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Found 117 results

  1. Rented from Avis at Perth airport for convenience on arrival. No problems recommending them but they are expensive. Our Holden station wagon was not available so we were upgraded to a big Nissan 4x4 which was great for all the luggage. Swapped out to Bayswater car rental who run a fleet of new Toyota Corollas at a much lower cost than Avis and are quite close to the airport. Their spin is that getting a taxi from the airport to their place is still going to save you money compared to renting from a major at the airport. They do satnav too for $5 a day but I don't think they do child seats (we already had a hire arranged for ours separately) Only "issue" is that they will charge the insurance excess to your card at the start of the hire and refund it when you drop it off so there good be a currency gain / loss as a result, but if a Corolla is big enough for your needs then definitely give them a shout.
  2. Hello!!!!! My boyfriend and I are travelling from Melbourne to Cairns April - May 2014 (and then settling in Melbourne afterwards), NEVER travelled in a campervan or to Oz so any hints or tips would be VERY very welcome haha :yes:! Also...debating on a campervan with a shower and toilet (or not!)...is this needed as I've seen many people say that there are plenty of public amenities along the way, and it's pointless paying the extra??:confused: Do we need to pre book camp sites in advance and if so how long in advance? We're quite open with regards to the trip/length of stay at each place so not quite sure how to tackle this one! ANY info would be greatly received! Thanks in advance :wub: Xx
  3. Guest

    kilt hire sydney area

    Hi, Does anyone know of a GOOD kilt hire shop in sydney or near about? Thanks in advance
  4. Guest

    Coates Hire

    Hi all, Ive been accepted for a carpentry job with coates hire and just waiting for them to get back to me on where they want me to be based, contracts ect.... Is there ne one on here who works for coates hire and give me ne information about them. Cant wait to to get out there and make a start. sold our house was only on the market 6weeks. So excited to start.:smile:
  5. Xtonite

    WANTED : Bobcat in Berwick!

    Does anyone have a bobcat I could hire for a few hours? I'm taking down a rockery in the front garden and it's proving too back breaking! Thanks, Geoff p.s. I don't have a car with a tow bar so I would need delivery too!
  6. Angela820

    Car hire in canberra?

    We are arriving in Canberra at the start of November and the cost of buying a car is kind of making our eyes water especially after the cost of the actual move... We were looking at possibly renting a car on a longer term? Is this possible or is it a really expensive way of doing things? We just thought rather than sending a load of money and losing on rubbish exchange rate, we may rent for a bit? Does this make sense. Does anyone have any experience of this or got a great car hire deal from a good website or locally? Also - are auctions a good way of getting a car or not worth the risk? Angela
  7. mwgster

    Car Hire - Perth WA

    Hi Could anyone recommend a decent car hire company. We would be looking to pick up from Perth International Airport end of March 2012. We have seen that argus car hire are very competitive and seem quite good... Not sure how new their cars are? Would appreciate any feedback from people that may have used this company. Thanks Martin
  8. bensdad

    Car hire rental perth

    Anyone recommend a decent car hire company that is reasonably priced need one from Perth for approx 1 month end of nov. Nothing fancy only me and the misses coming. Thanks Counting down the days!
  9. Claretjon

    Canberra hotel and 1 way car hire help

    Hi, we'll be validating next April / May and wonder if anybody has any recommendations for a hotel / apartment in Canberra for 6 nights that won't break the bank? Also, we're looking at hiring a car whilst we're in Canberra but ideally would like to drop it back at Tullamarine airport on the way back (we'll be flying into Canberra but are looking at driving back down to Melbourne). Does anybody know the best place that will hire from Canberra but let us drop off at Melbourne? Thanks a lot
  10. Wea re coming on a reccie to check out Brisbane and Melbourne in August and are finding Hire car costs astronomical with all the usual firms. Anyone know of any cheaper less known firms ? We are a family of 4 so we need a car that will take us and 3 large suitcases Thanks !
  11. Hi, my oh is going out first at the end of next month and we have been looking into hiring a car to start with, however all the sites I have looked at they want a swipe of your credit card, however we don't have one, we do however, have one of those prepay mastercards but I don't know if that would do the job or not and if so, how much would I need to have on it for it to be used. Any advice please???? :cute:
  12. SGHJLL

    car hire melbourne

    Hi, anyone used a cheap car hire firm for a SEVEN SEATER vehicle. On a really tight budget and need to sort asap. Thanks

    Car hire/ campervan hire vic/mel

    Hi We have our flights booked for Feb to validate our visa and need to either hire a car or maybe a campervan for 2 adults 2 children. Has anyone found any cheap companies to use recently or recommend anyone. We are trying to do this trip cheap, due to taking money out of our funds for moving over. Thanks All L
  14. foy465

    Ride On Mower Hire

    Just wondering if any one knows of any companys and the cost involved in hiring a ride on mower ? I am sick of paying our gardener, and not got the spare cash to buy a mower yet. we are in the Caboolture area of Brisbane. Many thanks in advance

    Car hire & then purchase of one

    Evening We arrive in Melbourne mid August & looking to hire a car from the airport for about a week, maybe 2. Can anyone recommend a hire firm . Also we will be living Sunbury/Gisborne way, can anyone recommend a car sales lot, thanks
  16. Hi there everyone, Just a quick question, we have just been sorting a hire car out for a week for when we arrive in Brisbane on 24th August and we were just about to book and the man on the phone mentioned all the things needed when we collect the car from the airport, driving licence etc and a credit card, I wasnt going to say anything I would just have used my debit card for the account here in the UK but something made me ask if I could do that and they replied NO! I said what are we supposed to do? we havent got a credit card and for someone to presume everyone has a credit card well thats not right, can anyone help or are we going to be stuck until we get a car? we planned on getting a car bought within a week or so anyway. but I dont know what to do, we will land with our 2 children and cant get to our holiday home and have no transport to get anywhere aaaarrrgggghhh:arghh:. Please please please can anyone suggest something anything? Surely there has been someone other than us in this type od situation, another hurdle to get over as if we arent stressed enogh eh? ha ha ha typical us tho! Thanks for listening to me go on The Hayes Family:sad:who are nearly in the Sunshine Coast. By the way we dont know anyone when we get there and the cheeky bloke on the phone of Car hire 3000 said get someone you know to pick you up IDIOT:realmad:
  17. Guest

    Hire Car, how long?

    Just a quickie for you people that have done it, how long would you reckon to hire a car for? a few days or a week or more? We're flying into Perth at 3pm on a Monday, would a few days be enough to find a car and buy it/insure? or would it be better keeping the hire car over till the following monday? theres only a coupla hundred $$ difference in price. Ta
  18. Guest

    Car hire

    Hi all wondered if anyone or all of you can help we are looking for a car rental company that will deliver a hire car to the airport and also cheap. we just need one to start us off while we look for a car. thanks sam:smile:
  19. Hi, any recommendations for car hire at Sydney airport in July/August. we're a group of 6, 4 adults and 2 children and we're going up to the Gold Coast for a few days before flying back to the UK, should we drive or fly? If we fly would we need a car there thanks Cal sorry cant find any theads for car hire at Sydney:wideeyed:
  20. janinewhiteley

    best car hire!!!

    Hi We are going to Melbourne for 2 weeks on a reccie . Can anyone recommend a good car hire company please!!!!! We dont want to be worried about excess mileage as we are travelling across the VIC state. thanks janine
  21. Gday all. Hire A Migrant Jamie Smith will answer questions about how Hire A Migrant can find your next employer while you remain at home with family - and your existing employer . Learn how Hire A Migrant makes direct approach to targeted employers, avoids unhelpful recruiters, impersonal job boards and taps into the 75% of jobs that are not advertised in Australia - so you can keep earning a wage in current employment and keep your family together. You'll also find out the true costs of doing-it-yourself to find a job in Australia. Come and visit the chat rooms (right under the PIO logo at top of this page) Rest of the the chat room advert from PIO moderators: Plan ahead by moving overseas with the experts! Moving to Australia is not without its ups and downs. To make sure you stay ahead of the game, it pays to be well informed. Everyone wants to start their new life down under with as much money as possible and there are a number of things you can do to ensure you make the most of your funds. Key topics always discussed on the forum include moving your possessions and transferring your money into your new Australian bank account. Poms in Oz is hosting Live Chat sessions with leading experts in banking, currency exchange, international removals and tax. These sessions will take place on 22nd March 2011 from 8pm-10pm (UK Time). National Australia Bank, Moneycorp, PSS International Removals and Iron Chef Imports (other companies tbc) will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about your move. To participate, click on the 'chat' menu option at the top of the page. Clicking on chat will launch the chat software. There will different 'rooms' for each of the different companies. Unregistered guests can participate by following this link - Chat with Industry Experts, then, once the chat software has loaded, tick the 'Guest' option at the top of the chat window, then choose a username and click 'Login' and enter the 'Moneycorp, NAB, PSS or Ironchef' chat rooms.
  22. cartertucker

    Where can my Son hire a jetski in WA?

    We are currently in SOR.... But we are heading NOR soon, so dont mind where, just want a good company :wink:
  23. I have been looking at Thrifty...Has anyone used them? :unsure: Or, would you suggest a different company? :v_SPIN:
  24. cartertucker

    Car hire ~ WA ~ Who to use?

    We are coming to WA soon & I need to get car hire sorted Can anyone recommend a good company? Thanks in advance :wubclub:
  25. Guest

    Anyone Used Hire A Migrant?

    Has anyone successfully used Hire A Migrant to obtain an IT job with sponsorship. We are considering using them but wanted to know if anyone has used them and if so, what was your experience? I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks