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Found 11 results

  1. OzDreamSeekers

    Hints and tips

    Hey Today we become homeless and we are less 4 weeks from selling our business and 38 days from flying to the Sunny Coast. Would appreciate your hints and tips around the following: 1) What was the one thing which you wished you had done before leaving? 2) If you had one piece of advice for us, what would it be? 3) What was the most important thing you did before leaving? Thanks in advance. Adz
  2. Hi I thought I would share our experiences from our first 4 weeks in Perth, some of it may be useful and some not but these are things that we have encountered since we arrived. My husband and our 3 children 11,8 & 5 arrived on the 30th of May, we had arranged a few things before arriving so I will try and break it down into the "what we done" and "what we wished we had done". Before arrival: We booked a 6 week furnished rental, to give us time to find a more permanent rental. - This worked out well and we are due to move into our new unfurnished rental in a week. Shipped some boxes of stuff over although not our furniture - wish I had brought more stuff with us as we have had to go and buy beds, tables, sofa's the lot, having said that prices for stuff like that seems quite reasonable and there are end of season sales on at this time of year so bargains to be had. Job - my husband had a job offer before we left the UK, however we did not get any relocation etc as most companies are nervous about doing this as they have been burnt before so they will look to tie you in for a couple of years if they do give a relocation package. After Arriving: We hired a car for first 2 weeks - this was fine and cost us around $30 a day so not too bad - We have since bought a car on finance rather than outright to ensure we have a credit rating in Oz, no issues with this as long as you can prove your job, visa and bank details etc We are living in Quinns for first 6 weeks which is nice but a good 10 min drive to the train station and school in Clarkson - so new rental is in Clarkson for a lesser commute. We got the kids enrolled in a Private Catholic School - which works out at around $3000 pa for all 3 - what we didnt account for was the cost and strictness of the school uniforms with just the winter uniforms costing $400+. We then had to buy all their books including jotters and stationary which then came to roughly $100 per child!! Biggest hurdle was getting the kids to wear the black school shoes lol General observations: Its harder to get a contract mobile than it is to buy a car!! Make sure your first rental has broadband or you will like us have to use a mobile dongle- hopeless !! and you need the internet to research houses etc! Be prepared for the cost of things - it is expensive compared with the UK for most things eg bananas x 4 $10!,! chocolate bars - $3, beer x24 bottles $50, on the other hand a bottle of Jacobs creek rose $7, steaks/butcher meat etc are quite cheap. Supermarkets - they stock a lot of brands that you recognise but they dont open late especially at the weekends with most closing at 4 - 5pm Train service and Bus service - are very good with regular trains and spotlessly clean - takes about 30 mins to get into the CBD from Clarkson ( last station on the Joondalup line) Weather is lovely during the day just now at around 22 degrees, however gets very chilly at night and the houses are designed to be cool so can be a bit cold! Bring all your clothes, shoes, boots etc with you, as not a great selection here and for up to date styles can be a bit expensive! High school - they all do it differntly and you need to enrol well in advance of the kids leaving primary. Lots of great things to do and places to go with the kids, parks, zoo etc Drivers Licence & Medicare - very easy to do, just need to go in and fill out forms with some ID, passport, visa etc and you get a temp card/ licence and then a week or so later your permanent one arrives in the post. Nice Areas (in my opinion): To be fair most areas we have looked at are lovely and have lots of positives, however we are trying to be handy for a train station and the school and the beach!! Mindarie - north, close to marina Clarkson - north, good transport, 10 min drive from beach Butler - north Quinns Rock - north, near beach Kinross - north Jindalee - north, near beach Mullaloo - near beach Ocean Reef- near beach Sorrento - near beach Subiaco - near CBD All are lovely and we will be hard pushed to decide where we will buy/build! and of course the closer to the CBD or the beach the more expensive the house!! I hope this helps someone out there and if i think of anything else i will add it, if anyone has any questions feel free to ask on here or pm me. Cheers PS apologies if this is boring and or useless!!:biggrin: useful site on Perth - http://www.perthpoms.com
  3. As people have been so friendly and helpful to myself, thought I would try and be as helpful back!!! I work in the real estate industry so if anyone has any questions regarding renting / buying etc in Perth then feel free to yell out no matter how stupid it may seem and I will try my best to give you some honest helpful tips or answers. (and no, I am not looking for business :biglaugh:, I am just trying to be helpful as I know how stressful it can be trying to find a rental etc).
  4. the raes got our visa, need some help and advise as were to start with all the planning, it would be good to get names of companys to use , things you have done or wished you hadent . all advise would be great pauline,david,callum age 8:biglaugh:
  5. Hi, I wondered if anyone had any hints and tips for job hunting in Oz? I'm currently working as an Account Manager within a Food Marketing Company and my partner is an Environmental Engineer. Is is actually possible to secure jobs before moving to Australia? How have you found the job hunt? How long did it take you to find a job? Any help would be great....as at the moment we don't really know where is best to start but we have been applying through Job Boards, and my partner has had some interest but I'm really struggling. Thank you! :biggrin:
  6. Bushwhacker

    Hints and tips on coming to Perth

    Hi everyone My husband uses this site a lot and said everyone one here is really helpful so I thought I would give it a go!! We are coming over to Perth in a couple of months (just waiting on visa and then notice on both jobs). He will be working fifo 3 weeks on and 1 off. I wont be working but long distance studying for my banking degree. His sister lives in Perth and so does someone else he use to work with. His mum lives in Brisbane and said she would pop over if we want. I was wondering if anyone had any hints of tips about being a fly in fly out wife? Or just the whole process of going over there? Any surprises that you thought you covered? Really appreciate any help Thank you!!
  7. Hi all Sorry for creating a new thread for something that’s probably regularly asked on here. I would really appreciate your help. I finish my Quantity Surveying degree in 2 weeks, I have 4 years quantity surveying experience through working and studying at the same time. My goal is to leave the UK for the end of August and need a few hints and tips of where to start. You would think that I would have some idea where to start but I don’t. My plans are first to go to New Zealand for the rugby world cup for a month, travel the Fiji islands and head to Oz thereafter. Once I have arrived I would like to travel for maybe another month and get bar job (any kind of work to help with my funds). After this period of travelling I would like to start looking for a settled Quantity Surveying job. Can someone give any advice on the following: Is a working holiday visa suited to what I want? Do I need a separate one for New Zealand? Once granted a visa, does it start on a specific date or on arrival in the country Are package holidays for my travels cheaper than organising them myself Come the end of the 1 year visa, I haven’t fruit picked, nor gained sponsorship through a company. Is a skilled working visa different to the above? Do I need to book return flights? I want to stay more than a year but cant tell if I would be allowed to do this. I think I have got the most important questions out of my head but if anyone can answer or add to them it would be a great help. MF
  8. Hi there. So I moved to Sydney for work in January this year. i've finally settled into things (job, accomodation etc) and now am trying to find some ways to meet people and make some friends. Work's pretty isolated job and the people I work with, although are similar age, are married men or with younger children ... not that I'm saying anything wrong with that, but I'm a single female and it can make partners and wives a bit unhappy sometimes. I've joined local gym and classes outside of work, but am just wondering if anyone has any ideas about where I could go to meet some more people... or even any places good to hang out without guys assuming you just want to hook up for an evening! Thanks in advance! :-)
  9. im such a sensetive guy i find it really hard to dump someone--the relationship has not worked or indeed started,and i wish to terminate it without offence or hurt--i know you should be truthfull,and this will save a lot of confusion,and though it will be painfull this will be the best way--but i just hate hurting people:wubclub: a friend of mine to get out of a relationship with his partener told her that he wuz gay,and had met a guy who was more pretty,and had a better body than his girlfriend--surley this is not the way to go,there must be a better way to dump someone:confused:
  10. Hi all, Recently received quotes from a range of removal companies to assist with the moving of our household "stuff" and a car to Australia. They provide the usual sales speak and provide reassuring words. No doubt there are questions I should ask but am not aware of (its the "unknown unknowns"!). Anyone have an experience where they wished they had known in advance so they could have found out. I guess I am trying to learn from others misfortunes - so apologies in advance. Any hints and tips would be well received. Thanks, Martin:spinny:
  11. Guest

    Work for me please

    Hey ho Not sure if I have actually managed to do this right but.... I am just looking for inspiration as to how to get a job in Procurement/Contracts in Bunbury or there abouts. Mike moved out there in December as he got work and the kids and I came back to the UK to sort the house and hopefully get me a job. So far, so good...applied for 4 jobs, but no response to any job applications as yet. Just wondered if anyone had any hints, tips etc for a UK application.?? Cheers. Good luck to all trying to get there. X