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Found 60 results

  1. So, since I am going to be calling Australia my home very soon, I am very much interested in knowing about the major political parties, their manifestos, and what they have been up to in the past 50 years. Now, usually this calls for bookreading :GEEK: and I would LOVE to get book suggestions, but I am also interested in learning the first hand opinions of people because many times they are more frank and honest than what one finds in a book... and I hope to see some good banter and rants as well. So go on folks, increase my knowledge of Australia!!!!
  2. As I a have mentioned before I collect British medals from regiments that have served in wars and conflicts over the last 200 years odd. My specialty is QSA (Queens South Africa) and KSA for the Boer War and earlier, I also collect British medals fro WW1 I have to subscribe to Ancestry.co.uk for obvious reasons to research medals before I buy them at auction or private.(£135 a year):mad: If anyone knows the details of any relatives who they think might have served in the Boer War or WW1 if you give me their details I might be able to bring up their military records for you. Th full name regiment and soldier number would be great bot if you only have the name I will give it a go, the more details the better e.g where he lived, where he served, what regiment etc
  3. My husband is a fully qualifed plumber with over 10 years time served experience. has been thinking of getting a 457 visa as we do not qualify for 175, 176 or 475 because his lowest score on IELTS was 6 and he doesnt not have accounts for the last 12 months as we were on a year out travelling. He does have accounts from his self employed period between 2004 right up to 2010 but we have been told he will get knocked back by the immi.gov as he is unable to provide the previous 12 months accounts if he was to apply for a 175,176 of 475 visa. Would this still apply if he had a job offer on a 457 visa? Our thoughts were to get his Vetassess done and then apply for jobs or even flying out to Australia and basically try and get interviews lined up and maybe a job offer out of it as an employer is unlikely to take him seriously without having his qualifications recognised. We are therefore wondering whether Vetassess will accept his application for skills assessment without having his 12 months accounts/work history? We have all the required documentation except for this 12 months accounts. It would be a crying shame to be knocked back just because of this. Has anyone else been in the same boat and been successful/unsuccesful? Totally stressed over this!!
  4. Guest

    work history

    I have to show p60 and p45 for last ten last unforturnaty we where flooded and moved so very patchy and limited number of p60, p45 or payslip. I was also self employed as a childminder (so no real accounts left) what is the best ways to show this. I have got letters from employer its just the pay side is it about the amount paid or the facted employed any words of wisdom greatly received. :eek:
  5. Geordielass44

    Help with form 80 work history

    Hi I am trying to fill in form 80 but have a bit of a gap in my work history. Basically I spent a few years in my 20s travelling, doing a bit of work here and there but a real patchwork and I can't even remember exactly where I was in the early 1990s at specific times as just went where I wanted. Also spent time with my parents abroad and helped my step dad with his business....but nothing I could put as employment. Will they query gaps? Can easily sort 1989 - 1990 and from end of 1993 onwards as studied and worked in my profession since then....it is the gap bit! If I put 1991 - 1993 unemployed will that be ok? Cheers
  6. Nicked this one of sh7tman, sorry mate, couldn't wait any longer.:wubclub: Australian (White) history is viewed by some rather skeptically, short in comparison to many other countries of the world, but it is indeed unique and extremely interesting, so I thought I would start thread and see where it goes. I'm only going to comment on where I have been and what I know about, but would very much appreciate any further posts as I am like a sponge with this sort of stuff and love learning a bit more about my adopted country,:notworthy:. Cook in South Australia still fascinates me, though little of the original town or indeed inhabitants still remain it wreaks 'Australia' to me. I have been there twice now, both times as a stop off whilst on the Indian Pacific. As I said, little there now, but you (I) anyway can truly appreciate (nearly) what the earlyish settlers went thorough, not a lot to look at I admit, but truly a place where my imagination went wild and we were lucky enough to have a well informed fella tell me all about it when we stopped off,:notworthy:. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cook,_South_Australia
  7. Hi all, are there any History teachers out there or anyone working in a school who knows a little about History as a subject in Oz? My family is currently going through the application process for a move to OZ, but I was wondering how my subject is taught in Australian schools at the moment. Is it like the US system whereby they have a catch-all 'social studies' lesson, or is there a specific 'History' lesson? I believe that it's changing soon (or has just changed?) Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Just thinkin' there.If you could be there at a particular moment in time either as a full part of it,or a fly on the wall...Then where and when would it be?
  9. lynn22

    Family history of TB ?

    This just came to me last night.... When my mother was a teenager (about 16 or 17) she was quite ill with TB, no one else in the family had or got it.. they blamed the opening of the swimming pool at the time but no cause was actually confirmed & she recovered but was still on medication when she was pregnant with me when she was 18. She has never ever had a relapse although chest xrays at the time showed a scar on her lung. She's never had any further chest issues. I was vaccinated against it when I was a couple of days old , then again when I went to academy along with everyone else. Due to my mothers history my son was also vaccinated when he was around a month old as he was in the special care baby unit & they said that it was protocol for very small babies with family history.. even though it was so long ago. My daughter didnt need to be vaccinated as she was a healthy full term baby. (also my mothers other 3 children some years after she had me did not need to be vaccinated until they were of normal academy age) Will this information have any bearing or problems when it comes to medicals & visa's for me ? worried :unsure:
  10. How do, I have been with my Aussie fella now for 18 months and have lived with him for all this time. We are returning to the Uk in Dec 2011 to get married with a view to then returning to Oz, me on a Superyacht crew visa, and then applying for an on-shore spouse visa. Not worried about the majority of the application process and documentation/evidence required, however, as my bloke is 'self employed' and for as long as I have known him has undertaken a variety of cash work as and when, I am rather concerned about how he will provide 2 years worth of employment records. He is not short and has bank statements to prove his financial situation is very secure, but does not have wage slips etc. Can anyone provide any advice on how stringent immigration are with regards to this aspect of the application and evidence please? I would be most grateful for any information. Cheers.
  11. Hello, I remember reading somewhere here (I think) that there's a way to extract the history via excel/word? I'm compiling docs for my spouse visa & would require this. Thanks in advance, sw.
  12. l1sa

    Proof of Credit History

    Hi guys Got a question! Having always owned our own home, never been in debt and never rented, what kind of references will an Australian landlord need for us to secure a rental? Mortgage Yearly statements?? personal references?? I just don't know what kind of info to gather before we leave Blighty? Lisa
  13. Guest

    Job history concern!!!

    Hi all... Please can someone help me out???? I have been offered a job in WA,, as a welder/ boilermaker, company offering 457 etc etc....I have approximately 10 years relevant experience, however I had not been employed in this role for sometime...I am qualified and have 4 years full time experience from about ten years ago, but left the industry and worked else where in a different industry for 10 years...as there were either no suitable jobs or the only welding jobs were poorly paid. I am now working again as a welder and have been for about 5 months, I have kept my welding skills current, over the years by doing various jobs for people, in my own time...and have references for this. Where does this leave me, with regards the chance of actually getting approval?? I have been working in other roles that paid far more than any welding job had been, so made more sense to keep welding as a 'sideline'... I have not been able to find decent welding roles over the years and the job I am current doing is temporary, as most welding jobs are now...so if the DIAC say they want me to have 2/3 years full current employment I am stuffed, as there are no full time jobs around at present!!! The situation is driving me crazy...we are desperate to move to WA, but I fear that my lack of recent employment in my trade will go against me, I know that I have the skills and that I have the relevant experience through my 'sideline' work, plus being currently employed!! Apologies for the rambling, but I am desperate to get these fears answered!!! Thanks Steve..
  14. Hi PIO Gods, I am an electrical contractor aged 26, when I was 16 I got diagnosed with cancer and have been clear since the operation. I was wondering if this would affect my chance of getting a working visa for a year. Or even maybe getting sponsorship. If this wouldn't be a factor, then I know there are a lot of sites out there for migration, but which is the right one, I dont want to get caught out by a dodgy website and would it be best to contact an embassy direct. Also where is the best place to track down sponsors? Kindest Regards Daniel.
  15. Guest

    family criminal history

    Hi, I was just wondering if my family's criminal history is taken into account for my application for a defacto visa? I have no convictions, my elder brother does (drink driving in the usa), my (estranged) dad does (but I have no idea of his whereabouts) and most of my mums brothers have done time for something...Its surprising I have turned out as normal as I am:twitcy:! thanks kanga
  16. Guest

    Employment history concerns!!!

    Hi all, I have been offered a job by a company in WA, they are offering to pay for my 457 visa as well, so its a golden opportunity...however, the role I have been offered (welder) is not the role I have been employed as, for the last few years, until this year!! I have been working in other area's, mainly customer service management, but have kept my skills current and can prove this with various references... I won't go into to great detail, however all I can say is that my skills and experience total to about ten years, 4/5 employed by companies, the rest is mainly working as favours for friends and a few months as self- employed and what I have been doing this year?? Any idea where I stand with the DIAC, I have fears that they are going to say that my experience is not recent or not enough employed experience... the job I currently have is heavy duty welding work, so suits the job which has been offered..... the sticky issue for me, is that finding full time permanent jobs in my trade in the UK is rare, as everything seems to be through an agency of one type or another... Any advice of experience, PLEASE!!!!!! Thanks Steve.
  17. Hi all, not sure how much this has been covered, but wondered if anyone had any experience of this situation. I am currently starting the process of relocating to Oz. One thing that worries me is when it comes to medicals, and they look at my medical history, they will see two episodes (one 4 years ago and one last year) which resulted in a little timeoff work, and a course of anti depressants. Is this normal grounds for refusing a visa? Or is it dependant of your case officer / doctor report / individual circumstances. As you can understand this does worry me a little, and relocating is one of the things that I am doing to improve my life and get over the rough patches I have had. So any light anyone can shed on this would be great. Thanks Andy
  18. Guest

    UK credit history & banks

    Hi guys, So, I've got my documents together ready to apply for my Skills assessment and then SS to SA before applying for a 176 visa but have been doing a lot of thinking and research. Due to my stupidity at the age of 18 with a credit card and catalogues (I hate myself for it!) I have been in debt since. Only got £3k left (woop!) and payin back monthly. When we move to Oz I'm likely to only have £1.5k left and will either pay it in one go, or continue to pay it off from a UK bank via family. I have NO INTENTION of doing a runner, I want it gone! Anyway, my question is - does poor credit history follow you to Oz? I only ask because my hubby and I will want to get a mortgage after bein in Oz for a few years, and I don't want our UK credit history to affect us - will it? Also, random money question for those who have migrated already - Can you open a bank account as soon as u get there? Thanks guys! xx
  19. I'm considering applying for a Student Visa to Australia (573). I am a Russian citizen and I came to the US on a visa, but it has since expired. I contacted the AU Embassy in Washington and the guy told me they need to make sure I'm legal in whatever country I'm applying from, so I'd have to go back to Russia to apply. Russia will be Assessment Level 2 starting in April. The question is, have any of you, folks, been successful with getting Student Visa when you had a blemished immigration history with a 3rd country? I know it might be a long shot finding anyone here in my situation, but if anybody went through this, please kindly share your experience.
  20. Immigration Nation: The Secret History of Us will be aired tonight at 8.30PM (AEST) on SBS Two By the 1960s, a new generation were questioning Australia's racist immigration policies and the exclusion of our Asian neighbours. The staged kidnap of a six-year-old Indian-Fijian girl exposed the injustice of the system, but it took the Vietnam War and a humanitarian crisis to force the country to banish the ideal of a White Australia once and for all and sow the seeds for the immigration nation we live in today.
  21. Right, been here for over 12 months, own our house outright, full time job, no credit cards the only thing we have is husband has a contract phone with Telstra. So, into HN I go to buy a new washer on 6 months interest free - OR NOT!! DECLINED!!! :embarrassed: I can't tell you how frikken embarrassed I was!! So now i have a 'NO' on my credit file. 1). How can I get credit without any credit? 2). Now I just look like a non-paying bogan to creditors :cry: ANY HELP PLEASE? how can you check your credit file online over here? :wubclub:
  22. Hi there, Can anyone advise. We've just launched state sponsorship application (ACT) before going to DIAC (assuming ok). I cannot get info re dodgey health issues (now resolved). I'm 37 & a year clear from breast cancer (v. small, lumpectomy, ie tumor removed no evidence of cancer in bloods, etc. node negative ie not likely to have travelled). It seems that you need to be 5 yrs clear from what I have read on forums but its really on case by case basis it seems... has anyone been through the process okay with early stage disease history? We're going for a 176 subclass so its a permanent visa so full medical...we will have private health insurance but I believe that doesn't matter as residents are entitled to health care ... I will arm myself when going to medical with uptodate test results showing clear and my oncologist said he will give me letter stating excellent prognosis ... any advice you can give would be really appreciated. M
  23. lavender776

    Completing medical history online

    Hi all I have my meds booked at Handworth Wood. I think I may be scuppered as I've just remembered that my bloody passport is off for renewal and I need that for ID. I have got a copy of the data page, but I don't think that will be enough. I'll ring them tomorrow and see what they say. Anyone had a similar experience?
  24. Hi, We are planning to move over to Aus in early next year. I once read somewhere - maybe on this site, but I cannot find it again some advice on organising your banking needs. From memory the advise was about collating evidence of your credit history enabling you to apply for cards, bank accounts, mortgages etc more easily in Aus. I realise I can open a bank account from the UK e.g. NAB and I plan to do this. If anyone can give me advise about the other stuff or know where the info is on the forum - please point me in the right direction!! Many thanks
  25. Years ago I did a joint degree in Accounting and Modern History (Joint degree Bsc/BA). I have started to consider using it for migrating. I studied for 3 years and the history part was therefore for 1.5 years. I did study history at the highest level possible in the degree with a dissertation but Im thinking that 1.5 years study is effectively a Diploma and I couldnt migrate as "historian" in the skilled program because I havent got 3 years history study. I have emailed Vetassess about it but heard nothing back. Does anyone have an idea of whether I could say I was a trained historian?