in 1997. International gaming regulators have denied Ho's attempts to expand gaming interests in Las Vegas and Canada on the basis of character. Australian gaming regulators have found Ho an unsuitable person for gaming applications he has made in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Cairns. Then there's Helen Liu, the member of China Inc whose contacts with then defence minister Joel Fitzgibbon helped bring him undone. Her various gifts, donations and travel sponsorships for Fitzgibbon are well known. Then there's the fact the second biggest shareholder in Liu's Sydney property development firm Wincopy was the Bank of China, owned by the Chinese government. Wincopy made donations to Fitzgibbon. And now we have Margy Ripoll. She purchased two pieces of vacant land in Bowen in March 2008. Only weeks later the Queensland government designated the area covering the Bowen land as an industrial hub. Following that announcement, the Chinese government-owned mining company Chalco declared it the likely site for a $2.2 billion refinery. Meanwhile, Bernie Ripoll is hard at work as honorary president of Chinese businesswoman Deborah Lei's China Australia Co-operation Society. Lei is a former member of the Queensland China Council and has been appointed by the Ipswich City Council an honorary ambassador to China. She has donated to the Labor Party and to Ripoll's 2004 electoral campaign. The logical next question is what links Lei has to the Chinese state apparatus? Those answers will come. Meanwhile, the government's answer to all of the above remains "all for nothing". For how long we'll see
  19. Job slump hits migrants most | The Australian They mention NZ'ers but not Poms
  20. Treasurer Wayne Swan said the global downturn forced the government to write down revenues by A$23 billion ($17.6 billion) in the current year, its biggest hit to income since the Great Depression, and by A$210 billion over four years. Business Feed Article | Business | guardian.co.uk
  21. Hi there..Has the credit crunch hit Air con installers in Oz??? Since christmas I've had approx 2 months work (Birmingham) had all week off last week and a couple of days booked in here and there this week... Don't want to get to Oz and be in the same boat as over here !!:sad:
  22. An article from the BBC today, BBC NEWS | Business | Western Australia hit by global recession
  23. Jackboots

    when did hit you, your leaving?

    Well today is the first day thats hits hit home that we are leaving soon, we have been in this never ending bubble for nearly two years ... are we going will we get the visa , and then we got it.. i today said cheerio to some of my clients, as im a hairdresser and some of them have followed me pillar to post, and it was today i got a leaving card .... and that was it:shocked: blimey we are off in 5 weeks ..... so much to do and still doing the same every day stuff surreal is that the word? sad , exciting , how many emotions and more to come the heavy family bits , im dreading that!
  24. monkeymandness

    Been hit by the crunch

    Had a bit of a shock today....we've just had our house valued, to give us an idea of what we will have when we make the big move. What a shock! We bought our lovely home nearly 2 years ago. It needed a lot of tlc to bring it up to date. We have had such a busy couple of years, with the birth of our wonderfull second son, and lots of decorating and renovating. We have knocked down walls, put in a new kitchen, new bathroom, stripped wallpaper, stripped beautiful old doors back to wood, painted etc etc. We have done nearly every room, and we think it looks fantastic and everyone tells us how wonderfull it looks. We have spent in excess of £20,000 doing this, we have literally put everything we have into our home. Hubby lost his job last Jan and ended up having to commute from our home in Devon to Bristol daily for his new job. It was this change in circumstances that led us down the emmigration route. We had been thinking about this for years, but were afraid to leave the security that Matts job afforded us. With that gone, we felt that it was now or never... Anyhow 2 estate agents have valued our property, one saying we should get back what we paid for it and the other saying we would take a £20-£30,000 hit.....We are so gutted. We feel so much like we want to just leave this country and get on with the rest of our lives, but I feel like I just can't have done all that for nothing, that I can't walk away from our home having lost so much money on it. I just can not believe how badly this country has already been hit by the credit crunch. Shockingly, both agents said they had heard predictions that house prices could drop another 30% this year!!! My head is just spinning. Part of us feels like cutting our losses and getting what we can now. But another part of me feels that we sould wait this out..........I'm sure loads of you are facing similar dilemas to us on this and I would be interested to hear your thoughts.......:arghh:
  25. We are due to move out to Townsville in May and was just wondering if the credit crunch has hit Townsville in a big way,ie jobs, house buying/renting and general cost of living.We will be coming out with a lot less due to not being able to sell the house and having to rent instead. cheers Jackie.