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Found 155 results

  1. Finally WA falls into line with the rest of Australia link here
  2. markandtraceyessex

    High schools in maitland area?

    Hi all, we are looking at schools in and around maitland. we are arriving in Oz at the end of june 2010 and our girls will be 13 & 16. anyone have any views on Maitland Grossman high school. thanks in advance for any comments.
  3. Hello I am shortly going to be applying for a working holiday visa but I suffer from High Blood Pressure, will I have to declare this on the application form? I do take tablets for it Thank you
  4. Hi all, were moving to the Edgewater area of Perth early next month. I've sorted out the primary school and my 2 youngest start edgewater primary on 28th February! I know that mater dài is a private catholic school so that is out of the question. I don't really wanna pay private school fees either. I emailed woodvale high school thinking that was in the catchment area. The only reply I got back was that I was to call mrs ******* when we arrive about applying for out of catchment area. I know belridge has popped up a few times but for all the wrong reasons so I do not want to send my daughter there. I suppose I was hoping for a lite more of a positive response from woodvale! Has any other pio peeps got any other suggestions or an insight into the Ozzie schooling. Obviously my daughter needs a place at a school as the commute is quite along one otherwise! Lol
  5. Peach

    High end Hi-Fi

    Nearly a decade ago, when the world though it might end with the y2k bug and I was IT contracting I invested in a reasonably expensive hi-fi system (Meridian amplifiers and ProAc studio speakers). All these years on, as beautiful as it still sounds I don't listen to it all that often and am wondering how well it will all travel in a container to Australia? A quick look on eBay tells me that even second hand it's worth a couple of grand. Am now wondering whether I should cash in my chips and trade down? Has anyone bought one of these Brennan all-in-one players? (Revolutionary HiFi - Brennan).
  6. We are moving back to the Uk in the next 6 months and I have a job waiting in harrogate. What are the best high schools and Primary schools there. My son is 10 and should do about 6months of primary school from Jan-June before he moves to high school. can anyone recommend a good school, Goods GCSE results/ No bullying that kind of stuff. I look forward to your comments. Sarah
  7. We have two boys age 12 and 14 who are currently at a private Catholic high school in the inner west. They've been quite happy there until now, but we're thinking of of moving them to another school because we sense they are becoming increasingly unsettled. Has anyone had any experience of Sydney high schools in the public system and have any recommendations or suggestions?
  8. Hi all, I am currently in Adelaide but heading up to Qld next week to check out schools before making the final move in December. I called a couple of schools on my hit list the top of which was Narangba State High. I got quite a chilly reception from them and when I requested a tour around the school, I was told they didn't allow people to look around? And I could speak to someone who would tell me everything I needed to know and enrol with them. Anyway that person wasn't available so I am waiting for a call back. The second school on my list was Dakabin State High. I had a nice lady greet me on the phone and she said they would be happy to show us around. Anyway I found a website http://bettereducation.com.au where you can see the school rankings. Narangba far out-rates Dakabin at 82-68 My head is a mess I don't know how to work this. If I could actually go to both schools I could probably get a feeling for which one suits my daughter best and she could give her feedback too. But to enrol without actually seeing the school doesn't sound right to me at all. Does anyone have any experience of either of these schools or know of anyone who does. Thanks in advance from a :confused: very confused Deb
  9. Guest

    G4/5 High Court Action: URGENT

    Below is an email from immigration lawyer David Harvey in regards to his legal action on behalf of G4/5 applicants We are still 13 people short of the required number to seek Counsel's opinion. If you would like to contribute and haven't yet indicated this to us, then please do so as soon as possible. If we don't get the numbers, we will have to discontinue this matter. Best regards David Harvey Solicitor Reg'd Migration Agent W: http://www.dhmigrationlaw.com.au
  10. The Pom Queen

    UK Unemployment at 17 year high

    NEARLY a million young people are now out of work — with the total number of unemployed at a 17-year high, shocking figures revealed yesterday. Taking youngsters not actively seeking work into account, it means HALF of all 16 to 24-year-olds do not have a job. But the elderly are being hit too, the number of over-65s in work has fallen by a record 74,000 over the past three months. The figures, from the Office for National Statistics, showed unemployment overall increased by 114,000 to 2.57 million in the three months to August. It is the worst total since 1994, when Sir John Major was PM. It gives a jobless rate of 8.1 per cent. But of particular concern is youth unemployment, which reached a record high of 991,000, up a staggering 74,000. It takes unemployment among the young to 21.3 per cent, the highest since comparable records began in 1992. The number of unemployed 16 to 17-year-olds rose 3,000 to 205,000. Overall, 867,000 people have been out of work for more than a year, including 227,000 aged 18 to 24. The number now claiming Jobseeker's Allowance increased by 17,500 to 1.6 million in September, the seventh monthly rise in a row.
  11. The Pom Queen

    High Demand for Australian Tourism Visas

    According to figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released on October 6, demand for Australian tourist visas is riding high despite the global economic downturn due to a growing interest from Asia. The ABS report showed that the number of overall short-term visitors to the country increases by 3.4% in August 2011, compared with August 2010. The Australian Government pronounced the figures as encouraging considering the global economic downturn and show that the increase in demand for Australian tourist visas is mostly accounted for by the Asian market. "The tourism industry is expanding beyond traditional markets to include new ones in Asia, which continue to grow strongly," said Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson in a joint statement with the Minister Assisting on Tourism Nick Sherry. He also stated that the figures bring optimism about the tourism industry's future, which is considered to be not looking so bright because of recent reform to Australia's immigration regulations. The figures are a further reminder about the potential tourists from Asia, including China and Australia's neighbours in South-East Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The report indicates that Indonesian visitors applying for Australian visa doubled, arrivals from Malaysia were up by 34%, and arrivals from China rose by 21%. Meanwhile, the number of Europeans wishing to come to Australia is down by 3.9% and arrivals from the United States and Canada decreased by 4.4% and 5.0% respectively. The ministerial statement said this decrease in demand can be attributed to the "weak economic conditions" currently being suffered in these traditional markets. Senator Sherry - who is Minister for Small Business in the current Government - also said the expected continuing rise of Asian demand for travel to Australia will have implications for the tourism industry in terms of employment. He said "By 2015, our tourism industry may need as many as 56,000 extra workers, making the labour market even tighter," and stated that offering employees career-development paths was one of the best ways for employers to hold onto existing staff and attract recruits. "The Labour and Skills Working Group add value to that task," added he.
  12. Hi all, are there any History teachers out there or anyone working in a school who knows a little about History as a subject in Oz? My family is currently going through the application process for a move to OZ, but I was wondering how my subject is taught in Australian schools at the moment. Is it like the US system whereby they have a catch-all 'social studies' lesson, or is there a specific 'History' lesson? I believe that it's changing soon (or has just changed?) Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi everyone:biggrin: Can anyone tell me about processing timeline for 176 Visa (SS-ACT) seeker from Bangladesh (high risk country)? Does police verification take very long time? Cheers!! Nazmul
  14. debbie13

    Tappin or Atwell high school?

    Trying to decide whether to move to Tappin WA or Atwell WA- does anyone have any experience of the primary and high schools in these areas as this will be a deciding factor on which one we choose.:arghh:
  15. Cost of living pressures have pushed levels of mortgage stress to an all-time high, a report says. The September edition of the Genworth Streets Ahead report, released on Wednesday, found 25 per cent of borrowers had struggled to meet a mortgage repayment in the past year. The result was up four percentage points from the previous survey undertaken in March. 'Current economic uncertainty and increases in living costs have seen stress rise to unprecedented levels in the six months to September 2011,' the report said. 'No previous survey has seen mortgage stress levels hit 25 per cent, not even during the depths of the GFC (global financial crisis).' Levels of mortgage stress have been on the rise since calendar 2010 when interest rates began rising, the figures showed. 'The main drag on homebuyer confidence in this period is the increasing concern among homebuyers about their ability to repay their mortgage in the future,' the report said. 'This, in turn, is likely underpinned by media attention on domestic and global economic conditions affecting consumer sentiment, despite many strong domestic economic indicators for property markets.' Mortgage stress was the primary reason for the Genworth homebuyer confidence index falling 1.9 index points to 94.4 points in September. This represented a two per cent decline from the previous survey in March this year, the report said. I'm sorry but do people not factor in rate increase when taking out a mortgage:sad:
  16. Hi I really need some guidance!! :biglaugh::wacko::wacko: Im trying to research north east Adelaide areas to live (we should be there before xmas) but mainly high schools! any information on Golden grove high school? would be great?! I love the sound of the area (my OHs favorite!) and its VERY! close to my OHs work but Ive heard a few bad stories about the school (a stabbing in 2009?) I want to know if this was a isolated incident? or is the school a no no? I would prefer the blunt truth rather than not know plz help! Id love to Move to Athelstone ideally but want to have a bigger area to find a rental before we leave but this doesnt help with school zoning etc as I was also looking at charles campbell high and banksia park international has anyone any preferences? all positive things about the last 2 so far but can anyone disagree with that? thank you wispa x
  17. Hi, We recently moved to Australia, from Europe. We have found a nice house in North Epping. I would like to enroll our son (14 years old) in a decent co-ed public high school. I would like to ask if anyone knows which high school nearby is the best/decent (public, co-ed)? I found Carlingford high, Cumberland (Pennat hills) and Ryde Secondary college (Ryde) as an option and can not decide between them. Can anyone help with advice which is the best (decent, quality, nice teachers, schoolmates...) Thanks, Cathy
  18. Bit of a blow to the government, leaving those refugees in detention centres in limbo. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-14727471
  19. Hi, High schools question this time. Has anyone got any experience of either of these high schools. Any info welcome Many thanks
  20. Can anyone recommend any high schools around the Secret harbour or Mandurah area? I only know of Comet bay!
  21. I have just come back from a weekend away with the scouts on a 4x4 trek up in the Victorian high country. It looks like they will be trying to get more scout groups into these sort of activities as they have designated 4x4 experts, and some of the leaders from the Knox region joined us on this trip as well. (this is the second time they have organized such a trip) Heres a few pictures. It was an amazing weekend, and the kids all had a fantastic time (as did the parents & leaders that went)
  22. OzzHammer

    High School Issue

    Hi there, Wanted to see if anyone is in the same position as us with regards high schools in uk, basically our son is 12 in Jan but will just be starting high school in Feb,so right now still in primary school,obviously in the uk our son should be in 2nd year of high school(year8). Im very concerned about this & have spoken to the education board uk,but even they could not confirm the high school would be ok with letting him start year 7. Other than advising us to get a letter from the principal stating the situation we are left guessing whether or not he will be able to stay back a year. The other concern is we are planning to go back in February so this means he has already missed 6months of high school,would love to get back before then but for many reasons this is not possible. :wacko: any advice most appreciated
  23. dferri2000

    £ to AUD at a 2 year high

    Just a note for anyone out there with money in the UK and wanting to bring it over to Oz - you may want to check out today's rates...
  24. Hi Did anyone have a high value on their container of goods? My husband is a musician and has a lot of expensive equipment we need to send. I've just tallied up the replacement costs and it seems the high value items total almost 50% of the insured amount. We are not going to use the insurance from John Masn and are in the process fo speaking to Letton Percival and insure your move but wanted to know if anyone else had a similar situation and what they did? I think they said insurers want to see that the high value goods are no more than 20% of the total value so it looks like we are a little teeny way off! Help!!!!
  25. Hi, We have applied for our visa(176).PCC uploaded,medicals to be done.Today my OH -the main applicant,has received a call from the local australian embassy confirming his designation.he Few hours later,his manager has also received a call and has been asked to confirm OH job duties. This sounds very scary!!:wideeyed: Is this normal prior to a grant?Is this part of the security checks? Any advice? Thanks in advance:notworthy: