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Found 85 results

  1. hi myself and my family are living in edinburgh at the moment, but would love to move to oz ideally queensland area. I am looking to try and get sponsored. I am a plasterer , tiler and plumber. please anyone any advice:notworthy:
  2. Guest

    Hey Girl

    http://programmerryangosling.tumblr.com/ :laugh: Well, that's the nerdy hey girl for you...
  3. Babyboxer

    Hey There .................

    Just saying hey ...........I'm new to the Forum, my husband and I are moving over to Brisbane after he gained us a sponsored Visa - were both very excited if not a little overwhelmed with all the stuff to do ............like get our house cleared and rented out, ebaying all our hourded possesions that we havent used in years .............:laugh: Cant' wait to get there though :biggrin:
  4. Guest


    Hey everyone! Just thought I would say hi, as am moving to Melbourne in Jan 2012! :arghh::arghh: Also is it worthwhile enquiring about rental properties while I am still in the UK? Am looking at furnished properties only. Hope finding a car is easy too as I will be straight into work in Broadmeadows....and have been looking to live in the Carlton/Flemington/Brunswick area. Honestly haven't really got an idea of where to live in Melbourne, apart from friends opinions and other peoples on forums. Ketan.
  5. Guest

    **Hey all**

    Hiya all. How ya doing? My name is Kayleigh - I am from Wexford, Ireland and I am 25yrs old! Decided to take the plunge and head to "down under" next yr... Possibly June/July 2012 (at the very latest - could be earlier) Bit apprehensive as I am going to be a bit of a nomad and travelling alone, as unfortunately all my friends are either too broke to travel or have done the whole ozzy experience before... I am very easy going, always up for a laugh, hard working and want to see the sights of the world along the way. I dont want to be old and wrinkly and regretting all the things I wished I did.... So has anyone any tips on what to do, or what NOT to do? Bit scared, apprehensive, nervous, excited about the whole thing... Some tips also from those who have done it before would also be very beneficial. Will keep you updated along the way Lovely to be here, Kayleigh xxx
  6. Never posted before, first forum i have ever registered to... Im flying into Brisbane early january 2012!!! alone hopefully to find some carpentry work anywhere on the East coast. Im not sure of anything to be honest so im keeping a complete open mind and am willing to do any kind of work anywhere on the East coast. only Three months of crazy saving to go! A mate was supposed to come with me but cant get his backside into gear to save money and hes blown me out Alone it is... Although im very nervous about it. I cant wait to get out there and meet people and just have an unbelievable time! Ive dreamt of being in Australia since i can remember! Im mostly worried about finding the work... Chhhheeeeeerrrsss
  7. Hello all, Anyone from andhra pradesh India?. Please reply. Thank you.
  8. andrewwita


    Hi all well here i am in london, waiting for my partner de facto visa. put it in on march the 1st 2011 and now in month 5 of waiting, put it all in in one go medical police checks etc. Fingers crossed when approved moving to Lutwyche nr windsor in Brisbane 4030. only ever been once before for 3 weeks in xmas 2009 to jan 2010 and i loved it. My partner is australian from there, so going to live with my partners folks till we find jobs. Were looking to fly out from heathrow on Nov 25th . Am quite excited to be moving but originally from west wales been in london for 8 yrs . Am going to miss family and friends so mcuh - but i do have some friends out there already , and some second cousin's which i am now in touch with and looking forward to meet.
  9. Guest

    Hey! New to Oz....

    Hi everyone, Just thought I'd say hey. I've just moved to Melbourne so looking forward to checking out my new city! Dan
  10. you have to have a drivers license. you will be assisting me in the instalation of garage doors. i can pay cash but if you want to be on the books it means giving me an invoice every week.
  11. Hey All, I'm 23 years old Scottish guy and moving to Sydney with my Girlfriend in the coming months. We arrive in Melbourne at the end of October (She has family out there) and then will be making our way to Sydney. I'm employed in I.T currently and will be looking for positions in Sydney (and likely have alot of questions on these boards) and my partner has just finished her Masters in Politics and will be looking for positions too. Would be interested in meeting/chatting with any other I.T emigrants and Sydneysiders!
  12. Guest

    hey all! (NERVOUS)

    I have sent off my skills assessment to Victoria University and am currently awaiting confirmation of my interview via skype. I am a metal fabricator by trade. I am so nervous as I really don't know what to expect. Has anyone been through the same process??? :huh: Can someone help me?
  13. Guest

    Hey guys :)

    Moved from London to Tassie and am loving it so far!! Just found these forums through Google - they look great :biggrin: Hope everyone is doing well!!
  14. Guest


    Hey...just trying to get some information about Melbourne, as am going to be moving there from the UK in 2 months time on a working visa. Am 24 year olds too (if that helps :biggrin:) Just trying to get some general information about where to settle in a fully furnished place. Going to be working in Broadmeadows, but looking to live in between Broadmeadows and the city centre. From reading up about Melbourne, Kensington and Flemington seem like a nice place to live. Ideally am looking for an area which is not too far away from the "hustle and bustle" but far away enough where i can have some peace time as well. Also from looking at rough figures for bills, petrol, rent, food, healthcare etc, would an estimate of around $2500 AUD sound enough for a months outgoings? Any help would be apprieciated...and sorry if its been posted in the wrong section too! Ketan.
  15. Guest

    Hey all :)

    Orite guys I'm Jason just finished my A-levels and hoping to go to Australia next June for 6 months. Hopefully looking at Brisbane/gold coast or Adelaide, been to both places before and loved them. Quick question ?? How much would you think is necessary for this time? I was aiming for 10k Aussie dollars then trying to get a part time job there? Cheers
  16. Guest

    Hey Everyone!!

    Hi, im new to the forum after a friend of mine told me about it. Just thought I'd drop by and tell u a bit about why I'v joined. My husband, 2 girls and I are hopefully going to Perth to live in March 2012. We got our visas in march last year and went out to Perth to validate them in August last year. Now we have had a taste of what Australia is like we cant wait to get back there. We have sold our house now so its just a waiting game till march to try and save some pennies!! :SLEEP:. I hope to make some friends on here that live in Perth so its not too lonely when we get there xx
  17. Guest


    hi all! been reading post for a while but not posted, this will be the first of many i hope?? i have a few questions for anyone really who can help with any advice :eek: we are moving to wa in october? my husband has a job offer already so with that we are fine? however i am worried about finding a job when we get there, i am giving a good job up(although i am not happy doing the job) it pays the bills and keeps the kids in shoes :biggrin:, i would love to re train as a midwife or something in health care but just wondered if anyone had any good links for jobs to see what is out there?? thanks frankie23
  18. Guest

    Hey,anyone in canberra?

    Hey guys,broke up for summer after finishing my gcses a while ago but i'm spending most of my summer out here as i have to 'validate my visa' as im moving here soon and i just arrived last week.. but i'm from birmingham (UK) so don't know anyone and i'm getting pretty bored out here! any other brits here this summer?
  19. I am engaged before to an Aus citizen, he's my boyfriend for 5 years.. but then, things didn't work out so i left.. went back to the Philippines... but then before that, I've met a Filipino guy who happens to be an Aus citizen as well, and we fell in love and followed me here in the Philippines and we got married... Now we are married 6 months already and I am applying for a spouse visa? with my aus. ex before, i got the Fiancee Visa or the Prospective Marriage visa which has been cancelled... Any opinions regarding this situation? do you think the aus. embassy will care much about my previous visa that's been cancelled? and how long before the visa subclass 309 gets granted? Please help..thanks..
  20. Hi guys. Me and my girlfriend are looking into moving to Australia. We have lots of questions regarding the visa process & visa costs, locations to move to, looking for work, and moving pets. OK, So we are both english born and bred I am 26 and she is 28. I am a welder (boilermaker) and my trade is on the SOL list. She works in an office as a debt collector. We are not married and have no children. My main questions are... 1. What type of Visa would be best for us in terms of...how long the visa will take to grant us access, the best visa for us to stay in Australia, how much the visa application will cost, and what other costs there are (Medicles???) 2. Location, any body reading this would like to recommend any where?, i have family in Perth and Brisbane, My heart says Perth but i would love to live in Sydney. Any ideas on things to do, property costs, bills, costs, food, schools??? Any help on these subjects will be much appreciated. Also about renting/mortgages. If we do make the move we will be renting for quite sometime while we either build up a deposit or find a cheap enough house to buy with a small deposit. What are the costs of renting and is there anything we need to know (we would be looking for a place that allows pets, do land lords usually allow that?) 3. Work situation. Work is becoming few and far between in the uk right now and thats what has me looking into it (plus a change in life style). I have been looking on Seek.co.au and there looks to be plenty of work about in all regions and it looks to good to be true....so my question is, is it true? (lol) They look to be paying $25-$35 p/hr over 40 hours a week. How good is that and how far will that get us? And what type of work could my girlfriend find? She has previously worked as a debt collector, banker and worked in a real estates. 4. We are looking at bring over pets. A dalmatian and a cat. i have looked into costs, but i dont have much info on it, could people shed some light on this please? AARRRRGGGGHHHHH my brain is fryd already! :mad: lol Any help would be much appreacited guys!
  21. Guest

    Hey friends!

    Am harry, wanna know about real estate and its edge. Your inkling will help. Here to learn lots from you all.
  22. Guest

    Hey all

    Hi guys, I was just wondering if you could help me as I would like to move to Australia and would find it helpful if you could give me some pointers about how to start the process. I'd appreciate any help I could get. Thank you
  23. Guest

    hey people!!

    Hey everyone, Hope every1 is ok, im Nick and im going to be makin the big trip down under (sydney) in july, was wonderin if ne1 can help. Right 1st in a 24yr old male, who loves goin out having a good time, sun, beaches and all that and im bringing my 18month old Alsatian. Ne1 got some advise for me where i start?? wat are the people like out there?? am i goin to make friends??? look forward to the replys safe nick
  24. Guest

    hey! :)

    Hello all, Just joined the forum, and am looking to emigrate to OZ with my girlfriend on a 175 visa. Have read many posts on here and other forums, and am deciding whether or not to hire an agent to handle the request. Am leaning more towards an agent cos have only just moved in with the g/f and it would be on a de-facto basis. Also i have seen many posts saying they used a UK agent....is this preference or is it better to use an Australian agent? Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section! Ketan.
  25. Guest

    hey guys

    Hi hope you all are well. This is my first time to a forum so a bit unsure whats what hopefully you'll be able to point me in rhe right direction. I'm currently an IRSE Signalling installer on the railways for Network Rail in the U.K realy had enough of it over here. I have applied with a couple of agencies over here but thinkin they would be bombarded. What i'm thinking of doin is trying to get over for 6 months or a year on a travelling visa to see what is available first hand. Travel and enjoy the country then hopefully be able to leave the u.k from there. Basically looking for any advice or companies rail signalling etc to give me a wee start off. Hope this isnt to long please say if it is no really sure how these work lol. Thanks for reading and any help or advice would be greatly appreciated Brian